Skyrim Dawnguard DLC PC Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 3 - Meet the Vampire Lord


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  • Lachness 1308

    Why does everyone chose to become a vampire

  • secluded etiquette

    it's funny how like an episode ago he got sagurine vampirism and he said I hope they dont bite me. in 3 days you won't even have to worry

  • Christopher Tyre Videography

    Serona is the same voice of the doctor in the fort in freeside in fallout new Vegas. The kids in skyrim are the same voice too from Fallout. I saw some voice acting is Scottish in skyrim.

  • JenkTank64

    This must be an inspiration off Underworld franchaise

  • DBeat

    You chose the Vampire plotline? UNSUB

  • Ainslee Prystupa

    You know you were turning into a vampire before the house from the spike

  • Ian Lawrence

    This man is so stupid...

  • Preston Garvey

    this dude is so annoying

  • Zack Vukota

    yo seamus i saw that gargoyles show you where talking about recently its actually really good

  • Tyler Heinbaugh

    I love how he slowly looks down at the gold and takes it as she is talking.

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    that vampire lord i hate but the Dawnguard is good but dont listen to him :P

  • MinecraftKing

    Skooma is like the weed of skyrim

  • xavier scott

    I almost cried when he said "Who the hell is Skooma?" ;'(

  • Jason Wilson

    His ignorance to everything is annoying.

  • Ronnie burdge

    i got tthe creeps from whats his name so i went on the path of good lol

  • Jeanette Toovey

    Casually strolling ya gold LOLOLOLOLOL

  • HatchetRecords

    Vampire power is better but annoying in the daylight 

  • Craig

    My Khajit prefers beef, he can see just fine in the dark and takes no sides.. My Orc is a werewolf, so he remains an arch enemy of vampires but my high elf is an arrogant power seeking mage, of course he accepted.

  • Phoebe McAssey

    How did you do console commands on xbox!?

  • Allen Payad

    how to revert i cant revert tell me how please freaking 

  • Dronning10

    in every f guide the talker chooses the vampire side x.x

  • Sherif Ahmed ali

    after that lord changed me to vampire lord i told me to speak with Garan i go but i cant speak to him and every one keep told me that i am mortal and shouldn't be there please any help ????

  • Jackson C

    -________- he said "Who the hell is skooma?" dear god...just stop playing.

  • Jackson C

    He should learn how to do a detailed walkthrough before he does anything..

  • I-cant-hold-on-till-may

    What if I chose the vampire side but I turned back to human and I want to kill the vampires now?

  • Elijah Mohsin

    Dude. Slow down. You can't hurry through Skyrim.

  • Beastwolf1

    what would you rather? him to take 5 hours planning what he will build? if you wanna see that stuff go buy the dlc and play it, if you cant then find someone on youtube who does go indepth with the exsperiance and who doesnt "zip past" everything

  • cheapbagels


  • Enzeqq

    Rvidal946 same here i want it because of dawnguard side, but i cant seeif its any good cause every1 is a vampire

  • Bro Norris

    You sound like the radbrad

  • Jorge Alvarado

    *morrowind fuckin autocorrect

  • Jorge Alvarado

    Lolz skooma is a drug in motto wind oblivion and skyrim and does some crazy shit to you in oblivion

  • Sue Walker

    No u picked vampire!!!

  • Alex K.


  • Xacatroz

    you should be able to say your dragonborn if you refuse and they back down :)

  • VoidWaIker

    Iam the vampire 1 is way more cool dawngaurd all u get is crossbows vampire u get loads of powers

  • Dorgarath

    "Who the hell's Skooma" xD

  • XVA3

    i was gonna keep watching this maybe sub then he choose vampires. so fuck this

  • TheGamingMaster5000

    i offer u my blood i thought he was going to say i offer u my cock lol

  • Alex Contreras

    woah, your voice sounds similar to pbat

  • DaLatinKnight

    i have Skyrim on Xbox, good think i have multiple saves. If I ever get Dawnguard, I'll keep my Nord werewold a werewolf, and maybe i'll turn my Bosmer Thief into a vampire

  • DaLatinKnight

    so if I'm a werewolf, i have to lose my beast blood to become a vampire?

  • MrHockemeyer

    when you go vamp lord your skin blows off and under is blood and a vamp lord

  • Theatrics7

    Question: if you were a werewolf before (because of the Companions quest line), can you still be a vampire i.e. how does it all work out?

  • Navy __

    What do you do if you don't want to become a vampire.

  • Crocodile Dundingle

    -Your vampire blood boils in the sunlight- That means since you're a vampire, you don't heal health, magika or stamina in the daylight.... doofus...

  • lee sponaugle

    No the Dawngaurd are not werewolves they are just humans. No special powers just humans...*sigh*

  • Matt Graal

    HE barely knows about skyrim, *SKOOMA*, WORD WALLS, how to use powers, and he isn't very smart.. Hmmm.

  • Matt Graal

    Yeah, You are an idiot.. Gargoyles was the name of the show, If you are gonna make a Let's Play video, you should look more into skooma and or wordwalls from the previous episode.. REALLY, you are a dumb ass mofo.

  • Emmanuel Parker

    So this is vampire vs werewolf version of the empire vs the rebels

  • jesusmaster44

    I lost count of how many face palms I've done before that particular line.

  • Ronin Sherwin

    "Who the hell is skooma?" Really, dude?

  • dillon yates

    Lets all tweak on some skooma!

  • KYS if you're a Kaneki Ken/ Haise Sasaki

    I think the main reason I watch this is his badass voice, he should be on the radio.

  • klesh

    Why are you so impatient in this walkthrough? "What's next, what's next! What's next asshole?" You zip through the perk tree like you don't even care whats on it.

  • Nope Zone

    in the first second the video jumped a bit so it sounded like you said asshole not castle.

  • Captain Noodle

    okay so wtf I went to this place, and they wont let me in.......and I have the bitch with me too lol

  • frasse roswall

    Skooma is drugs in skyrim

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