The Best Mod I've Ever Downloaded - Skyrim Mods - Week 237

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Outro Song by Vindsvept!

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Project AHO
  • Java Monsoon

    11-11-11... day one player here. I still play Skyrim often. There's nothing quite like it.

  • Grim220

    Master greybeared=lv. 150, SHOCKS HIM IN THE FACE.

  • Robert Breeden

    Preordered Skyrim and stood in line at midnight to pick up my game, artbook, and dragon statue.

  • Paradise Decay

    Skyrim VR with MODS best thing ever!

  • Eric Lefebvre

    bought it the day it came out. Playing it right now.

  • Eriko. Oy

    Modders make better content than Bethesda ever could smh...

  • Lance Seaman

    2011 on release for xbox 360 with 500+ hrs (can u imagine without mods?) I rebought it for ps4 when it launched and then final got the pc SE version last summer and started modding oh how glorious it was (witcher 3 modding has been quite fun too tho I will admit modding for both when it comes to enb and reshade IS A PAIN IN THE ASS)

  • Jordan Pando

    Ur gonna do a plathrough of Project AHO on MXR Plays right?.....

  • Cookies R us

    WANNA HEAR A RANDOM USELESS FACT MY KINDERGARTEN TEACHER TOLD ME?Blue/purple lightning is the most deadly/strongestThen red/orangeThen yellowThen white

  • Aiden Phoenix YT

    I started playing Skyrim in 2013

  • ForhirMusic - Professional Composer

    Project AHO's soundtrack composer here.6:31 That was a huge compliment for my music, thanks for that and for the review.

  • Lord Gaben

    2018... don't hurt me

  • Stealthy Octopus

    goddamn that AHO mod is gorgeous. I was going to say it puts most of Bethesda's design to shame but at least visually that goes for tons of other games. It's not groundbreaking but they're still trying so much more than what you typically see in this space.

  • 07Rasengan07

    Project AHO works with Skyrim Legendary Edition? :(

  • Gopher

    I cannot unsee that carpet!

  • Jamal Rodrigues

    When it first came out I was on the fence about Skyrim, Oblivion was my introduction to the franchise and Skyrim looked very different from Oblivion. In comparison Skyrim looked less fantastical and vibrant than Oblivion which is why I was hesitant. After watching another YouTuber do a lets play of it I was absolutely sold; been playing Skyrim off and on since 2011 and must have at least 1000hrs across all my toons throughout the these mods all look amazing, especially Project AHO, my inner Dunmer is in love. Dark Elves are my fav, always wish there was a current gen TES set in Morrowind T-T

  • Daditsan

    may i know are these mods is for the old skyrim or the special edition ones?

  • aragorn

    Vigilant mod is better than this

  • Zach Williams

    im have been playing since standing at the counter waiting for my pre purchased copy to be handed to me...... and holy mother of .... that last one is a mod? wtf bathesda.... do your job

  • LeIntel Plays

    what are thte outfit mods you are using they look amazing

  • mabauer1000

    I start at 11.11.2011 :D

  • Blake James

    I was playing at Midnight 11.11.11 Since the release ... Top 5 Best nights of my Life.

  • Edoardo Pizzioli

    A clickbait title wich isn’t a clickbait? That AHO is pretty dope

  • lone wanderer

    I started playing skyrim when the remastered version came to xbox one

  • NoJusticeNoPeace

    Nah, Lost Spires was the best Elder Scrolls mod.

  • warrior_stefan

    Whats the armor at 0:40?

  • Ater

    You seemingly never played Enderal before.

  • waelse1

    Played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim to death. Played Skyrim on console a couple of years before going to PC with mods, what a difference.

  • Jetman640

    I um "bought" it right when it came out... or shortly there afterpretty sure at this point Skyrim is just a medium for 3d artists and mod-ers to stretch out their legs


    Does this man sound like pewdiepie or us it just me

  • ComaDave

    Been at it since the beginning.7,128 hours done.

  • Richard Crockett

    I was a day one player... I still play from time to time but I would be lying if I claimed I wasn't a little disappointed at first based on playing every TES game since Daggerfall. I eventually learned to like Skyrim for what it was however. I still play it but not as much as I used to.

  • Princess Gamer

    MxR Mods, I REALLY want to know what mods you are using for your characters look. I have tried a few different mods and I can NEVER get my chars to look as good as yours.

  • Ethan Stehney

    Bethesda should hire this guy...

  • Vladimir Serpov

    What about... Enderal? :I

  • Hannah Rauh

    I feel lame having only started playing skyrim a week ago D: Better late than never, though ^-^

  • Shubham Tyagi

    This skyrim mods video actually inspired me to play Skyrim again. That last mod looks amazing.

  • Firestorm 76789

    I played Skyrim the year it came out

  • firdaus gaara

    Start skyrim 2013 until not finish the main storyline. XD

  • FSX 141

    Bethezda Is going to have a hard time toping skyrim (modded) with TESVI. I will be glad if it atleast matches skyrim eye to eye...then the modders will do the rest.

  • Seaghán Pipistrello

    An in-game weapon with that level of details is just a waste of resources.

  • Terang

    Early 2015 from steam sale a few months after my mom died. Helps grieving from her death. Still playing and modding till this day. It has a deep sentimental value to me, getting lost in Skyrim when the sun is falling. I can still remember binge watching MxR's vids alone at home. Procrastinated a lot xD

  • Lenie Kotze

    the mod i real need is to keep blacksmiths alive in riften form random attackslike grads ,vs thief's ,bear, demon dogs ,i need the name of this mode if there is onepleas

  • sakura

    i'd rather be thor than palpatine.i want project aho, how does one get it

  • tccasanova

    oh wow a skyrim video that's not instantly taken down

  • Gendo Ikari

    This guy sounds like 2013 pewdiepie.

  • Felix Alrick

    Aetherium: "A powerful resource the dremor could've used to buy and sell goods online... until may 2018, when it lost all value"

  • DragonOfDoges

    I first played on either my brother's xbox360 or ps3 in 2013I attacked a guard and got mad when everyone started attacking me

  • Patryk Małecki

    nobody is asking about armor he s using?

  • William Rowe

    11-11-11 been playing, still playing. Shout out to all the true fans!

  • barrettproduction

    Question, what game that has the most mods ever?

  • Chapterhaus VC

    Started April 27, 2017.First heard of it like 2 years earlier.Played "Stick of Truth" at release, based off it. Had no idea.So basically, in 2014? kek

  • Matt Weese

    From the start I actually I started with morrowind

  • Sean Lewis

    MXR, could you possibly tell me which outfit she is wearing? i want to download that look. i like alot fo the outfits you have your character wearing.

  • Halo2nothing11111

    Please do a play through of Project AHO.

  • Alex Horner

    Bethesda take notes, Project AHO is absolutely kickass.

  • needs playlist

    I would wrather be palpatin by I LOVE Star Wars as much as I LOVE Skyrim

  • QuizMaster Hanzo

    I think MXR got an Immerection

  • Kuulpb

    I believe I played a while after Skyrim legendary edition came out, I remember I got an ESO Beta code in mine.

  • Hissy Honker

    Played ESO for like a month over a year ago and I literally just installed the SE version and never played it

  • Damir Gilmutdinov

    vovovo wyi is dis intro on русском

  • Jacovich Stabs

    Great video, I laughed so hard at the Greybeards part!

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