The Best Mod I've Ever Downloaded - Skyrim Mods - Week 237

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Outro Song by Vindsvept!

Display Enemy Level
Project AHO
  • ForhirMusic - Composer

    Project AHO's soundtrack composer here.6:31 That was a huge compliment for my music, thanks for that and for the review.

  • The Gamegineers

    the way this guy talks makes it hard to tell if hes being sarcastic or genuine

  • Grim220

    Master greybeared=lv. 150, SHOCKS HIM IN THE FACE.

  • Stealthy Octopus

    goddamn that AHO mod is gorgeous. I was going to say it puts most of Bethesda's design to shame but at least visually that goes for tons of other games. It's not groundbreaking but they're still trying so much more than what you typically see in this space.

  • Lord Gaben

    2018... don't hurt me

  • Java Monsoon

    11-11-11... day one player here. I still play Skyrim often. There's nothing quite like it.

  • Loki Gress

    Yeah 11-11-11 Day one player, and loving it still

  • Hannah Rauh

    I feel lame having only started playing skyrim a week ago D: Better late than never, though ^-^

  • Eric Lefebvre

    bought it the day it came out. Playing it right now.

  • Zombi Yugi

    I started 3 days ago and I'm in love I can't believe I didn't know about this game XD

  • Eriko. Oy

    Modders make better content than Bethesda ever could smh...

  • Polar Viginti

    Also an 11-11-11 Player, I've still got the special edition dragon bust on top of my Fridge.

  • Ater

    You seemingly never played Enderal before.

  • Antoine Viallon

    I bought it a few weeks ago :)And I got the oldrim :)Better for loverslab... If you know what I mean :)

  • Gopher

    I cannot unsee that carpet!

  • 권기영

    I got skyrim when it came out for ps3

  • Zrs2

    I started playing Skyrim in 2013

  • Jetman640

    I um "bought" it right when it came out... or shortly there afterpretty sure at this point Skyrim is just a medium for 3d artists and mod-ers to stretch out their legs

  • Davy Cannonhound

    I pre-ordered special edition, then realized that og skyrim with mods was 900000% better.

  • Edoardo Pizzioli

    A clickbait title wich isn’t a clickbait? That AHO is pretty dope

  • George Kessler

    played it the day it dropped in stores

  • solid snake

    I started playing at it's 50th release

  • 07Rasengan07

    Project AHO works with Skyrim Legendary Edition? :(

  • GunslingerX

    I played skyrim in the past but skyrim VR has breathe new life into skyrim.

  • tccasanova

    oh wow a skyrim video that's not instantly taken down

  • SlickStretch

    Arngier be like: "Do you even grind, bro!?"Also, I pre-ordered the collector's edition and picked it up at a 12AM launch party.

  • Chintan Suthar

    I will start playing Skyrim in a couple of weeks cause I'm getting a PC now.... So I watching all your mod videos, and I think I'm going to be the only person starting to play Skyrim in 2019

  • Dynamiteb

    When there's that one frame where you catch a glimpse of the uncensored

  • Fauxsyn

    Project AHO looks fking amazing! I'm getting that now! Thanks! :D

  • Shubham Tyagi

    This skyrim mods video actually inspired me to play Skyrim again. That last mod looks amazing.

  • Jonathan Harvey

    Good vid but your level 209 and have played the game for years I don’t any enemy can match you lol

  • Steve and the brats

    Never played skyrim just love you're vids

  • Shannon Stringer

    That last one felt so much like what O wish skyrim was. Full of wonder and beautiful crazy strange things to discover. And it felt like you were truly in a different world. Not just many shades of the same browns and greys

  • Ammonia _

    I started in late 2017

  • William Rowe

    11-11-11 been playing, still playing. Shout out to all the true fans!

  • Henry Kindler

    I started playing 2017 on the switch.

  • Fred B.L

    I started playing in 2017I know LATE

  • Seph Angel

    played for the first time on the switch. 1000+ hours in!

  • Colin Pierce

    seriously LMAO at the greybeard death are a funny mofo

  • Yolo Yeshe

    I played skyrim since 2012

  • Felix Alrick

    Aetherium: "A powerful resource the dremor could've used to buy and sell goods online... until may 2018, when it lost all value"

  • Thirsty Leaf

    I just got a pc last year so... I play since last year

  • Sumarbrander

    does anyone know the armor?

  • Zach Williams

    im have been playing since standing at the counter waiting for my pre purchased copy to be handed to me...... and holy mother of .... that last one is a mod? wtf bathesda.... do your job

  • nicholas fotou

    The Dark Brotherhood rescued me from Slavery in project AHO. Just a heads up.

  • Miatna Moto

    Started 2011 right when it 1st came out. Played for a full month all day during winter break from school. Then didnt play for a long time and due to unexpected life changes started playing again for a month now. Super surprised by how much I still remembered.

  • Zachary Damascus

    11-11-11Still playing.God bless the modding community.

  • Shaun

    Apr 26, 2017 with 2,371 hrs on record last played on Nov 27

  • waelse1

    Played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim to death. Played Skyrim on console a couple of years before going to PC with mods, what a difference.

  • The Red Rabbit

    I pre ordered Skyrim and played on day one.As for AHO... It's okay. There's one too many non lore friendly components of it for me to enjoy entirely but I played through it completely. It's very well made though, no denying that.

  • Shadohz

    Sounds to me like Voltage should be called " ME3 Ending".Saw what I did there?

  • ALionInTheWinter

    I didn't start till 2018....BUT! I've been following this channel since 2017!

  • Fearless BLaZ

    Skip Voltage... you need UNLIMITED POWER!!! 😁

  • DoomDio

    Started a month ago I'm a Kahjiit

  • Jacob Oconnell

    I'm getting a PC soon. So I might download some of these modz

  • herobrinesfangirl

    i played it as soon as i got my switch. I would play PC skyrim, but, my computer can't run it.

  • Hekinsieden

    I don't appreciate being called the N word by the Project AHO characters! (This is a joke)

  • QuizMaster Hanzo

    I think MXR got an Immerection

  • Colin Pierce

    If only that AHO mod was playable on consoles. I'm going to have to get a new PC just to play all the amazing upcoming DLC type mods - for a 7-year-old game!?!? How insane is that?

  • Michael Johnson

    For Display Enemy Level you linked the non-SE booo.....JK great vid as always and very entertaining!

  • Jamal Rodrigues

    When it first came out I was on the fence about Skyrim, Oblivion was my introduction to the franchise and Skyrim looked very different from Oblivion. In comparison Skyrim looked less fantastical and vibrant than Oblivion which is why I was hesitant. After watching another YouTuber do a lets play of it I was absolutely sold; been playing Skyrim off and on since 2011 and must have at least 1000hrs across all my toons throughout the these mods all look amazing, especially Project AHO, my inner Dunmer is in love. Dark Elves are my fav, always wish there was a current gen TES set in Morrowind T-T

  • Robert Breeden

    Preordered Skyrim and stood in line at midnight to pick up my game, artbook, and dragon statue.

  • Nathan Froese

    11-11-11 ... Did not like it. Went back to oblivion within 1-2 months and I still play oblivion occasionally. Haven't played Skyrim in like... 4 years? Maybe more.

  • Jet Wolf

    I started playing Skyrim about July 2017

  • LeonSylon

    Damn I haven't been here longAnd damn that Project AHO thing looks amazing

  • Dothurnaax

    I'm a 360 midnight release player my guy. Been here since day one

  • King Le

    Project aho is cool but I feel it’s impact is lost on us console players

  • Re dacted

    What kind of numpty targets the strongest enemy first.

  • vegasvic

    I bought gamestops last Collectors edition they had back in 2011, I didnt even know what elder scrolls was and the boxed looked really cool, I somehow convinced my dad to buy me the collectors edition for PS3 and he did. it came with an artbook/alduin/and a few other things. and I've been playing/modding it ever since throughout the years

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