Skyrim: TOP 10 WEAPONS

A list of the top 10 weapons in Skyrim!

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  • Dominic Mallare

    Is anyone else still playing Skyrim? I am, but I suppose it's not "Skyrim" anymore because of the mods.

  • Clementine

    So, apparently the wabbajack can make the enemy EXPLODE INTO A PILE OF GOLD. HA! Time to test it out. But no, of course it turns into a dremora death lord thingy and kills me :(

  • Bora Nathan

    "You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords. Curved. Swords."

  • Thaddeus James Moody

    good old wabbajack, ain't nothing as satisfying as turning alduin into a chicken.

  • DiceFTW273

    10) Very nice start. Didn't realize that Chillrend was Blue instead of Green.9) Considering all the Undead in this game the Dawnbreaker is another good choice. Although it makes Serana and any Necromancy Spells completely useless.8) Low Damage and a 1.98% chance to insta-kill.  Good for number 8.7) Eh... Ebony Blade doesn't do more damage the more you kill friendly NPCs, it's HP Absorb Enchantment does which maxes out at 30. Good for early levels only since you can enchant higher then that later on. Should be lower.6) Yes Windshear is VERY OP on Dragons (as shown) and bosses. Should be higher.5) The Mace of Molag Bal's got all okay enchantments. Pretty balanced, since higher enchantments can be made on there own. Windshear is much better.4) Crossbows are pretty good in a straight up brawl. You left out it can stagger opponents. Although, the Enhanced version is better considering it ignores 50% of all armor.3) If gotten at a higher level, then the Nightingale Bow is pretty good but not only can you upgrade the Daedric and Dragonbone Bows to do more damage, you can enchant those bows with better enchantments.2) ... Wouldn't "Duel Dragonbone Daggers" be better? 1) The Wabbajack is fun but it's most common abillites are shooting Fire/Thunderbolts, setting Frost Runes, or turning enemies invisible/into leveled Dremora. Considering all the one hit kills it can do though... yeah Number 1 works well.

  • Mecknavorz

    Now, I know what your thinking, can the best be some fancy sword or magic... Well it could be... or, it could be... THE WABBAJACK!betcha didn't see that coming did ya!

  • Ege Onel

    I was using wabbajack I accidentally turned a Solitude guard into a sweetroll it was so funny

  • Justin

    I turned a blood dragon into a sweet roll with the wabbajack....... Then ate it. Now I told my friends that I ate a dragon in skyrim but they won't believe me :(

  • Mason Moore

    Once with the wabbajack I turned a mammoth into a sweet roll mammoths are gooooooood

  • Ekat Eht Der Llip

    I could be wrong but wasn't chillrend also in Oblivion?

  • Razor 4420

    Chillrend - Don't use exploit get at higher levelDawnbreaker - Good in dungeonsMehrune's Razor - I prefer the Blade of WoeWindshear - Personally, I don't like cheatingEbony Blade - Perfect if you wanna try and look like a samurai otherwise it's okayMace of Molag Bal - Average, overratedCrossbow - These were so fun especially when you get higher damage dwarven onesNightingale Bow - The best bow without a doubtDual Daedric Daggers - Never used but it looks badassWabbajack - Ughhhh no, fun at first but gets old quick

  • ThePieMan

    Best weapon in skyrim is the dragonbone sword/bow (dragonbone arrows) :D

  • AllTerrain Guy

    Just made my 1 hand dragon bone mace has 225 damage 35 frost damage and 35 fire damage. Level 100 enchanting maxed out (2 enchantments per item and other bonuses), used an enchanting potion for +25%. Sharpened with smithing enchanted gloves, chest, ring and necklace all 25% smithing and a smithing potion with a 25% bonus.

  • Nicholas Jones

    "merrcer fry" bruh

  • Yan Li

    He said "Fry"! 😂

  • bergbubbel

    how would the wabbajack work against the ebony warior?

  • Jamie Macdougall

    I like sheograths realm in oblivion

  • Winnex

    I like my daedric Greatsword that has 717 damage XD

  • Black Wolf

    I got Dawnbreaker twice. Fired Wabbajack at the leader in front of the shrine, the sword flew away from an explosion effect. After the fight I could pick it up from the floor, then activate the shrine giving me the same sword a second time.

  • Mr.Soul

    I wabbajacked one guard into a sweet roll...Who stole my sweet roll now..

  • Rob Tierney

    I played the hell out of this game...  I travel a lot on my job, and had a lot of down time spent in hotel rooms, so I originally bought a PS3 dirt cheap for the Blue Ray player.  I found a copy of Skyrim with the game expansions well after it's release years earlier.  So it was the only game I had for four-five years and played probably 10 hours a week.  Today, I watch these videos slightly disappointed, because I reached a point where I can't play the game anymore.  There isn't anything interesting to find.  I always liked that exploration feeling...  Fantasy world thing... the character I developed is almost immortal, as long as I don't fall off a freaking mountain or something...  But most of these secret weapons, I played the game so much, I didn't even think these "awesome" secret weapons were anything but junk...   I found all of them, because I explored everything...  I had a few of the homes to store stuff, I made my own gallery of hunk junk...  just have rare swords everywhere...    

  • EMCEE Kaoz

    I got a tip. Stop what your doing now. I found so many mistakes even my little cousin found mistakes. He found 12 I found 16 so just stop dude. This video was a waist of my time you suck. And there's way better weapons than those.

  • GroveSt4Life

    The strongest weapon I have is an enchanted daedric greatsword. Damage is 86 (I'm level 90)

  • Peroxides Poisons

    In my opinion Auriels bow is the best for me.

  • John Secena

    im sorry to sound like an ass but this is when his channel was actually good

  • Potato Salad

    I'm sorry smike but........I will NEVER look at you the same anymore.

  • kathrene lazarev 2.0

    Hmm....i soo wish that u CAN TELL ME WERE THIS WEAPONS ARE!!

  • Cainan Fair

    Calling the Nightingale bow the most badass bow in the whole game when it does shit damage, and Auriel's Bow exists

  • Juice

    Dude you left our the sistern rose that staff is pretty badass

  • Brandon zerothree

    I have half of these. Numbers 9, 8, 6, 4, and 1.

  • Sadistic Unicorn

    volendrung is the most badass weapon imo

  • Imre Andersson

    Lets be honest here most of us will just look up the ID of the items and get them that way.

  • PolareBear

    How come the fork isn't number one?

  • Jett Starwind

    Dawnbreaker aka lightbringer lol I feel like azor ahai when I have it

  • Adam Fagerström

    I have all of these except windshear, If I only joined the dark brotherhood instead of killing them all...

  • ThatFancyGamer

    LMAOOOOOO DID HE SAY MERCER FRY?? I thought it was "Mercer Frey" but who am I to judge? :P

  • Hooded Bandito

    mercer fry? it is Frey and is said fray

  • Silent_Assassin

    is nightingale bow the loudest bow

  • vannah !

    the guy in giermunds hall or whatever took my dawnstar and i could never find it lol :/

  • JeJe The JeJe

    the windsheer is the most powerful weapon in the game it is


    What About The BloodSkaal Blade Champions CudgelMirak's Sword Dwarven Crossbow

  • Joseph Carlson

    interesting glitch, I ended up with two Dawnbreakers. A dragur deathlord used the disarm shout on me, and then killed me. When I respawned, I not only had the Dawnbreaker that I was carrying, I found the Dawnbreaker that had been ripped from my hands over against a wall

  • Kamden smiddy

    I killed all of the dark brotherhood

  • PantsTheThird

    the windsheer should be first cuz it staggers any enemy so......

  • witch2647

    Bloodskall Blade. You get it in a DLC, I know, but I'll be damned if my character is even seen without it.

  • connorrrrjp

    Whenever this guy swears it just sounds so awkward

  • Darcy Dahms

    I LOVE Wabbajack!! LOL I killed mirack in 2 hits with it?Is this normal?

  • It's Nep

    It's funny how most of these weapons were in Oblivion but he only mentioned it for the Wabbajack.. Chillrend, Mace of Molag Bal, Mehrunes Razor, and the Daedric Daggers were all in the predecessor.

  • Tony

    I wish there was a perk in the game where you could dual wield 2H weapons... I mean what would look cooler then duel wielding 2 giant Dragonbone battle axes?!

  • Dave Walker

    like if you miss his old videos

  • Meridia's Bacon

    still playing skyrim and skyrim:SE

  • Cyborg Satyr

    This video is great if you don't like war axes.

  • Queen Luna



    The guy who gives you the wackabajack is a refreance to the mad hatter

  • Cazzomoto

    Chillrend is kind of useless since most creatures resist frost...

  • Queen Luna

    I alredy have Dwanbreaker its my favorite wepon in the whole game

  • Noelia Salazar

    You Shouldn't waste your time with wepons get  the Sanguine rose you can spawn A Dremora For 2 mins

  • Shadowwolf TD5000

    4:38 don't forget the Sweetroll!

  • The Smollest Birbean

    Honestly, I like Auriel's Bow way more than I do the Nightingale Bow...

  • Tiki

    I killed the ebony warroir with winshear

  • Shaturi

    3:20 spoilers without warning.. there's new players out there.

  • gerald lahiang

    i got all those weapon

  • Sam Gilley

    The best bow, in my opinion, is auriels bow with sunhallowed arrows. it draws super quick and if you upgrade it to legendary it has a really high base damage. and sunhallowed arrows are SO over powered.

  • Seamus Gorr

    I agree with wabbajack but I have the razor and I think it's pretty good and it kills enemies allot quicker.

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