Skyrim: TOP 10 WEAPONS

A list of the top 10 weapons in Skyrim!

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  • Thunder Player Z

    where the two handed they do a lot of damage and two handed commonly get good enchantments one handed if dual wielding you cant block and a iron greatsword base damage more powerful then a most one handed on this list that ones of weakest two handed and there unique weapons so one of a kind usually well two handed can still block and do more damage

  • Lydia from Skyrim

    Guard might get nervous, a man approaches with his weapon drawn.

  • Santi Fonseca

    Has anyone ever gotten the bloodskal blade? I've been using it and it's pretty badass.

  • Meridia's Bacon

    still playing skyrim and skyrim:SE

  • witch2647

    Bloodskall Blade. You get it in a DLC, I know, but I'll be damned if my character is even seen without it.

  • Violette Summer

    Dawnbreaker on undead + killing move + explosion = badass

  • The cool velociraptor

    whenever I got the dawnbreaker my hands turned invisible and I couldnt go in third person any help?

  • Ashley Guerrero

    we're can you get the wabbajack

  • m'iaq the liar

    what is everyone's favorite weapon that they own? mine is the orcish greatsword.

  • Conner Horne

    I got dawn braker in vanilla skyrim now before any of you start complaining you can do a bounty quast on a giant you have to lockpick a chest that is expert or master you'll find a beacon then a voice will talk to you to take it up to mountain then you have too fight through a BIG dungeon then at the very end you'll get dawn braker

  • That Meme on YouTube

    Where's Soulrender Bloodscythe god

  • Mason Moore

    Once with the wabbajack I turned a mammoth into a sweet roll mammoths are gooooooood

  • Bora Nathan

    "You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords. Curved. Swords."

  • Dat Boi

    Why do you sound like you have a sock in your throat?

  • creepy creeper 46

    what location was he at during the crossbow

  • F0x7 ?

    The scimitar is a "curved sword

  • hobo gaming

    anyone looking forward to vallenwood elder scrolls

  • vannah !

    the guy in giermunds hall or whatever took my dawnstar and i could never find it lol :/

  • Winnex

    I like my daedric Greatsword that has 717 damage XD

  • Audrey B

    I think the mace of Molag Bal is the most badass looking, but not the most powerful

  • dinnersaur ???

    I am always a khajiit. I use my fists with the gloves of the puligist and I kill dragons SO easily.

  • John Secena

    im sorry to sound like an ass but this is when his channel was actually good

  • Adam Fagerström

    I have all of these except windshear, If I only joined the dark brotherhood instead of killing them all...

  • Cyborg Satyr

    This video is great if you don't like war axes.

  • ThePolarclaw

    one time i used the wabbajack my enemy turned into a sweetroll

  • msquared016

    lol already first 2 weapons are the weapons i dual wield, how awesome

  • Furry Scum

    Honestly, I like Auriel's Bow way more than I do the Nightingale Bow...

  • Death _Lord

    Personally I think chillrend is number one

  • Kamden smiddy

    I killed all of the dark brotherhood

  • Z4rrow

    3:20 spoilers without warning.. there's new players out there.

  • Oscar Diaz

    Please, what are you wearing at 4:00, I really want that cloths

  • connorrrrjp

    Whenever this guy swears it just sounds so awkward

  • Brickonashelf

    I don't use any of these even though i have all of them. I prefer using dual dragonbone swords

  • Jacob Coutts-Distel

    windshear is the bestweapon in my opinion

  • Monkey Gaming

    Yes talos guide you to lol For Skyrim

  • Stephen Horgan

    Chillrend - Don't use exploit get at higher levelDawnbreaker - Good in dungeonsMehrune's Razor - I prefer the Blade of WoeWindshear - Personally, I don't like cheatingEbony Blade - Perfect if you wanna try and look like a samurai otherwise it's okayMace of Molag Bal - Average, overratedCrossbow - These were so fun especially when you get higher damage dwarven onesNightingale Bow - The best bow without a doubtDual Daedric Daggers - Never used but it looks badassWabbajack - Ughhhh no, fun at first but gets old quick

  • The Diamond Block 145

    I really want the Chillrend

  • görkem kara

    2.18 you forgot the showing swords damage +1

  • TheCubeDude

    i enchanted the c*** out of my daedric battle axe and it is over freaking powered and im level 48

  • TBrot

    How do I get Windshear?

  • Aditya Shrestha

    I was worried when I first turned Lydia into a chicken.

  • Aiden Mcmartin

    My chillrend doesn't paralyze at all

  • Mr Keno

    Where's Carthus Curved Sword?

  • Fig_ Figget

    The only one i didn't have was the curved sword an the daedric daggers ( Only have Axe and warhammer for daedric weapons i don't have the DLC so i cant have the crossbow. Its weird how i had all of these around the same time too.

  • Derry Aryanantha

    dude, pls put the link on the description. i'm using mobile phone. i know i could just search it manually. but, i'm kinda lazy.

  • Adrian Verhalen

    ●○●●○●○ I got the chillrend glass sword and it does 16 damage?!?! why does this one at the beginning of the video do 41???!●○●○●○

  • Lawliet 82

    For me the ebony blade are the most overpowered weapon in skyrim and if u upgrade his power of absorve the life u are immortal using this weapon!

  • Jack Manning

    i dropped the wabbajack by accident in a bush and then walked away forever

  • Julien James

    I like the blades swords, duel wielding. if you use the blacksmithing crafting on them, they are pretty good.....and they look like samurai swords hehehe

  • aLeXx1314

    Mercer Fry be like "I'm walking on sunshine OOoOoohhh" xD

  • Dank Merms

    I know this is your opinion but the wabbajack is a pile of fecal matter

  • zenoist2

    If you do the main quest where you first meet and kill a dragon at the western watchtower if you reset the game difficulty to Legendary after you kill the dragon and BEFORE you get to whiterun and dragonsreach the Jarl gives you a legendary level ebony axe of whiterun instead of the crappy steel or glass one.I know it worked on my pc patched version I have no idea if it works for looting hidden chests but it's worth a try.You have to be on Legendary BEFORE you travel to them.

  • X LoyalNebulynx X

    Molag Ball is the deadrick prince is rape... and you want to use his mace?

  • Jack Blakemore

    Mercer "Fry"...

  • Miles Collier

    When I saw the guy turn into a mudcrab I almost burst out laughing


    I hate number 9 cause I am a vampire

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    I use Windshear and Chillrend or Dawnbreaker with Chillrend...

  • Nadine Engelbrecht

    I'm disappointed that Auriel's Bow is not in this list because as far as I know it's the strongest bow in Skyrim and the sun dipped arrows are badass AF since they burn the enemies, and the blood dipped arrows do like a life steal thing I think can't remember. And I think it's the most badass weapon cause when you fire either arrows into the sun, you literally start the apocalypse.

  • MariusPanda

    Where i can find the downbreaker sword?

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