Being a Jerk in Fallout 4's DLC

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  • gabriel montreuil

    Fallout 4 Being a Jerk? Turn down missions... Fallout 3 Being a Jerk? Blow up Megaton....

  • HosDaQ

    just make a prank call video

  • JooseMunkee

    10 likes and I become kawaii! 😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍For all of the people that were tricked by that statement, I don't blame you

  • raszop

    jesus.. this scene where the metal head woman kills these npcs looks so bad.. if this is AAA game.. then i haave no words.. fucks sake

  • Kαɴeĸι ĸeɴ 黒い地獄金木 研

    people sensative over this, who cares

  • Diebrina il Salvatore

    Those videos used to really make me laugh but now they're making me sad...

  • battlecat 347

    I like how fast he took everything at 6:03

  • Toilet Paper

    ah I want to rape kasumi after her turn down so much

  • Bethesda Gamer7

    I Shot Mackenzie and pickpocketed a grenade into Harvey

  • Capitano

    how do you sleep at night? jeez

  • Sebastiaan Pletinck

    Fall out 4 best game for being jerk?

  • Ketrix

    Woah woah woah did that disciple butcher have a hood not from nuka world

  • TheKahunaLagoona

    Nuka-World is perfectly safe =D

  • Nocthe Medic

    Synths are not human and should be treated as such

  • kaner Vid

    Come on why do you skip some of their responses.

  • Samuel Blades

    Gonna come up with a new mod character cuz of this. And be a jerk.

  • martymcflyo.o

    the last one was kinda mest up tbh

  • Abdulla Al Shamsi

    More people in diamond city more work for the mayor and if he gets more stress he'll die

  • Katherine Mun

    voice actors must have so much fun ahaha

  • The Absolute Truth

    Real life being a jerk? You dont laugh at it as you do to this.

  • Radioactive Unicorn

    If Apple made a car would it have windows?

  • GaveeTheKing

    Far harbor. Pearl Harbor. Yeesh

  • Board Man

    Should've given the starving people poisoning food.

  • RUSKA Gopnik McBlyat

    u're an awesome man

  • the unknown player

    i gotta admit the last one was a bit harsh

  • boom 7

    I honestly think this is one of the most upsetting Fallout Jerk videos

  • Whitney Lemieux

    Nick is still a savage XD

  • ćhãrleš G

    being a jerk?? more like being a psychopath cold blooded murder

  • Goodsprings Saloon - Fallout i ne tol'ko!

    2:00>collects evidence that Avery is a synth>Avery confesses that she is a synth>does not trusts Avery because she is "a liar synth"

  • Ruka Foxy

    is that sierra from fallout 3? XDDDDD

  • Awesome Gamer

    4:04 its belethors great great great great great grandson

  • Colinz2 Gamming

    It was about a cat in tree till ashes became ashes

  • Sapper Johnson

    1:26 - 1:40 sounds like Backyards by Broken Social Scene

  • Insert Name

    There should be a perk called "Your an Asshole" once you beat the game with a bad rep and it makes all your enemies your friends and all your friends your enemies.

  • Drayden Cook

    O. Dobc,dfjfjc,x,x

  • Cancerous Goodsgt


  • Steve Cox

    "A lot of us are starving at the end of the dock, we got no hope.""My plate's full, you're on you're own." 😂😂😂

  • The Nightmare

    It's kind kinda sad cuz they give you precious things that they got from like their mom or they got the last one and all that

  • Karen Crowe

    I have a song name up and atom

  • SHaBangBang Is Cool

    5:05 that guy is idubbs

  • RomanDaySaver ™

    The Kasumi moment is harsh, man

  • Razor Blazor

    1400 hours of gameplay...and I saw a spoiler...common!

  • Chad Mc

    "My plates full" I see what you did there Bethesda 😉

  • Jason Radakir

    @ICEnJAM Your a son of a bitch

  • idrees N

    5:54 that's what I did XD

  • Kinosita Hideyoshi

    OMG last scene is too painfully . . . Why did you do that ?

  • fedora man

    Goddamn you such a jerk😂

  • mike hamilton

    this is some funny shit man jesus christ lolololololol

  • George Cowsert

    Unlike other Fallout games, people in FO4 genuinely hate you when you're a jerk.

  • Russian Doge

    Dixie from 1:16 sounds like Lydiahmmm.

  • Magnificent Man

    fuck. i need to play nuka world


    5:40 Nuka Inventor huh?5:49 I will accept your offer... nope shutting off the life support system6:00 Pew pew

  • Jeremy Theo

    You could've picked "For atom"

  • jethical b15

    If only there were custom execution animations for the raider at 1:23 that would probably ranks somewhere on the most fucked up things in fallout

  • Verityl

    honestly killing far harbor was great

  • Connor Lundeen

    'A lot of kids are starving.' -> "My plate's full, kid. You're on your own."

  • TheAGLocator

    I love how in 4:51 the lighting matches the conversation

  • Slime Boy

    0:28 what dlc is this?

  • Happy Kid

    LOL "My plate's full" he says to the starving girl.

  • Basic Bloke

    Wounded Guy:"Please they have my family"Sole Survivor:"lol no"

  • Galvanax Gaming

    i thought it was kinda funny for awhile but then i saw him and that sarcastic comment to Valentine at 7:10 and then i just thought you were an asshole.

  • Dante

    05:04 That computer is just as dead inside as me.

  • King Commando

    IT WAS JUST LIKE A HORROR MOVIE! Monsters Strike Far Harbor! Starring...a bunch of people who are dead now :D

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