Being a Jerk in Fallout 4's DLC

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  • gabriel montreuil

    Fallout 4 Being a Jerk? Turn down missions... Fallout 3 Being a Jerk? Blow up Megaton....

  • BMACHINe formerly HighLevi

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • HosDaQ

    just make a prank call video

  • NCR

    lol "GLORY TO ATOM!"4:16

  • KkR

    Please do a video of Strong prank calling milkmen in order to get his milk of human kindness.

  • Edward Crow

    How does get half a cap?

  • mrgogmagog1

    Why does his voice sound like a murderous psycho??

  • Toxic Peach

    0.22 "you're on you're own"You are on you are own.DAMN BETHESDA GET CALLED OUT...or not.MaybeDunnoGRAMMAR MISTAKES!!!

  • Panos Im

    More like being an evil psychopath to be honest.

  • Thefrog101

    Fantastic video, keep doin good man <3

  • Mindful Minimalist

    The protagonist speech is vomit inducing

  • Lindsay Truscott

    6:15 ROFL LMAO just grab EVERYTHING

  • Ra2ed's Videos

    yo, how about being a jerk in witcher 3 the wild hunt?????

  • Desert Rang3r

    Yo, ICEnJAM, I do not see how you only have 200,000 subscribers. You deserve WAAAAAY more. These videos are HILARIOUS> Keep it up. Never stop.

  • Happy Kid

    LOL "My plate's full" he says to the starving girl.

  • Sollazzoso Spensieratello

    Those videos used to really make me laugh but now they're making me sad...

  • Edward Crow

    I dont know what's worse, betraying sierra by killing bradberton or making bradberton live with sierra

  • ćhãrleš G

    being a jerk?? more like being a psychopath cold blooded murder

  • [ Jäger ]

    Wounded Guy:"Please they have my family"Sole Survivor:"lol no"

  • cruelcanadajoe

    I know it's a game, but that last one was kind of sad.

  • MacalTHB

    7:20 Nicks right on the money.

  • Blaze it

    Dixie sounds very seductive

  • EmeraldMiner

    What about doing Life is Strange prank calls?

  • Landon

    Mama Murphy calls a Dispensary!!!

  • The Absolute Truth

    Real life being a jerk? You dont laugh at it as you do to this.

  • Tman Hall

    In the words of a Nuka-World critic "You never get to play a truly evil character in Fallout 4".Guess they were wrong.

  • Faithfully Hopeful

    These freakin videos man 😂 so cruel.

  • Clorox Bleach

    Hearing Nick say "Why don't you just shut the hell up for once?" Hits really hard.

  • Ahmet Akyol

    People who say this game doesnt look good enough etc should get a brain lobotomy. Anyway great job as always buddy! I gotta reinstall fallout 4 soon :)

  • Jose Torres

    Where is Dixie located?

  • aidencurl

    I think I'm about ready to drink bleach after that last one.

  • JooseMunkee

    10 likes and I become kawaii! 😊😊😊😍😍😍😍😍For all of the people that were tricked by that statement, I don't blame you

  • The Nightmare

    It's kind kinda sad cuz they give you precious things that they got from like their mom or they got the last one and all that

  • Giant Dad

    You are a terible person.... I like you

  • Neeto

    Nobody cares if you are first

  • T-Bone6543

    Is that a random event at 2:53 where he tells the settlers about nuka world? If not where is it.

  • RadioActivite

    the wonderful thing about these videos is I get to see what happens with the choices I have not got the balls to choose myself LOL

  • Sebastiaan Pletinck

    Fall out 4 best game for being jerk?

  • TheNDreed

    am I early?NO, I'm on TIME!

  • Rihards Rožāns

    Damn, this is a bit depressing.

  • Cork

    You ran new vegas at 5 fps how are you playing this

  • That one boi

    Here you are, uploading this in the anniversary of 9/11

  • A Random Potato

    5:32 wait, I might be thinking wrong, but in fallout 3, in gridershade, wasn't the nukacola fans name sierra?

  • Just Carter

    achievement unlocked: congratulations you're terrible!!!

  • Javon LaBoy

    U earned a new and staying sub I love fallout especially 4

  • AlienMan Gamer

    In my own experience I never saw half of the far harbour scenes, mostly because I took down Acadia with the far harbour people and then I killed them all after that.

  • lil pump

    I have contraption dlc and automatron i really want nuka world and far harbor if anyone has it and wants to licence transfer it then message me my gamer tag is stankyWiLLiS

  • Kman C26

    nice video bro very funny indeed I never got to see the evil perspective so thanks.

  • boom 7

    I honestly think this is one of the most upsetting Fallout Jerk videos

  • Goodsprings Saloon - Fallout i ne tol'ko!

    2:00>collects evidence that Avery is a synth>Avery confesses that she is a synth>does not trusts Avery because she is "a liar synth"

  • Xtreme Games

    0:23 Did the Bethesda crew just write "You're on you're own"?

  • The King

    If I new Isaac would do this.... Should he change his name to Isis?

  • Chad Mc

    "My plates full" I see what you did there Bethesda 😉

  • Śniący

    1:23 This is such a pathetic moment that showcases just how lame and outdated this engine is.

  • Whitney Lemieux

    Nick is still a savage XD

  • bald nibba

    how does someone have 14 and a half caps

  • Revan

    6:10 LMAO look at how fast he goes ! HAHAHAA!

  • Radioactive Unicorn

    If Apple made a car would it have windows?

  • Commander Xananymous

    Lol ask the settler to got to nuka world they believe it's save then arrive there r.i.p lol 😂

  • King Commando

    IT WAS JUST LIKE A HORROR MOVIE! Monsters Strike Far Harbor! Starring...a bunch of people who are dead now :D

  • Hispanic! at the Disco

    7:20 "You know, why don't you just shut the hell up for once"lmfao

  • Ricegrain Anims

    Dima looks like he went through a cupping therapy

  • El Sucio Dan

    "My plate's full, you're on your own"God damn

  • TheKahunaLagoona

    Nuka-World is perfectly safe =D

  • hummer 669

    plz don't shut off the power player: I won't not even a minute later runs to power switch lol

  • Barry Scott

    This is basically just 'Being a Brotherhood Soldier in Fallout 4's DLC'

  • CLTZ bb

    the kasumi part was actually sad.....

  • BASStion

    It was about a cat in tree till ashes became ashes

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