Skyrim BROKEN Paid Mods – Arcane Archer + Ruins Edge Bow [Creation Club Gameplay]

Skyrim BROKEN Paid Mods – Arcane Archer + Ruins Bow
[Creation Club Review Gameplay]
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    Click 'Show More' for all the time stamps:Ruins Edge: 4:20Fire/Shock/Ice Arrows: 8:32Telekinesis Arrows: 13:43Soul Stealer Arrows: 17:52Crafting Arrows: 24:52To summarise, I like the idea (that already existed for free) but the execution is lacking polish and as a first release fails to compete with the free content available on the Nexus or Bethesda net already.

  • Felix

    "All of our creations go through extensive QA testing to make sure they work not only with other creations but all mods you may have already installed"

  • JennyM1998

    sometimes I feel like we're trying to teach a toddler basic manners."no Bethesda, put that re-release down" "bad kid, bethesda, put the mods back were they belong!" "nonono bethesda, dont eat the modders, stop, spit it out!"

  • Jusey1

    Actually, the problem with the telekinesis arrow isn't a bug. It's just how it is designed. As a modder myself, I can easily guess what exactly is happening when you're using them, and it is pretty simple. The spell you use to release them doesn't "release them", but rather removes them from the game and spawn a new projectile that does the same damage as the arrow itself... Which is the problem. The new projectile that is used didn't came from your bow, which means the damage, and enchantment, from your bow isn't accounted for, and since it doesn't come from you technically speaking, there is no sneak bonus. Meaning, these arrows are only doing whatever the base damage was set for the projectiles.This isn't a bug technically, it is just how the arrows work. So, whoever made them to begin with didn't knew what they were doing and the arrows were accepted into the pack because they do work as intended, as they are modded to be. It is just the method isn't the best method into doing so.As for the soul trap arrows... That is probably a minor mistake of numbers. Basically, the soul trap spell itself does damage but the Black Soul Gem variation of this spell (AKA the humans only one) was probably accidentally set as 1000 or 10000 instead of 10.00, which is what it should be. Also, due to how damage resistances work in the game... Most likely the soul trap damage here is "true damage". As in, it isn't affected by magical resistances and the target will always take full damage. Which doesn't matter if it is a small number, but does when it is a huge number...I hope that clears things up.

  • Ein ManU

    I T J U S T W O R K S

  • xAngoryx

    I like how in 2 days Skyrim SE went from overwhelmingly positive to mixed on steam loooooooool

  • Night_Slash7 5

    I know most would comment on the video but you're hair is awesome seriously

  • Geralt of Rivia

    Bethesda is becoming the new EAThey care less about the game and more about the money

  • xAngoryx

    Thank you Bethesda for ruining my modded game of over 100 hours so you can try to make me pay for the exact same mods I already had installed but don't work anymore because you are all greedy pan handlers. No really I thank you from the bottom of my shit.

  • Wise Ferret

    10 seconds in and Skyrim is ruined forever. Thanks Bethesda.

  • Zancers

    I'm paying for what exactly? I guess modders will have to fix this as usual.

  • TVR26

    "Creation obtained through quest" Put it in a random cave in a bandit's inventory. What an amazing quest that has 100+hrs of gameplay! This is so worth the money it puts mods like Bruma to shame! Mini dlc my ass bethesda!!

  • Celelvorn

    For some reason seeing The Creation Club creating the same stuff that there are free mods doing and then making you pay for them gives me a foreboding feel that they will try to pull some bull and remove the free mods from existence somehow. I'm wouldn't know if that is at all possible but I just get the feeling Bethesda will try to find a way.

  • SeranaIsBae

    I T J U S T W O R K S!

  • forum42087

    "But how can you make people pay for stuff that has bugs in it?!" (27:46)-Jarl ready for this...they have been doing it for years lol :)

  • Roland Deschain

    You lost audio at 18:47 til 18:56 or so.

  • Lit Lad

    As much as I hate the creation club I still really enjoy watching your videos on the mods in it.

  • mrblue415

    There is a mod out for pretty much anything that CC currently offers. That is the reason why CC is a bit of a joke... Even more of a joke is that Bethesda cvlaims that the CC mods pass their own Q&A pipeline.... seeing this I highly begin to doubt that...

  • Lord Durza

    ESO - Skyrim expert"Stone of Bezeriah"

  • Dustin Harper

    People shouldn't be wasting money on paid mods anyway Bethesda is going to be the next EA if they keep this up

  • Suman Roy

    I'm just gonna stick with ordinator. It has a perk called "trick arrows" which is way better.

  • R. Blakehole

    Bethesda releasing polished bug free content? HAAA! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahhaahhhhhaaaaaa! That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard in several weeks!

  • Giorno Giovanna

    Arcane archer pack would not install can you do a video on how fix that I couldn't find anything saying how to fix it in vanilla skyrim

  • jetpackin117

    Every time he says rekt take a shot

  • TheMegaOnyx

    I got mine for free...Hail free paid mods!

  • Joas Vonkeman

    It a very thicc bowWELL THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE

  • Fantastic Trickster

    did it go silent for anyone else at around 18:47 ?

  • Xypher

    "Why does it not work?!" 16:44Because It's bethesda lol, you gotta pay to install a BugFix now

  • Jason Smith

    You have never tried getting a bandit to spot you and then quickly shooting the telekinesis arrows.

  • Brendon Page

    Yo I also one shot killed edony warrior on ledendarry difficulty I made super op bow

  • Zealot of Peryite

    The ebony warrior doesnt have two souls, he has a filled black soul gem on him when he dies. It's just a coincidence that the soul arrows create black soul gems.

  • WarriorDesign

    Ni ce My Frinds Complete Your Works Be Like ♥

  • David Romine

    The current Nexus system is communism, all work, no reward. The Creation Club is just a weak solution.

  • mann workers

    try the:Za Warudo - Stop Time Power by ClarkWasHerefor that stacked sneak attack.

  • Dickcheese143

    Great info...way too long of video to just review garbage! Hail FREE mods!

  • Shadagames Yt

    25:44 Me: has duplicated about 5,000

  • Sean Rosenau

    5:55 with the biomechanical thing going on, it looks kinda like Knightmare's sword from Soul Caliber

  • Kjell Bjorge

    Thank you for the update on the Creation Club Mods. I like your input. Can't wait to see what comes next. Take care ESO and have a great day

  • Ragstal Rorikstar

    Making a video for pay-to-use mods? Absurd

  • Fixed Error

    Cops an arrow in the back. "Is someone there?".Skyrim at it's finest.

  • Erik Rodgers

    ESO, how do you get the cool graphics of Whiterun in this video?

  • charliemc2

    The Soul gem arrows aren't bugged. I've used them plenty of times without instant death. Your using Ruin's Edge when firing the arrows and it looks as if you've got Lion's Aarow perk also. Your doing a lot of damage, that you should have accounted for. I love your videos and thanks for the many hours you put into making them.

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    You would expect mods that acquire money to get to be perfect and bug free but I guess not. Pff.If soulstealer arrows are bugged it's fine but telekinisis arrows could've been so cool.

  • Ice Control

    its like the tele arrows only use the arrows damage and doesn't use the damage or effect from the bow.

  • Jimmy Holtzheimer

    Thanks to try all the CC content ESO , i was verry excited about arcane arrows and stuff like that but i'll wait now. You showed me the bugs and i don't like the way Beth introduce "polished mods" that does'nt work proprely !As you are , i'm against CC , Mods already do all the CC content for free ! But i expected some stuffs with no bugs and no conflict with the unmodded official game !

  • AlternateEnding

    "How can you make people pay for stuff with bugs in it?"This is Bethesda we're talking about.

  • Clayton Tracey

    Who else wants a Netflix tv show of skyrim or even a movie also Chris Hemsworth would make a great Nord dovahkiin

  • Dingleberry Dan

    I bought the zombie mode before watching your review </3

  • Dr.Snuffy 710

    Where are you @ESO ? It's been 5 days...Did Lydia finally get fed up and kill you?!

  • よしの

    The only good part of the creation club: pets and the homestead outside whiterun. That house no joke has places to put your dragon masks and puzzle claws. It's just. yes.

  • Sean Burns

    Love the 'you can pay for this... or get this for free' comparison you keep doing!

  • The Sigilist

    By far one of the best I've seen so far. Thank you for this video. Keeping it in my Skyrim Guide list so I can get these when I have a Xbox One. ^_^

  • Tyler Williams

    The Arcane Accessories is also overpowered as hell and kind of annoying because the main destruction spells added are AOE so you can easily hit friendly NPC's and followers. Not to mention the spells aren't even new. Just tweaked versions of spells already in the game.

  • kaijobomb

    gasp, are you ysing a controler... a real skyrim player uses a guitar hero guitar.

  • Shilajit Jana

    consumer : is it a bug or a feature ?todd: yes!!

  • Callumunga

    What was Bethesda justification of the paid mods:something like "we will provide high quality stable mods which won't bug out".Well done Bethesda. Well done.

  • Evan Lalli

    The survival mode is kinda bugged too because half the foods don’t restore your hunger

  • Mattyay200 TheGoldenGamer

    Hey eso where are the uploads? Is the YouTube glitch still on?

  • casey peppard

    "How can you make people pay for something that has bugs in it?"You must be new here

  • dalva Greenlees

    A test for the soul arrows can it kill a Dragon in one hit please like if you agree

  • BA

    That is a tiny dragon skull. Must have hunted a hatchling for the quiver.

  • Michael Nunya

    i appreciate your calling to attention that their "Paid Mods" are just as janky and unreliable as bethesda content or y'know Mods!

  • Mikey B

    paying for mods goes against everything I stand for lol.

  • Autistic Khajiit

    Can you make a video about the magical stuff for the 100 points outta the creation club

  • Jonathan Moors

    Your editing quality is incredibly poor, please watch your videos before uploading them

  • powerthunfisch des donners

    creation club in elderscrolls 6: patch for the bugs and glitches = 500 credits

  • Magna Taurus

    This is my favorite channel. And your other one. Are you gonna do any more PUbG streams?

  • Maxxy Fur

    The telekinesis arrows could not work with sneak if there counted as a spell/power by the game engine

  • Anhedonia.TV

    What mod is being used to alter the appearance/aesthetics of Whiterun? I assume it covers all cities?

  • GrizzlySquares

    Bethesda making buggy and broken content? This is unheard of!!!

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