Squall's Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be building some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you've never seen before. This week, they recreate Squall Leonhart's Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII!

Special Thanks to Zombie Go Boom!

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Kerry Stagmer - Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer - Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev - Master Armourer and Engraver
Sam Salvati - Blacksmith
Lauren Schott - Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell - Fabricator

Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword -- http://www.baltimoreknife.com

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Series Produced & Episode Builds Directed by Brent Lydic

Line Producer - Phil Rogers
Production Manager - Benjamin Montague
Office Production Coordinator - Brendan Kennedy

Director of Photography - Corey Jennings

Story Producer — Dave Cross
1st AC – Jason Remeikis
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip — Bill Wienecke
Production Coordinator -- Greg Shull
Set Medic – Celeste Bowe
Still Photographer -- Kathleen McCullough
Red Cam Operator — Nick Gardner

Edited by Christopher Otwell/Marcus Koos/Marshall Rimmer
Lead Assistant Editor - Gracie Hartmann

Post Production Supervisor - Michael Gallagher
DIT – Jeremy Morrison

Animated Illustrations by Shawn Coss

Stunt Coordinator / Stunts – Casey Kaleba
  • Astronopolis

    should have added floating '9999' over the objects getting cut

  • Captain Howdy

    Michael's looks better so far.

  • owa_ffs

    Best FF sword you guys have forged and not just because Squall's gunblade is my favourite sword.

  • the legend27 is dead

    who is watching this in 2017?

  • Noah Brogdon

    How much does one of these cost?

  • Matahari

    wow the knowledge they posess, they could arm a small country ;)

  • Justbe

    It's like if I ever need a weapon for a cosplay I call these guys!

  • LadiesMan0246

    OMG.... Take my moneh!!!!!! Take it!!!!!

  • MysticShadowXL Jacob

    I always thought the gun blade shot the blade out like a hook shot from LOZ XD

  • Kristen Black

    Heron-marked blade from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan some time, please

  • Rexzone

    So many weapons made great


    guys would be betternif u made from scratch by folding the steel not just cutting the shape.

  • cloudyyo

    It appears the angle of the handle to blade makes the handling of the weapon similar to that of a falcata or falchion

  • Maiq The Liar

    I'd love to see Cloud's Fusion Sword forged... - (Yeah I know there's a DIY Vid about that one, but just think about it being forged... now you're stiff too...)

  • Jaison Sumner

    how much for a duplicate?

  • sutida sanhuahow


  • Kenadee Hervig

    Asriel dremmure swords undertale!

  • Manuel Nathan Firmino

    scythe qnd cross dante's inferno

  • muhammad awais

    swords of 7 swordsmen in naruto shippoden

  • Jerrid Clayton

    you guys should make Rin okumuras sword from blue exorcist

  • Daniel Dennis

    I will love to see you all do a Teknoman Blade he was my favorite hero can you all do his weapon

  • Mr.Corny Corn

    I wish they can make Dante's double pistol "Ivory and Ebony"

  • Jason Seddon

    they should make a daedric sword from the elder scrolls series

  • Moroni Raynor

    make nanashis sword from of the stranger!!!

  • Vinny Meyer

    it's got to shoot that the f*** whole point of this sword it's got you fire

  • kyrollos sharobim

    Make all of roanorro Zorros swords please

  • Wc3GAMER -

    have you guys noticed every episode is "the most requested weapon by far"

  • tama bifugha

    Sword from blade... I really appreciate ur work bringing fantasy to reality... just awesome

  • Mardee Rafferty

    Hey guys! I have a huge favor to ask of yall! Please shoot me a message

  • Caleb Brayton

    I am gonna make one of these, only the gun barrel runs along the spine of the blade, and it has a slightly different design. plus the gun actually fires. as opposed to the handle of the sword being the grip, I am gonna make it with a handguard, and the grip on the handguard, and the chamber's go into the handle, and the hammer goes on the opposite end of the handguard, and when you are using it as a sword you have a latch so you don't shoot yourself.

  • Waide Dawkins

    please do chaoseater from darksiders

  • Clint Mock

    boogie2988 I believe u will like wat these guys do

  • Alex Clark

    the butchers axe from resident evil 5

  • Adam Bock

    I am going to buy this one day.

  • Ali Henidak

    Ronoa Zoro - One piece Anime

  • mark adarna

    how much for the gunblade? 0.0

  • Matteo Chiocca


  • shark brower

    build the shadow hunters sword

  • Bryan Garcia

    do the other scissor blade from kill la kill

  • Jingju Martin

    Ruby Rose - crescent rose - RWBY

  • wanthebee toey

    wheapon zed league of legens

  • OerbaDiaRobb

    Please, the Lightning's Blazefire Saber (Final Fantasy XIII), i like so much that sword!

  • Marvelous0071

    Dark Dragon Blade ( NINJA GAIDEN )

  • Brian Williams

    wonder if these guys could do lun changs hat from mortal combat .

  • GXM

    you guys, how bout forging Noctis's engine blade from Final Fantasy XV

  • Louis Ruiz

    Can u buy any of these

  • gundam master

    gundam exia's gn sword

  • Alex Burbury

    Do black cats gun from the anime plz also you guys are awesome keep it up

  • Ryner Shona

    Azurewrath blade from Diablo 3

  • Angelo Balaoing


  • Minh Quang PHAM

    what about nightblade from murderer mystery 2 from Roblox ? who agree leave a like

  • Robert Gebhard

    make John Rambo's knife in the movie first blood

  • Huma Khalil

    please make prince of Persia light sword

  • Bidje Racine

    id loveee to see the powerpoll from dbz

  • clint hill

    You guys should try to do Rnylocks sword from Guild Wars 2

  • Bryce Pennington

    Where do u guys store ur weapons

  • BRO guy

    omg these guys are insane

  • johna diabordo

    make engine blade.. plssss

  • Net Fliux

    Hell yeah the revolver form of the gunblade

  • Kaigunto Tigerpaw

    Sayas sword from blood+

  • Reiran Kisaragi

    try IRon Mace from Gundam IRon Blooded Orphans

  • Lucas Kytösaari

    do code lyoko movie Giant sword.

  • Greg Boyd

    attempt Asriel dreemurr's sabre

  • bobby boucher

    this is not a gun blade :( Squall's Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED pure lie . reported

  • TheSkyline GODZILLA

    why built it if not sell it ? making the fans jelous, please built like 1000x and selling it

  • Xavier Torres

    more power rangers wepons

  • Satsujinki1973

    I feel a little disappointed the gun didn't work. It would have been cool if they made it so it fires Paintball, Airsoft or even Nerf rounds. Then it would have been a real Gun Blade.

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