Man vs Wife Challenge

Who's a better shot, man or wife?

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • DemolitionRanch

    Love you guys! Thanks for hanging with me out at the ranch today!!!

  • Tech Showdown

    That mag dropping out made me laugh so hard, awesome video dude

  • BuTTerKnight48

    Wow, she sure is pretty... that Ar 15 sure is a keeper 😆😆

  • Trinity Apologetics

    17:13 I guess his wife doesn't know about his usual crazy, excited ending or he was to embarrassed to do it in front of her lol

  • Robloxian

    First thing you need to make sure he is deadpulls out handgunfires handgunYep he’s dead for sure

  • Mike Poland

    Almost seams like she doesnt care to be there and is annoyed by him and his firearm enthusiasm. Same as my wife, lol.

  • Gabriel Hagonoy

    That intro had me dead 💀 😂 💀

  • Ben Had

    She's so laid back and mellow. I wonder how hard it is to get her excited about anything.

  • Braden O'Brien

    I can’t believe he killed him

  • Josh From Jersey

    Your wife is slightly more enthusiastic about guns than mine is. I'm feeling the jealousy feels.

  • Daniel Ward

    I think everyone is in agreement that there should be more videos with Mere... Go home Matt, you're fired.

  • Devran Alacam

    i will be sad because im 14 and in australia but i see all these cool vids u make yet i cant shoot a gun D: i wish i had the oppurtunity to come over to where u live and shoot some gunsid love to because from the excitement i see on ur face as you shoot these guns and buy them i am majorly jealous

  • Jojo Farley

    Sooooo this is why you always say don't tell mere....afraid she'll shoot it better...? Lol😉

  • Alan Caye

    You are officially one of my favorite couples.

  • David Yacoub

    The guns were totally unfair, even if Meredith sucks with guns. Equality, man.

  • Alex l

    Hey man is your wife single?

  • Joseph Sahagian

    Now let him try it with an ar15

  • epicguest321

    Not gonna lie, the intro was awesome! I love to tell that joke to people, haha!

  • silent gameing

    0:25 okay this is starting to get gay I'm leaving now

  • TacBeav

    "Make sure he's dead"pulls out handgun I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe...which is easy because I have asthma

  • jbodesignco

    This video may actually encourage my wife! lol

  • Felix Vasin

    im only subbed for the skits

  • David Anderson

    Hey im 8yaras old i im shooting a 410 shotgun

  • Charles Roberson

    Fun with guns ... and wives. Thanks for the vid

  • WeBe Flexin

    Does she know you were shooting guns inside the house yet?!?

  • Batwing Plays

    Please let me know once you divorce.

  • Chazpoult

    I wish you had a run with the AR-15

  • JokerX126

    I wanted to see Matt run it with the AR.

  • Hitchin A' Ride

    Wow Mere is hot af. Not being rude just honest

  • Qingeaton

    Love a good lookin lady who can handle firearms.

  • Remimartialartist

    Ok Matt, think that’s the best intro u have ever done.......!

  • Merlijn Van Cuijk

    you need to dit it with the same gun

  • Brent G

    Matt, you should have slipped a few blanks into Mere's 40 round mag to slow her down.

  • mehdi hameedi

    Thanks for your videos and have nice day.

  • Graff52

    Lever action guns usually are very acurate. A good choice for a nonscoped gun. And mann that AR is milled right to nothin lol whats that thing weigh? That's prolly nice for home defense huh

  • MetaldogS

    16:40 instant orgasm, GOD i love that sound!!!! #2A

  • Airsoft Boy

    Matt won she didnt win fair

  • SHUK20

    Your wife shoots better than most of the guys that I know.

  • GamingGuy21

    Around 11:50 you know how Matt always talks about bulges and penetration listen for mere saying something a little after 1150

  • Clorox lavender scent

    The montage music is really annoying.

  • TenAlmond 879995

    Battlefield 1 anybody?

  • TheProGameFreak

    I want to do this with my wife.. First I have to actually own some guns.. Then I need to get some skills so I don't get owned like Matt.. Then I also might need a wife to compete against..

  • Hurricane JR

    I love the intro and I am subscribed.

  • Ryan Ryan

    Matt doesn't do Mic drops, he does mag drops

  • Kevin Cho

    Mere is actually really good...

  • Kristin Clifton

    You are my biggest fan

  • Boboy Agnate

    The intro maked me laughed

  • GiraffeAnatomy

    Love your videos, but it's super unsafe to reload the way you did. 9:33 Pumping the lever, putting a round in the chamber first, closing the lever, then pulling the reload tube out to put the other shells in. That puts your hand in front of the barrel with a live round loaded. And you're running around with it.

  • Vladimir Babiy

    lieutenant dan…LMAO it took me a second , awesome work man keep it up !

  • TheTrueKuroHDPlayz-Roblox

    Make sure that he's dead

  • John Doe

    "Make sure he's dead"

  • R!OT Racer

    All the feminists are hooting

  • Vin Ucci

    With a wife like that you're still a winner.

  • Anton.d09

    It would be super fun to shoot with my wife.

  • KurtBlueX playz

    The magazine can't fit into her back pocket matt.If you know what i mean* Wink Wink *

  • William Silverwood

    If you commented "your wife is hot" or "do more videos with your wife", the rest of us know you're gross when you're alone.

  • shadow player

    Make sure he's dead...Takes pistol...Shoots himNow what?

  • dethkiller070

    When you have no friends so you talk to yourself

  • Tobias Forge

    You both should go check out a Sporting Clays course... My wife loved it. She used a 20 gauge pump and did really well.

  • X GrimReaper X

    You got it this THING is ready to fire LMAAAAO XD 😂😂😂

  • P85037 L

    Your little skits are cheesy duh but for some reason they’re usually funny as hell. Lol

  • Godzilla 2014

    😕 are you talking to your self

  • Bear Jam

    0:07 but I don’t want to die!

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