Man vs Wife Challenge

Who's a better shot, man or wife?

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • DemolitionRanch

    Love you guys! Thanks for hanging with me out at the ranch today!!!

  • TacBeav

    "Make sure he's dead"pulls out handgun I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe...which is easy because I have asthma

  • BuTTerKnight48

    Wow, she sure is pretty... that Ar 15 sure is a keeper 😆😆

  • Gabriel Hagonoy

    That intro had me dead 💀 😂 💀

  • Mike Poland

    Almost seams like she doesnt care to be there and is annoyed by him and his firearm enthusiasm. Same as my wife, lol.

  • Braden O'Brien

    I can’t believe he killed him

  • WeBe Flexin

    Does she know you were shooting guns inside the house yet?!?

  • Jojo Farley

    Sooooo this is why you always say don't tell mere....afraid she'll shoot it better...? Lol😉

  • Artistry Entertainment Agency

    Matt, now I know why you are always smiling. 1, you work with animals. 2, you work with guns and 3, you have a really hot wife that is a damned good shot her own self. Life is good, buddy!

  • Ben Had

    She's so laid back and mellow. I wonder how hard it is to get her excited about anything.

  • Alan Caye

    You are officially one of my favorite couples.

  • Alex l

    Hey man is your wife single?

  • Trinity Apologetics

    17:13 I guess his wife doesn't know about his usual crazy, excited ending or he was to embarrassed to do it in front of her lol

  • SPLY Ghost

    Matt has a gorgeous wife wish you guys good luck in the future<3

  • jbodesignco

    This video may actually encourage my wife! lol

  • Eric Smith

    BOI how do you not have a shot timer yet

  • Brent G

    Matt, you should have slipped a few blanks into Mere's 40 round mag to slow her down.

  • David Yacoub

    The guns were totally unfair, even if Meredith sucks with guns. Equality, man.

  • Jose Ayala

    Nothing more scary than a woman with a 22 caliber rifle, my wife thinks is a toy.

  • Joseph Sahagian

    Now let him try it with an ar15

  • Leon Benthien

    4:35 you don’t wanna mess with this woman

  • Tech Showdown

    That mag dropping out made me laugh so hard, awesome video dude


    I don't see my wife doing a gun competition with me 🤨

  • prateek.narayan 123

    Boyyy she's best but that's happens for good

  • CSX Baltimore sub division

    My wife is getting a ar rifle now sense she watched this video, thank you so much.....

  • Qingeaton

    Love a good lookin lady who can handle firearms.

  • Isaiah Mata

    My number one weapon is a tampon....Unfortunately

  • Kelvin

    Lol....very entertaining. You guys are great.

  • brian the boss gammer

    I don't know why but mer fits that AR-15 so well

  • TheProGameFreak

    I want to do this with my wife.. First I have to actually own some guns.. Then I need to get some skills so I don't get owned like Matt.. Then I also might need a wife to compete against..

  • Big Chungus

    How long did it take to make her do this?

  • Bobby Neacsu

    Seeing this reminded of me being pumped up for the workout and my gf be something like meh

  • Morees Gram

    From Russia with love. Красавчик! Очень нравится твои видео

  • Doug Billman

    I was in the Marines...a drill sergeant was said...never show your wife how to shoot...start calling her in Annie Oakley.........good eye on your wife......she spanked you.........

  • SHUK20

    Your wife shoots better than most of the guys that I know.

  • JARED Zambrano Gonzalez

    To be honest Ranch's wife is badass.

  • Cindy Lukas

    My grandpa was the 12th best hand gunner in the W0RLD

  • Justin Mcmanus

    Doesnt seen annoyed seems like she is shy. My wife is just like this. Dont see why we have to remind him his wife is hot. Let's keep in mind the dude as far as we can see is a stand up guy for a woman and loves his family. Love to you and yours my guy.

  • Samantha Hayes

    your better she was useing semi auto

  • P85037 L

    Your little skits are cheesy duh but for some reason they’re usually funny as hell. Lol

  • Chad Thompson

    She did a very nice “Shooter ready...” That should be in a Demo Ranch 3-Gun video game of some sort.At least make it like a text notification in your phone or something. LOL

  • Noe Flores

    What would be a great first firearm

  • epicguest321

    Not gonna lie, the intro was awesome! I love to tell that joke to people, haha!

  • Hamilton Mcgregory

    When mere said "shooter ready" it sounded like a legit competition 😂

  • Preston Garrett Vlogs

    First thing you do is make sure he's dead.Pow yeap now what

  • Patrick McCreight

    She did a great job. Seen the vid a few times and still enjoy it.Noone is more competitive than a husband and wife. Yall train together and my Lord!!

  • Kailey Vlogs

    Matt: HIT! MISS!Me: Hit or miss! I guess they ALWAYS miss yuh! You got no girlfriend because you have LIGMA! (I made that up, that is not the real song but feel free to use that on ur friends)

  • Phantom

    Meredith won because she had literally an AR-15, and you had a shit long-time-reload smooth bore shotgun

  • Chazpoult

    I wish you had a run with the AR-15

  • Felix Vasin

    im only subbed for the skits

  • dizzy films

    0:25 okay this is starting to get gay I'm leaving now

  • Vin Ucci

    With a wife like that you're still a winner.

  • 150Spoke9

    To the Demolitia Parents of Demolition Ranch, All I could think right now, is the how every Video Clips shows towards the Ending where you are in the Play pool w/your kid enduring her style of being a Kid.

  • jessie wright

    Living off shooting guns, beautiful woman, dude you got the life

  • Rafa3L PeREZ

    Wait he said Supreme gun..... did supreme do gun collabs secretly?

  • jeroen k

    Mutch respect for your wife man. She did really good!

  • OOFMaster Conroy the Great Conqueror

    More suggestions for future videos: bazooka (or RPG), M1 garand, M449 Saw

  • Robert killian

    I love the comedy sketches at the begining of all of your videos🤣🤣

  • ben sippel

    410 was the first shotgun I used

  • Kate

    You don't get a happier life than this.

  • Tiger Tan Bear

    Your man can defend the house. Problem solved. Solution = Don't Marry a leftist

  • Tigershark 1968

    You did not double tap! Always remember to double tap to prove if the person is in fact dead. Tsk...tsk...….

  • Pleb At games

    I like how you said man v wife not husband v wife

  • Atik Russell

    MAN vs WIFE what kind of title is that!!!? Its MAN vs WOMEN or HUSBAND vs WIFE.

  • Hayden Carrigg

    “Make sure he’s dead” bang!!! Yep he’s dead

  • maggie ann

    You are a real live Nut! Thank you for the belly laugh! When I saw the pistol come out I knew I was going to LAUGH! More of that sort of thing would be greatly appreciated! 😎😁

  • Dex Blah

    ^Oh hi hunter I didn’t know there was a hunter here^ *looks over* OH CRAP THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD 😂

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