Man vs Wife Challenge

Who's a better shot, man or wife?

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • DemolitionRanch

    Love you guys! Thanks for hanging with me out at the ranch today!!!

  • Tech Showdown

    That mag dropping out made me laugh so hard, awesome video dude

  • P85037 L

    Your little skits are cheesy duh but for some reason they’re usually funny as hell. Lol

  • Gabriel Hagonoy

    That intro had me dead 💀 😂 💀

  • Mike Poland

    Almost seams like she doesnt care to be there and is annoyed by him and his firearm enthusiasm. Same as my wife, lol.

  • BuTTerKnight48

    Wow, she sure is pretty... that Ar 15 sure is a keeper 😆😆

  • Alex l

    Hey man is your wife single?


    The way she said "shooter ready"

  • Robloxian

    First thing you need to make sure he is deadpulls out handgunfires handgunYep he’s dead for sure

  • Ben Had

    She's so laid back and mellow. I wonder how hard it is to get her excited about anything.

  • Braden O'Brien

    I can’t believe he killed him

  • Tadas Kasperiūnas

    Ok thats why im good with rifles and optics or just plain iron sight

  • Devran Williamson

    i will be sad because im 14 and in australia but i see all these cool vids u make yet i cant shoot a gun D: i wish i had the oppurtunity to come over to where u live and shoot some gunsid love to because from the excitement i see on ur face as you shoot these guns and buy them i am majorly jealous

  • Josh From Jersey

    Your wife is slightly more enthusiastic about guns than mine is. I'm feeling the jealousy feels.

  • David Yacoub

    The guns were totally unfair, even if Meredith sucks with guns. Equality, man.

  • Daniel Ward

    I think everyone is in agreement that there should be more videos with Mere... Go home Matt, you're fired.

  • Joseph Sahagian

    Now let him try it with an ar15

  • Graff52

    Lever action guns usually are very acurate. A good choice for a nonscoped gun. And mann that AR is milled right to nothin lol whats that thing weigh? That's prolly nice for home defense huh

  • Alan Caye

    You are officially one of my favorite couples.

  • TacBeav

    "Make sure he's dead"pulls out handgun I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe...which is easy because I have asthma

  • David Anderson

    Hey im 8yaras old i im shooting a 410 shotgun

  • Chazpoult

    I wish you had a run with the AR-15

  • lukas 509

    Lucky boy she's perfect

  • Felix Vasin

    im only subbed for the skits

  • SHUK20

    Your wife shoots better than most of the guys that I know.

  • Space Pup

    Saw vidio: "naww"Sees chanle: "HELL YA"

  • Nicole Workman

    Keep on working hard Matt good job for hitting 4million subscribers

  • Jojo Farley

    Sooooo this is why you always say don't tell mere....afraid she'll shoot it better...? Lol😉

  • Hitchin A' Ride

    Wow Mere is hot af. Not being rude just honest

  • GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya

    She aint interested, but you let her and teach her, and she's pretty good. Thank you for acknowledging her into your own interest.

  • Wald Nándor

    Ofcourse she has to shoot the black onr first

  • Batwing Plays

    Please let me know once you divorce.

  • Trinity Apologetics

    17:13 I guess his wife doesn't know about his usual crazy, excited ending or he was to embarrassed to do it in front of her lol

  • Brent G

    Matt, you should have slipped a few blanks into Mere's 40 round mag to slow her down.

  • Farm Boy

    girls i admit are COMPLETE NATURALS at shooting for some every girl has Anny Oakley DNA in them

  • jbodesignco

    This video may actually encourage my wife! lol

  • mehdi hameedi

    Thanks for your videos and have nice day.

  • TheProGameFreak

    I want to do this with my wife.. First I have to actually own some guns.. Then I need to get some skills so I don't get owned like Matt.. Then I also might need a wife to compete against..

  • TheTrueKuroHDPlayz-Roblox

    Make sure that he's dead

  • John Doe

    "Make sure he's dead"

  • Youtube Acc

    Bro you could have gotten a hotter wifeShe is basic af

  • Qingeaton

    Love a good lookin lady who can handle firearms.

  • Vin Ucci

    With a wife like that you're still a winner.

  • Vladimir Babiy

    lieutenant dan…LMAO it took me a second , awesome work man keep it up !

  • A. D.

    Really Shotgun isn't easy

  • Carlos Mercieca

    All the feminists are hooting

  • Bear Jam

    0:07 but I don’t want to die!

  • WeBe Flexin

    Does she know you were shooting guns inside the house yet?!?

  • Tobias Forge

    You both should go check out a Sporting Clays course... My wife loved it. She used a 20 gauge pump and did really well.

  • shadow player

    Make sure he's dead...Takes pistol...Shoots himNow what?

  • X GrimReaper X

    You got it this THING is ready to fire LMAAAAO XD 😂😂😂

  • dylanc

    At least he got shot before something really gay happened

  • Godzilla 2014

    😕 are you talking to your self

  • BOSSLegend21

    This wasn’t fair AT ALL u should be using the SAME gun!

  • FUBAR38

    Now Mare will do your job and you can be the wife :)

  • Mr.President

    Damn your wife is hot😝

  • dethkiller070

    When you have no friends so you talk to yourself

  • Bandsmen

    This was great fun! More Man vs Wife Challenges! Great job Mere, congratulations!!

  • Jumpoffking price

    9-1-1 call was too hilarious😂😂😂😂

  • TheDiamondHair

    You Would have done that easy if you had the same GUN AS her

  • Rendi Kurniawan

    make another video with your wife.

  • JJ Howie

    Do this again but using comp shotgun

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