BioShock: The Collection Announcement Trailer

Relive the depths of Rapture and sail through Columbia in BioShock: The Collection! Remastered for current-gen, this edition includes all three #BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC and a never-before-seen video series with commentary from Ken Levine. Available September 13, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • Sweet Muffin

    Please make a new Bioshock game already 2k 🙏😩

  • RookieN08

    Resident Evil remaster, Batman Arkham remaster, Bioshock remaster, Skyrim remaster. Now, all I need is Red Dead Redemption Remaster!

  • Rapture Audio

    Make a Bioshock movie already ! We need a movie of the first game !!

  • Impulsive Ray

    The sound of that violin sends chills up my spine every time.

  • blueboyV

    I remember playing BioShock Infinite for the first time and thinking how gorgeous it looked on my PS3. Then i saw it on a PC and i was like wtf, now my PS3 looks like shit. 2K would you kindly make sure this remaster is actually worth it?

  • 50ShadesOfRay

    anyone else here really like bioshock 2 in my opinion has the best gameplay of the whole series

  • willy hearrell


  • Jaden Adkins

    I always used to watch my older brother play this. So many memories lol

  • Imperfect Channel

    Will wait for the sale, already own the trilogy.

  • Kevin M Abraham

    I need new game for the series tbh.. Bioshock: Beyond.. So we have Infinity and Beyond 😂

  • PurgatorialFlame

    Please no "Games for Windows Live" nonsense this time :')

  • billy44551

    infinte had no atmosphere imo i love 1 and 2

  • Butane Boss

    Please make the games mappable/moddable like System Shock 2 was. Modding will make these games replayable for a very long time.

  • Philos Kim


  • Kra88ypa77yJR

    I'm assuming there's going to be a physical copy....right?

  • ZacStrikesBack

    "Jesus loves me, this I know...for the Bible tells me so"-Male Splicer

  • Howard Lovecraft

    This sucks because I have multiple copies of each game on a variety on consoles, PC, and even Bioshock for iPad. I doubled up on Infinite when it was free to download for xbox live gold members. Now they want me to re-buy all 3 just to hear Ken Levine talk about how he made them...OK. I will.

  • TheGamingHydra

    You know studios are running out of ideas when they sell remastered games for double the price

  • Elizabeth Riverland

    ahhh i love these games so much. i miss playing infinite for hours on end

  • Vagolen

    One of the best games ever made, Bioshock 1!


    Would you kindly make bew BioShock game? (3 things i love mostly on the earth 1 my crush 2 my family 3 BioShock series.

  • thegiantwalrus

    Ok 2K thank you for the remastering and putting them all into a bundle but I think I speak for everyone when I say, when is a new Bioshock coming out????

  • Fireslice04

    BioShock: There is actual Land.... BioShock: Infinite Warfare

  • RossKroft96

    I cannot stand 1st person games mainly because they make me nautious but this does look interesting are the games any good?

  • Bysentenial

    Well... looks like we have a game of the year already cinched up

  • Nick Andolino

    I hate remasters but if you do what Bethesda is doing with Skyrim and give the PC players who already own the games a free remastered copy, I'll be happy.

  • JONAHonTHEhill

    I'm building a PC, but I had owned the Bioshock 1 & Infinite game disk packaged with Skyrim for the PS3 I had picked up for 30 bucks about a year and a half ago. Although I own a PS4, and prefer using the daulshock controller, I think I'll reinvest in the entire trilogy on steam, I've never touched the second one. Bioshock is easily my favorite game franchise by far, it gives me a warm feeling I rarely get when speaking of games. Heck, I have even made a prototype script of a possible sequel just for the fun of it, there are so many possibilities to expand upon that in that rich universe. Super excited for this nonetheless.

  • WehbMan

    I love these games so much, but this pisses me off. At one point Microsoft and 2k made a deal that it would be backwards compatible. Bioshock was one of the few games that was listed as confirmed backwards compatible, but now it seems like 2k got greedy and pulled this. So after all this the original fans would have spent around 190 for all 3 bioshocks for Xbox 360 and now another 60 for it all over again, way to keep up with your fan base. to you it must be Money > fans

  • Gabriel Peraza

    So who is making this since Irrational is six feet under?

  • FER44 [GG]

    So... I have the Bioshock Triple Pack and now this... I hate you 2K :(

  • Kakashi Hatake

    Well I never played a bioshock game before so this will be all new to me.Anyone recommend this game ?

  • Suppressor

    Why was Infinite so unscary in comparison to the other Bioshock games? It almost didn't feel like Bioshock.

  • PSPCVR Gamer

    I've owned the Bioshock games on PC, PS3, and PS4. Bring it to PSVR would you kindly.

  • The Vox Populi

    I've played BioShock five times, BioShock 2 four times, and BioShock Infinite two times. And yet, I find myself buying this remastered series without hesitation. September 13th, here I come

  • AJ Singh

    Please put all games on disc on consoles and don't give us fans the finger by including a download code for select titles.

  • bigAssGooseberrydich

    Im not ready to get emotionally attached to bisohock infinite again, that game gave me too many fucking feels after I beat it back in 2013 and now I'll have to play it again. Still my fave game though

  • Mindshuffler 333

    Now then, would you kindly bring us the girl and wipe away the debt?

  • EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    Bioshock always looked this good on PC. I expected a vast improvement, but no this is exactly how the PC version has always looked.

  • Zeo

    I don't get why people disliked Bioshock 2 so much, yeah the story wasn't as deep as the other two but this game was still enjoyable with the whole playing as a big daddy aspect of it, Delta and Eleanor's relationship was really compelling, and it may not have been as great as the first but it was still a great sequel to the original and the gameplay was just as good if not better and more harder.

  • Jackson Black


  • First name Last name

    This is the only reason i live BOI so would you kindley give me it early

  • CVG Gamer

    Why 2K destroyed the game, remastered just need med system requirements, you guy do the high system requirements will make a bad optimized and crashes. That's why they like original than remastered

  • xSwisher

    I just started playing infinite it's pretty badass

  • Sk8mattGaming

    Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece.

  • vcom741

    I love the new logo for Bioshock.

  • MadPropzBaller

    Bioshock 2 is an amazing game, but 1 & 3 are Godlike.

  • leeroy newman

    You can remake the first and second one, not the third one, it was a mediocre game.

  • Hokuto

    I swear, that frame rate can cure cancer

  • Jacqueline Petrola

    I just bought 2 and Infinite. Dang it. Still gonna buy this though.

  • Alberto Cortez

    so if i already own just the first game can i get the remastered version for free?


    Hopefully people will replay it and finally realize that Bioshock 2 is amazing and everyone were shibags for hating on it lmao.

  • Naddie Err

    These games were scary ass hell the first time I played them.. I seriously can't wait!

  • Siphon

    If only the Return to Arkham collection was still coming out too. I could've overdosed on nostalgia.

  • Gameboy Hotline

    I want a 4th bio shock

  • Kyle Helderop

    Is there a way to double like this video?

  • Brick Origins

    Still waiting for it to be remastered.

  • Noah Irish

    A man chooses, a slave obeys.

  • That One guy

    Giving a shoutout to LoneVaultWanderer for informing me about this.

  • Drawsome

    would you kindly buy this

  • Largo Angolo

    think they fixed the PC version of 2?

  • frankmoolah

    Yes I'm so stoked a/b this for the PC

  • kevindamick

    Would you kindly TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • LoneVaultWanderer

    I...I think I'm in love

  • Iván

    someone know if the game be aviable in physical formar?

  • Series Consideration

    I already own them on Steam and quite happy with them. That said, if 2K were to offer people like me a discount on this collection, as a thanks for being previous customers, I'd strongly consider buying them again.Of course, that's very unlikely. I've only seen that a handful of times on Steam, from small, indie devs like the ones who made Zombie Driver, and then later Zombie Driver HD. They offered a respectable discount to people who already owned the original Zombie Driver.

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