7 Awesome Abilities That Were More Trouble Than They Were Worth

Sometimes in videogames you will often find yourself in possession of a weapon or ability that seems great at first, only to discover that when you use it, it's more trouble than it's worth. Here are just some of the times we’ve encountered that very thing. Enjoy, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday, why not?

Take air support in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, for example.

Call in air support on your iDroid and your helicopter pilot Pequod storms in, playing his music at full volume and starts strafing everything in sight with miniguns, which alerts everyone to your presence, causes a load of mayhem, and stops you being able to score a perfect S rank on the mission.

He then usually gets shot down, costing you a bunch of money. Cheers Pequod.

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  • Rugged Lemmings

    The thing that you seem to be forgetting about becoming a Vampire Lord in Dawnguard (other than the fact that no, people don't immediately attack you at Stage 4) is that...well...your character is now a vampire and probably should start behaving like one. Night becomes your new day (until you complete the main quest and can just give the sun a black eye any time you want). Seriously though, if you need to feed you're not just going to go into a house with 2/3 people awake and in the same room as the person you're going to bite...vampires are sneakier than that. There's also plenty of ways to compensate for your weakness to fire (be they racial traits or just getting fire resistance enchantments). Another thing to note is that unless town guards or civilians actually SEE you turn into a Lord, you'll loose all of your bounty for whatever you did in the Vampire Lord form once you get away and change back to normal (since the guards/civilians had no way to know who that Vampire Lord actually was) much like how you can put on the Grey Fox's Cowl in Oblivion, do whatever you want, then lose all of your bounty once you take it off.On top of all of this, the Vampire Lord form makes for a great "Oh shit!" button if you find yourself losing on a fight (assuming you're not outside in the day and haven't shot out the sun). The AoE Drain Health does a crap ton of damage while healing you for a ridiculous amount...really that's all you need, everything else - like the Gargoyles that absolutely murder everything - is just icing on the cake.You can say you just don't like the vampire playstyle (being forced into 3rd person every time you change forms and having trouble with doors are definitely two of the very valid complaints that come with being a vampire), but "more trouble than it's worth"? I'd say not, you just have to actually enjoy playing the game as though you were playing a vampire, and thus play as though your character were a vampire...because they are....................all that said, I still have way more fun as a modded werewolf that has a random chance of spontaneously changing at sun-down and being forced to stay in ww form the entire night. :^)

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    You don't know how to play a Vampire Lord properly lmao

  • Throttle Kitty

    So that's how GTA Online made 6 billion dollars. They invented the "pay $10 to slap someone through the internet" button.

  • Noblesse Obligee

    Why isn't "becoming an adult" on this list? It's literally the worst ability you can get, not worth the horrendous exp-grind needed to unlock, and the few perks you DO get are outweighed by the debuffs, class "choice" system, progressive nurf to your skilltrees, and required Tax Event that the game forces you to participate in every year. I'd rather take a zerg rush. Not to mention having to fight the Puberty Boss is one hell of level-gate that no one is every prepared for. At least there's no micro-transactions.... EA.....

  • Timothy McLean

    I'm amazed the Armageddon spell even works. You can't exactly test that sort of power out to make sure it's functioning correctly....I mean, you can, but then there's not much point writing down the spell anywhere.

  • Kozv

    >Complaining that vampirism is a tradeoffspoiler alert: its a curse

  • Facade but from Discord

    I've got a Fallout 4 mod that replaces nuke impact sounds with "THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE"

  • PeffHus

    Dark elf vampire with the necromage perk. Its worth it 125% of the time.

  • Inell Lumba

    Vampirism sucks but Lycanthropy is pretty worth it in skyrim. I mean your soul belongs to hircine but like the worst you'll get from people is them asking if you've been tending to your hounds because you smell like a wet dog. But then again my soul also Belongs to like every daedric prince I've come across

  • Marquise Pixley

    People don't attack you on site wind you are on sage 4 vampireism if you have the dawnguard dlc

  • QorinHalfhand.

    Firstly,vampires ARE supposed to be hideous,they are the risen dead after all.Secondly have you heard about the necromage perk and how op its is if you are a vampire?

  • Mp3 Dalsten

    LOL, why was the heli near ANTI-AIR GUNS? Of course they're made out of paper, the bullets on those things rip it to shreds. It's not a tank and the heli doesn't look upgraded at all.

  • WhizzGameplay

    No magic armour from Zelda Twilight Princess? The thing literally drains your money from your wallet to make itself work, and as soon as you run out of Rupees, you become unbelievably slow.

  • TJ Frye

    "Vampires r supposed to b sexy" then references twilight as a point of reference... It's pretty clear tht the things in twilight r not vampires. Nosferatu was a vampire, draculas a vampire. Those things in the twilight series? Glittering fairies

  • OD Smith

    At the risk of quibbling, technically the cost of Mike installing the orbital laser and unleashing it on that one griefer was still significantly less than what Andy dropped on that nightclub...

  • Justin Last

    8:14 "Fallout 3 is a sequel to a game called Fallout 2 because that's how numbers work"Then why the hell is Fallout 4 not called Fallout 5? Why is Fallout 76 called Fallout 76? THESE NUMBERS MAKE NO SENSE.

  • KorilD

    I was mostly disappointed that being a vampire lord didn't come with a badass cape, and that I couldn't even STEAL Harkon's after he was dead. Plus there's only one vampire mode model for the player, regardless of gender or species, which SUCKS.

  • f4C3pWnRx45

    Flak and Shrapnel in Rivet City in Fallout sell mini nukes. They only have a couple at a time at most, but their inventory resets every few days.

  • Daniel Thompson

    Forget the forced third-person perspective while in vampire lord form, I'm still pissed about the forced third-person while riding a horse. Among the many other things that do so in Skyrim, that totally kills the immersion.

  • NR T

    Andy: "Because that is how numbers work"Me: *Eyes Fallout 76 suspiciously

  • Variousnumber

    Annoying Radio DJ Three Dog. Hmm. I'm sorry Jane, but that doesn't add up. I'm sure you meant "Fantastic, lovely DJ, whose only being used here as he is a very recognisable character, and we couldn't be bothered to put up with Colonel Autumn." No need to thank me for the correction, we all knew what you were really thinking.

  • Dravonion

    I was kinda crap at MGS5 so I ended up abusing the shit outta peaquad and tbh I really liked it when flight of the valkyries played and a swarm of missiles and a hail of bullets was sent towards and pesky commies and walker mechs

  • Terminator356

    When I played a vampire in Skyrim I never had a problem with people attacking me at stage 4. I never drank blood the whole time I was playing. And for those of who will ask, at the time I was playing on Xbox 360. So no mods.

  • Joseph Stramiello

    So the Armageddon spell is basically the Thanos click.

  • ASlimySlugIsInvadingYourBase

    I'd say that becoming a Vampire was worse in Oblivion.

  • Sorcikator Senpai

    The MIRV. The main use being, making a dump save and nuking everything inside of Megaton. You know you did it, we all did

  • Jade "Pencil" Wizard

    I mean with the Armageddon spell you technically win the game.

  • Travis Williams

    You guys totally forgot the master spells from Skyrim, seriously, the cast times on those things are insane and 99% of the time they are outclassed in damage and effect.

  • Ironcladkilljoy

    Theres like 99 mini nukes scattered around the wasteland, that's not including the few that respawn in vendors, and the ones in the dlc

  • Tactical Absol (Covert K9)

    "Sometimes things that initially look like they might be great turn out to be a massive disappointment..." Looks at Mike's shirt 🤣😂

  • zygas25

    About the stage 4 vamp thing. The world kills you only if u have just rye base game. If dawnguard is installed then it removes that issue though if u turn into a lord infront of people or feed in public then that will happen.

  • Jack The Ripper

    Being a vampire makes the game surprisingly easy actually.First of all, its not true you are attacked on sight at stage 4, only when you turn into a vampire lord wich I never use.Go into the resto tree, get it to 70 and get necromage (all spells are more effective against undeads).All the enchantments on your gear will be affected by that since you are an undead.

  • Kaleb kolb

    Becoming a vampire on Morrowind was worse than oblivion and skyrim put together. Also, the boots of blinding speed in Morrowind which you mentioned are useless by themselves, But accompanied with the Saviors hide chest piece found in Tel Fyr which dispells 100% Makes them completely useable and s great way to travel at great speeds.

  • Gideon Messer

    Did you know you can become a double vampire in Skyrim because if you become a vampire somewhat before becoming a vampire Lord it doesn't count as the same vampirism and it say vampire vampire Lord and vampire and in my experience it gives you two sets of fangs

  • Fred Blues

    Of the 804 dislikes, how many were 3Dog fans?

  • Gruntman1234

    Players Who Became Vampire Lords: "Ha, enjoy your crossbow losers." /Gets stuck in a door way.Me: /Puts a crossbow bolt between Vampire Lord's eyes. "Thanks, I will."

  • docette2015

    I guess what I don't get about the vampire thing in Skyrim is why feeding makes you LESS powerful. I mean, how the hell does THAT work? You literally have to STARVE yourself to get access to the best vampire bonuses, and it also results in your becoming a creature of the night that everyone hates instinctively? And if you do feed, you're weaker, and people still hate you because you're chugging either their or loved one's blood? Yeah, becoming a vampire in that universe does totally suck. WTF, Skyrim.. . .that orbital strike against the dude griefing you during your DeLorean heist was totally legit, though.

  • Marquise Pixley

    I like being a vampire lord

  • Brandon Withnell

    actually the vampirelord thing removed the stage 4 everyone atacking you thing, stage 4 is now safe. everyone now only attacks you if you change forms, similar to werewolf

  • Arcturus Azathoth

    The "excellent" Fallout 3. Yeah okay then.

  • Ulfendar

    Becoming a vampire is actually pretty op if you know how to use enchantment. Just have all your clothes enchanted with health regen and magicka regen (or stamina of you want a vampire warrior but honestly with all the magic based buffs vampirism comes with youre better off going as a mage and not worrying about stamina) and as for fire weakness that really iant that bad since all you need to do is play as a dark elf or have a few potions on hand. If you know what you're doing and how to do it you become seriously powerful.

  • TheWerewolfofsalem

    2 Bethesda games on one list?Who’d have guessed?

  • Marcus Hough

    Being an adult is my addition to this list. I can set my own bed times sure, but I'm always super tired

  • Cynical Aspie

    I wonder if you actually played to Stage 4 vampirism in Dawnguard or are just memorizing from a script. People only become aggressive at stage 4 in the base game or if you're caught in the act. Way to misinform.

  • The Dapper Snake

    This needs to be updated the vampire lord is op now with the lowering of the fire weakness and you no longer need to feed

  • Team CLB

    The Master Cycle Zero from Breath of The Wild

  • Malcolm Darke

    On a slightly less theoretically overpowered note, you'd think that the spell Stun from Might and Magic 6 would be at least marginally useful, given that it forces the target to go through its recovery before it can do anything again. It's also cheap, and available very early on.The problem comes when you realise that monsters have different recovery mechanics to the player-controlled party. They seem to operate on a fixed-time recovery, and the spell Stun doesn't actually trigger that. So it seems to exist purely to allow monsters to cast it on the party... except that there is literally no monster in the entire game which can cast Stun.

  • Ricky Smooth

    "Sometimes things that look great turn out to be a massive dissapointment." I can't believe he said that while wearing a Mass Effect Andromeda shirt.

  • The Horned King

    Almost everything about the Vampire Lord boils down to "I don't like this playstyle". You really think people would be ok with you drinking blood from people?

  • Bam5000000

    What's with the professor Snape in Drag on the thumbnail?

  • Dave D

    Ya’ll are just bad at skyrim lol

  • Doktor

    That Sea of Thieves burn was stupid. It's an amazing game, just needs more content. The graphics alone are worth it IMO. The only people who hate it are people who don't have a group of friends with a good sense of humor to play with. Personally, SoT is just a great game to fuck around in... until of course they release more content

  • Andy Mcp

    Reminds me of the magic armour from Twilight Princess.. You'll never take damage in battle!"Yes please!"It will constanty drain your money and stops working when you run out!"wait wha?"

  • olo

    In Skyrim. Vampires are only “not worth it” if their base game vampires

  • Sir Gingerbreadman

    where's the infinidager from shovel knight!? One minute your on the ground the next your soaring through the air at frighteningly uncontrollably fast speeds.

  • Chris Mancini

    Not to go crazy into Skyrim builds or anything, but anyone who knows anything about Skyrim will instantly recognize Necromage. Makes Vampires better to say the least.

  • Maudley

    So implementing what I've learned from watching two of your videos, siding with the dawnguard makes the game much harder by accident, but vampire lord is more trouble than it's worth? Ok. and for the latter, your evidence is: 1. Weaker to fire and sunlight (was worse for regular old vampires before dawnguard, the weakness for fire at least is halved)2. Attacked at stage 4/ as vampire lord (again, the attacked at stage 4 was completely removed in dawnguard, even for regular vampires AFAIK. Furthermore, why would you assume it to be a good idea to show off your vampire lord form to the town guard?)3. In your words, "the biggest drawback of all," you don't like the camera (you yourself mentioned it's subjective, why is this your main argument? Also, I'd be surprised if there's no mod to fix that on all platforms that support modding)Fantastic!I'm not saying vampire lord is for everyone, but half of these arguments are so flimsy I almost wanna pick skyrim back up. I won't though, because I wanna check out morrowind with its vampires. Speaking of, why pick skyrim's vampires, and not one of the ones that can die from poorly planned fast travel? Even pre-dawnguard vampires seem like a cakewalk compared to that.P.S. sorry bout that, was holding that in all day

  • Sain 7417

    Is it me or did Andy's beard get a whole lot more kratos-esque?

  • ZeroBeat1

    You got a few key things wrong about Vampire Lord.  First, the Dawnguard expansion removed the penalty of everyone trying to kill you on sight when at stage 4 vampirism so you no longer need to feed to avoid running afoul of the law.  Second, while you can't move through some doors while in VL form, this is easily remedied by being able to transform back to your normal form whenever you want and then back to Vampire Lord as soon as you're through the door because it's a lesser power.  Third, while the fire weakness is kinda bad, you can easily offset this by being a Dark Elf and/or drinking a resist fire potion before transformng and/or taking the magic resistance and absorption perks from the Alteration tree and/or wearing equipment with the resist fire enchantment and having the Necromage perk to further boost these effects, and these effects carry over to your VL form.  Being a vampire also gives you access to a few glitches, one of which results in you being able to wear up to 6 necklaces, 5 of your own choosing.  You can also enchant the Amulet of Gargoyles, so I dual enchant that necklace and another one with resist fire to negate the fire resistance penalty and fortify destruction so that I can sling more spells before having to land or activate Mist Form.  Furthermore, the Vampiric Grip spell alone is worth becoming a VL because you can throw any enemy besides dragons, mammoths, and some bosses off cliffs for an instant kill or massive damage.

  • David Drouant

    I love being a vampire,you just have to be careful who,and when to feed.I know my pic is of a werewolf,but they kinda suck.I would like a werewolf power overhaul mod.

  • Kerze

    Uhh, yeah, the whole reason for the fallout 2 hint book showing up after you beat the game is for that reason alone AND so if you just want to experience the side quests you hadn't completed yet, you can breeze through them. Also I haven't played SSV, but that microphone skill sounds pretty great if you can cancel it early and still get a damage boost. Also holy shit, you list the vampire lord form from skyrim over the werewolf one? The one where you have to wait it out for it to end? The one where you literally can do fuck all besides rip and tear? (which sounds awesome on paper, until you remember that you aren't wearing your crazy enchanted armour and that your giant wolf hands can't fit into your pockets to reach for all of that delicious cheese you had been saving to this day). I mean at least with the vampire lord you can actively heal at will while force choking Ulfric.

  • Kassem Shibbo

    Mike wasting 3 quarters of a million dollars to shoot a prick who bothered Andy is my all time favorite Bromance moment! <3

  • Ryan Reed

    The Lord of the Mountain from Breath of the Wild? Arguably the single best horse in the entire game, but ultimately not the worth the amount of effort it takes to tame it. First you have to make a trek up a mountain (because of course you do, considering its name), which is child's play in a game like BOTW. But then you have to be all stealthy as if you were in the Yiga Hideout, or just drop on top of it from the sky, because if it so much as hears you, it's just gone. And then if you do manage to mount it, you'd end having to mash to "soothe" button for almost THREE FULL STAMINA BARS, which in turn requires you to have already done several shrines beforehand, or have a whole load of stamina-based meals to stuff your face with. When all is said and done, then congrats, you now have yourself a speedy glowing horse spirit that can spur endlessly without running out of energy. The problem comes when stables refuse to register it, meaning you can't call upon it like any other horse whenever you want. And not to mention, the second you dismount, it runs off and fades into the aether back to its original spawn point. This means that you'd have to do the whole song and dance of going up the mountain, either stealthing or dive-bombing it, and mashing "soothe" while possibly also mashing energizing mushroom skewers down your gob, just so you can ride it again. That is until you dismount again and then just give up and go back to the Epona you Amiibo'd in early into your playthrough.

  • gingercore69

    Well, at least as a vampire lord you can turn back into human form any time you want... And it last as long as you want it to last... Werewolf form? It last as long as you keep feeding... If you want to turn back into human you have to wait it out... And if you are trying to fight some kind of boss that tanks you enough you get back to your human form and you get fucked unless you have a special ring...

  • DragonMarko

    +outsidexboxNo you are wrong about the Skyrim one. First: with the Dawnguard DLC installed you will not be attacked on stage 4Second:The Vampire Lord ability is usefull for low level charactersThird:The sun is annoying sure, but you can use the special arrows to prevent it from annoying youFourth:You do get a 50% weakness to fire, but being a vampire is not made for every character. You can use a dark elf or enchant some armor with fire resistence. Plus you are super strong because of the Necromage perk, so now as the undead your spells are 25% stronger.Conclusion:It may be your opinion, but I think it's better being a vampire.

  • SAURON'S Right hand man

    Actually no. No you do not get attacked once you hit stage 4 vampirism, that was removed when Dawnguard was released, also fire weakness isn't that bad considering only 5 types of enemies can even use fire attacks, excluding bosses, and you can both use Auriel's Bow, or wait till night to negate the stamina and health regen, unless you're me who glitched 18 pieces of armor onto myself using the vampire Lord. Honestly I never actually feed on enemies because there's literally no point beyond leveling up the perk tree, you get stronger without feeding anyway, the only upside is that your weaknesses are dulled for a day or two. One more thing, the stamina regen is completely null and void when using a horse, or my boi Arvak.

  • NGMonocrom

    $10 of real money to obliterate any obnoxious piece of human crap in the game?..... Soooo totally worth it!!!!!!

  • Joshua Duck

    Being a vampire lord is still better than spending 50 hours mastering one school of magic just to figure out master spells cost too much to actually cast and hit everyone around you making them useless if you have NPC's you like nearby, or trying to find the entire storm shout for the same reason.

  • rashkavar

    It's really a shame the GTAV orbital cannon doesn't give you a cinematic view using the targeting thing. The shot you get is a realistic example of how death-from-above targeting systems work - it's fairly comparable to footage I've seen of the targeting systems on an AC-100 Spectre - but it really gives you no appreciation for the power of your weapon. Take a lesson from Command and Conquer: Superweapons are meant to be not only effective, but gratuitously dramatic.

  • Black Fox Gaming

    Vampirism is great because of one perk: Necromage. Want buffs to last 50% longer, spells to last 50% stronger and Restoration Magic to become completely broken making you damn near invincible as long as you have Magika? Become a Vampire and get the Necromage perk from the Restoration tree. Because you are classed as undead, Necromage, which boosts the power of spells you cast against undead, works on you as well.

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