Skyrim(PC) cheat code walk through! (item,speed,carry,and other cheats!)

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These are the two websites that i mention in my video!

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  • Austin Tay

    To do the speech and archery Archery = MarksmanshipSpeech = Speechcraft

  • Mega Faggot

    omg dude thanks so much bro my character is a mix of usain boult and chuck norris

  • Waffel Chaosu

    What code is for adding perks ( not for example Deadric Smithing ) , i mean for ammount perks , meybe 257 Perk Points ... ??


    This video is good because you actually called it a tilde instead of a squiggly thing

  • FeelsModMan

    you took an arrow in the knee and you are still an adventurer :O

  • zuoɹǝX

    cheats you didn't sayplayer.setav stamina 99999 (whatever do u want)player.setav magicka 99999 (whatever do u want)player.setav health 999999(whatever do u want)player.setav level 100 (it increases the players .) (if u want to get back to your original level just write player.setav level YOUR ORIGINAL LEVEL )

  • rashad ebeid

    You just Got a sub And a like

  • Fumahh2016

    Player.forceav speedmult 0 // (reset your in-game speed to 0)

  • Raihan Widodo

    i need help at enchanting perk: i already have 1 perk at enchanter then i want add it to 5 i already write " player.addperk [enchanter perk] 5 it's only show up at the console :"name" skill enchanter added 1 rank and i check it it's still 1 not 1 or 2

  • Erik Stokdal

    whats the code for deadric arrows ? :)

  • John Kyme

    Your really helpful thank you so much

  • Mastogan e

    speech and archery doesnt work help pls

  • Laert Kraja

    the precisevely put dicks into their inside part of ass... and that's NOT FUCKING COOL

  • Blazeofthecentury

    you have to type in Speechcraft

  • Twm757

    all skyrims are the same thing you're buying the elderscrolls V = skyrim elderscrolls IV = Oblivion

  • Jack Klawon

    damn why all the people hating on u fo no resin

  • John Pinkerton

    What's wrong with fences?

  • David Lehnert

    Nice video! This helped me to understand how the cheats work and all that good stuff! :D Thx a bunch!

  • Terraforming Music

    gay or lez i dont give a fucking shit about it they are still normal.

  • TheMw3Gamer12

    speech doesn work can somone help me ?

  • jj king

    lol i like how said catch up to them at wack em

  • Markus Webster

    It's not called archery, it's called "Marksman."

  • george hamogelastos

    to increase a skill just type andvancepcskill (name of the skill) (a number +100) this will also level you up and give you the perks. And if you mind making a video for how to get sneak 100 i have a tip for you. Just go behind paarthurnax while crouching and start hiting him with a knife ( the quest paarthunax must not have stated yet to meke it work). I want to shere this tip, dut i dont know how to make vids. So if you have the time upload this kind of video.

  • aerodynamichotdog

    to get benefits from advancing skills do this player.advskill skill name XP amount

  • emiieeee

    thanks so much this helped a lot

  • UNoWho

    For some reason i can't player.setav archery can't change it to 100 or any other amount

  • PandaGames86

    thanks you soo much you should do lets plays i am doing some :D i think you would be grate for gaming videos

  • Classy Muffin

    I set my speed to 201 :OOOOOO

  • rami hamze

    your pic fits your comment

  • James Cook

    so pretty much god mode

  • Sam The Ambulance

    what is the code for add gold

  • Sebastian Kjærby

    Btw guys, when you add items u dont need the zero's when u add an item :)

  • Daniel

    Sometimes the list is way too long, and even with 'page up' isn't enough for some items. For example, I wanted a plain old, unenchanted Glass Sword, so I type in "Glass" and I only get axes, maces, armor, etc. and each one has dozens of different enchantments.

  • Daniel

    They're very annoying, pretentious and pompous.

  • GlooxiStudios

    These are just console commands, not cheat codes.

  • GiniBi

    HAHAHAHAAH wtf im a cheat

  • Broski MaKorski

    does it matter what skyrim it is? i'm planning on buying skyrim V and im not sure if there are commands like these in it

  • thetrigamersify

    you don't need a website type "help (what you want)" then hit enter it brings up the codes also,one word only

  • Joseph Jones

    Your voice sounds like the old slim shady

  • Pinz

    I think I hear Bad Grammerr

  • Ibrahim Fatrouni

    Can you remember what you typed and also y ain't all the perks available on the web site

  • Ibrahim Fatrouni

    And also not All the perks on the are there

  • Ibrahim Fatrouni

    hay archery and speech dont work how come

  • Brandon O

    Don't use the god mode too much, I used it a lot and some guy cut off my head with the kill animation, did not kill me, but my head is permanently removed

  • KillerHD

    can i add you on skype toxic

  • Robb Stark

    I can't handle your terrible Grammar.

  • toxicrepear

    @dhwjrw that's a joke right?

  • smexes

    It doesn't work? the command thing doesn't work... :(

  • Grace Hill

    like I can't get speech and one-handed to work

  • Grace Hill

    I can't get all of the skill tree sets to level when I do this , I can only get certain ones , help?

  • brody lockwood

    Your all alone BROTHER!!

  • toxicrepear

    how does a skyrim cheat walkthrough turn into people thinking im gay... da fuq?

  • byOhrigin

    you must be fucking retarded.

  • Profity Grounder

    or speech c'mon help meeee!!!!

  • Profity Grounder

    why isn't this working on archery man?

  • andrew kennedy

    How do u get the search box on ps3 ??

  • anne gawe

    what is the code for iron ingot and leather strips?

  • Mare Gava

    where is a kods ?????

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