Skyrim(PC) cheat code walk through! (item,speed,carry,and other cheats!)

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These are the two websites that i mention in my video!

Feel free to leave a comment on what ever question or comment you have!
  • Mega Faggot

    omg dude thanks so much bro my character is a mix of usain boult and chuck norris

  • Austin Tay

    To do the speech and archery Archery = MarksmanshipSpeech = Speechcraft

  • Xeronz

    cheats you didn't sayplayer.setav stamina 99999 (whatever do u want)player.setav magicka 99999 (whatever do u want)player.setav health 999999(whatever do u want)player.setav level 100 (it increases the players .) (if u want to get back to your original level just write player.setav level YOUR ORIGINAL LEVEL )

  • The Classy Muffin

    I set my speed to 201 :OOOOOO


    This video is good because you actually called it a tilde instead of a squiggly thing

  • FeelsModMan

    you took an arrow in the knee and you are still an adventurer :O

  • aerodynamichotdog

    to get benefits from advancing skills do this player.advskill skill name XP amount

  • Sam The Ambulance

    what is the code for add gold

  • Furious 7 Gamer

  • GlooxiStudios

    These are just console commands, not cheat codes.

  • Grognak The Breathclaw

    What about a bow/crossbow draw-speed mult? I'm trying to find a modav command for it.

  • spikkelkim5

    you can use coc qasmoke if you want all the items in whole skyrim and if you have all the items you can do coc whiterun or where you want to go to

  • brayden huynh

    This vid is good for beginners for skyrim like if they don't to play like 200 of skyrim and finding weps , armor , spells , and shouts

  • ToeToot PlayzRoblox

    i put the carryweigth 50000 and speedmult 200 cause don't want to be like sonic like 560 speedmult and i got back to put it to 101 cause i don't want it fast i got to the game

  • Tony Damian

    is there a command where you can raise your weapon speed?

  • The White Gambino

    help, my game is running at extreme speeds, i tried making a whole new character​ and it wont slow down.

  • Eric Keolaphanh

    How you open the consle?

  • thedarkness97

    You sound like Todd Howard...A bit.

  • Chuck Arthurhultz

    Hey, very well done, man!  I Really like your enthusiasm, and how you give it out to all of us unselfishly; that's the coolest trait that sets you apart from all the rest. I just left a guy's site here; he tried to do as you've done. He couldn't even pronounce the name of the place correctly - totally blew it out the effin' door - and this in the first 15 seconds!. I just gave up watching it. Draaagg  tiimme anyway. Never mind his answer was.........WRONG!!!    You get a gold star by your name, from one fruit to another. Yay.l................                                                                                              

  • Alex Sabatini

    Thx for showing us this

  • Amar Musa

    You just take 334 hours!to tell me the cheat codes.become fast yar

  • RightWingKing

    im lvl 48 and i donloaded that expanded perk mod, then i uninstalled that mod and gliched and all my perks reset to 30 and i only had 17 lvl up perks so ful my life.

  • Tirteenths Æ

    thx i have skyrim thx for helping but some of the cheats i know but thx

  • AnotherZombie

    Will this work on a cracked skyrim file also, or doesn't it matter?

  • B3ta

    A lit cheat for all : player.set level 9999999

  • Fumahh2016

    Player.forceav speedmult 0 // (reset your in-game speed to 0)

  • FIRE land

    toxicrepear can u put here the code on console for blade of woe please

  • GlooxiStudios

    These are just console commands, not cheat codes.

  • GhostKeeper

    This is a really good walkthrough Toxicrepear, nice vid thanks.

  • Autistic

    I had to find the Golden Claw, the guy that had it died and went trough the ground. So I need the item because I went trough all the fighting

  • will g

    Good production value. Did you write a scrip, or talking points? Because it seems most others, when making videos they jut go off the top of there heads.

  • Isiah Mcqueen

    To get every item in the game just type in coc And to get back type coc river wood or etc

  • Hayden Green

    There is a way to fix your speed, that is to do "player.forceav speedmult 100"

  • Davor Šuker

    u dont have to do the amount u want if u only want 1 item

  • metafis

    The first time you use speedmult, you have to unequip and reequip a weapon afterwards to make it work.

  • FIRE land

    i was looking at commands and i will say marksman is archery so u have no more problems :D but also one handed i dont know and two handed

  • Gamer_TV

    can yo plz explain to me how to increase my lvl with thoses perks?

  • Rhion Jordan

    to add level just put player.advlevel (the level you want to be)

  • Nathan, a Hedgehog

    The addperks won't work at all and I can't understand how you described it. Can you explain it a lot easier please?

  • Sans le skele

    +Toxicrepair thanks but I all ready found out! ☺.

  • FIRE land

    othman just press on the thing u want get or increase

  • Leo The Lion

    tcl is a not very effective cheat in some dungeons if you need to get through a door that leads further into a dungeon it wont work

  • Monstaah

    player.setav speedmult <->100 or what ever you like..  just whack minus in there and ya good..

  • John Jackson

    Thanks man You are awesome ONE SUB FROM ME!

  • ToeToot PlayzRoblox

    and i like dual weilding weapons

  • Cyric 106

    How do you put up the thing to type the cheats in

  • Cyric 106

    How do you put up the thing to type the cheats in

  • Tielar

    if you press F9 it turns speedmult back to normal

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    I did never would this then trust to god mode in console commands.

  • Abitaskew Dataflow

    Archery is Marksman & Speech is Speechcraft yw

  • RedNeonPlays Mc

    for me i like using player.modav

  • Deadx Zoul

    OMG the way you said "whack em" at 3:08 is the best XD

  • Wafel Chaosu

    What code is for adding perks ( not for example Deadric Smithing ) , i mean for ammount perks , meybe 257 Perk Points ... ??

  • Kyle Huntt

    Can u just lvl up your character like straight up

  • rage dragon

    Hey can you please do dragonplate cheat codes

  • 1red_6

    disregard my last, dude. i figured it out

  • WideLordWolf

    i have a question if i level up my character will it give me a skill point to like upgrade my stamina or magicka cause i used a level up command but it wouldn't give me a perk point it just levels my character up so

  • Tobygas

    Player script is not working

  • Get Big

    thnx for the add item cheat i needed it :D

  • Aleksandras aleks

    This video made me to Sub and like !!!XD

  • Lycan Seijin

    Why is there no code for Quick Reflexes?

  • hammythefrog

    speed doesnt works for me

  • Porkchopw 7

    you can just do the same thing but set it at 100

  • Lbleacher

    Omg thanks soo much! This helped me a lot

  • Davor Šuker


  • Olly Cull

    Can u add armor as we'll

  • SnoWy Warbinger

    how do i get 100 light armor

  • Johnny B. Tails

    why you just dont go to the cheat : coc qasmoke. there is every armor in game and if you get the dlc's there is the dlc Armor and weapons too. -.-

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