How to make Skyrim Look Even More Next-Gen - Updated TES 5: Top Graphics/Visual Mods (2017)

Skyrim has been out for over six years now, however thanks to the efforts of modders we can still make the game look modern. Today we'll be taking a look at my personal favorite Skyrim graphic/visual mods, which includes everything from ENBs to 4k retextures.


Nyclix’s ENB Reshade:

Enhanced lights and FX Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Vivid Weathers (Xbox One/PC) :

Verdant: A Grass Plugin (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

Simply Bigger trees (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 3D Trees:

Gecko’s 4k mountain textures:

Nordic Snow (Xbox One/PC):

Osmodius Texture Pack (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 2017 Textures:

Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-tweaks):

Static Mesh Improvement mod (Xbox One/PC):

High Poly project (Xbox One/PC):

Books of Skyrim:

Windsong immersive Characters Overhaul:

Beards (Xbox One/PC):

Improved Closed Face Helmets (Xbox One/PC):

Real Bows (Xbox One/PC):

Semper Fi:

Imperial Sword 4k:

Footprints (Xbox One/PC):

Wet & Cold (Xbox One/PC):

Static Mesh Improvements Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Realistic Water Two (Xbox One/PC):

I personally run this all with a GTX 1080, Intel core i7 and 16 gigs of RAM, however I've been able to push through (60ish fps) with as low as a 1070 and i5.

Outro Music: Good Ol' Days - Martin Landh
  • Soul Fyre

    spends 10 hours making skyrim perfect with all desired modsgets to bleakfalls borrowgets boredrepeats process 2 months later

  • Zoe Mateo

    "Meh, I'll just install 1 mod"10 seconds later"I need more"

  • James Gedda

    I know it's not your bag, but I'd love to see a Let's Play of Skyrim from you, Nate. Your Skyrim is simply gorgeous to watch.

  • Reeven

    "How to make Skyrim Look Even More Next-Gen" - Put loot boxes in it?

  • NANI Blacku Knighto

    How to make the elder scrolls next gen? Freaking release part 6.

  • Agropolygon

    In 2020 at Bethesda's E3:And today we present, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Ultimate edition! Now with 4k textures and lighting effects that look like they were made by our drunk staff. Enjoy the new fresh look of Skyrim!

  • Andrzej Przybył

    Skyrim Special Edition Refreshed soon on Steam

  • Pulse Fel

    the fact the game's engine can handle the mods in the first place kinda speaks to how well its aging. modern games go "ooo look what we can do now!" while skyrim just goes "give me a month"

  • Vincent Costa


  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    Even in 144p it looks good.

  • Strix Nuktia

    For Xbox users I recommend vivid landscapes, divine SMIM, realistic water two and display enhancement: presets 5 and 18 then + 2 or 3 saturation.

  • exactinmidget92

    i'm not a fan of light mods. they make the game to dark and i does not affect NPC vision. so at night i'm getting shot and i can't see shit, yet the NPC's have night vision.

  • Blake Bauman

    Could you show your load order?

  • Leon Mori

    Without any doubt one of the best recommendations i've ever seen on YouTube, best regards and greetings from Germany!

  • Charlie Barrett

    Tip for people new to modding:You should probably Download USSEP (Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch) for general bug and texture fixes.(your welcome) (enjoy modding) ( It's fun) ( :) )

  • Zenith Tech

    A mod that wasn't on here, but I cannot play without is Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons. It takes Skyrim's heavily stylized weapons, that are ALL super thick, and makes them a lot more realistically shaped

  • Richard Schwander

    I installed Skyrim Flora Overhaul and my graphics card plugged itself out and commited seppuku.

  • TobbeLa97

    I've been trying to get my game to look like yours (ENB-weather wise) but no success..As I installed Nyclix ENB it didn't look nowhere the same as yours.Any advice on how you installed yours? Im not too sure about the entire "reshade" tool

  • MadDragon66 Gaming

    Thank you so much for this awesome and straight to the point tutorial video.

  • Mohammad Shebli

    Well vivid weathers and Nyclix's ENB don't mash up well together..Your game will be like some sort of pink japanese sakura drama series.

  • King Jerbear

    Great list Nate, I'm using almost every one of your suggestions myself, right down to the ENB. Perfect look for the game! Keep up the videos.

  • Based Otter

    Idk why but its taken YEARS for WICO to get popular..... used it for yrs.... always been good.

  • Michael Suarez

    How do I install the nyclix enb nexus mod manager did not work?

  • Dante h

    best graphical mods for gtx1050ti 4gb, i3 8100...I can go with 40 fps...

  • Philo Jewett

    I'm rocking a laptop with a GTX 1060 6GB (overclocked 175mhz core, 750mhz memory), 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz, Core i7 7700HQ (quadcore) and with this setup I get 50 - 60 FPS anywhere I go. Very smooth. Looks gorgeous. :)

  • Jason Steele

    Dude you just gave me so many awesome ideas for my One X. Thanks man, I'll see what is available on the

  • Alonso Ac

    What i must do if a mod asks me to replace the other mod file? (sorry my english)

  • XYZ

    Bethesda Watches the videoBethesda "Do we really have to release The Elder Scrolls 6? "

  • Famix

    What is it that Skyrim2017 covers that the others don't?

  • ViruX

    Excellent video mate. I recommend Rudy ENB cheers

  • Cody Volpe

    You used an old version of 3D trees. The newer versions have updated snowy trees that look much better than the old ones that you showed in this video. You really should check for updates every once in a while Nate :l

  • His Alphabeti Spaghetti

    Can you run this at a smooth 60 fps with a 1060 6GB and ryzen 5 1600x?

  • 0rbiit

    Amazing video straight to the point no rambling, and provided me with useful information. Keep it up dude.

  • JD Schroeder

    Thanks for the mention of my Forgotten Retex Project :)

  • WolfDiner

    What will I get withGtx 1060 6gb8gb rami5 6400

  • JTB

    i wonder if i can run this on my gtx 1050ti

  • Victor De Neverle

    I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for this video Mr TheEpicNate315.

  • chavo

    Do you think it could work on on a GTX 1050 TI and i5?

  • Ethan Hunt

    You FORGOT to put the forgotten retextures mod in the description lol

  • Lyra Harmony

    @TheEpicNate315 Your Discord server link is invalid, which is sad because i wanted to join :>

  • Nefashus

    "GRASS ON STEROIDS" is really good grass plugin and performance friendly for older rigs. Seriously while adding a lot it only makes lose a tiny amount of FPS.

  • The Countryside Road

    Wonderful video, Nathan! (I hope that's your name) Perhaps you could show us your load order?

  • TheRailwaystationist

    You showcased the absolute worst looking trees from 3D Trees that were only intended as placeholders in an older version. Seriously, man, update your mods. That mod is the most realistic tree mod Skyrim is ever going to see so you may want to make another video on that since it now also covers plants and the snow trees look way better.

  • Christina Schultz

    I'd love a mod that shows grime build up on your weapons and armor over time that also reduces your gear's stats as it builds up. killed a lot of bandits lately? Better clean that blood off your blade and sharpen that sucker to get your damage stats back up. Been swimming a lot looking for treasure? Better buff off that rust accumulating in the damp joints of your armor in order to restore (decrease) your armor's weight and (increase) its protection. Could go nicely with having to set up a camp while in survival mode. Warm up, eat, sleep, and clean your gear.

  • Malice

    When you play Skyrim on the PS4I cri everytim ;-;

  • Syncroniz

    Did u tweak ur enb in the settings because I have tried this enb and it didn’t looks as good as that, even over people r complaining that it looks different. I want to try this enb again but I would like to tweak it the same as urs if u did tweak. Game looks beautiful

  • Jake PG

    Whats the armor that General Tullius is wearing????

  • iZadoks

    Lmao the way he says verdant!

  • GodYonder

    I downloaded almost all of these mods on xbox one thinking that he was on xbox one too, wish me luck..

  • Kekaso

    Is your load order the same order you place on the description?

  • MagnuMagnus

    How many people here have only the basic membership for nexusmods?I really don't wanna pay $50+ for something I'll never really need.

  • Justin Barry

    Thanks for the great video. I've installed most of your suggested mods and the game looks fantastic. Is there a way to increase the brightness in caves and also outside at nighttime? It's hard to navigate with things being so dark.Thanks!

  • Daniel Pearson

    "Without further ado, let's just jump right in" ?????????? NO. ITS WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LETS DO FURTHER!!!!!!

  • McRejeOst

    How do you install all these mods without them conflicting with each other? I'm having trouble during exactly that in Vortex, as they all conflict and require some load before or load after action.

  • Kazamezo

    How do you get all of these to work together? it causes lots of conflictions and errors in the Vortex mod manager.

  • Liberty Miller

    If it's your most asked question, you should just add a link to this video by default at the bottom of the Description in all your new Skyrim videos!

  • Alexander G.

    What about installation and loading order?

  • None of your Business

    I don't think my laptop will be able to handle all this... :-(....

  • Liam Sanchez

    Can these work on just Skyrim? Not special edition?

  • DustDragon

    No CBBE? I'm disapointed

  • Andulvar

    I would love to see this guys mod list because a lot of these conflict with one another.

  • Tofus

    wait can u have sfo and verdant at the same time??????

  • Adalwolfa Heulen

    That moment when you have a PS4 and want to upgrade Skyrim on it but none of the mods work for it >~<

  • Super Duper Paratrooper

    This why I'm building my custom PC this year lol

  • Juan Caraballo

    lol just tried installing everything and half the list gives me errors and i have NO mods prior to this vid

  • Beetle Otaku

    I'm glad to see that I use almost all of these already!

  • Zzarcon1

    I personally skip ENB's and grass mods since they cause too much FPS drop for me.

  • The Evil One

    My big problem with most good ENBs is that they break night vision since I like to play Khajiit

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