How to make Skyrim Look Even More Next-Gen - Updated TES 5: Top Graphics/Visual Mods (2017)

Skyrim has been out for over six years now, however thanks to the efforts of modders we can still make the game look modern. Today we'll be taking a look at my personal favorite Skyrim graphic/visual mods, which includes everything from ENBs to 4k retextures.


Nyclix’s ENB Reshade:

Enhanced lights and FX Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Vivid Weathers (Xbox One/PC) :

Verdant: A Grass Plugin (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim Flora Overhaul:

Simply Bigger trees (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 3D Trees:

Gecko’s 4k mountain textures:

Nordic Snow (Xbox One/PC):

Osmodius Texture Pack (Xbox One/PC):

Skyrim 2017 Textures:

Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-tweaks):

Static Mesh Improvement mod (Xbox One/PC):

High Poly project (Xbox One/PC):

Books of Skyrim:

Windsong immersive Characters Overhaul:

Beards (Xbox One/PC):

Improved Closed Face Helmets (Xbox One/PC):

Real Bows (Xbox One/PC):

Semper Fi:

Imperial Sword 4k:

Footprints (Xbox One/PC):

Wet & Cold (Xbox One/PC):

Static Mesh Improvements Mod (Xbox One/PC):

Realistic Water Two (Xbox One/PC):

I personally run this all with a GTX 1080, Intel core i7 and 16 gigs of RAM, however I've been able to push through (60ish fps) with as low as a 1070 and i5.

Outro Music: Good Ol' Days - Martin Landh
  • Soul Fyre

    spends 10 hours making skyrim perfect with all desired modsgets to bleakfalls borrowgets boredrepeats process 2 months later

  • Zoe Mateo

    "Meh, I'll just install 1 mod"10 seconds later"I need more"

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    Even in 144p it looks good.

  • NANI!? Blacku Knighto!

    How to make the elder scrolls next gen? Freaking release part 6.

  • Reeven

    "How to make Skyrim Look Even More Next-Gen" - Put loot boxes in it?

  • James Gedda

    I know it's not your bag, but I'd love to see a Let's Play of Skyrim from you, Nate. Your Skyrim is simply gorgeous to watch.

  • Andrzej Przybył

    Skyrim Special Edition Refreshed soon on Steam

  • exactinmidget92

    i'm not a fan of light mods. they make the game to dark and i does not affect NPC vision. so at night i'm getting shot and i can't see shit, yet the NPC's have night vision.

  • Strix Nuktia

    For Xbox users I recommend vivid landscapes, divine SMIM, realistic water two and display enhancement: presets 5 and 18 then + 2 or 3 saturation.

  • Agropolygon

    In 2020 at Bethesda's E3:And today we present, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Ultimate edition! Now with 4k textures and lighting effects that look like they were made by our drunk staff. Enjoy the new fresh look of Skyrim!

  • Blake Bauman

    Could you show your load order?

  • Pulse Fel

    the fact the game's engine can handle the mods in the first place kinda speaks to how well its aging. modern games go "ooo look what we can do now!" while skyrim just goes "give me a month"

  • Phil Phumpernickle

    A mod that wasn't on here, but I cannot play without is Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons. It takes Skyrim's heavily stylized weapons, that are ALL super thick, and makes them a lot more realistically shaped

  • Syncroniz

    Did u tweak ur enb in the settings because I have tried this enb and it didn’t looks as good as that, even over people r complaining that it looks different. I want to try this enb again but I would like to tweak it the same as urs if u did tweak. Game looks beautiful

  • Fabian Donvil

    and at 0:50 is where he loses me. never understood how ENB's work. some1 needs to publish a clear and concise step by step way of installing ENB. and eplain each and every step why you need to do it so i can install diffrent ENB's and actually make sense of what i'm doing.

  • TheRailwaystationist

    You showcased the absolute worst looking trees from 3D Trees that were only intended as placeholders in an older version. Seriously, man, update your mods. That mod is the most realistic tree mod Skyrim is ever going to see so you may want to make another video on that since it now also covers plants and the snow trees look way better.

  • Preston Jones

    Assuming none of these work on PS4, huh? You win again, Xbox...

  • Malice

    When you play Skyrim on the PS4I cri everytim ;-;

  • Alexander G.

    What about installation and loading order?

  • TobbeLa97

    I've been trying to get my game to look like yours (ENB-weather wise) but no success..As I installed Nyclix ENB it didn't look nowhere the same as yours.Any advice on how you installed yours? Im not too sure about the entire "reshade" tool

  • iZadoks

    Lmao the way he says verdant!

  • Hyunbae 아기


  • ya boi Cody Volpe

    You used an old version of 3D trees. The newer versions have updated snowy trees that look much better than the old ones that you showed in this video. You really should check for updates every once in a while Nate :l

  • Toyama

    Enhanced Lights and FX will kill your fps in some dungeons albeit one of my favorite lighting mod. Disabled nonetheless, valued my fps more so than a "good look" as with terrible fps makes it impossible to play

  • Saxon Gedriht

    I use Nyclix's ENB and it doesn't look nearly as bright or as beautiful as yours. I don't know why.

  • jan409

    skyrim special edition will never look "next gen" the engine doesn't support subsurface scattering and enb can't hook deep enough into dx10 to add it, unless it will be added in a patch, the special edition will always be behind legendary edition graphics wise.

  • McRejeOst

    How do you install all these mods without them conflicting with each other? I'm having trouble during exactly that in Vortex, as they all conflict and require some load before or load after action.

  • Philo Jewett

    I'm rocking a laptop with a GTX 1060 6GB (overclocked 175mhz core, 750mhz memory), 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz, Core i7 7700HQ (quadcore) and with this setup I get 50 - 60 FPS anywhere I go. Very smooth. Looks gorgeous. :)

  • None of your Business

    I don't think my laptop will be able to handle all this... :-(....

  • Christina Schultz

    I'd love a mod that shows grime build up on your weapons and armor over time that also reduces your gear's stats as it builds up. killed a lot of bandits lately? Better clean that blood off your blade and sharpen that sucker to get your damage stats back up. Been swimming a lot looking for treasure? Better buff off that rust accumulating in the damp joints of your armor in order to restore (decrease) your armor's weight and (increase) its protection. Could go nicely with having to set up a camp while in survival mode. Warm up, eat, sleep, and clean your gear.

  • denisvj

    What is the name of the font used in the game?????

  • Wu Tang Klan

    I know this comment is 6 months late but if you're wondering what your system can handle, you can probably run most of these mods with little problem. I run on a pretty low quality system and the biggest problem I've had is mixing Verdant and Simply Bigger Trees. For some reason those two don't run very well together on lower quality systems, so I'd say just skip one of them. the grass plugins might affect your FPS slightly but as long as you're not running ultra, it should be fine.

  • Marvin Giertz


  • Famix

    What is it that Skyrim2017 covers that the others don't?

  • The Majestic Parrot

    too bright enb and washed up.... no thx

  • King Jerbear

    Great list Nate, I'm using almost every one of your suggestions myself, right down to the ENB. Perfect look for the game! Keep up the videos.

  • GodYonder

    I downloaded almost all of these mods on xbox one thinking that he was on xbox one too, wish me luck..

  • Dante h

    best graphical mods for gtx1050ti 4gb, i3 8100...I can go with 40 fps...

  • Ryan Weber

    You got a goofy voice, bro. I like you but you're goofy. Anyway, nice video. Couldn't have made a better one myself. We seem to have an identical visual mod list, although I had to disable WICO due to the notorious dark face bug on random NPCs until I can figure out the appropriate load order as LOOT has decided not to help in this case. You also turned me on to a couple of mods I overlooked. Investigating now. May the ground you walk quake as you pass.

  • Zulbak

    core i7 what??? just i7 means nothing

  • O.P. Wilkituski

    4:53 But UV maps are textures. What you're thinking about is diffuse maps, which contain the colors of a model. UV maps distort the diffuse maps to make it look like it's 3D, but the meshes are the same flat meshes you already had.So, it technically does enhance the textures (as the name suggests), just not the diffuse maps.

  • Danny Marcinko

    Will 3gb of VRAM be enough to run these mods in 1080p minus the flora overhauls?

  • BrosisJK

    I was just watching the older Graphics video and then this came out! Perfect timing lol.

  • Nathan Remix

    Lol i bought a pc a year before. Well my family had a lot of money . But i had my allowance . I bought it around 500 Dollar . Well it may sound pretty cheap . But everyone had to start from somewhere . If possible i wanted to upgrade to i7 and gtx 1080 ti . If possible .

  • Josh Scholz

    What text mod do you use?

  • Chris B

    Recommend posting the Load Order in the comments

  • Andarus

    The Skyrim Remaster looks pretty terrible compared to Original Skyrim. The ENBs are just pathetic because the DX11 x64 ENB Binary is completely useless.

  • Tigrotto Fart

    Can i use all of these mods together?

  • Benjamin Weis

    Oh mah gah.. this is just.. j-j-just beautifuulllll!!!! Can't wait to see the Imperial Armor and sword.

  • Wil Ingreso Studio

    More spending time modding than actual game 😄

  • Ben Harris

    Can you do this for fallout 4? Upto now I can see that you use prc, grasslands & clean water of the commonwealth tropical edition. Wondering what else is being used though

  • ViruX

    Excellent video mate. I recommend Rudy ENB cheers

  • xerader123

    What do you guys think I can do with a laptop GTX 1050. It has 4GB of VRAM. Don't mind playing at 30fps.

  • Joseph Cooper

    What mod do you use for the argonians and khajiit?

  • Jamyson Rospert

    what mod does he use to make his words look different?

  • Totoro Mori

    Without any doubt one of the best recommendations i've ever seen on YouTube, best regards and greetings from Germany!

  • bodbyss

    Should I compress these textures?

  • SmoKK z0r

    Ty for this, Can u make a video where u show us how and when to install all these mods in the right way, im a huge mod noob

  • Eric Lin

    Hi coming back to skyrim... and I am just wondering how is "Skyrim Realistic Overhaul" graphic mod compared to other graphic mods? Should I also install SRO or your list will provide the same or better graphic enhancement? Please let me know. There are just so many graphic mods that I don't know which to pick. Also, will this slow down the computer too much?

  • JustinNathy

    Vivid weathers was a bit much for me, I preferred Climates of Tamriel. I believe it also adjusts interior lighting if I’m not mistaken. The weather just seems more realistic. Vivid weathers has those giant silly looking snowflakes

  • Kraken

    How did you get your Minecraft to look like that unfair, my GameBoy won't let my game look that epic, plz help

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