Creating The Most Realistic Skyrim Imaginable - Part 1

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  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    "The most IMMERSIVE Skyrim ever"Thumbnail has a beautiful elf with huge irises who looks like she's never seen dirt in her life. Ok.Edit: He actually CHANGED the thumbnail 😅

  • DOOK Toggle

    Is it weird that we are all still playing Skyrim? Will this game ever die, I hope not.

  • The Mad Tinkerer

    "There's not supposed to be a compass or an ammo counter in your peripheral vision. Right, guys?"Poor MxR. You might not be colorblind, but you are tragically HUDblind. Even cats know how many arrows they carry around at once.Everyone who isn't MxR, hit "Read more". MxR, don't hit "Read more".(Hey guys, don't tell him HUDblindness isn't a thing. If we all act like it is, I bet we can convince him.)


    Wait. Other people dont see an ammo count and compass in their peripheral vision?

  • Simon Smoy

    The smooth blade draw and sheathe is also historically accurate. Any historical sheath that makes a "shing" sword is ruining the edge and durability of a pretty expensive, high status item.

  • Collinz

    Hey you. Yee you. You like MxR too?Das gud mayne. Das real good

  • EZ Darren Robson

    I need that swearing mudcrab mod

  • Henry

    hey you... yeah you. - I love it when you talk to me like that

  • Triple Agent

    OMG, I don't believe that MxR still Playing Skyrim. It's makes me want to install my Skyrim again, modding again until it's broken.I love that moment!

  • Yonatan Alem

    8:15 and 9:00 Damn MXR, your Skyrim Waifu can handle a 'long sword' penetrating her rear-end.........but can she handle a 'long curved sword' from Hammerfell?

  • Joe M

    Should we expect to see Alexstraza peeing off a waterfall again? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kayana Koe

    You can replace "Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe" with "Immersive Sounds Compendium". Does the same and more.

  • Nathanial Jamieson

    "Enhanced Camera"?? you mean Joy Of Perspective? Enhanced camera doesn't exist in sse

  • Dillon Mosher

    What do you mean you're not supposed to have a compass and ammo count in your peripheral vision?

  • Kennelkiz

    6:27 Immersive boob physics mod

  • HP

    Man no one can hate on this guy and his obsession with "emersivenes,sloots,sloot dungeon,teeeeths😉😉 and assets 😆"

  • G3ST3RR

    "The most IMMERSIVE Skyrim ever" You were executed at the start of the game.

  • flameshana9

    01:48 Where are my pants?Realism confirmed.

  • Ariku

    For anybody having trouble finding the "Enhanced Camera" mod like me, the mod is actually called (or has been renamed) Joy of Perspective.

  • Joshua Bagels

    3:24 when I first played Skyrim, my brother was watching me play and the first joke I made was during the carriage ride to Helgen, while Ralof and the others were talking I said "umm... guys, I can't see me legs".good times were had that day.

  • Crimson Behelith

    "That's good mayn. Thats real good" never gets old.

  • Keln

    You've done it. After 5 years clean, I'm reinstalling Skyrim.Any complete mega list of must have mods?

  • Luna Shadow

    I just found this guy and honestly. This is fuckin amazing.

  • George Sherwood

    2:27 I love how the sword still in place and guard flies away! XD

  • Alpharius Omegon

    bring it on! friend and i are gonna do an IMMERSIVE skyrim multiplayer when its a bit more stable and need that hardening immersion

  • Empty Nuka Cola Bottle

    Talks about "Most Immersive Skyrim Evah"Shows a character that looks like a flawless Bratz doll😐

  • Nariva TV

    As an immersion scientist, I approve this video!

  • Prolillg1996

    I'm so glad you're doing this. I've returned to Skyrim after a long time away and I want it to be as immersive as possible. The landscape that is. Body proportions don't need to be

  • Be Ge

    2:54 Why does your giant have a schlong ? 😂

  • Banödle

    It would be nice if you put the mod links in the description my dude.

  • Grammsay

    Immersive Count: Error 420: Count exceeded meter.

  • kOca

    I love watching these videos, so hilarious and I don't even play Skyrim 😂

  • Killer Nyan Cat

    Henry: "Like that girl from The Exorcist"Me: pukes out pea soup

  • TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings

    Will you play “the outer worlds” when it releases? It’s being made by Obsidian.

  • NoForksGiven

    The more immersive I make Skyrim, the more I realize I'm turning it into the Sims but with less killing

  • alpha beta

    What happened to the last video mate?

  • LegendaryZiggs

    > Still playing Skyrim in 2019

  • Myztik

    2:24 The Year Of Our Lord 2019 And MXR Has Finally Installed No Spinning Death Animation

  • Unpertentiousil

    Ok I'm going to use that now.... as in the sentence "getting dome."

  • Keanu R

    "Part-1" As if we're ever gonna see part-2

  • Zorin D Void

    So where did the one that got taken down go😉

  • Mjølnir

    Holy cow Im so immersed right now

  • Marcus.Brown

    1:17 LOL the swearing mudcrab mod gets me every time 😂😂😂😂

  • Too Many Tamales

    Honestly not a fan of what skyrim botox does to Alex's face.

  • Muatra 36

    *sees Enhanced Camera*Cries in Special Edition*

  • K Hogan

    It's more immersive than the real world

  • Heitor S. Filgueiras

    Thx for posting this hours AFTER i was done modding skyrim. lol

  • Majin Ketsu

    2:39 That's my favorite thing

  • Cole Simpson

    3:27 kills me every time XD

  • xonslaughtlioness

    I thought the swearing mudcrabs were suppose to say, "now you f'd up!"

  • Mason Davis

    Talks about unrealistic swords drawing Fails to mention that it’s impossible to draw a great sword from your back

  • lester crest

    0:15 this shit always happens to me. 😂

  • Josh VerSchneider

    Mxr, at the end of the series you should install as many of these mods as possible and play through parts of the game.

  • Owe Learn

    My skyrim never realistic enough!

  • Sir Smazing

    By the law of everything immersive I demand to know what happened to the other video... pls?

  • Vareos Potshoterzz

    "part 1" dont think there will be another part anytime soon XD bring back mods weekly pls i bet the majority of your subs are still mainly here for your skyrim vids (been there since episode 30 )

  • Anime -rwk

    I loved hearing that song, haven't heard it in forever.

  • John Mitra

    by "immersive" he meant adding mods for the next lovers lab episodes

  • mason eldred

    Lmao anyone else see his characters boobs move when he took out a sword lol

  • Crab Box

    I got nostalgia from that opening, its been a while since ive heard him say that and he used to say it every video, sometimes even twice

  • Wouter Nanninga

    Try out “immersive first person view” with “improved closefaced helmets” and use the helmet view

  • Ricky Donne

    2019 and still how to create immersive skyrim. The best game ever created. Vanilla Skyrim ❤️

  • Randall Idell

    I'm rediscovering Skyrim after all these years thanks to VR. I know a lot of people were disappointed with Skyrim VR because it was a lazy port but I think it's glorious, especially when it's optimized with mods.

  • Adan Willian

    2:55 did i just saw something on the giant?was just me? soo immersive

  • Vladimir K.

    8:50Actually there is (was?) a way to change weapon positioning. It was something I've done using a combination of a custom skeleton and a compatible racemenu. I distinctly remember adjusting XYZ and rotation of the "sheath bone".

  • 16BitOG

    ROLL THE INTRO 🎵 Cause I'm the wanderer Yeah, the wanderer🎵 ... oh wait

  • Matthias Schleiden

    My goodness... the intro was a blast from the past ;)Also, I've actually grown to love the way you fit the ads into your videos!

  • CholoHD

    Sky Pretty ENB is still my favorite ENB because of all the "little details" that you suddenly notice. Like Boats have like viking runes painted on them. Guards suddenly look different in different locations. Detail like that.

  • Electric Strawberry

    But is it.....IMMERSIVE???

  • Jesse James

    The spinning death animation happens in real life, though. Look at how boxer Saul Alvarez knocked out Amir Khan. Its legit. It happens

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