Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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-From what I've heard these two guys are friends, I am however unsure if there's any spite involved. I'll leave that for you guys to interpret. In either case the run itself was insanely entertaining in comparison to most.
  • Eetu Halmela

    yeah, its finenot a glitchnot my fault

  • Spooky Temporium

    Speedrunner : Takes a breathDude on the couch : W A S T H A T A G L I T C H ?

  • muggshot

    The couch guy did mirror's edge any % in under 40 mins 6 months before this so Im guessing he knows what he's saying

  • Ohsew

    when you realize the runner picks the guests on the couch, you will find that this is in fact an inside joke about this games runs

  • Shia Labeouf ✔

    It's is staged they are friends they planned this to prove that the speedrun community always make up rules and contradict their own rules just to get better times and get the world record

  • Envoy of Mortality

    Speedrunner: takes a sip of waterCouch boi: did you just glitch the water?

  • Audrey Xiong

    7:54 dies Guy in the back: OH NICEGamer:What

  • Justfinetime

    "There's a glitch for skipping animations, that's not allowed" -Ginganinja8:00Thanks for the correction Gavin Guitar, you're a big help in my life...

  • Ginger Ninja

    Wait, his name is ginga ninja ??Hello my brother

  • LateNightGaming

    The guy on the couch had me dying 😂 he didn’t give the speedrunner ANY room. Haha

  • HavenElric

    Whats more legitimate? This guy’s speedrun or protomagical girl’s gender

  • svang

    "Protomagicalgirl"I think this dude's brain glitched.

  • Henry Wang

    Me: presenting project in front of whole classTeacher:

  • Energy

    If I had a dollar for every time he said “well it’s not my fault”

  • Rawman

    Glitch LESS... Ok that was funny.

  • sAy wHAAt?

    0:23 Yeah, you're not a girl

  • c

    2:35 😂 dont you hate when you hear a word so much, you accidentally say it at the worse possible time

  • Niobo

    Both of them are really annoying

  • Dammitimmad

    he basically just used glitches

  • quentin b

    Why are "trannies" and "autists" the only things that come to mind when I see speedrun shits ?

  • Avalon

    The guy on the couch is right but he’s also really annoying lmao

  • Kour FreeNN

    At 0:52 he says skipping animations isnt allowed and then at 8:00 he proceeds to skip a 2 min cutscene? Dafuq

  • Physickle

    He just started doing it towards the end to annoy him lmao.

  • kex4me

    Was that a G L I T C H

  • Kevin Lauerman

    What was couch guy's point? Speedrunning rules have always been arbitrary. The runner invited couch guy onto the couch, and the runner was noticeably annoyed, so this just strikes me as really disrespectful... Unless I'm totally misreading things.

  • Chex Mex

    I'm annoyed by both the guy on the couch and the speed runner 😐

  • Somebody

    0:19Stopped watching there. Absolutely sickening.

  • winter

    it's not a major glitch soooo it's fine.hmmmmm

  • Purmhy

    Take a drink everytime "glitch" is said.

  • Rexhellfire 1

    I kinda feel the guy on the couch was being a bit to hard on the guy tbh

  • glitchTF

    You're not a girl.

  • Bryce Ross

    "Whoa this doesn't look intended" 😂😂😂

  • Randyy1

    To be fair, the speedrunning community for a game usually agrees on what is allowed for glitchless and what is not. It's usually the big glitches that let you skip entire levels or maps, and minor stuff is allowed. That's my understanding, at least. But this was hilarious.

  • Bay Area

    A nerd actually bullying someone, never thought i would see it..

  • antroidi

    Nerdest video that I have ever seen.

  • Irok 121

    That one commentator...so many glitches

  • JadeCoffie

    The guy on the back has no life

  • YaNoAwantoMas

    The fat guy should be banned from talking.

  • Einfachnur Pascal

    Awwwww. I want to punch that guy on the couch so hard. I hate people like that.

  • Silentry1

    Honestly this would be the only reason I would go to one of these 😂😂😂😂 lmao.


    That guy is just heckling him and is so annoying tbh.

  • Arthur U

    That runner must have been trolling and not actually believe he wasn't glitching.

  • Sameplayer

    He is using bugs but not glitches

  • Funnygamera1ex

    I hate speed runners. They think they're smarter than the devs. It's rather cute. ... Aauugghhh... I just want a Bully 2.

  • Mr. Bubbles

    Don’t worry about it it’s not my fault

  • MrHarrilasagna

    Lol.. "Creative Liberties" Totally stealing that one.

  • Ham Bone

    Speed Run=Cheating thur a game as fast as possible

  • Cory E

    Then just call it modified any%


    No, It's fine. Don't worry about itHis voice is so annoying

  • M aelstrom

    The new Dsp, wait for the weight gain and receding hairline. "Not my fault"

  • Kiola Schott

    Phil Swift ain’t having it

  • Henry Wang

    I like the part where he says glitch

  • Filipas

    That guy is really annoying to me

  • Mr H

    I feel like this is intentional

  • Newt

    I honestly think glitching is necessary for speed running but I do think it’s dumb with his glitch list and saying what he was doing was not a glitch.

  • JJ White

    This dude could murder someone in the crowd and completely deny it.

  • Carter Chadwick

    "Uhhh its okay"

  • Srazger

    0:52 "Skipping animations is not allowed"8:01 "Let me just skip this animation"

  • Oliver Dewes

    This video is straight up bullying, but you gotta love it yano

  • dennyfrontier

    how many passive aggressive nerds can you fit into one room

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