Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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-From what I've heard these two guys are friends, I am however unsure if there's any spite involved. I'll leave that for you guys to interpret. In either case the run itself was insanely entertaining in comparison to most.
  • Eetu Halmela

    yeah, its finenot a glitchnot my fault

  • kex4me

    Was that a G L I T C H

  • Rawman

    Glitch LESS... Ok that was funny.

  • Kyle S.

    “Was that a glitch?”“I would really prefer if you’d be quiet right now.”

  • laugeba

    Did you cum in me?Eh, not my faultBut i told you not to cum inside meIt's fine

  • Parshv Mehta

    Gf - i am pregnantHe - its was not my fault

  • Rafael Bernardi

    So by reading the comments i discovered that this is a joke on Mirror's edge speedruns, someone can confirm this to me?

  • a name

    Passive aggression is oddly satisfying to watch.

  • Aidan Abregov

    "Sounds pretty exploitable...""Meh, that's Life."Glitch boi dropping some truth.

  • Derris

    The dude on the couch seems cool, don't know why he's getting so much hate from a bunch of nerds in this comment section defending their lord speed runner.

  • Béranger Seguin

    A glitch is a glitch. You can't just say it's not your fault.

  • Aaron Jackson

    We've all played games with someone like him.Someone who changes the rules to fit themselves.

  • Dammitimmad

    he basically just used glitches

  • V1ON

    S O W H A T Y O U R S A Y I N G I S

  • Evelyn

    "It's okay, Fine, Don't worry about it" insert fake laugh to get out of the spot

  • parrot007

    This guy is full of shit, he's clearly using illigitimate tactics. Skipping through a section without going out of bounds is fine, reloading and jumping of of air is not. Really not that hard idiots

  • Mike Bauso

    This is funny but the dude roasting sounds like a jealous bitch too tho. Also the roll out to avoid a hard fall on a jump is an intended mechanic.

  • Irok 121

    That one commentator...so many glitches

  • C3N1 3R1J0N

    is dying a glitchMe: DEAD 😂😂😂😂

  • 【Zacky】

    God he’s soooo annoying! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  • Aurora Borealis

    The guy roasting the speedrunner (DrTChops) is actually really chill, watch his SGDQ 2016 Skyrim speedrun. Was able to deliver really entertaining and informative commentary while he was running the game

  • Ruski18

    Its not a glitch if you say its fine

  • Purmhy

    Take a drink everytime "glitch" is said.

  • π o g g ! π t o g

    I kind of hate the guy in the background

  • TheBigOne

    i'd really prefer if you'd be quiet

  • CutePuppy351

    Why are people hating on the couch guy? This isn't glitchless at all. I would've been more involved in speedrunning if it weren't people claiming that kick glitching, clipping through solid brushes and entities and using it to break the game to achieve an unintended result, or get to unintended areas. GLITCHLESS MEANS NO GLITCHES. And that's how it should be.The couch guy does sometimes make a joke out of it, but glitchless in actuality should be glitchless.

  • janumski _

    Glitches are part of the game so it should count lol

  • BoosterTheRooster1

    The guy speedrunning has the patience of a saint lol

  • Connnnnors

    I thought I would hate this guy but I actually love how much he tries to annoy him

  • XIV Century

    DrTChops going hard and he's right.. why is this guy making such a joke out of himself?

  • Rav Khalifa

    The guy complaining is so virgin af

  • Barry Benson

    Lol, what's that dude in the purple wig doing?

  • Silentry1

    Honestly this would be the only reason I would go to one of these 😂😂😂😂 lmao.

  • Sean Brogan

    0:25 WTF IS THAT ? Is it a F or a M ?

  • Renz star

    Dont hate on the commentator.He was just verifying the integrity of the run

  • North Star

    bud there is a difference between a sequence break and a glitch

  • Neo2266

    Great story, good and funny writing, superb acting... oh and the game’s also pretty fucking great


    No, It's fine. Don't worry about itHis voice is so annoying

  • Jeremy Bowden

    He got 99 problems but a glitch aint one of em.

  • Spicy Lemon

    Either play without exploits or dont claim glitchless.

  • punkaddict

    This guy should definitely be a playtester, he has a good eye for G L I T C H E S

  • Jubei Sarutobi

    Lmao. DrTChops is awesome.

  • JJ White

    This dude could murder someone in the crowd and completely deny it.

  • Flovero

    How is this guy not banned yet? Like wtf you can't run glitchless and do glitches all the time and just say that this isnt your fault.

  • agbugger

    Why do Americans call it "meer's edge"?

  • YliDiktaattori 666

    D O N T W O R R Y A B O U T I T

  • mercenayray

    "No skipping animations" skips hard landing animation with neutral kick Glitchless machine broke

  • Air Bo

    “I’m willing to ignore you”Best one in the video

  • YE B0I

    4:53 WELL NO SH1T ITS A GAMEIt’s fine.

  • Muciukas s

    It's just because he's ginger?

  • Candy Texture

    The premise here seems to be "if I don't call them glitches, then they aren't glitches" 😂😅

  • Filipas

    That guy is really annoying to me

  • smooth clay

    This guy's triggers me

  • asdasddd asdads

    "The developers didnt intend this, its not my fault"

  • pyronadic

    the guy is a social outcast so he cant find a line between funny and annoying

  • dennyfrontier

    how many passive aggressive nerds can you fit into one room

  • Photo Cluster

    That guy that keeps calling him out on gliches is a prick

  • ph1ght

    “I would really prefer if you’d be quiet.”

  • Ceryx

    did you just.. I T S F I N E

  • Jesus Chavez


  • 2mygreeneyes

    If it's not your fault it's not a glitch

  • Piezonuclear Luna

    Everyone saying it was staged has no proof at all.

  • xSportacus

    I would really prefer if you be quiet

  • Piezonuclear Luna

    Everyone saying this is staged has no proof. Still no real proof yet.

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