Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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-From what I've heard these two guys are friends, I am however unsure if there's any spite involved. I'll leave that for you guys to interpret. In either case the run itself was insanely entertaining in comparison to most.
  • Amini moose

    "It's fine, don't worry about it."Speech 100

  • Anthony b

    This is the most passive aggressive video i've ever seen

  • Zombuddy_731

    “This isn’t a glitch”Sources: Dude trust me

  • A Name

    To all the people who are here because it showed up on their recommended: the runner gets to pick the couch, they're friends doing a gag. The whole bit is playing off an inside joke in the mirror's edge speedrunning community

  • Collectable

    i'd really prefer if you'd be quiet

  • Jaaykify

    “That seems pretty exploitable”“Yea well thats life”

  • SuomiLaava

    For people who do not know: 1. This is staged and made to mock the Mirror's edge glitchless runs and 2. The guy commenting to his every "glitch" is a very talented runner and his commentary is always amazing on my opinion.

  • Sawyer Raines

    Guy: “You can’t skip cut scenes in glitchless”Also guy: “if you reload here it skips the cut scene”

  • Cyber Rock

    Guy: “wai—“Speed runner: “nope it’s fine”

  • Schimiya Saturn

    “No jumping on mid air” “You just jumped mid air!”“It’s fine”

  • ItsYaBoi Dalton

    Speed runner gets caught glitching. What should he say?A) It’s FineB) It’s not a big dealC) It’s not my fault

  • 6sɥǝɹǝ6ʞɥɐu6

    This speed runner literally sounds like Todd Howard when people bring up glitches in fallout 76

  • ratchetguy 606

    Speaker: Dude it's a glitch Speed runner: No it's the xbox glitching the game allowing me to do the exploit

  • Dash62g

    I feel like the title is misleading. This video is satire and they're making fun of Mirror's Edge's Glitchless run catagory.

  • Not Friendly

    kills your whole familyGingaNinja:”it’s fine don’t worry about it”

  • Calicomint 72

    Speed runner: teleports through mapCouch guy: “I’m not gonna lie that looks like a gli-“Speedrunner: no-no it’s not a big deal it’s fine

  • Pedro Pias

    "You can't do that""it's fine, trust me""You're glitching""Not my fault though"

  • Read More

    Gamer: nothingCoach potato: I MMmmMmmm

  • Eetu Halmela

    yeah, its finenot a glitchnot my fault

  • Shaggy

    Speedrunner: *exists*Couch Guy: ”I feel like this is a glitch”

  • Robo101

    When life gives you lemonsSay it's a glitch

  • itz_4dy

    Glitch exploiter: you cant glitch through solid objectsGlitch stopper: i feel like a human is pretty solid

  • Bob Rooney

    as a non solid person i feel offended

  • Aidan Abregov

    "Sounds pretty exploitable...""Meh, that's Life."Glitch boi dropping some truth.

  • Squantle

    It’s hard to side with the player. The guy in the back has a point

  • assassinpro12

    They're both clearly trolling,Speedrunner says he's gonna do a glitchless run but he actually shows like almost all the game's glitches and exploits them lmaoAnd the other dude is questionning his run to make others believe that they throwing passive agressive shade hahah

  • Level 53 Warrior

    Damn these guys are massive trolls 😂

  • miksu offical

    glitchless record* Jumps over fences and clipping through walls* NOT A BIG DEAL

  • Evan Gonzàlez

    "Is dying a glitch" R.I.P

  • Carson Lewis

    Starts off by saying you can’t skip cut scenesEnds by skipping a cut scene

  • MasterKcoop

    Yo did he just walk up slowly and glitch?

  • Big Boss

    I know this is for laughs but if anybody is being roasted here, it's the Mirror's Edge speedrun community for the terrible run category name. "Glitchless" clearly should be called "no major glitches" and you avoid most of these issues.

  • Brandon Walsh

    The entire video is the guy on the couch saying 'thats a glitch' and inhaling and exhaling

  • Envoy of Mortality

    Speedrunner: takes a sip of waterCouch boi: did you just glitch the water?

  • Tomjat 123

    Guy: wasn't that a glitch?"It's not big deal", "it's not my fault", "it's fine don't worry about it": Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • SIX7Y

    Nobody:Nobody EVER:Couch Guy: Wait, was that a glitch??

  • Shane Flett

    Props to the dude for doing the 360 even though his balls were being busted like, all the time, or most of the time

  • Cat

    Loved playing this game back in the day! I had fun watching this somehow 😋 lol

  • Seba

    is not a glitch, is just a trick guys!this is a pretty legit GLITCHESS I mean GLITCHLESS run

  • DJNgamez

    I used to glitchless speenrun this game. Idk about now but at the time none of that was allowed lmao

  • J '

    This guy could be a politician here in Brazil

  • Multi Stuff

    It's so passive aggressive that I can feel the atmosphere being a choking hazard.

  • A.N.D

    He probably thought this was glitch fest.

  • Bagel Operator

    For people who aren’t familiar with the speed running community black belt here has a video on his YouTube addressing this run and how they determined glithcless for mirrors edge is stupid but the best name for that type of run essentially the argument is the game is already so buggy doing a truly glitchless speed run would just be awful

  • E3.14C

    It's literally anything but glitchless.

  • RacermonGaming

    You can hear the comedy, anyone believing this isn't staged is a big /woosh

  • Sergeant Detergent

    word of the day"Glitch"phrase of the day"Not my fault"

  • my name sucks

    you know what they say games done quick..... to get banned

  • C4TCHM3

    To all ; this was a Skit due to making obv Glitchless speedruns . Not Real. Anyways Enjoy

  • Blue Bluey

    SGDQ : Ehh thats was a glitchRunner : Ehhhh yeah but-SGDQ : So it has glitchesRunner: NoSGDQ : you just glitchedRunner : NO

  • Lionbart Legends

    Dunno if this is real or not, but the guy on the couch really should know the difference between a glitch and an exploit, altough it seemed like the player did use some glitches, like the switch through the ceiling.

  • Iiqhtninq

    You are glitching."No, its fine"I thought you said no glitching."Don't worry about it"

  • TheRabidDonkeyNipple

    Theres a difference between exploiting game mechanics and a glitch.

  • FLUM Kung

    Did you glitched those guards away?.DYING. "Broken? Like glitched?".

  • Lt Krunchye

    "No animation glitches"dude chokesMid run:"I used a tactic to avoid an animation"

  • Mi Shi

    And he did just thatIf you watch necrit you will get it

  • Kyle S.

    “Was that a glitch?”“I would really prefer if you’d be quiet right now.”

  • Last Place Gamers

    Is that glitch? It's not my fault.Is that a glitch? It's fine Is that a glitch? Yeah, but...Seems like there are a lot of glitches errrr I mean tricks

  • Bigthebomb

    When enemies doesn't have collision.You just clipped through him, it cheating!

  • Virtual Martini

    "No animation skipping" *One minute later* 1:54 "By neutral kicking you can avoid the hard landing animation."

  • wamike

    That looks like a glitch to meNo, don't worry.It's fineNot my fault

  • WareN The Gamer

    sounds pretty exploitablemeh that's life

  • T1LT

    Guy: *Exists*Speedrunner: It's fine

  • Bleck

    kills a dudeCops: why did you kill him?Him: there's glitch, so it's fine.


    That guy is making my blood boil

  • BaW Wyatt

    So you can't cheat?Well yes but actually no

  • Brian Clifton II

    I was totally confused but whatever 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Bill Nye The Gangster Guy

    Speed runner: It's fine, don't worry Glitchless run: Am I a joke to you ???

  • Marvel/Dc fan

    No one:The guy in the back:is jumping a glitch?

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