10 Skyrim Secrets You Probably DIDN'T KNOW

Skyrim is larger than life, and it contains a ton of secrets. Here's ten amazing ones.
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Hidden Potions of Solitude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b66cZIWcIeA
  • Lestat Mindorashvili

    Skyrim is waaaaaaaaay better than fallout 4

  • Jaw Ji

    I still consider Skyrim a new game.

  • PassionEnergy

    the woman smith in skyrim says, that she isnt as good as eorlund graymane, but when you ask her to buy something, she say "the finest weapons and armors"

  • The Hushed Conman

    I have 4000 lockpicks. I think I can handle any lock

  • Professional Noob

    maiq the liar says that all his fathers where named the same

  • Krystle Barnes

    Playing it on the PS4 and I'm addicted again. Skyrim.....the real life Skooma.

  • Qiretha

    'I mean if you don't have a follower thenobviouslyitdoesn'tmattertoyou'- Best stuck together words 2016

  • Joe Tozer

    The flower one is a myth

  • Sevastian Barnes

    I once masterbated vigouresly to Lydia

  • jabrak1

    Didn't know about the chest thing, I thought companions were only sworn to carry your burdens

  • Will Benson

    Skyrim ArmourImperial: Gather 5 pounds of finely grated nickelStormcloaks: SKIN A BEAR

  • Jiří Dušek

    How bout Sybille the mage in solitude next to the queen. She is clearly vampire but nobody cares to adress that.

  • Glacial Self

    I'm sorry, it's a "secret" that the Silver Hand hunts werewolves, carry potions of cure disease, and are an un-joinable faction? I've got another secret for you. Throughout Skyrim, there are these walls that let you learn abilities called "Shouts". They're pretty useful.

  • Michael Munnelly

    It annoys me because I'm a HUGE Skyrim fan that you put in a false fact.........

  • mr._turtle1966

    Gtg play skyrim again xD

  • aLeXx1314

    You actually forgot a pretty important one. Sheogorath is probably the Champion of Cyrodiil (your main char. from Oblivion) which is suggested by some dialogue hints when you encounter him and also the fact that in Oblivion you actually become Sheogorath after you end the questline of Shivering Isles.

  • dipppeeerrr

    i love skyrim...and then i took an arrow to the knee

  • IamCaptainMan

    5:00 (zooms in on Talos, but doesn't say who he's named after or recognizes him as a Divine)I smell an Imperial...

  • NoLifeking87

    W-what?? The chest thing.. How could I not know that after nearly 600h playtime? I guess I should use my followers more often xD

  • olliepoplol

    I wasn't expecting to see you shit on Scientology in this video, but I'm so glad you did :)

  • Evil toaster of pure EVIL

    About number 5 - take a look at Imperial Capital from Oblivion layout. It's basically EXACTLY as the picture.

  • AviaDesigns

    Dont know if this is correct, but when I was playing Skyrim the other day, I travelled around in the woods and found a small cabin on top of a mountain ish. In the cabin there was an old man with hunting quests for me, but also a kid in a red and blue jumper(?). I believe that is the kid from the beginning who was told to get inside when he wanted to watch the soldiers. The old man from the cabin said the kid lost his parents at Helgen, so I believe this is correct. Its a quite fascinating easter egg IMO.

  • Aurorealis

    I'm gonna be playing Syrim for the first time when the special edition comes out :) I'm excited

  • Clorox Bleach

    #1 It's better than Fallout 4Ohh wait. It's not a secret, everyone knows that.

  • Viraj Mathur

    The dawnstar thing is fake I have tried myself and I've seen a lot of youtubers say it is not so

  • ExileProdigy

    Number 2 isn't provable whatsoever. i'd be extremely shocked of it was proved though.

  • Bethany Beckett

    So your telling me I wasted ALL my lock picks on a stinking chest, when I could've gotten Lydia to do it?

  • Freddie Mercury

    Tom Cruise is scary...

  • ThePikminfan5

    I still play skyrim. I like to pretend that ESO never happened

  • Angelika Klaer

    "Bethesda know what they are doing" *entire modding community laughs in the distance*

  • mining maniac

    Dawnstar flowers was a troll not real

  • Jayden Langford

    Is the audio sped up on this? When he's talking he sounds artificially sped up

  • Tyler Rodriguez

    Skyrim is my favorite game. This video was made on my birthday, coincidence I think not.

  • Lenny Kravitz

    i've put probably 3,000 hours into the game. i think i've done everything possible

  • PetterOnius

    I need serious help i am addicted to skyrim

  • Blunt Katana

    dawnstar flower is wrong. u didn't even check it for yourself. proof of your laziness

  • Gaignun Lucid

    Number 2, the Dawnstar flower thing was a troll from a Jade Empire fan. The whole thing was a fake.

  • Another1

    I still play skyrim after 4 years, Skyrim is the best game in the world.

  • Connor Reese

    Okay guys I don't know if this is well known but remember ralof in the beginning cutscene he said he's sweet on a girl and she made mead with juniper berries? Well I was running through the burned up Helen and jumped from the tower and and found a few bottles of mean with juniper berries!

  • Gaignun Lucid

    Number 2, the Dawnstar flower thing was a troll from a Jade Empire fan.

  • Koifishu

    skyrim..... god damn i loved this game.

  • Josh Lay

    Bruh this narrator even sounds like the voice actor for the Riverwood Trader

  • Isyaboi DonaldDuckTrump

    who else thinks gameranx sounds a bit like belethor?

  • Mad Life-Percussion

    1:19 Oh there once was a hero named Ragnar the red who came riding fr- to whiterun from ole rorikstead

  • Big Marc

    I've logged over 100 hours on Skyrim and had no idea about 10 and the daedra worshipper ones

  • Ramon Orozco

    A lot of people don't know this and I thought it was crazy that it wasn't included in the video. But if you actually rub peanut butter on the Skyrim disc for the PlayStation, you can't play the game anymore.

  • Anne Frank the 2nd

    The Oghma Infinium is the Imperial City not the College

  • I wanna be a black man

    fact number 2 was proven to be a hoax

  • Daddy Raksa

    The number 2 is not true There will be no flowers placed on the stairs

  • ShadowGolem86

    So Lydia is not only a pack mule, but also one of the worlds best lockpicks?

  • Frank K

    There's a secret society in Rorikstead.

  • Smitty Werbluntjaegermanjensen

    M'aiq isn't old, he's just named after his father's father's father's... father's father's...... father... you get the point.

  • UnderLust_Sins

    as a major skyrim player i can confirm the red flowers in Dawnstar one is not true no matter how long you wait.

  • Jacob Broughton

    5:01 did he just say kinerreth

  • lazy gizmo

    here is a tid bit of lore I picked up in a book playing skyrim you may not know:It said the daedric lord Sheogorath invented music. One day he was sitting out in a mortal town disguised as a mortal man. He was bothered by the mortals for being so bland and boring. Then a woman actually talked to him after she heard the birds sing and hummed to the bird's sounds. Sheogorath liked this so he took the woman and tore her to pieces. Then from her remians, created the first lute out of her tendons and bones. Thus music was born in the realm of mortals.

  • McNair

    M'aiq wasn't in any of the other ES games, he was 'Lying'. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Quinx

    You really sound like that dude from the thiefs guild lol

  • BlueShit199

    The symbol in Ogma Infinia looks more like the Imperial City...

  • Lucas Simpson Jr

    there is no mountain flower

  • Kieran Carter

    jumping on a Forge levels up your  destruction but very slowly

  • Robert Han

    you know what i just realized, the plot to this game is pretty much the story of samurai jack just the good guy and bad guy places are switched.

  • MrMe____

    how do people not realize the mountain flower thing is fake

  • Nicklas Potechin

    In ESO you can find a portal in Morrowind that takes you to a realm of Oblivion called Raven Rock. In a Raven Rock you can find a flute that is inscribed with the words "From Maiq, to my son Maiq"!

  • SirArghPirate

    Jeg used to be a fan, then I took an arrow to the knee so now I'm an air conditioner.

  • Cuiwi

    "Bethesda knows what they're doing"lmao

  • Zoron

    also its pronouned KIN-UR-RITH not KAI-NUR-ATH

  • Dremora Valkynaz

    Actually, the symbol in the Oghma Infinium looks more like the Imperial City than it does the College of Winterhold.

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