Hello everybody! Today, I show you the top 10 two-handed weapons in Skyrim :)

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  • Steelwall4

    The rueful axe is the slowest swinging weapon in the game

  • Alan Burke

    Remember when smike created these intresting sky rim vids and not boring fnaf videos

  • no name

    0:10 does it work on internet trolls too?

  • TheCrispyTwinkies

    I love these videos. Thank you for uploading more frequently :DD. I truly enjoy it

  • TheXKL1NEx

    No no no... the ebony blade is easily the best in the game. You literally can't die.

  • Waht Why

    How did you get out of Bloodskal barrow if bloodskal's power attack was glitched? :0

  • LDV Jeetza

    Aegisbane is absolute trash.

  • iFrashi

    R u goin do elderscrolls online

  • J&RStudios

    Personally i think Wuuthrad is the best. Has the highest base damage

  • Old World

    …sorry but you've got to be kidding me…aegis bane has a very common enchantment u can find it So many places and no dragonbone weapons???

  • egghead

    Top 10 Quests To Do  Before Finishing the game?

  • ProfesserSqueks

    I knew the bloodskal blade would be on there, IT'S SO BADASS! my fav.

  • AlexTheGamer97

    I love these The top 10 vids is why I subscribed you you and it was a while ago but can you make one for one handed (that's what I use)

  • Materp

    What about the axe of white run?

  • MultiFviana

    Top 10 rings and necklaces . Top 10 dragon claws

  • william cash

    Dude I got legendary daedric war hammer 139 damage

  • Gavin Peterson

    I had the champions cudgel, but I gave it to Lydia. She died and I never found her body, so I couldn't get it back.

  • daddy

    Did you actually do any research for this video.Rueful axe is awful.

  • Juaske 28

    Top 10 one handed weapons

  • Vlad Puscasu

    Wuuthrad rules! End of story!

  • Sean Harrington

    Doesn't dropping the bloodskal blade and picking it back up fix that glitch?

  • Lukas Pettersson

    Hehhe i use Wuuthrad.. personally my favorite weapon.

  • Doppelminds

    Top 10 bardsTop 10 townguards

  • Epic Gaming

    Stormfang is much better than some on there! Base damage of 23 and does 30-35 points of shock damage and it is a greatsword so it has the fastest swing if any normal two handed weapon

  • Brady Hanlon

    You say "powerful" "very powerful" and "very very powerful" like 10 times a video

  • SHADOWFOX666 gaming

    the volndrung somehow counts as a dwarven artifact

  • Salih Yucebas

    great vid smike waiting for top 10 daggers

  • joshua paige

    top 10 best magic and I love these vids keep it up man

  • jmanz96

    really good series your doing!

  • Brandon Bereti

    #3 Ebony blade is considered a one-hand weapon. Attacking with it trains your one-hand skill. Which also explains as he said, the speed is faster than normal 2h swords.

  • sebastian larsen

    i think the best twohanden sword is iron greatsword XDjust kidding i like ebony blade

  • Dazeencraft

    Long Hammer should be #1 because it literally has the highest DPS in the game.

  • sal colpitts

    i have the ebony blade, i tank everyone

  • Crystal Goff

    The ebony blade should be the best because it can absorb up to 30 points of health plus the base damage of the sword is 32 . Also I played on langendary I was op

  • Carlos Pompeu

    An iron warhammer with 5 points of frost damage is better than wuuthrad

  • Tallightning games

    atleast he knows stuff in fnaf he has no clue about good weapoons i have a weapoon stronger then the number one

  • Palmer Lad

    Where's stalhrim hammer

  • Tyler Howell

    Just so you know the bloodskal blade only has the energy projection effect If you get it the normal way, in other words you can't give it to yourself with console commands.

  • Ech

    Top 10 Daedric Artifacts!

  • JustARandomGuy


  • TripleD

    I unchanted the Champion's Cudgel in order to put it on daggers, swords, and other weapons :D

  • Austin B

    i put the ebony blade first because you can never really die

  • Cognizance

    The cudget is way O P

  • M3DR10CRCY

    my bloodskal blade is glitched to

  • William Speed

    long hammer has the highest damage persecond

  • Jacob Fournier

    Pfffttt my ebony war axes do over 50k damage

  • kdtwisted

    i dont like two handed weapons since i cant use magic efficiently :/

  • Billy King

    I dont use two handed, but this seemed kinda dumb.

  • Phil V

    They should make a weapon that does 1 damage but does plus 1000% vs. chickens.

  • MrNeckCrack

    sounds like im listening to a lost member of The Big Bang Theory narrating this hahhaha

  • The One True Ghrol

    That list was alright until the last 3 ... ebony blade should have been at number 1

  • Rammus

    stormfang is the best sword in the game

  • branflakes12298

    do a top 10 best arrows or something

  • jjaapp18

    Longhammer should be #1, because it's not considered enchanted with the speed boost. So you can add a dual enchantment to it. Not to mention the fact that you can upgrade it in smithing.

  • Senator

    wuuthrad is second best because you can make powerfull enchant on it

  • DiamondDead

    Do those weapons do just as much damage as your lispling to my ears?

  • Ebrithil97

    The Bloodskal Blade doesn't send out the energy pulse if you give it to yourself with a command. You need to do the quest and obtain it that way to have it work properly. Doing that also removes the sheath from it.

  • Ebony Warrior

    top 10 daedric artifacts

  • Daniel Hani

    you can disenchant the chapions cudgel and add the enchant to the ebony blade when you have 100 enchanting this is supremely op because for soem reason when you add it to the ebony blade it will have infinite uses plus i renamed it to the peneterator :S 

  • XxKeyboardWarriorXx420

    I don't like how this guy keeps showing  up on my recommended... How do I block this guy so I don't see him anywhere anymore? don't like him voice too annoying no offense.. but 4 reals. tired of this guy poping up on my to watch list all the time. Its annoying, He's taking up space for other recommended videos that I would actually watch.

  • Joey Headcarrier

    Whats the sword in the screenshot??

  • rhonda kropp

    I have a idea for a build i call it the ancient nord warrior He use's ysgramor shield and a war axe ancient nord armorYngols helm here's the backstory he was nord who who was one of the 500 when he contracted vamparism at the night of tears by snow elf vampire when the battle ended he was found. BY. ysgramor who he asked him to entomb him near pale pass where He Was Awakened and mistaken for a stormcloak and was sent toHelgen

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