Skyrim BLOODSKAL Blade, Zahkrisos Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location Guide!

Skyrim Special Edition: Bloodskal Blade, Zahkrisos Dragon Priest Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

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  • Clarke Richard

    Your videos hit like a fkking truck! Lol


    6:02 "can't get over the fact that his face looks like a shriveled scrotum" LMAO😂😂😂

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    I have an epic video coming out at the end of the week guys! And yes I still have no internets =( Also come join me on the Elder Scrolls Online – North America Sever on PC – Guild Name: SQUADESO – Just post your username here and I can add you.

  • chad garganta

    did anyone else die when he said "a shriveled scrotum" 6:00

  • John Keaney III

    6:05 well that escalated quickly...

  • Red Beard

    This video was in my recommended section..

  • Paul Snelling

    Lurkers, I Can Easily Say ; Are Pretty Much Defenceless Against My Character, "K'zar" When It Comes To The Blade.(Mostly Defenceless)(K'zar Is A Khajiit Warrior)

  • Koxden

    I died at the 2 gold! Maybe you should make an imperial to balance out your ESO luck with imperial luck

  • esteban juarez

    I never use my homepage, jut my sub page so I see everything

  • Bryce Thompson

    Hey ESO could you do a 24 stones of Barenziah tutorial

  • EEP

    Just did all this yesterday, but had to watch anyways because it's ESO

  • Wizrry

    Your my fav youtuber <3

  • Admiral Digi

    There's also the follower you gain from the Barrow you keep needing to pay for to mine, with the fire based dragon priest mask.Ahzidal or something He has the unique ancient Nordic pickaxe, Hoarfroast. Ice damage enchantment and I think a soul trap? I dunno.

  • ur dad

    can you improve the blade?

  • Dark Reaper

    ESO can you make the top 10 best followers

  • iZaiahTV

    That scrotum joke had me cracking up!😂😂😂

  • Palmira Jourdain

    Bloodskal blade reminds me of ichigo from bleach, because of obvious reasons....

  • John Mills


  • Gabriel B. Christmas

    they did not fix that Ebony Helmet exposed skin around the neck in Special Edition..

  • Jonah Levac

    14:16 I was getting my butt kicked by the deathlords when three riekling warriers came and totally owned them

  • Light Star69

    He did the getsuga tenshou :0

  • Arnold Arndth

    what ENB's are you using in this video?

  • Jakeratimus

    15:28 I forgot to bring lockpicks because im an absolute tard. That was the funniest thing ever

  • Nusient

    Are you using any mods ESO because it looks very different from my game. And if you are could you add them to the description or make a video on it. ❓❓❓❓❓❓P.S I know he said he uses mods in the video I just want all the names.

  • David Culross

    What graphics mod are you using

  • Patrick Dodd

    I just joined I love Skyrim.

  • Theleh pwnage

    "I just can't get over the fact that his face looks like a shriveled scrotum."This is amazing. #Subscribed

  • gavin vasquez

    Crecious got ROASTED😂😂😂👋👋

  • Paul Snelling

    I Was In The Same Armor Your In In This Video, When I Got The Blade, And The Dragon Priest's Mask.

  • Zack_Guity

    Does the energy always do 30 damage?

  • Erlend Ruud

    Suggestion: can you please mention at the start of the video whether you need one of the dlc's`? I have none of them, so watching videos on dlc's are useless to me :(

  • Jose Martinez

    Yeah my update took my notification off. Love the game tips they have been super helpful

  • Ashley Friend

    omg! That's some hilarious timing! I just finished these quests less than half an hour ago

  • SurveyCord

    This is the beutiful raveen puzzle lore.WHY THE HELL AM IM FLYING?

  • Torben Ramrath

    ESO your video qualities are definitely improving! ;-)

  • LoStMorTy Gaming

    At 18:04 that chest, I found a stalhrim bow :oEdit: oops I mean 18:00 XD

  • Thomas Hamby

    I get notified every day today is April something 2017

  • Tuff puppy

    luv your vids keep them coming

  • Devon Hess

    I wish you would of told us there's a level difference I'm level twenty and mines 35 not 65 but great vid thanks for the help

  • SODAME_ 02

    What sword were you using in the Raven Rock mine

  • Braa Knaane

    really good channel good job man , very helpful videos

  • Isaiah Muniz Gutierrez

    Can you get the bloodskal in Xbox 360 too🤔without DLC??

  • Eugene F

    "The first ones you come across are weak..." I had to fight more than five death lords :/

  • Mint Editing

    Loving your vids bro! Really help

  • LoftiestFrame6

    Jut to let you know Stalhrim is enchanted ice(there is a draughr in it because that is how it became enchanted)

  • Lincler

    I'm not even subbed and I'm getting notifications from you.

  • Dayum Right

    ESO: "I'm bad at proNOUNciation"Yes... Yes you are...

  • Djayscratcher

    Wish there where more mods with this swords power, the dark star saber from TFP would be amazing, many other cool things could ve made with this energy effect

  • Chromium

    Now I'm going to start saying raving rock instead of raven rock XD

  • osculim

    Ye I watch youtube alot. And ive seen this they keep pushing other crap in face. I have go click and find the vids myself

  • Howl

    i love you misread the mask wrong xD you said Zahkrosiis instead of Zahkriisos :p

  • James Haley

    Eso that dragon priest is hard as hell to kill. I had to hide behind rock snipe with bow and take cover behind a huge bolder. Plus constantly summon flame atronach to keep hin from killing follower. It was a long and brutal battle in which i ran away every chance i got. 😂😂 However it was my bow that deliver the final blow with shot cam so obviously the game knows how epic i am. Also i have a 2h build with ebony blade and im kinda tanky but i played smart and won. Thanks ESO for the vids and tips.

  • Juci Shockwave

    I'm going to play around the enchantment spell on armor and weapons once I finish killing Kamura or whatever his face is ass. Go to Whiterun and use that Mages' table. Need coin for the potions though and I'm really too low level to steal from giants or high level characters like that. FML. sighs

  • Deadly Smurf06

    With the bloodskal blade my power attacks are never sideward:(

  • Leo der Löwe

    your videos certainly still show up in my abo box haven't missed any

  • Jim Mulvaney

    2 Gold in a boss chest!? Reminds me of TESO. lol

  • King Quentin

    ESO: Why can’t you ask a guard to get Crescius? Glover: Um, I like to handle things on my own. Me: Then why aren’t you asking Crescius for the pick?

  • maximus invictus

    water walking ain't nobody got time for dat (because I play an archer)

  • Asakku 616

    I just have to say i love this channel tbh

  • goatandrxw

    😭😂 shriveled up scrotum

  • Blizzy 130

    Love the videos dude.. Love skyrim even more.. Best game ever..!!

  • Colm Casey

    Seriously, a shrivelled scrotum hahah

  • IlSaMsm 7083

    That's actually not the only ancient nordic pickaxe, if you defeat Azhiidal and then Ralis you can get a ancient nordic pickaxe from him

  • Zetrax

    Hey ESO, could you maybe put a link in the description to a screenshot of your load order?

  • william sackmaster

    At about 25:50 you talk about using the Dragon Aspect shout to get a unique weapon. What weapon is that cause I don't remember needing that shout for a weapon? Can you elaborate on this?

  • Wishbone301

    The ebony blade never runs out of enchantment

  • Ayad Rian

    What graphical mod is this? And what graphical mod would you recommend? (I am getting a gtx 1080 soon)

  • Alice Slater

    so am I the only person on YouTube that has a subscription box? 😂

  • Mars

    I love bloodskal blade mainly because of shockwave it produce when u do power attacks😁it became my primary weapon after i discovered it

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