Skyrim BLOODSKAL Blade, Zahkrisos Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location Guide!

Skyrim Special Edition: Bloodskal Blade, Zahkrisos Dragon Priest Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

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  • ur dad

    can you improve the blade?

  • Clarke Richard

    Your videos hit like a fkking truck! Lol

  • James Hurt

    This video was in my recommended section..

  • Koxden

    I died at the 2 gold! Maybe you should make an imperial to balance out your ESO luck with imperial luck

  • Dark Reaper

    ESO can you make the top 10 best followers

  • DowaHawkiin

    You missed the best weapon in the game at 29:34

  • Bryce Thompson

    Hey ESO could you do a 24 stones of Barenziah tutorial

  • Sovereign Warrior

    6:05 well that escalated quickly...

  • Big Bob

    can you disenchant the weapon and put it on another one?

  • Erlend Ruud

    Suggestion: can you please mention at the start of the video whether you need one of the dlc's`? I have none of them, so watching videos on dlc's are useless to me :(

  • Virtual_Mexican

    6:02 "can't get over the fact that his face looks like a shriveled scrotum" LMAO😂😂😂

  • Rexx23ify

    It´s Zahkriisos, not Zahkrosis

  • David Culross

    What graphics mod are you using

  • Gabriel B. Christmas

    they did not fix that Ebony Helmet exposed skin around the neck in Special Edition..

  • Arnold Arndth

    what ENB's are you using in this video?

  • esteban juarez

    I never use my homepage, jut my sub page so I see everything

  • Wizrry

    Your my fav youtuber <3

  • Dustin gaming


  • Gamer for life

    what do you think if ESO do guids for other games ?? like if you want ESO to do this dislike if you don't

  • John Mills


  • osculim

    Ye I watch youtube alot. And ive seen this they keep pushing other crap in face. I have go click and find the vids myself

  • ak_deadly g4m3r

    . Dude you're wearing a exact same armor I'm wearing the Nordic chess play the helmets and I guess you have the Nordic boots I'm not sure but at all so where'd you get that awesome sword

  • SODAME_ 02

    What sword were you using in the Raven Rock mine

  • Nusient

    Are you using any mods ESO because it looks very different from my game. And if you are could you add them to the description or make a video on it. ❓❓❓❓❓❓P.S I know he said he uses mods in the video I just want all the names.

  • Pixl-Phoenix

    i miss 6 unique items in skyrim

  • Drago Gamez11

    Major question I need answered. Do I have been through the whole dragon born DLC with having to download it cuz it was already on it. (THIS IS PS3) I have never EVER been able to fight the cults that give you the quest to go to solsthiem. I need serious help.😢

  • Da Best In Da Business

    Can someone mod that mask to make it look like Kabal?

  • LoftiestFrame6

    Jut to let you know Stalhrim is enchanted ice(there is a draughr in it because that is how it became enchanted)

  • UrWorst Nightmare

    ESO when are you going to make another build

  • batman_is_a_girl

    The hardest part was getting the power attack to go the right direction

  • gavin vasquez

    Crecious got ROASTED😂😂😂👋👋

  • Asakku 616

    I just have to say i love this channel tbh

  • Zack_Guity

    Does the energy always do 30 damage?

  • Ashley Friend

    omg! That's some hilarious timing! I just finished these quests less than half an hour ago

  • ninety9days

    ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls what does your follower have on ? i want to make a follower to but they die all the time :(Hope you help me :) l0ve your dream strider buil :D

  • Jasper H-G

    Only 2 septums in a boss chest you think that's bad when I went to high hrothgar after the frost troll that bludgeoned me on multiple occasions it had nothing in it... NOTHING!

  • iZaiahTV

    That scrotum joke had me cracking up!😂😂😂

  • Rick Sanchez

    Hoarfrost can also mine stalhrim

  • Zetrax

    Hey ESO, could you maybe put a link in the description to a screenshot of your load order?

  • ThinkItStraight

    Zah Krii Sos.......not Zah Kro Sis. God damn ESO.

  • Blizzy 130

    Love the videos dude.. Love skyrim even more.. Best game ever..!!


    i had a character that was 53, i had everything, and i worked so hard and played anytime i could get and i had daedric armor and all exotic shit, so i decided to create a new character and when i did, it over writed my best character cuz of some glitch on ps3 and basically im pissed!!!

  • Darkobolt

    Now I'm going to start saying raving rock instead of raven rock XD

  • Rpg God and ALOT of F'd Up Projects

    I play a Dunmer or Dark Elf I call the play style simply Theif Warrior Mage build any tips or videos on it?

  • Everything is so GREEN!

    What follower would best complement a spellsword Dragon born character?

  • ThatOneGuyThatAlwaysDisagreesInTheComments

    Just did all this yesterday, but had to watch anyways because it's ESO

  • Mairon Gorthaur

    M8...It's Zakriisos...not Zakrosiis

  • Jo's a pro 2.0

    14:16 I was getting my butt kicked by the deathlords when three riekling warriers came and totally owned them

  • Paul Snelling

    Zahkriisos Stopped Attacking Me ; So His Lightning Spells Couldn't Save Him, From The Blade.(He Was Still Hostile, Though ; But Was Fighting)(Guessing It's A Glitch (A Good 1, To Be More Specific), That Involves Escaping His Sight ; And Making Him Go To A Part Of The Room)

  • Paul Snelling

    Lurkers, I Can Easily Say ; Are Pretty Much Defenceless Against My Character, "K'zar" When It Comes To The Blade.(Mostly Defenceless)(K'zar Is A Khajiit Warrior)

  • Paul Snelling

    I Was In The Same Armor Your In In This Video, When I Got The Blade, And The Dragon Priest's Mask.

  • LightStar -Gaming

    He did the getsuga tenshou :0

  • Palmira Jourdain

    Bloodskal blade reminds me of ichigo from bleach, because of obvious reasons....

  • Lucas McConnell

    ESO you really could have glitches into the room and still get the quest and complete lol

  • Tropic Mephisto

    kai ten... not chittten. please. I just need you to say it right one of these times

  • BaresarkSlayne

    Those waves of energy also consume way more stamina than any other power attack.

  • RichC Gaming

    Yes Search all the chest!

  • Vaiski25

    Zahkriisos, not Zahkrosis

  • pickle man

    show us how to get that follower

  • jack hargreaves

    I brought teldryn with me the dragon preist destroyed him

  • bmoraski

    Yup i had to tell it to give all notifications. Freakin youtube.

  • Stephanie Holmes

    Can you please do a walk through of all the black books and tell us what is the best build for them? I have such trouble with them😞

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