Skyrim BLOODSKAL Blade, Zahkrisos Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location Guide!

Skyrim Special Edition: Bloodskal Blade, Zahkrisos Dragon Priest Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location!
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  • James Hurt

    This video was in my recommended section..

  • CarpeDiem Clarke

    Your videos hit like a fkking truck! Lol

  • osculim

    Ye I watch youtube alot. And ive seen this they keep pushing other crap in face. I have go click and find the vids myself

  • DowaHawkiin

    You missed the best weapon in the game at 29:34

  • Thunderfury Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker

    stALLrim for fuck sakes.

  • Axton Fisher

    bloodskall blade is a two handed weapon why do you have it in only in one hand in the thumbnail?

  • The Cat Gamer

    "Your a bit of a wanker aren't you..."maybe

  • Noel DeGemer

    do we need dlc on this bloodskal blade ESO ?

  • Virtual_Mexican

    6:02 "can't get over the fact that his face looks like a shriveled scrotum" LMAO😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Pendley

    starts randomly moving arms up and down-WHY THE HELL AM I FLYING! Lmao 😂

  • Xx HelixNim xX

    ESO your suggested all the time for me

  • Casey Rules 117

    What armour is that for your companion

  • wolfy liken

    I found a black book here to

  • santa

    So are these mods? Or part of the game?

  • Zach Martin

    what dlc do u need eso

  • HazardousHaxourus

    You probably should have mentioned this requires a DLC

  • Tiberius Vanbeoufenstein

    typo in the title! (Zahkriisos, not Zakrisos)

  • OwenC101

    Anyone else like solstheim more then Skyrim?

  • Risky

    Is the bloodskal blade leveled?

  • Evan Rocha

    You should loot the chests so we.can see what's in it.

  • Rias Gremory

    I'm so doing this dungeon, the loot is fucking awesome:D

  • Berk Durgun

    what level should I get the sword?

  • deez nuts

    it's not a mod you installed it's a glitch that happens when you fight him

  • Mark Millennia

    I did this at level 5 i used the bloodskall blade for the entire game but holy hell those drauger deathlords were a killer

  • Zoz Zozya

    Cool and useful video thanks.

  • kristee haylock

    Hey eso can you give me a couple of tips to het about lvl 30 strategies

  • Cr4zYG4MING TV

    You're a good youtuber but try learning some of the pronounciations

  • Dustin gaming


  • Stormy

    please tell me that 15:27 was a joke

  • My Name Is Lunk

    what's the emb mod you use? I like how it looks and I wanna use it

  • Bill Uminati

    15:28 mispronounces 'pronunciation'

  • Elder Scrolls And Fallout Guides

    Yeah your not good at pronunciation you didn't even say pronunciation properly

  • DotHackHero

    What is that katana like weapon?

  • mtnmanva49

    ESO, what level do you need to be, to go after these? New Player, currently lvl 8

  • Palmira Jourdain

    Bloodskal blade reminds me of ichigo from bleach, because of obvious reasons....

  • Artorias The Abyss Walker

    I still get suggested videos

  • William Lumpkin

    I already have one from regular Skyrim lol😀

  • M0R4TO

    this is for any skyrim right?

  • Crispy Pigletey cv D

    best skyrim channel, hands down

  • Calvin Kary

    What follower would best complement a spellsword Dragon born character?

  • Conios

    I Cringed when i heard him say Soulthiem

  • iJaydatheJayda

    eso you know you can also get dragon aspect by doing the miraak mission

  • Dude Lol


  • Beastmode -

    lucky eso I fought drougr deathlords first

  • Vaiski25

    Zahkriisos, not Zahkrosis

  • dagoelius

    Is the stalhrim ore only found via the Dragonborn dlc?

  • maximus invictus

    water walking ain't nobody got time for dat (because I play an archer)

  • Mairon Gorthaur

    M8...It's Zakriisos...not Zakrosiis

  • Joe O'Colit

    arrows weigh nothing. If you don't use them, collect and sell them.

  • Wyatt jr Arcand

    I accidentally killed my follower 5 times with this

  • Ayad Rian

    What graphical mod is this? And what graphical mod would you recommend? (I am getting a gtx 1080 soon)

  • Antoni Antunovich

    your videos are AWESOME. What do you think of the Argonian race? Yay or Nah. The Argonian race is my favourite

  • PieDiePew

    As soon as This guide came out I went and got the blade.

  • Grant Walter

    Is this all one quest or do you have to do it on your own?

  • Bobby O.J.

    the main reason why i love ESO is because he keeps it real and shows us what we want to see and tells us what we need to know.

  • Austin Tackett

    he missed a boss chest

  • Thomas Hamby

    I get notified every day today is April something 2017

  • kellan mcconnell

    I always use ebony blade

  • 3D Deluxe

    new challenge : take a shot everytime he says "make sure to get that" or "guys"

  • Admiral Digi

    There's also the follower you gain from the Barrow you keep needing to pay for to mine, with the fire based dragon priest mask.Ahzidal or something He has the unique ancient Nordic pickaxe, Hoarfroast. Ice damage enchantment and I think a soul trap? I dunno.

  • Ray Lyford

    you can gve the Pickaxe back to the smith. Talk to him after and he will allow you to keep it. You get the pick and the quest completed.

  • Spicy_Penguin 22

    uhhh I have a question some how I can't find the guy you need to craft stalrim and I have checked everywhere in the village for him

  • Aaron Kline

    Get some motherfucking shouts you noob-ass bitch😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤😡

  • Gaming Lizards TV

    What does ESO stand for?

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