Skyrim BLOODSKAL Blade, Zahkrisos Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location Guide!

Skyrim Special Edition: Bloodskal Blade, Zahkrisos Dragon Priest Mask, Ancient Nordic Pickaxe & Dragon Aspect Shout Location!
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  • James Hurt

    This video was in my recommended section..

  • Dark Reaper

    ESO can you make the top 10 best followers

  • nW Gaming

    can you disenchant the weapon and put it on another one?

  • DowaHawkiin

    You missed the best weapon in the game at 29:34

  • CarpeDiem Clarke

    Your videos hit like a fkking truck! Lol

  • Calvin Kary

    What follower would best complement a spellsword Dragon born character?

  • John Keaney

    6:05 well that escalated quickly...

  • Kiljaeden Starkiller

    M8...It's Zakriisos...not Zakrosiis

  • Corne VD.M


  • Rex T

    Almost at 1 million ESO! I've Been here since like 100k

  • ur dad

    can you improve the blade?

  • NakedAvanger

    Speaking of of stalhrim I once exhausted all the places where I found it and when I was gathering the last bits in a tomb I figured I'd go no clip and trough the wall just to check if I could find more, no idea what made me think there would be more but in fact I found it Forum some reason the devs put another stalhrim stash just like floating outside the map when youre in one of the tombs where you can mine stalhrim

  • Sgt Woofwoof

    Yesterday I got the razor

  • hoang vu

    wat the mod he use that add moar npc o.0?

  • Red Lightning Gaming

    Am I the only one who ran past the spiders with my eyes closed?

  • Dark Angel Overlord

    vannila skyrim comes with a waterwaliking potion i did not know that

  • Zombie & Fox

    i get the bell notification thing but why don't people just use the subscriptions tab on the left of the screen that way you can see all the daily uploads

  • Nyan

    Is there another way to get the acint Nordic pick axe ?

  • Robert Cremin

    You missed a master chest in the ambush room

  • Drago Gamez11

    Major question I need answered. Do I have been through the whole dragon born DLC with having to download it cuz it was already on it. (THIS IS PS3) I have never EVER been able to fight the cults that give you the quest to go to solsthiem. I need serious help.😢

  • Reginald Adams


  • Steven Knapp

    It won't let me sideways power attack

  • Arik Reed

    the sword reminds me of getsuga tensho

  • Bazza's Dad Phil

    I had this video playing on my Xbox and I thought I was playing the game and when I tried to chat I paused the video

  • Matthew Kim

    My sister has that sword

  • Deadly Smurf06

    With the bloodskal blade my power attacks are never sideward:(

  • Nebula_DooM

    Can I get that NPC mod for PS4?

  • Master chef Papyrus

    Eso:"will make you hit like a truck" Me:TRUMP IS A DRAGON PRIEST

  • PirateVirus117

    Skyrim on ps4 has the DLC for free, time to have unlimited power.

  • Lee Chartier

    "I'm pretty bad at pronounciation."

  • RF Legendary

    is there a easy way please? maybe around 15+?

  • Norman 4515

    What Enb are you using in this video?

  • Alexander Martinez

    I would get a notification 1 day later

  • ComplicateFPS

    these videos are fucking awsome!

  • xcry1ngxk1ll3rx

    how u said stalrim the first time 😍

  • skull candys

    How do you do a sideway power attack

  • Dusaro

    guys is this weapon only available in skyrim remastered?

  • Yoldaş Yıldız

    Oh my god you spelled Zahkriisos wrong in both title and video... (not that i'm giving a shit.)

  • Purpl3Ti3 EndDragon

    is this in the original Skyrim or only special edition ?

  • billy mccullough

    dont forget about Hoarfrost the other ancient nordic pickaxe you get from soulsteim

  • Jeremy Mcclintic

    What do I need to do if it will not hit side ways?

  • dominic morabito

    What is the name of that mod

  • Thomas Scanlon

    is there any hidden perk or stat that increases the bloodskal blades ranged attack?

  • MageBurger

    (Please don't tell me I need DragonBorn DLC, please don't tell me I need DragonBorn DLC...)

  • Dakota Giacobbe

    ESO what is the mod you use to add more npc's

  • Suns Out Guns Out Gaming

    24:08 ...... what? Lydia?

  • Raphael Eagan

    Vilkas with Giants club is da best

  • Skyler Davidson

    it is not an easy fight because of that spell its the lightning kamehameha like attack

  • Chill Swordsman

    What if you already have the nordic pickaxe

  • Really though?

    Does any else get this glitch were if you use your beast form with the blade equipped it stops shooting the energy?


    i had a character that was 53, i had everything, and i worked so hard and played anytime i could get and i had daedric armor and all exotic shit, so i decided to create a new character and when i did, it over writed my best character cuz of some glitch on ps3 and basically im pissed!!!

  • goatandrxw

    😭😂 shriveled up scrotum

  • Ashley Friend

    omg! That's some hilarious timing! I just finished these quests less than half an hour ago

  • U mad bruh?

    dose eso film on console?

  • dk angel

    Do you need the dragon born expansion to get this on X box 360

  • Winter Warrior123

    my cousin says he'll smash my face into the keyboard ifjfkdbrjdifjdndndndjdkdjfjfnfbdkcngnf

  • Shinnogo

    Hears Stalhrim pronounced correctly..feels goooooooood.

  • Albin Erikhans

    Im so stupid i sold my nordic pickaxe

  • katoz111

    thank you for reading the player parts! I love to listen to these on my drive home

  • Peros ML

    ESO I have a question: does discovering places scales with your level or scales when you enter the cripts or caves? Thanks. Keep the videos coming.

  • Audrey Arocha

    and also there is another word of power and a black book in the temple of Miraak(the word of power is dragon aspect

  • Senpai -sama

    yall niggas lame this channel ia sooo underrated

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