Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!

Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!
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Stream Starts: 8:50

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  • Count Samson

    I used to be an fapper like you, then I took dagger to the dick

  • Bungy Booce

    Remember you gotta risk it for a biscuit

  • Cod Boss

    Make a video called '100 ways to kill Nazeem'

  • Sara Coello

    eso when u have the stream is starting stand by screen can at least put on some music for us

  • Josue Cruz

    I'm the Master of lockpicking in this game!

  • Luis Sosa

    I feel like such a masochist, my Sister had sent me Skyrim as a Christmas present, before it arrived I would watch your videos searching for new builds, I was gonna do the infinite shout build but I didn't even get the chance :/ I had it for like 2 days before I got robbed they stole my ps3 and my game. Now i'm watching you're lets play :( this makes me wanna cry

  • Felipe Brown

    If there was karma in this game you would be the devil

  • Moirstroke Wilson

    Eso Fallout or Elder Scrolls which do you prefer?

  • The Awoken Warrior

    It's funny how the armor Bethesda has on the cover of the game is like the worst armor in the game.

  • Lygre

    Who are you, ESO? Are you working with the Battle-Borns?

  • MrNugget951

    At 1:30:40 you got 25 bounty for Winterhold while you were in Windhelm?

  • Harry McLeod

    My thief has a signature message, he leaves a sweet role by the front door

  • Noah Hurni

    You could play dragon age inquisition?!

  • Filipe Mendes

    whitcher 3 would be fun but like wat full Let´s Play?

  • Yuno Ssef

    I'm Subscribing , please keep streaming those types of challenge they're so special! thief,assassin,Dark Brotherhood,... You know.Thanks so much i love your vids :D

  • Diego Verhaegh

    BTW i love your vids and your sort of humor😂

  • Jakes Greenhalgh

    A skyrim movie would be soooo good

  • MegaMarshmallow

    I wanna pose a question, keep in mind that I'm new: How many characters can you have on Skyrim? Cause I wanna create an assassin one. Thank you for your answer!

  • Matthew Laborde

    He should do this again but with low thief skills

  • Twitch 57

    I've never seen someone so bad at picking.

  • Christian Williams


  • SilentNinjaSparks

    I'm literally going to buy the remastered Skyrim just because o your videos. You reminded me how much fucking fun Skyrim was

  • Keandre Brown

    Make the thief mods playlist !!!!!

  • RZSpartansniper

    Who are you? Are you working with the Battleborn? Speak now before I put you in the ground.

  • Casey Patterson

    I was doing a Thief/Assassin build where if I died I would delete the character. Made it to level 35, and had 40000 gold.Ended up trapping myself in a cage, with no way out. Then my character went insane, dropped all his gear, killed his follower, and summoned a spectral assassin after which he damaged it, and died to it.

  • Jonathan Hughey

    Thanks for the live stream upload. made my boring day at work go by faster!

  • Nebojsa Sense

    "I want to be arrested!"ESO,2017

  • SquishyOfCinder

    not to be a dick or anything but adept locks are bloody easy.

  • deathcore_till_we_sore

    Tf when you find out you and eso live in the same town what

  • five star guides

    can you make a assassin and theive stream at the same time

  • Alec Bemelmans

    You should play more fallout 4

  • Li Lion

    thanks ESO for this tips. i just wanted to ask u if u could do a how to get the keening guide. i dont want to see other youtubers guides because youre simpathic and u have a cool voice. (keening is an ancient dwemer dagger i believe)! :-)

  • Peyton Woolard

    Gus what if you use the shout you can knock people of buildings and kill them

  • Simmrdspice

    The pie was trying to warn him!

  • Yi Xing Long

    I hope they remaster Fallout 3 or New Vegas next.

  • Lucca Chats

    I want a T-Shirt that says "Search Nazeem"

  • Daany Tariq

    What happens after you kill people, do they remain dead or respawn? Also really enjoyed the stream, when is the next Skryrim stream?

  • Swenka Ivano

    Video was %49 lockpicking %50 who are you are you working wit the battleborns and %1 others

  • Chase Martino

    Btw assasin's creed already came out I already watched it and it was surprising rlly good

  • Meowing Mouse

    I remember struggling to get 5,000 gold for a house in Whiterun... I did the dark brotherhood quests and I’m freaking rich.

  • solboogie08

    dude you play Skyrim so much you speak just like a character in the game!

  • Cole grimshaw

    Once I dragged an dead necromancer all the way to dead mans drink from riverwood to there 😂😂

  • Kirra-Lee MATHESON

    ESO you should make a video where you have to kill everyone in skyrim:)i play skyrim every weekend and watch your vids whenever i can:)

  • C Barnard

    just saying not really one for the 8:50min start

  • Andrex videos

    Your screen is very dark that barely can be see and you can't sell stolen staff

  • Logan Henning

    I can't tell if you are facking being so bad at lock picking

  • ramzrobbins


  • Peggy Van Rooy

    Thief more like assassin

  • JollyYW11

    Are you using a mod to make your cities look so dark at night?

  • NebBleZ 1738

    I think Bethesda needs to make a survival based game in elseweyr

  • Niquel Bones

    To do things-pause the vid-go to 1:11:26-screenshot Delvin's face-die

  • CoolTrev

    Well he sold his dagger XD

  • Snow Man

    How's this live when you can fast forward what your watching live s now not yesterday or last year??

  • JustChasee

    How do you stream? Since it's on console... do you use the Elgato or is there a way to use OBS or something?

  • TheDarkLord

    where ye keepin the elder scroll mate in ye bloody loincloth?

  • Ben B

    Garret your not in this game your game is over there

  • raven vermy

    why does everyone hate nazeem?

  • swag monkey

    why didnt you take the ring

  • Hunter Staton

    What visual mods are u using?

  • SimderZ

    Awww clueless... Just got out of jail.. 'Did we get caught'"... Facepalm ( bought not brought )

  • Yi Xing Long

    Is it Manageable to make a alternate-start mod for Skyrim on PS4?

  • RooDogPlayz 21

    Put the dead bodies in the treasury house eso

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