Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!

Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!
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Stream Starts: 8:50

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  • Sara Coello

    eso when u have the stream is starting stand by screen can at least put on some music for us

  • The Late Gamer

    I'm the Master of lockpicking in this game!

  • Felipe Brown

    If there was karma in this game you would be the devil

  • Lygre

    Who are you, ESO? Are you working with the Battle-Borns?

  • MrNugget951

    At 1:30:40 you got 25 bounty for Winterhold while you were in Windhelm?

  • Noah Hurni

    You could play dragon age inquisition?!

  • The Old School Ghoul

    Eso Fallout or Elder Scrolls which do you prefer?

  • Filipe Mendes

    whitcher 3 would be fun but like wat full Let´s Play?

  • Luis Sosa

    I feel like such a masochist, my Sister had sent me Skyrim as a Christmas present, before it arrived I would watch your videos searching for new builds, I was gonna do the infinite shout build but I didn't even get the chance :/ I had it for like 2 days before I got robbed they stole my ps3 and my game. Now i'm watching you're lets play :( this makes me wanna cry

  • Yuno Ssef

    I'm Subscribing , please keep streaming those types of challenge they're so special! thief,assassin,Dark Brotherhood,... You know.Thanks so much i love your vids :D

  • Diego Verhaegh

    BTW i love your vids and your sort of humor😂

  • Twitch 57

    I've never seen someone so bad at picking.

  • Bungy Booce

    Remember you gotta risk it for a biscuit

  • Matthew Laborde

    He should do this again but with low thief skills

  • Jakes Greenhalgh

    A skyrim movie would be soooo good

  • SilentNinjaSparks

    I'm literally going to buy the remastered Skyrim just because o your videos. You reminded me how much fucking fun Skyrim was

  • Keandre Brown

    Make the thief mods playlist !!!!!

  • Casey Patterson

    I was doing a Thief/Assassin build where if I died I would delete the character. Made it to level 35, and had 40000 gold.Ended up trapping myself in a cage, with no way out. Then my character went insane, dropped all his gear, killed his follower, and summoned a spectral assassin after which he damaged it, and died to it.

  • Christian Williams


  • Nebojsa Sense

    "I want to be arrested!"ESO,2017

  • RZSpartansniper

    Who are you? Are you working with the Battleborn? Speak now before I put you in the ground.

  • Jonathan Hughey

    Thanks for the live stream upload. made my boring day at work go by faster!

  • serper

    Tf when you find out you and eso live in the same town what

  • five star guides

    can you make a assassin and theive stream at the same time

  • Alec Bemelmans

    You should play more fallout 4

  • MegaMarshmallow

    I wanna pose a question, keep in mind that I'm new: How many characters can you have on Skyrim? Cause I wanna create an assassin one. Thank you for your answer!

  • Li Lion

    thanks ESO for this tips. i just wanted to ask u if u could do a how to get the keening guide. i dont want to see other youtubers guides because youre simpathic and u have a cool voice. (keening is an ancient dwemer dagger i believe)! :-)

  • Peyton Woolard

    Gus what if you use the shout you can knock people of buildings and kill them

  • Simmrdspice

    The pie was trying to warn him!

  • Tinfoil Chef

    You want a real challenge? How 'bout this.... Courtesy of the Live Another Live mod (or equivalent), start out as a vampire. leave the lair and do the thief thing. Avoid ALL primary quest lines. don't join the college of winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, Bard college, or Companions and most importantly, don't go for the dragonstone, don't do the dragon fight at the western watchtower (i.e. no being regognized as dragonborn yet). Join the thieves guild but only to the point where you get the armor and have Tonilia as a fence to sell stolen goods to, don't advance the main thieves guild quest at all. objective, reach 100,,000 gold and bite 1,000 necks.

  • Aaron Cherry

    I hope they remaster Fallout 3 or New Vegas next.

  • Lucca Chats

    I want a T-Shirt that says "Search Nazeem"

  • Daany Tariq

    What happens after you kill people, do they remain dead or respawn? Also really enjoyed the stream, when is the next Skryrim stream?

  • Swenka Ivano

    Video was %49 lockpicking %50 who are you are you working wit the battleborns and %1 others

  • Chase Martino

    Btw assasin's creed already came out I already watched it and it was surprising rlly good

  • Meowing Mouse

    I remember struggling to get 5,000 gold for a house in Whiterun... I did the dark brotherhood quests and I’m freaking rich.

  • solboogie08

    dude you play Skyrim so much you speak just like a character in the game!

  • Cole grimshaw

    Once I dragged an dead necromancer all the way to dead mans drink from riverwood to there 😂😂

  • Kirra-Lee MATHESON

    ESO you should make a video where you have to kill everyone in skyrim:)i play skyrim every weekend and watch your vids whenever i can:)

  • C Barnard

    just saying not really one for the 8:50min start

  • Andrex videos

    Your screen is very dark that barely can be see and you can't sell stolen staff

  • Logan Henning

    I can't tell if you are facking being so bad at lock picking

  • ramzrobbins


  • Peggy Van Rooy

    Thief more like assassin

  • JollyYW11

    Are you using a mod to make your cities look so dark at night?

  • Cod Boss

    Make a video called '100 ways to kill Nazeem'

  • NebBleZ 1738

    I think Bethesda needs to make a survival based game in elseweyr

  • henry brandt

    Well I do like how relaxing the water sounds are

  • Harry McLeod

    My thief has a signature message, he leaves a sweet role by the front door

  • Niquel Bones

    To do things-pause the vid-go to 1:11:26-screenshot Delvin's face-die

  • CoolTrev

    Well he sold his dagger XD

  • Snow Man

    How's this live when you can fast forward what your watching live s now not yesterday or last year??

  • JustChasee

    How do you stream? Since it's on console... do you use the Elgato or is there a way to use OBS or something?

  • TheDarkLord

    where ye keepin the elder scroll mate in ye bloody loincloth?

  • Ben B

    Garret your not in this game your game is over there

  • The Awoken Warrior

    It's funny how the armor Bethesda has on the cover of the game is like the worst armor in the game.

  • raven vermy

    why does everyone hate nazeem?

  • swag monkey

    why didnt you take the ring

  • Hunter Staton

    What visual mods are u using?

  • SimderZ

    Awww clueless... Just got out of jail.. 'Did we get caught'"... Facepalm ( bought not brought )

  • Aaron Cherry

    Is it Manageable to make a alternate-start mod for Skyrim on PS4?

  • RooDogPlayz 21

    Put the dead bodies in the treasury house eso

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