Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!

Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!
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Stream Starts: 8:50

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  • Filipe Mendes

    whitcher 3 would be fun but like wat full Let´s Play?

  • Bungy Booce

    Remember you gotta risk it for a biscuit

  • New Vegas Citizen

    Eso Fallout or Elder Scrolls which do you prefer?

  • Siguid Caterina

    do a horse knight build, destroy every city with your knight and your lovely horse

  • Sara Coello

    eso when u have the stream is starting stand by screen can at least put on some music for us

  • Luis Sosa

    I feel like such a masochist, my Sister had sent me Skyrim as a Christmas present, before it arrived I would watch your videos searching for new builds, I was gonna do the infinite shout build but I didn't even get the chance :/ I had it for like 2 days before I got robbed they stole my ps3 and my game. Now i'm watching you're lets play :( this makes me wanna cry

  • Josue Cruz

    I'm the Master of lockpicking in this game!

  • Naughtius Maximus

    Oh my sweet summer child, the assassin's creed movie is no better than other videogame movies

  • MegaMarshmallow

    I wanna pose a question, keep in mind that I'm new: How many characters can you have on Skyrim? Cause I wanna create an assassin one. Thank you for your answer!

  • Count Samson

    I used to be an fapper like you, then I took dagger to the dick

  • Ari Serrano

    What's the best thief skill tree?

  • TheCreeperMineZ

    did he sell his elder scroll?

  • IJustGotB4NN3D

    World of Warcraft was a good movie

  • EagleKid

    Finally an English skyrim YouTube that has a good channel

  • DragonFighter732

    what light mods do you have active in that video?

  • TheDragonBallGuy

    Is it Manageable to make a alternate-start mod for Skyrim on PS4?

  • Claude Faustus: 2nd best grammar nazi

    It's funny how the armor Bethesda has on the cover of the game is like the worst armor in the game.

  • Evil Kidbuu Khalid

    I dont know why my pc doesnt have a cd drive it looks like it has one but there is no way to open it

  • Sgt Woofwoof

    It says it's over 2 hours but it's really only 15 minutes

  • Adriano Oda Yamada

    Why the name ESO? something related to Skyrim?

  • 1Man 1Bear

    He looks like Joey graceffa

  • Pölöskey Henry

    Can someome tell me what's the texture mod?

  • raven vermy

    why does everyone hate nazeem?

  • troll gaming

    can u say troll gaming in a shout out

  • Cataclysmic

    Where's that lock pick montage? I need it badly

  • Robert Šafář

    you doing guids of skyrim but you know shit about skyrim, you dont even know skyrim quests. lol i already play all quest for my 2500 hours game time.


    i love ow the first 8,50 minutes is just pure asmr :P

  • coolest guy

    Can you do a video of just brutal murders?

  • Chase Martino

    Btw assasin's creed already came out I already watched it and it was surprising rlly good

  • Will Coutts

    it's hard to tell if you are a vampire

  • StarFormula 3104

    Next let's play should be kill everybody

  • Elijah Wooten

    And when u were fighting those vampires u got vampirism

  • Omar Elhosseni

    why is his game so bright compared to mine

  • Upcoming Rogue76

    This probably isn't the best place to ask but is the Blackguard set leveled?

  • deathcore_till_we_sore

    Tf when you find out you and eso live in the same town what

  • Leslie Patton

    just wondering, what faction would you recommend siding with for fallout 4

  • Jeh Rahme

    at 41mins fuck that glitch I had farkas asking me to join the companions for about 20 mins while trying to do the thieves guild quests

  • Nebojsa Sense

    "I want to be arrested!"ESO,2017

  • Alem Prses Prses

    hi eso i was wacthibg at day one

  • spookr

    At 58:15 we all know what Eso really wanted to do ;)


    I use a ninja sword to slice my cheese. I'm straight savage man😎😎😎

  • Shadow Notes

    hi eso, you cant read or write in real life?

  • Zachary Montgomery

    who are you are you working with the battlebornes?

  • fun with jordan

    can you make a assassin and theive stream at the same time

  • Giddy Åce

    hey eso, what brick mod are you using? and if you do have a lighting mod, what's its name?

  • marlene pauleth

    i waant able to do the windhelm job either at 100 sneak :/

  • Cod Boss

    Make a video called '100 ways to kill Nazeem'

  • SRMC

    1:22:40 You have pressed on someone and then type tcl you make him/her tcl. You have to press somewhere while your console is opened and then press again. Then type tcl.

  • Jonathan Hughey

    Thanks for the live stream upload. made my boring day at work go by faster!

  • Edemaree

    The damn water noise in the beginning made me have to pee.😓

  • You Youtube

    Are you going to be streaming the Dark Brotherhood?

  • Keandre Brown

    Make the thief mods playlist !!!!!

  • Wesley Wix

    I have taken that basket so many times

  • Kamiey Glea

    I live in worcester!!!

  • MLGskrubreckerxX

    ESO what's ur twitch name I'll follow u

  • bruh bruh

    speak now speak now speak now speak now I was dying

  • Red Arrow

    you didn't even go all the way to the jail at dragonsreach

  • Redelex

    dayuum im not gay but u pretty good looking

  • SilentNinjaSparks

    I'm literally going to buy the remastered Skyrim just because o your videos. You reminded me how much fucking fun Skyrim was

  • Ziggy Anon

    anyone else who thought it was their steam message showing invite to join game lol ?

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