Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!

Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!
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Stream Starts: 8:50

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  • Filipe Mendes

    whitcher 3 would be fun but like wat full Let´s Play?

  • Art. Dragon

    This video means that in 2 hours of thievery you'll only get 15000 Gold

  • Cathy Eaker

    18:43 Before dragonborn dlc what after dragonborn dlc oh

  • Cyclon3

    Is it just me or does Delvin remind me of Jason Statham

  • the adventures of Gemma Ruby and ghost

    Hears a cool fact Read more

  • GnasheR

    hmm... theres an IRONy in stealing steal ingots but i cant put my finger on it

  • Mohamed Alktif

    Too much hatred for poor Nazeem hahaHA

  • C Barnard

    just saying not really one for the 8:50min start

  • MERJ

    I had the same problem. But it was vilkas that followed me xD

  • Kirra-Lee MATHESON

    ESO you should make a video where you have to kill everyone in skyrim:)i play skyrim every weekend and watch your vids whenever i can:)

  • Josue Cruz

    I'm the Master of lockpicking in this game!

  • SimderZ

    Awww clueless... Just got out of jail.. 'Did we get caught'"... Facepalm ( bought not brought )

  • Meowing Mouse

    I remember struggling to get 5,000 gold for a house in Whiterun... I did the dark brotherhood quests and I’m freaking rich.

  • Sean Durham

    Very enjoyable. Nice work.

  • Peggy Van Rooy

    Thief more like assassin

  • RooDogPlayz 21

    Put the dead bodies in the treasury house eso

  • Thomas Clark

    esoyou rae dirke is fo fuuo thomas hi toipe skyirm yuo df

  • daniel mcmullen

    Do a mage guild walkthrough!

  • Joshua Brown

    ESO can you like just go to riften at level one and join the theives guild or do you have to be a surtin level

  • Zach Lewis

    Does this guy know how to lock pick?

  • Wolfie Does Games

    Loved the video keeping doing great

  • Faggot LOL

    16:00 YOU FORGOT VOID SALTS!Lol, apparently people in the live chat noticed, so nvm

  • Logan Henning

    I can't tell if you are facking being so bad at lock picking

  • Niquel Bones

    To do things-pause the vid-go to 1:11:26-screenshot Delvin's face-die

  • Andrex videos

    Your screen is very dark that barely can be see and you can't sell stolen staff

  • carlos borg

    Use your claws you're a khajit

  • TheDarkLord

    where ye keepin the elder scroll mate in ye bloody loincloth?

  • Neil Holcroft

    Just taking a bath be wid you in 8 minutes point 5 sec

  • MarinePowerStar Skyrim,Fallout & more

    I used to be an adventurer like u but then I found the lusty argonian made and decided to make books of my own

  • PandaGaming Lt

    I use to be a thief like but i took a dagger to knee

  • Lucca Chats

    I want a T-Shirt that says "Search Nazeem"

  • Naughtius Maximus

    Oh my sweet summer child, the assassin's creed movie is no better than other videogame movies

  • David Prince

    I found the lusty argonian maid in nazzems house

  • MegaMarshmallow

    I wanna pose a question, keep in mind that I'm new: How many characters can you have on Skyrim? Cause I wanna create an assassin one. Thank you for your answer!

  • Pixelated Warrior

    The lockpicking was the most painful thing to watch in a skyrim lets play video I have ever watched

  • The TNT Warrior

    the silver hand are werewolf haters not the silver bloods

  • kellan mcconnell

    Sam was in solitude at 27:26

  • Ivan Brunty

    dude you caught vampirism

  • Mzneeze

    51:31 lol spidget finner

  • RZSpartansniper

    Who are you? Are you working with the Battleborn? Speak now before I put you in the ground.

  • Ryan Gibson

    do you always do this at the start of the game PS luv you're vids

  • D Harding

    How do you get the elder scrolls


    Why the night on your game is so dark is that a mod?

  • The Platypus

    1 like for every lock pick broken Riperoni Pepperoni

  • Sinister Sid

    Vex is my favorite NPC ever.

  • Adriano Oda Yamada

    Why the name ESO? something related to Skyrim?

  • Luis Sosa

    I feel like such a masochist, my Sister had sent me Skyrim as a Christmas present, before it arrived I would watch your videos searching for new builds, I was gonna do the infinite shout build but I didn't even get the chance :/ I had it for like 2 days before I got robbed they stole my ps3 and my game. Now i'm watching you're lets play :( this makes me wanna cry

  • Adam Coelho

    20:04:34 a thief and a master vampire are fighting

  • Kathryn Savage

    What does making a skill legendary do?

  • michaaelgmax

    :,( morrowwind is coming out I hope eso dosent stop skyrim and does not do morrowind skyrim is the best still :(


    He said next stop is whiterun but he goes to solitude 😂😂😂😂

  • Gameing Man123

    you are cured because you hit the bless stone

  • _/ HopelessCause \_

    I think you should have done up to 1 million

  • The TNT Warrior

    what is up with the audio

  • cranker

    he can steal all of them books and sell them to Farengar

  • NeonPegasi

    What PC Build Do you have and what mods?

  • allison sharkey

    fun tip is if you steal loads of food in game and cook it you can sell the food for more!

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