Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!

Skyrim Live - Thief Challenge Build! (Lets Play Walkthrough)!
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Stream Starts: 8:50

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  • Filipe Mendes

    whitcher 3 would be fun but like wat full Let´s Play?

  • Bungy Booce

    Remember you gotta risk it for a biscuit

  • Josue Cruz

    I'm the Master of lockpicking in this game!

  • Cook-Cook

    Eso Fallout or Elder Scrolls which do you prefer?

  • Sara Coello

    eso when u have the stream is starting stand by screen can at least put on some music for us

  • Siguid Caterina

    do a horse knight build, destroy every city with your knight and your lovely horse

  • Claude Faustus: 2nd best grammar nazi

    It's funny how the armor Bethesda has on the cover of the game is like the worst armor in the game.

  • MegaMarshmallow

    I wanna pose a question, keep in mind that I'm new: How many characters can you have on Skyrim? Cause I wanna create an assassin one. Thank you for your answer!

  • Naughtius Maximus

    Oh my sweet summer child, the assassin's creed movie is no better than other videogame movies

  • Adriano Oda Yamada

    Why the name ESO? something related to Skyrim?

  • Count Samson

    I used to be an fapper like you, then I took dagger to the dick

  • Luis Sosa

    I feel like such a masochist, my Sister had sent me Skyrim as a Christmas present, before it arrived I would watch your videos searching for new builds, I was gonna do the infinite shout build but I didn't even get the chance :/ I had it for like 2 days before I got robbed they stole my ps3 and my game. Now i'm watching you're lets play :( this makes me wanna cry

  • kellan mcconnell

    Sam was in solitude at 27:26

  • Epicus

    at 33:34 tonilia is like, "HELLO THERE!

  • BoringAhh

    Should've robbed nazeem

  • Mzneeze

    51:31 lol spidget finner

  • Ivan Brunty

    dude you caught vampirism


    Why the night on your game is so dark is that a mod?

  • The Platypus

    1 like for every lock pick broken Riperoni Pepperoni

  • Nolan Benner

    I'm so hardcore that i pee in a cup

  • TreeThatBarks 101

    Vex is my favorite NPC ever.

  • michaaelgmax

    :,( morrowwind is coming out I hope eso dosent stop skyrim and does not do morrowind skyrim is the best still :(

  • Adam Coelho

    20:04:34 a thief and a master vampire are fighting

  • Gameing Man123

    you are cured because you hit the bless stone

  • Allie Askins

    He said next stop is whiterun but he goes to solitude 😂😂😂😂

  • allison sharkey

    fun tip is if you steal loads of food in game and cook it you can sell the food for more!

  • cranker

    he can steal all of them books and sell them to Farengar

  • NeonPegasi

    What PC Build Do you have and what mods?

  • The Platypus

    1 like for every lock pick broken Riperoni Pepperoni

  • spectrumvibe 904

    I think you should have done up to 1 million

  • Damien Saucier


  • Ari Serrano

    What's the best thief skill tree?

  • MC

    Excuse me~ I'm proud of my Xbox 360!!

  • Yung Wells

    Should have use sneaking mods to make it more challenging

  • Kevin Schaper

    The pie shouted "MURDER"

  • k

    this guy changes the style of his hair every day lol

  • C Jones

    could have took imperial for roleplaying ;)

  • TreeThatBarks 101

    I play on Playstation 3

  • veazyeric36

    Best skyrim player ever

  • Saucegaming

    This was awesome ESO please do more similar things 👍

  • Nicolas Cage

    Who else checked their steam when ESO's friend invited him?

  • Grass Tunes

    Real stream starts at 10:46

  • henry brandt

    Well I do like how relaxing the water sounds are

  • Marc Cumberland

    I used to be crap at skyrim now im level 73 thanks eso

  • MissJokerAllTooMuch Really

    Heya. Can you take up the sweetroll thievery mission? Like "stealing every sweetroll you see in Skyrim?"Not necessarily every single sweetroll in the game, but steal when you see one? And then bury some guards under them?

  • Amaris143


  • Gilbert Weddle

    i say you try farcry on ps 4

  • Nolan Benner

    When I would search barrels I thought was so savage ѕαvαgє

  • Bee player

    He should have the ppl in his guild and just steal stuff

  • TheCreeperMineZ

    did he sell his elder scroll?

  • Bradley Hunt

    if i had to get elder scrolls online which version : gold edition - or - tamriel unlimited ??

  • OwnYouDayByDay

    how does he have no weight mod?

  • Simeon Witte

    LOL when your steam message beeped I thought it was my steam

  • Dylan Griffin

    does it have to be in riften

  • Steven Fadrowski

    dont worrie too much you master picklock item on main quest last

  • - Lexicon -

    Dude, Your Awesome! :-)

  • TreeThatBarks 101

    You leveled up Stamina most? I go for Health, Stamina, then Magica, because I use daggers an two handed weapons.

  • TheDragonBallGuy

    Is it Manageable to make a alternate-start mod for Skyrim on PS4?

  • Mini Bot Gaming

    Eso i am only on like level 28 and i cant go anywhere without having to kill a bloody dragon and hit someone by a mistake and get arrested

  • Harry McLeod

    My thief has a signature message, he leaves a sweet role by the front door

  • JustChasee

    How do you stream? Since it's on console... do you use the Elgato or is there a way to use OBS or something?

  • Keandre Brown

    Make the thief mods playlist !!!!!

  • raven vermy

    why does everyone hate nazeem?

  • Rock3t

    the water at the beginning made me go to the bathroom twice

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