INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Injustice 2 !
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INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Warner Bros Games

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  • xTGE

    So basically everyone is now ironman? Lmfao.

  • KaidanTONiO

    Injustice 2: Extra Armored Edition

  • Naota T.

    I came here just to see Superman get wrecked

  • Frederick Lamar

    Wow those armorThings are like evolutions

  • MaikeruHunter187

    Let's just give everyone ironman suits in game.

  • 3 AM

    super heros are becoming transformers

  • aHairyWhiteGuy

    Not sure why superman needs armor but okay!

  • Shadow Wulf Gaming

    I wonder how Deathstroke's will be

  • Crosby4ever

    Yes supergirl I hope their are alot of new characters to go along with the main1. Superman 2. Batman 3. Aquaman 4. Flash so far

  • Salvador Rueda

    What's with the armor?

  • sodazman

    Injustice 2: Armor for all

  • The Sausage

    why does supes need armour 😂😂

  • Rohan Poddar

    does superman even need an armour?

  • Wally West

    For the marvel fuckboys,these are lexcorp suits so get your ass out of here....

  • Wave

    Regime Super broke out of prison?

  • Manuel Adrián Hernández López

    so stark industries work with justice leage now?

  • theeOnslaught

    Recently I have been watching ALOTTTT of Breaking Bad and I'm not gonna lie who ever is narrating this sounds a lot like Brian Cranston

  • Dreadsafe 916383

    Just had an orgasm on batmans future suit

  • Imri Rivas

    Batman beat Flash? I call bs

  • Beer_Wolf

    lol... aquaman as useless as ever.

  • Max Ponsonby

    is bryan cranston doing the voiceover?

  • fenris wolf

    The trailer is great but to be honest I feel like every one keeps saying iron man this but it feels like every one is ripping of batman and blue beetle batman is has no powers but this does not make him weaker in other ways it makes him even more dangerous than people with , batman has always used secret power armor or transforming armors and a lot now in the new 52 he keeps a suit in the batmobile , the thrasher that was used to fight the talons from the court of owls , the anti justice league armor also known as the fernir , and my absolute favorite now which is everything I always wanted for batman it's the hellbat armor which was forged by the justice league in the event that batman had to kick everyone and everything's ass lol but seriously batman used it to kick the new gods assess including darksied superman could not even do this, so like my main point I feel like they r taking batmans secret weapon and just said hey guys we need to one up r last game lets give everyone batmans armor. Here's the other problem with injustice games it's a fighting game I'm not a big fan ofthem at all but I still played it because I'm a fan

  • thetopherhaslanded

    ahhhhh red hood! i gotta say though that i can pretty much guarantee that barely ANYONE will choose to be "Supergirl"

  • Gojifan2001games

    Why did DC steal Iron Man armor?

  • dragonhatcher12

    so INjustice 2 everyone gets tron suit upgrades....Cool Me likey, Me likey a lot

  • shubham vashisht

    it looks nice....but I want it to be in story mode.......

  • druwinka brickston

    they should have added the new aqua-man

  • Daniel Saucedo

    Armor upgrades brought to you by Wayne Enterprises

  • Steel King

    0:35 This proves why I think the Flash is the most powerful and overall best hero, right up there with Batman of course


    que videojuego es el que aparece en el min 2:27?

  • gcircle

    So basically everyone is iron man now. ORIGINAL

  • Bruce Wayne

    Brilliant cinematic trailer!

  • Trent Vandreason

    So everyone has power armor and.... Yeah.... Why does superman need power armor!?? Or super girl, OR ANYONE!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb. Just, dumb.

  • Brian Banegas

    do we get Constantine and deadman in this?

  • The Veneficus

    Why does Superman have armour?He could fight nude and still win.

  • The You Tuba

    Problem with DC lore is that the heroes here wouldn't be able to fight in a competitive way. Superman would rape flash because Flash just can't hurt him.

  • Patrick Rhodes

    Idc what anybody say, my boy flash gave superman that work

  • Darren Joe Pretty On Top

    Anyone know the voice over?

  • Super Saitama

    I wonder what Ironsuit they will give the Joker

  • Dashaun Davis

    Im sorry you cant play this game unless you have B.R.A on you

  • Atalareza Yuwono

    even a superman got a super suit


    lol iron man league meh.

  • Figrod 4

    just I like my heros, protected......

  • Joshua Lozano

    Cyborg: I was a robot before it was cool.

  • Samrat Dutta

    Flash was fast enough to beat superman but couldn't beat batman. That is ridiculous. Logically speaking bats shouldn't be able to land a blow

  • Justin Wallace

    This looks ridiculous... You can make the characters cool without these laughable suits. The graphics in-game have a bland color pallet and generally older gen. I have no idea why anyone would waste money on this rubbish, it'll run out of replay value in a few days. PS: And why is Superman continually being portrayed as an angry, psychotic prick lately?? There's a difference between shock factor incidents, and straying too far from character. Fucking fanboys don't know how to make use of the characters, learn how to write.

  • Sidd Sen

    Is that Bryan Goddamn Cranston doing the voice-over?!

  • Hassan Khan

    so... who is on whos side?

  • The Folan

    still better than badman v zupeman

  • T Hunter

    Looking forward to God of War

  • Sir Isaac Clarke

    wow is that mr. cranston's voice?

  • Trent Vandreason

    So, novel thought... lets stop Micheal Bay'ing the shit out of everything and get back to basics. Just a thought.

  • iam007richie


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