INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)

Official cinematic trailer for Injustice 2 !
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INJUSTICE 2 Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - Warner Bros Games

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  • xTGE

    So basically everyone is now ironman? Lmfao.

  • Shadow Wulf Gaming

    I wonder how Deathstroke's will be

  • Volk Ad

    so stark industries work with justice leage now?

  • Frederick Lamar

    Wow those armorThings are like evolutions

  • Naota T.

    I came here just to see Superman get wrecked

  • MaikeruHunter187

    Let's just give everyone ironman suits in game.

  • sodazman

    Injustice 2: Armor for all

  • Deion Cooke

    Recently I have been watching ALOTTTT of Breaking Bad and I'm not gonna lie who ever is narrating this sounds a lot like Brian Cranston

  • Juan Molina

    This trailer was actually badass

  • Beer_Wolf

    lol... aquaman as useless as ever.

  • Crosby4ever

    Yes supergirl I hope their are alot of new characters to go along with the main1. Superman 2. Batman 3. Aquaman 4. Flash so far

  • Matheus

    super heros are becoming transformers

  • shinwolf

    Why are all the DC fighters are Kamen Riders?

  • KaidanTONiO

    Injustice 2: Extra Armored Edition

  • Atalareza Yuwono

    even a superman got a super suit

  • Joshua Lozano

    Cyborg: I was a robot before it was cool.

  • Cameron London

    So I'm thinking the "evolutions" we're just a fancy way to show off variations. Since this will use the engine from MKX. What was show was maybe just a fancy way of showing the possible variations.

  • mike10401

    i would of like this if it was shazam instead of super girl...

  • Baldheadedblackchick

    Too much Iron man porn for me!

  • Lalo Ember

    hoping for jason todd Redhood/Arkham Knight and red robin

  • Gojifan2001games

    Why did DC steal Iron Man armor?

  • Live To Rock

    We are getting Ra's al Ghul voiced by Bryan Cranston? i'm in.

  • T Hunter

    Looking forward to God of War

  • Rex Mayhem

    I didn't see what Supergirl did first, so when I just saw her I was thinking 'Terra is that you? Why are you here?'

  • K Sins

    "Injustice - Return Of Tron" ?? :v


    lol iron man league meh.

  • Salvador Rueda

    What's with the armor?

  • Daniel Saucedo

    Armor upgrades brought to you by Wayne Enterprises

  • jammybard

    took me a while but that sounds an AWFUL lot like Brian Cranston

  • Patrick Rhodes

    Idc what anybody say, my boy flash gave superman that work

  • Bruce Wayne

    Brilliant cinematic trailer!

  • Samrat Dutta

    Flash was fast enough to beat superman but couldn't beat batman. That is ridiculous. Logically speaking bats shouldn't be able to land a blow

  • dragonhatcher12

    so INjustice 2 everyone gets tron suit upgrades....Cool Me likey, Me likey a lot

  • aHairyWhiteGuy

    Not sure why superman needs armor but okay!

  • TheDeadlyShadow

    HOLY SHIT Batman Beyond reference much

  • The Veneficus

    Why does Superman have armour?He could fight nude and still win.

  • CanDonaldTrumpget10,000,000subscribers

    I want He-Man und Captain Planet as guestcharacters

  • The Folan

    still better than badman v zupeman

  • Max Ponsonby

    is bryan cranston doing the voiceover?

  • zetmandu75

    Injustice 2 : sponsored by Tony stark

  • thetopherhaslanded

    ahhhhh red hood! i gotta say though that i can pretty much guarantee that barely ANYONE will choose to be "Supergirl"

  • Dr. Jones

    Now with 50% more TRON


    que videojuego es el que aparece en el min 2:27?

  • Alecron

    Okay, so everyone gets a few pieces of armor, enough to cover their chestBut then, Aquaman only gets armor for his shoulder.

  • VH BR

    injustice 2+xbox 360=buy(comprado)

  • Hector Yerena

    this game better have top notch graphics

  • Dark Symphony TV

    This....looks really stupid smh

  • Brandon Sysavath

    is it on mobile device when it comes out

  • Sidd Sen

    Is that Bryan Goddamn Cranston doing the voice-over?!

  • K2 Switchez

    My moneys on batman to win

  • closedcl8

    It's not dark enough. And to think I've already used the YouTube Gaming site and watched at night with the phone on dim to save battery.

  • Jesse Pinkman

    Why is Ra's Al ghu'l narrating in the back?

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