Fallout 4: 5 Rare Creature Types You May Have Missed in the Commonwealth – Fallout 4 Secrets

Fallout 4 is a vast world home to hundreds of different types of enemies for the player to encounter, among them are the wastelands strange creatures. However, some of the foes and organisms the Sole Survivor can encounter in Fallout 4’s Commonwealth are rarer than others. So today we’ll be taking a look at five especially rare creatures you may have missed in Fallout 4.

    The rarest thing for me to find is a girlfriend....

  • Universall

    I love fallout, anyone else a Wasteland Wanderer?

  • M’aiq the Liar

    M’aiq can murder all of them to death

  • Oh yeahyeah

    slaps radscorpion death skull This baby can fit so much hit points.

  • Lucas Adams

    >Has Deadlier Deathclaw mod (makes them as hard as NV Deathclaws.)>Wondering through Glowing Sea>Legendary Savage Albino Chameleon DeathclawREEEEEE

  • Tomb Keeper13

    In the Point Lookout DLC of Fallout 3 you can find a Yao Guai named Ruzka with a few posters of her as a stage performer in the immediate area suggesting that it is the same circus bear from 2277 making her the first Yao Guai Ghoul in the Fallout franchise.

  • StraightUpIrish

    Nate c'mon man, I want to support you for these fine facts, throw in more midrolls, I will watch ads for you!

  • Grand General Chaotik

    "White pigmentation" you do know that albinoism is a lack of pigment right?

  • Sam Weaver

    Ive never encountered any of these creatures, but if i did, I’d probably get murdered to death immediately.


    *Walks into pet store*Me: Uhhhhh can I have a hermit crab savage?Pet Store guy: A what?Me: Like those huge Hermit crabs that live in old vans, but with a lot more HP.Pet store guy: *Hits alarm*

  • A killer Pacman

    I remember one of those giant gulpers killed me. My characters right arm exploded off and he was sent flying at about 100 MPH in a straight line until he hit a tree! All the while flailing his legs and left arm. A sight I don’t think I’ll forget.

  • Father Torb

    I saw a Albino hermit crab once, I now never trust any truck on far harbor

  • Ded2thaworld !

    Shooting a jacked up deathclaw with pipe rifle......

  • Hellboi P

    "The reason for the quantum deathclaw's removal is pretty unclear"It's very clear if you remember how Gatorclaws were the whole deathclaw spin off for Nuka-World

  • Cached Shader

    Anyone else scared of Radscorpions

  • Moister Oyster

    Nate at subway:"Chicken please. Yeah and some cheese. And uhhhh With that we are going to wrap up. So wrap it up." ;)

  • SockGuy

    You forgot to put my mom on that list

  • Lyraine Alei

    Have we been murdered to death by these critters yet, you mean?

  • David Masinelli

    i have found a chameleon deathclaw below level 81

  • MCharlie94

    I always thought Yao Guai were already ghoulified ?

  • Ch35h1r3C47

    It's BEHEMOTH, not bohemoth.Buh-he-moth

  • Johnny Klebitz

    I would've loved to see the Quantum Deathclaw in the game, and it is by far my favorite version of the Deathclaw. Maybe one day they will add this legendary creature.

  • odd sock

    Maiq can be found in fallout 4 he is just very hard to find...

  • fluff dafire

    I don't know what you mean that gulpers are fish cause they look way more like overgrown salamanders

  • Clen gener

    10:02 nice selfie there!

  • fr33kSh0w2012

    Have none of you found that ghoul with a really really long descriptive name it was the "feral gangrenous FESTERING bloated charred rotten putrid glowing wretched ghoul!

  • TheRedGriffin

    Murdered to Death! I hope I was quick enough. Love you Nate.

  • ADSpongy

    Question, why are you saying "murdered to death" less and less

  • Illusion 1401

    Actually, i think that BOhemoths are very formidable opponents. BOhemoths use a tactic exclusive to the BOhemoth, which consists of hurling massive rocks at you, allowing the BOhemoth to get up close. The BOhemoth then swings a huge weapon only it, the BOhemoth is capable of weilding. The higher level you are, the more powerfull the BOhemoths become. You may encounter a horrifying anceint BOhemoth with tremendous stats, compared to a normal BOhemoth. Finally, an exclusive variant of the BOhemoth is the BOhemoth named the Swan. This BOhemoth lurks in the murky water of what is now known as Swan's Pond(named after the BOhemoth).

  • sanY

    why do i have to kill thease adorable hermit crabs? why bethesda? :(

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    Kinda wishing that my lvl 81 character would run into some of these creatures more. Especially the ghoulified yao guai! That's a super cool one! :D

  • Chad Pendt

    Tfw 1400hrs on one character alone. Lvl312. Everything is common at this point.

  • 100 Subs no videos?

    Another nice skyri... Fallout video

  • Sparks Legends

    In all my time playing Fallout 4 I never came across a Yao Guai Ghoul and I only came upon the Albino Hermit Crab once.

  • Faded D

    I play fallout that much I went to subway and asked forradroch meat on it

  • Piggymaster3

    Im level 79 and I've seen the rad deathskull

  • Nigel

    Chameleon deathclaw? But... Deatchlaws ARE chameleons lol.

  • Hemi TePaki

    Bruh why didnt they take the chance to call it a GhoulGuai

  • Gavin Savage

    Those rats Will become skaven in fallout 6! Mark my words! They already have plauge monk rats

  • Daito Skywalker

    I once found a feral mongrel dog is that a rare creature to

  • Jimboola

    Beware the Khama Chameleon (deathclaw)! 👹

  • Reece Shaik

    I remember ringing a bell to spawn a mythic deathclaw

  • Casey Wolfe

    That quantum deathclaw is wicked looking. I want one! I love the chameleons too. I keep reloading saves until I open my deathclaw cages to get them. I also accept mythics since they're more powerful and they do look pretty cool as well. Glowing deathclaws are sweet looking, but I'll only take one of those per settlement, and only if I've been trying and trying to get the chameleons and the game just won't give it up. Typically, by the time I'm at the point of being able to make the stuff I need to have deathclaws in the settlements, I'm high enough level that I get chameleons and mythics pretty easily though.

  • Demonsdoperoc

    Umm u know one thing that CAN kill the most powerful enemyMods: god modeOne shot one killInfinite ammoCheat terminal

  • tigertom58

    im gonna be that guy FAR HARBOR IS NOT IN THE COMMONWEALTH

  • The Bearded Baby

    I played modded and got to lvl 2458 and all radscorpions where deathskull and they took ages to kill😂

  • The Silver Guardian

    Preeeeety sure I've fought a Quantum Deathclaw, or at least one that was glowing blue. I encountered it after coming out of the Nuka Cola log-flume ride's building. Along with having ending up fighting a mix of Mirelurks as I came out through the bottom.Edit: I'm going around looking on the wiki's and stuff now, and I'm finding it really odd that they're said to be cut... as I went around telling my friends about this specific experience at the time. I must truly be insane.

  • Over The Spectrum

    "but Nate, this isn't Skyrim" I hear you say, yet still you watch, and I still get paid ;) About the Quantum Claw, yeah that looked pretty cool :) only reason I can think they cut it is maybe they thought with the already new gator claw it might be going overboard having TWO unique death claws in the same DLC?

  • TheLoneJedi-77

    The Chameleon Deathclaw was the first type I got when I used a trap in settlement

  • Vodnik Dubs

    Gulpers are mutated hellbenders (salamanders). That being the reason they look the way they do.

  • DeathClownGingy

    Not to be that guy, but albinos actually have worse eyesight than normal creatures, so they should have a lower perception. Get it together, Bethesda!


    Easy to defeat monster hahaha. killed with heavy weapon

  • Bubble But Bandit

    Did you spawn these Or did you have to find them?If you had to find them how long did it take

  • TheRailGunner

    Why the shit do you keep saying bohemoth?! It sounds like you literally go out of your way to not pronounce it correctly lol.

  • Strongside

    I actually really like that Bethesda made albino creatures more powerful based on the idea that it is much more difficult to survive in the wild if you are bright white.

  • John Ellis

    I had to fight 3 of the DeathSkull Radscorpions at once in the glowing sea

  • Gold The Hatcher

    Great video!I dare you to find only the Rarest variations JUST in the Commonwealth VANILLA. And you can't use the ones you used on this list. Good luck. :P

  • ArturoPladeado

    If I stop procrastinating due to my indecisiveness I might actually be able to get a character to a high enough level so these things could murder me to death.

  • Max

    Can my comment be faved by TheEpicNate for no reason?

  • Dorian Romatz

    I got the Quantum Deathclaw in a deathclaw cage

  • cadetseeker7410 cool boys

    fallout 4 the mutated anmols are more diadliyer but man i kill them but is not eazy but i haet them all oh man

  • Old Guy Gaming

    Just came across some of those Deathskull RadScorps, my energy weapons were deflecting right off their skulls. It was like I was shooting at a Panzer tank.

  • Spicy Fox

    It is the death skull rad scorpion not scorpion death skull it is obvious

  • Izzy B

    Theres one you forgot (only one in game and is a hidden?? Quest) The shipbreaker. Giant fog crawler that has a radio signal, old longfellow has been searching it for YEARS

  • \

    i think i saw everything in F4 with +1.000 hours and i saw every enemie quantum deathclaw looks dope



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