Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)

Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)!
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    Quick tip ! If you crouch in soil you can pretend your a potato

  • WhenYouSee A lost kid

    2:25 "I use to be an adventurer like you"But then I took an arrow into the right nipple

  • Sefraca

    I have never heard of this vault although I played this game for thousands of hours.Guys relax I just didn't know it was part of the Mehrunes Dagon quest. No need to be rude.

  • dušan podmanický

    i like how u tried to cover up your lockpicking part for the master chest but we can still see how many picks you broke in bottom right corner

  • Erick Viana

    dude will never forget the horse on the waterfall

  • Darth Yoshino

    Dear ESO,We require a mod listYours faithfully, the fans.

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Eso I have a question: does dual wielding really make you do more damage or are you just pointlessly holding 2 individual weapons?

  • Neoplumes

    If you fire an arrow into the empty room, your enemies will run toward it instead of you.

  • California Girls

    Good video ESO I remember this place from the Mehrunes Dagon Quest!

  • Glen Logan

    How can you play this over and over, my sis deleted my level 57 saves and I can't be bothered doing all the quests again (mostly because I hate doing draugr dungeons and dwarven cave things) also getting all the word walls and dragon priest masks.

  • Anton

    ESO could you give a list of your mods?

  • JasparDark

    Hahahaha absolutely gutted at Barbas showing up and your reaction - awesomeness!I really like the commentary on your vids mate!

  • Xavier Thorn

    It's your horse, your horse can see you.

  • youbloodyrippa

    really? I thought this would be something cool turns out just a quest everyone's done

  • RIPbiker13

    Hashtag getwreckedson haha

  • Dc watcher

    Eso can you please play a bit of Morrowind and oblivion their half price on steam if you don't have them.

  • Aaron

    my elder scrolls online has been installing for 3 days straight and its at 95% i really wish that eso (the youtuber) will invite me to his guild

  • Tyson RiosXO

    Hi ESOFirst great content 👍I have a question which you or your community can help me with.Is there a damage cap in Skyrim ?I mean the damage I can deal in certain situations.I noticed it in that situation where I face an enemy like a draugr which is leveled with me.My specifications areI'm level 105Legendary difficulty weapons bowsI noticed that It makes no difference if I use a bow with about 1200 dmg or 900 dmg I still need 3 shots (detected)It would be really interesting to know if there is a it makes no sense to max out your weapons over that point.I hope you can help me guys 💪

  • FlexBlade

    wow you just released it, i usually watch videos that are 2-4 years old :D

  • renoB

    Skyrim build idea:The Bloodstained The blood stained was a nord grew up as an orphan in riften.He was made fun of because he was shorter, he learned how to fight quickly. One day when he was about 17, a bear attacked him in the woods.instead of the bear killing him,he killed the bear with his bare hands. A young uflfric stormcloak was walking by and saw this. He told him to come join a new rebellion he was forming. The bloodstained agreed to come with him. The bloodstained and ulfric were best friends, he was in many battles for the stormcloacks. One day, he accidentally killed one of the main generals with his sword and had to flee to the border. Uflric followed him with a stormcloak named ralof, but they we're caught at the border,he vowed to only to use a sword if necessary and no only uses a bow.

  • Raiyan Sultan

    for the first time in Eso's videos... i am in the first 10 views😄😄😄

  • Floppy Floppy Sea Spider

    whats the difference between wyvern and dragon? cause some people said that skyrim dragons are actually wyverns

  • FaZe Failure of the Sphincter

    someone was in blackreach to get that sheild

  • Ryan

    lol i JUST went here yesterday XD

  • Jr. Holm

    I love your vids. I got Skyrim about 8 weeks ago. And your vids help alooooooooot

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    How do they not have at least 2,000,000 subscribers

  • Emrr Yalçın

    Hi ESO ı have a question. Firstly, sorry my bad English. When ı use bow, ı cant shoot clearly. I mean my arrow doesnt go straight . I aim at 5-10 cm above the target. So, sometimes ı missed. Can you help me? Any mod can fix that?

  • Taylor Rohlfs

    the code of Malacath is practicly the the Orc's bible

  • Agent 48

    this is in a misson in the mehrunes dagon blade in dawnstar

  • killie cast

    Orchish architecture? what is that, ive never seen anything more than wooden pallistides and some shaky buildings XD

  • Demonic Angel

    ESO orc hunters aren't peaceful they attack on sight so no you killed hostile people not innocents

  • Gabriel Krzyśko

    FIRST!? And good night.

  • Brian Sanders

    You don't actually have to 'follow' Barbas when you find him. You can just talk to him a bit, and when he heads to that temple on his own, you can just do whatever else you want, and then meet him there. He'll literally wait for you the whole time.

  • Jumping Narwhal

    He was really funny in this video! His content is getting better! His older stuff was great and he is making it even better!

  • Dylan Kane

    How the hell did ur carry weight go down by 100 after hitting 350 or whatever

  • Dfootball

    3:40 'Orcitecture'

  • Ťhę Ğenji Öf Şmüt

    Love your Videos BrotherI guess I already watched every video of yoursYour guides are awesome ❤️Keep up the good work

  • Spency2003 Gaming

    Can u make a bounty hunter build please

  • Badger Fuze

    Someone please tell me how his graphics are sooo nice??!? If he's using a mod, please tell me what it is! Thank you all! Also what console is he playing on?

  • Petar B

    I hope it won't attack us in this letplay thing.

  • Darth Doge

    Lol 1.40 makes me laugh.

  • Harry Collins

    Could you do a video on the bound bow?

  • FusionFuzeCore 113

    have you got mods to make the blood look better

  • Jb Broach

    when I play skyrim now I find myself saying get wrecked all the time your videos are really helpful eso and I love these let's play videos.

  • ingar

    You already made a 30 min vid about this place. and its amazing how you can spend 16 mins telling us that we can lockpick the door and enter this place. If you really wanna make vids about sse atleast make it about something new and something you havent already made 3-4 guides about! like 90% of your recent vids you have already made in normal skyrim, but to make two indentical guides in the same game just amazes me. (the vid im talking about is the mehrune dagons razor)also the last 5 mins of the vid is you figthing a dragon.. cmon man you are making these vids waaaaaaaaaay tooooooo loooooooong

  • Joe Taylor

    I'm early can I get a like

  • Louis Drittler

    Are two-handed weapons worth it? I don't know whether to use my dawnbreaker or an enchanted two handed weapon that has more attack damage?

  • Go Cardinals

    I love your channel, but this vault isn't really secret if it's part of a pretty common quest lol

  • bill doran

    wow I'm here early!

  • Casey Jones

    I know how to take off quest items 😀

  • Gohunt001 -

    can someone (preferably ESO himself) tell me why this video is mire of a commentary than a guide?

  • catsintexas

    I don't understand why you did not use an offensive Shout spell.  Come on, you must have some shouts, right?  your arrow isn't doing a thing.  when you run out of potions, you will die.

  • Stormtail

    I remember getting Mehrunes Dagger. I 1 hit Alduin with it xD

  • argella1300

    Hey ESO, would you do a walkthrough of Barbas's questline at some point (if you haven't already, of course)?

  • redlabl

    Lydia is stealthy like an elephant on roller skates 😂🤣

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    SKSE site had an update. They said SKSE64 beta will be released in mid-March.

  • Justo T.Baggins

    Dope video ESO, keep em coming!

  • ZeroChaotics113

    Hey ESOIt was your horse, horses always detect you in skyrim when you're in front of them. They have perception that would make the dedra jealous.

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