Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)

Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)!
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    Quick tip ! If you crouch in soil you can pretend your a potato

  • Glen Logan

    How can you play this over and over, my sis deleted my level 57 saves and I can't be bothered doing all the quests again (mostly because I hate doing draugr dungeons and dwarven cave things) also getting all the word walls and dragon priest masks.

  • Erick Viana

    dude will never forget the horse on the waterfall

  • WhenYouSee A lost kid

    2:25 "I use to be an adventurer like you"But then I took an arrow into the right nipple

  • Gohunt001 -

    can someone (preferably ESO himself) tell me why this video is mire of a commentary than a guide?

  • Sefraca

    I have never heard of this vault although I played this game for thousands of hours.Guys relax I just didn't know it was part of the Mehrunes Dagon quest. No need to be rude.

  • Ted Ridout

    How does he ready his bow so fast? I mean it's a hunting bow so naturally higher ds than other bows, but it's way quicker

  • Beast 246879

    I actually been here before lmao

  • Isaac h. Hoskie

    I slaughter anyone i see

  • Lego gladiator Lego

    your better then me at lock picking

  • Claire Gehlhausen

    Just realized you sound like Colin Firth XD

  • w.newell

    I finally have daedric at level 37 woooo

  • XENO051

    Be quiet dragon I am hunting

  • demonic angel

    ESO orc hunters aren't peaceful they attack on sight so no you killed hostile people not innocents

  • TheFatCat

    It was so funny when barbas scares you

  • XylonMarksmon HD

    are all these on the Xbox 360 version

  • Bobby Puckett Music

    If you fire an arrow into the empty room, your enemies will run toward it instead of you.

  • Caelan Denning

    I find if you kill enough hunters they all attack you when they see you

  • TheBird404

    It's funny because I discovered the vault yesterday while exploring the woods near the dark brotherhood sanctuary and now I find out I find this video the day after

  • will riseabove

    can you get those graphic mods on ps4?

  • JasparDark

    Hahahaha absolutely gutted at Barbas showing up and your reaction - awesomeness!I really like the commentary on your vids mate!

  • kazuto kirigya

    I am going to get Skyrim for my Nintendo switch so I can play this game outside of my house where I use my PC

  • Jaydon Pfab

    man, eso is a savage. "That was an ugly a** girl!"

  • Elijah Lappin

    Wow how rude of you to shoot ladies in the nipples 😂

  • zander chiasson

    its not orcish architecture, its orcitechture


    does it piss anyone off that he didnt loot the dragon

  • Siguid Caterina

    whats the difference between wyvern and dragon? cause some people said that skyrim dragons are actually wyverns

  • make munakulli öfficöal fän kannel

    Do toi have vid wheres there are the links to all mods in thease videos

  • swingbean

    hey eso, i have found a way to get alteration to 100 in 5 seconds, you might want to check it out

  • Pera Peric

    I killed that dragon by hiding in a blacksmiths shed in Cracked Tusk Keep. I was too weak to kill it in open world. And i was sumoning Dremora to keep it busy while i shoot it with arrows.

  • Nathaniel McGuire

    it isn't even a secret valt

  • TennoHack

    He was attacking you because you're more dangerous

  • Badger Fuze

    Someone please tell me how his graphics are sooo nice??!? If he's using a mod, please tell me what it is! Thank you all! Also what console is he playing on?

  • Alphas Queen

    Talos is not a GodRealise thatThalmor forever!!!

  • Dylan Kane

    How the hell did ur carry weight go down by 100 after hitting 350 or whatever

  • Mr. Highway

    What mods are u useing?

  • Ωrion

    I hope you know that that was an orc stronghold

  • Dovakiin freddy

    HA as I'm opening my late gift while I'm watchng this my late gift was SKYRIM LOLOLOL

  • EBSlendy

    the dwemmer made a vault, i guess they were prepared for the future

  • Pearce Funny Talk

    I love when you do the created it is so also Matt (Alston)

  • Justin Aldous

    Maybe I can add minutes to my video of I walk way more than needed.

  • adagorn

    I like the way he says just there

  • Rob Bob

    "Pretty soul gem"

  • SnailFix

    The rocks look blue or green

  • Carter Sargent

    "How bout a knife in your back!"😂😂😂😂

  • EnderWool

    What's the name of the enb he's using?


    I just looted that yesterday!!

  • Austin Staggs

    6 lockpicks to open one master lock. 😂 Someone needs to work on they're lockpicking.

  • Lance Sewell

    Found this place when i was level 6 hard as fuck then

  • Raiyan Sultan

    for the first time in Eso's videos... i am in the first 10 views😄😄😄

  • Xx_IndigoFerret_xX

    no the orcs are hostile

  • Alex Bates

    Is this the remastered version?

  • F0x7 ?

    I used 52 lock picks to try to get that master chest and got it on the last one

  • neriorus

    What platform is this?....the gameplay looks more detailed than Xbox one skyrim remastered

  • Jenova Project

    Why the fuck ESO got blue rocks in his game?

  • She wants the D!

    "BE QUIET DRAGON. I am hunting... more dangerous animals than yourself." I love this guy

  • Seiryu Box

    Cracked Tusk keep isn't a bandit camp lol. Its an isolationist orc camp. You can get in by doing one of the orc camps a favor

  • Kim Jasper Agoncillo

    dat killcam betrayed him

  • Brian

    Just love the "GET REKT SON!"

  • Hinotsuj Warrior

    Dope video ESO, keep em coming!

  • Alan Ames

    I unsubscribd because you killed a fox that didn't do nothing. I wish you ill luck on your Skyrim adventures,but I will continue watching your videos.

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