Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)

Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)!
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  • Gohunt001 -

    can someone (preferably ESO himself) tell me why this video is mire of a commentary than a guide?

  • Erick Viana

    dude will never forget the horse on the waterfall


    Quick tip ! If you crouch in soil you can pretend your a potato

  • Glen Logan

    How can you play this over and over, my sis deleted my level 57 saves and I can't be bothered doing all the quests again (mostly because I hate doing draugr dungeons and dwarven cave things) also getting all the word walls and dragon priest masks.

  • WhenYouSee A lost kid

    2:25 "I use to be an adventurer like you"But then I took an arrow into the right nipple

  • Sefraca

    I have never heard of this vault although I played this game for thousands of hours.Guys relax I just didn't know it was part of the Mehrunes Dagon quest. No need to be rude.

  • Batbear Aka.Freddy

    HA as I'm opening my late gift while I'm watchng this my late gift was SKYRIM LOLOLOL

  • Badger Fuze

    Someone please tell me how his graphics are sooo nice??!? If he's using a mod, please tell me what it is! Thank you all! Also what console is he playing on?

  • swingbean

    hey eso, i have found a way to get alteration to 100 in 5 seconds, you might want to check it out

  • Siguid Caterina

    whats the difference between wyvern and dragon? cause some people said that skyrim dragons are actually wyverns

  • LeggyG

    ESO Is there a way to not be a vampire or werewolf after activating them

  • Lorenzo C.B.

    that lighting is from the Skyrim Special Edition or is just beacuse mods?

  • CoonGamingYT

    one question eso,I haven't gotten online in a while so are the skyrim dlcs free?

  • Dwarf Mafia

    I use this as my base before I knew about the homestead in whiterun

  • Jenova Project

    Why the fuck ESO got blue rocks in his game?

  • Xl Sandman lX

    actually you can just run straight through all of those traps... if your sprinting then it's a little to easy.

  • Solid moon

    Shield Charge through ALL the traps and bandits.


    Have you joined the stormcloaks?

  • AAG- AllAroundGaming

    what's the mod for the shield please?

  • Riot King

    LOL Oh yes the ultimate kill cam, the booty shot........NOPE!

  • Spoopy skeleton

    this is in a misson in the mehrunes dagon blade in dawnstar

  • Brian Sanders

    You don't actually have to 'follow' Barbas when you find him. You can just talk to him a bit, and when he heads to that temple on his own, you can just do whatever else you want, and then meet him there. He'll literally wait for you the whole time.

  • ORIONS Bane

    Is this also on the Xbox 360?

  • argella1300

    Hey ESO, would you do a walkthrough of Barbas's questline at some point (if you haven't already, of course)?

  • noob gaming

    make kharjo your companion

  • And Schu

    Hi ESOFirst great content 👍I have a question which you or your community can help me with.Is there a damage cap in Skyrim ?I mean the damage I can deal in certain situations.I noticed it in that situation where I face an enemy like a draugr which is leveled with me.My specifications areI'm level 105Legendary difficulty weapons bowsI noticed that It makes no difference if I use a bow with about 1200 dmg or 900 dmg I still need 3 shots (detected)It would be really interesting to know if there is a it makes no sense to max out your weapons over that point.I hope you can help me guys 💪

  • Michael Jarrett

    hey ESO, Small suggestion, Reanimate corpse or any of the reanimation spells on a dragon skeleton will have some "MUST SEE" or "Interesting" effects i think you should check out :) enjoy the crazy physics

  • rindoue dragonus

    The "Chaos" enchantment is perfect for any bow you may use. Though I stick with either the "Long Bow or Hunting Bow" for my playthroughs, also when upgraded to legendary. Even on legendary difficulty, it is always one hit kill even against all types of dragons. Though my current bow has the enchantments "Chaos & Dragon Slayer" which is way overpowered against dragons. But then any weapon even without enchantments can be made to instant kill even a wooden sword can be upgraded to that capability.

  • Casey Jones

    I know how to take off quest items 😀

  • christopher yepez

    war crimes a plenty lol

  • Demonic Aspect

    Do not call me squad. You are white. bad. bad.lmao JK

  • Draaxus

    3:49 Barbas: Maybe if I kill everyone here he'll accept my quest

  • Le tron d'arbre Qui parle

    Lol Barbas comming out of nowerre.

  • Gabriel Krzyśko

    FIRST!? And good night.

  • ingar

    You already made a 30 min vid about this place. and its amazing how you can spend 16 mins telling us that we can lockpick the door and enter this place. If you really wanna make vids about sse atleast make it about something new and something you havent already made 3-4 guides about! like 90% of your recent vids you have already made in normal skyrim, but to make two indentical guides in the same game just amazes me. (the vid im talking about is the mehrune dagons razor)also the last 5 mins of the vid is you figthing a dragon.. cmon man you are making these vids waaaaaaaaaay tooooooo loooooooong

  • Benja Prieto

    What mods do you use? This skyrim looks very nice!

  • Gryfang V

    It's ok eso the kill cam has done that to me as well

  • Progamer500

    Do the theirs guild quest line to get the skeleton key

  • T JO

    Is this skyrim remastered or is he just using an ENB?

  • Pokemon Soul Wifi Battles

    Barbas followed me to solitude to once when I fast traveled near him. he tried give me the quest while a dragon attack us

  • Joshua Edwards

    The funny thing i was just at that location collecting one of the pieces for the dagger 15 minutes before watching this video.

  • Ahmad Alhasan

    His graphics are beautiful

  • Obsidian Shielded

    Man your signs of speech are very scientific you human being called ESO.

  • Damien TEP / The Emerald Pickaxe

    ESO, do you like the Dwemer?

  • captain Fuckshit

    "He will also not be coming with us" Idk why that made me laugh so hard

  • Etern4l Saiy4n

    Great job on the video keep making funny jokes

  • Buddha Hart

    have you done a labyrinthian walkthrough?

  • Flip This

    What mod do you have for your textures

  • Nerd Person

    I've done this before apparently

  • mrnickbig1

    What the hell is up with your tail?

  • Logan Wilson

    I had to fight dremora hunters 😂😂


    mehrunes razor ebony blade and malog bals mace are like the easiest daedric weapons to get.

  • RIPbiker13

    Hashtag getwreckedson haha

  • Edward Kootuk

    orc hunters attack you too they just got to work with bandits

  • Adam Vlogs

    you youse the bow so mutch you should download the scope mod

  • william werber

    Great Vid! Lots a loot!

  • fire dash

    Where do you get that sheild

  • Matt Burnham

    "Get rekt son" one of the rare things that doesn't sound smarter in a British accent

  • Blue Striker

    have you got mods to make the blood look better

  • C02ky The Overlord


  • Raphael Baron

    I already took care of that vault and the dagger so the goal of the video was as interesting to me as the rest was. "my horse is on fire!"

  • Danko von Bismarck

    Wait a second!There is a version of Merunes Razor that doesn't cost 2.99?

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