Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)

Skyrim Secret Vault of Cracked Tusk Keep (Location Chests Walkthrough)!
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    Quick tip ! If you crouch in soil you can pretend your a potato

  • Erick Viana

    dude will never forget the horse on the waterfall

  • Neoplumes

    If you fire an arrow into the empty room, your enemies will run toward it instead of you.

  • JasparDark

    Hahahaha absolutely gutted at Barbas showing up and your reaction - awesomeness!I really like the commentary on your vids mate!

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Eso I have a question: does dual wielding really make you do more damage or are you just pointlessly holding 2 individual weapons?

  • Sefraca

    I have never heard of this vault although I played this game for thousands of hours.Guys relax I just didn't know it was part of the Mehrunes Dagon quest. No need to be rude.

  • Raiyan Sultan

    for the first time in Eso's videos... i am in the first 10 views😄😄😄

  • California Girls

    Good video ESO I remember this place from the Mehrunes Dagon Quest!

  • Tristan Fraedrich

    Gezz the best place for lesser / pretty soul gems

  • Dc watcher

    Eso can you please play a bit of Morrowind and oblivion their half price on steam if you don't have them.

  • Zarala2010

    ESO: "Let's do a stealth run of this dungeon!"Random dragon and a daedric doggo be like: "Oh reeeeeeally?":D

  • dušan podmanický

    i like how u tried to cover up your lockpicking part for the master chest but we can still see how many picks you broke in bottom right corner

  • FlexBlade

    wow you just released it, i usually watch videos that are 2-4 years old :D

  • Anton

    ESO could you give a list of your mods?

  • Darth Yoshino

    Dear ESO,We require a mod listYours faithfully, the fans.

  • youbloodyrippa

    really? I thought this would be something cool turns out just a quest everyone's done

  • Ryan

    lol i JUST went here yesterday XD

  • Fatality-X7

    Love your Videos BrotherI guess I already watched every video of yoursYour guides are awesome ❤️Keep up the good work

  • Xavier Thorn

    It's your horse, your horse can see you.

  • FaZe Failure of the Sphincter

    someone was in blackreach to get that sheild

  • Jumping Narwhal

    He was really funny in this video! His content is getting better! His older stuff was great and he is making it even better!

  • Agent 48

    this is in a misson in the mehrunes dagon blade in dawnstar

  • RIPbiker13

    Hashtag getwreckedson haha

  • DMCPOJ117 Norred

    GODDAMNIT MY HORSE IS ON FIRE!!I know ESO, happens to me all the time

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    How do they not have at least 2,000,000 subscribers

  • James Stead

    Just fast travelled to this location toget somewhere and blood dragon spawned at that exact necromancer spot

  • redlabl

    Lydia is stealthy like an elephant on roller skates 😂🤣

  • Sarcasm.

    "You are exactly what I was looking for.""Jesus. I do not want to talk. leave me alone please."Bruh I'm dead

  • killie cast

    Orchish architecture? what is that, ive never seen anything more than wooden pallistides and some shaky buildings XD

  • Jaydon Pfab

    man, eso is a savage. "That was an ugly a** girl!"

  • Kelly Does Things

    There was 666 comments... 0.0 ok im 667 XD I dont care what I am.THANKS ESO FOR YOUR VIDEOS XD

  • Harry Collins

    Could you do a video on the bound bow?

  • Spency2003 Gaming

    Can u make a bounty hunter build please

  • skimask3

    ESO, my favorite channel keep it going man. :)

  • Mohamed Elshenawy

    i will do this as stealthily as possible."kills every single organism in the place"

  • Lamb Sauceror

    Wait a second!There is a version of Merunes Razor that doesn't cost 2.99?

  • Akamekitty

    "Secret" vault aka literally one of the main locations in a quest.Right...

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    is this special edition or original skyrim?? and what mods pls

  • Darth Doge

    Lol 1.40 makes me laugh.

  • Gabriel Krzyśko

    FIRST!? And good night.

  • Reactor Core

    Thats what you get for underestimate a dragon.😂

  • Pedro Farias

    I lust love How killcams, also work with missed shots!Haha

  • Neve Fae

    ESO you ABSOLUTE SAVAGE! Thank you for consistently awesome videos ^^

  • ZeroChaotics113

    Hey ESOIt was your horse, horses always detect you in skyrim when you're in front of them. They have perception that would make the dedra jealous.

  • Javier Perez

    today we will be discoveri NH the legend 27 😂

  • Petar B

    I hope it won't attack us in this letplay thing.

  • Hakem Halim

    i really enjoy watching your video and your commentary , its really funny sometimes . Keep up the good work !

  • Karma Reaper

    Yessss! I always wanted that razor thing!! Haha! Thanks so much ESO! You're the best!!! 😊

  • TCK Eliteassassin DW

    mehrunes razor ebony blade and malog bals mace are like the easiest daedric weapons to get.

  • Dfootball

    3:40 'Orcitecture'

  • FusionFuzeCore 113

    have you got mods to make the blood look better

  • Praelum

    if you haven't already, you should do a walkthrough of the lighthouse that gives you sailor's blessing.

  • Susan Dease

    Love your videos and clever commentary. Thanks for sharing with us. But I tend to stop watching when you take the Lord's name in vain. :(


    what kind of texture pack are you using.?

  • Austin Staggs

    6 lockpicks to open one master lock. 😂 Someone needs to work on they're lockpicking.

  • CCmagnus 8

    I have been watching you for 34 weeks

  • Richard Vega

    what mods are you using. beautiful gameplay

  • Hybrid Snake

    Best part of this entire video is when he's battling the dragon & stops to get off the horse... "Ahhh! My fk'ng face!!" lol

  • Samuel Hein

    When i did the nightgales quest i kept the skelton key and it doesn't break

  • captain Fuckshit

    "He will also not be coming with us" Idk why that made me laugh so hard

  • Zerorus of the Knight

    Hey ESO i found a neat trick while I was playing skyrim if your overmcumbered and on a horse I used shawdowmere you can fast travel

  • Justo T.Baggins

    Dope video ESO, keep em coming!

  • Moviemac Reviews

    Saying, "Get wrecked son!" All casual like, with that accent... 😂😂😂

  • MC Hoodie

    I always looked foward to coming to this place for the mehrunes Dagon quest

  • Badger Fuze

    Someone please tell me how his graphics are sooo nice??!? If he's using a mod, please tell me what it is! Thank you all! Also what console is he playing on?

  • Bryce

    Your horse was detecting you by using a confusion spell.

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