Fallout 4 by BubblesDelFuego in 1:05:09 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 127

"Fallout 4 by BubblesDelFuego in 1:05:09 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 127" no description available.
  • YokusaHHart

    Player: Is that a bug or a feature?Todd Howard: Yes.

  • Gameboy Cardo

    "If somebody double claps I swear to gosh." lmao

  • Tim Burgess

    Y'all are buggin I like this dude, I actually like almost all of the runners that appear

  • Shawn


  • Collin Coover

    This guy is a class A memer

  • Fyn Cioban

    I was so happy when they referenced monster factory

  • artemi7

    This was a great runner! Nice, in depth commentary on both the strats used and giving respect to the community, with a way to get audience participation in a way that doesn't leave them clapping awkwardly at the wrong moment. Not a ton of jokes, but just a very polished technical run.

  • yung co

    this guy isn't even rude wtf

  • Andrew Farrington

    Start 0:57; Defrost 9:41

  • Tomason Alexander Producciones

    All elder scrolls plus fallout 3 and 4 in one marathon? that's great!

  • Grimwol

    41:38 I had my dog sleeping on my lap as he said this.

  • Antoine Lanthier

    "thanks todd"

  • Really Shua

    damn this dude does speed runs and speed talks at the same damn time...

  • aroo

    "he's the best friend I've ever had, full applause""(murdered two innocents in their beds) full applause"I kek'd

  • Big Dubyuh

    todd cost him a second by jumping into the ceiling and slowing him down

  • My life Why

    "And I'm going to go through the back door, don't try that at home" not a single person laughed, tough crowd.

  • Tony R.

    "God, that guy's long…"- Bubbles, 2016

  • Zach Noorman

    This game has cover mechanics? I've been playing for like 3 days in game time.

  • Unlucky Hylian

    that guy behind the couch in the green shirt did the negative clap

  • FartingSpider12

    People in the comments: "Man this guy seems like a jerk" Me: At 7:30 Bubbles starts giving praise and thanks to all the people who helped him start speedrunning this game (thank god he said one clap or else we'd have been there all day) and ends it with a heartfelt thanks to his friend and rival, how exactly does he seem like a jerk again?

  • really not uni

    "slow movements okay?" What bubbles does: MOVING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!

  • sven degen

    one hour to finish the game? jesus christ

  • Eric Osburn

    I loved the shoutout section. That was a really cool thing to do.

  • Bccc Secret society

    These mofo have phd's in gaming.. its insane how much they understnad about these games. and these games seem pretty complex.

  • Cubonica

    Is Bubbles actually Jeb Bush?

  • No Signal Pictures

    This guy's meme-ing is too much for me

  • TastyBrush

    24:09 Comedy at it's finest xD

  • Carpet Climber

    A glitch fest in a game from Bethesda? No way!

  • VevoGirlBoom Subscribe

    if you having trouble with railroad code it is railroad you have to spell railroad

  • JBlazzy

    Fallout 3 By BubblesDelFuego was part 127 in the SGDQ 2015. Fallout 4 By BubblesDelFuego was also part 127 in the SGDQ 2016 :P Coincidentally funny

  • James Medina

    final pam is pleased with metal speed runner

  • Cesferort

    Blood Thunder spotted :v

  • Ruxis

    People in the comments sections must have hella insecurities if they thought the one clap was cringey or the runner was weird. Literally nothing wrong with the run

  • RedRavenRages

    Me : 400 hours to beat the game.Runner : 1 hour to beat the game😪

  • That one guy with a semi-long name.

    "Umbrella for Resident Evil."That's a joke.... right?

  • QOlo

    Bubbles is love. Bubbles is life.

  • Thomas Hausler

    To those without a sense of humor, the "one clap" thing is not only audience engagement, but is also a way to make them aware of things that are actually tricks or something to the effect while also making it memorable and entertaining for the live audience. It ensures their attention is kept and it's kind of a jab at the fact that people clap over things he likely doesn't feel deserves applause. I, for one, enjoy it more than the people that go "That's actually a really difficult trick I can't believe I got that first try." which feels more like fishing for applause which they usually get. As much as I hate the term, it's reminiscent of the "humble brag." At least this guy was on point with the tricks and the whole one clap thing actually gave me a good chuckle the further along it went. Just because he's confident and is performing and entertaining his audience rather than simply playing the game and ignoring the audience behind him doesn't make him a jerk. It makes him an entertainer. And let's face it. Everyone's going to be like "Man, that fallout 4 run was pretty cool / super lame." "Oh yea, wasn't that the one clap guy?" No such thing as bad publicity, so long as it's something memorable.

  • TacosTyler

    22 taps on the glassthats right i countedez

  • Bristt

    fav part of SGDQ by farlove u bubbles and BT :D <3

  • Sniper Wood

    Has anyone broke a record at SGDQ?

  • RJKhey

    I enjoyed it. Thanks for the speedrun :)

  • CountJuggles

    this dude is a memelord lol

  • Dat Boi

    I was looking for this by typing in the search and I couldn't find a fallout 4 speedrun. but as I search through dgq I find it.

  • Sanima Cailer

    actually you can enter kelloggs memory while in thirdperson and you will still be in third person when you are in the actual thing, though you cant change between first and thirdperson once in the memory

  • TheWitness

    I'll give two claps. Done.

  • A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars

    Thanks for editing out the intro and getting straight to the run!

  • Ezra Dactyl

    My grandma is upset because the lights keep flickering but I didn't tell her to buy the clapper, I'm watching my damn video game video

  • Cody Martinez

    Amazing how buggy bethesda's games continue to be. Good for speedrunners at least.

  • Sanima Cailer

    "the institute kidnapped my son" "damn thats bad even for them""why would you want to mess with the institute" "they kidnapped my son" "damn"all within the span of 30 seconds... preston has a pretty shitty memory EDIT: i just remembered its called alzhiemers or something like that after forgetting what it was called, how funny is that?

  • KyleGG

    Runner, it's been a few years but read the book the mind body prescription. Your RSI symptoms will be reduced after a few hours. Livable after 2 weeks. You'll stop wearing any sort of brace after a month or two.

  • Mackenzie B

    Really interesting speedrun. The runner was definitely quite the character, haha. I can see why he irks some people. Although I'm not sure why there's so much fighting about it. Some people like him, and some think he's a douche, but it's not a big deal either way. In the end, at least he helped raise money for charity.

  • lane shirel

    anyone know how to do the vendor glitch he did?

  • Hamsambwich

    Favorite speed runner! Let's go!

  • dailydols

    What about a "Save/Kill Shawn" for future AGDQ/SGDQ runs?....was Shawn available at the end? I didn't see him.

  • Michael McDonald

    That's actually the road cone from Half Life 2. HL3 confirmed.

  • punkassbitch

    It took the TheFinalPam 1 hour to find Shaun Now how long did it take Assface?

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