The Truth About The Ebony Warrior

What could actually be the real last boss of the game, possesses actually no story at all. A character drenched in mystery; a mystery of a past that might have actually been hidden by Bethesda itself.

If you want to look it up yourself, this god is called Reymon Ebonarm. See if you want to find something about it but my girlfriend made the connection between the two and after a little bit research i found it to be extremely interesting. Especially the fact where he just kind of banishes from the face of history.

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  • MrRhexx

    It is interesting to mention that he is talked about a lot in Daggerfall before the Warp In The West, which is one of the most famous Dragon Breaks in the history books. It is known that the past can be completely erased and re-shaped in one of these warps. Maybe Bethesda is prepping for this Hero to reappear at some point in the future having his past being erased.

  • Christian Hatfield

    Maybe he's a black nord.

  • The Emo Emu

    ihbony?Sing it with me:ihbony and ivorycome together in perfect harmony

  • Kid Buu

    He ProtecHe AttacBut most importantly He Blac

  • Mintonako

    PLOT TWIST: The Ebony Warrior is Nazeem

  • Tibbo Ocelot

    What if the Ebony Warrior is the protagonist from Redguard?

  • -N- Tertain

    the ebony warrior represents character from oblivion, the strongest armor and weapons in oblivion was umbra, umbra the NPC was a redguard. But seeing as he's talking about quests. Means the character that defeated Umbra, wore the armor and wielded the sword (Your oblivion character) then became Umbra, the ebony warrior.

  • Joe M

    Uses Dread Thrall on Ebony WarriorI am DeathDestroyer of Worlds

  • Inferno 727

    He is a player character

  • Duncan Douglas

    Imagine taking off the helmet and seeing Nazeem.

  • Steven Hamilton

    The ebony warrior is obviously a whole bunch of chickens ganging up against you. Dem chikenz have power.

  • Cameron Harrison

    do you think that the Thalmor erased Ebonarm like they intended to do to Talos in TESV?

  • Prussicher Royal Memer

    Maby he's a nord that got a nice tan

  • tccasanova

    When you kill him and go to sovngarde can you find him?

  • unfortunatevent

    Killed the Ebony Warrior. Got married later and he showed up to my wedding..... 👀

  • Magnus Garrett

    Or maybe he's just a warrior from hammerfell........

  • Froze

    I have a theory. You are the Ebony Warrior, no one sees him but you. Bethesda thinks that youve completely mastered the game, and that it is time for the Dragon Born to die. So it is time for you to say farewell to all of your friends, and go away into the edge of Skyrim to die at the hands of yourself. Where you become a Legend, songs are sang, everyone remembers you as well as they remembered Tiber Septim. And at the exact moment you kill the Ebony Warrior, you kill yourself. As you were one between gods as in your fall, you hear dragon roars. As the cold night's wind begins to soar through as cold rain begins to fall, and god like light revolves around all of Tamriel to let know that the Last Dragonborn, has died.

  • owain newton

    I see many comments about how the ebony warrior is you from a different game. Im here to tell you that you're wrong, and why. When people begin to realise that you are the dragonborn, they describe the last dragonborn as being from 200+ years ago. The ebony warrior has dragon shouts, making it a possibility that he is dragonborn himself. To learn the way of the voice without devoting your entire life to it makes it impossible to speak without causing earthquakes. This is how he can speak, and use the shouts. You as a character don't age, so why should he? He has existed throughout all of time, since the beginning, honing his skills, practicing, gaining experience in quest after quest after quest. He never stopped, making himself the best, the only hero of Tamriel, finally settling in Skyrim. Then, he waited. His reach and influence allowed him to manipulate the flow of time across the dimensions, even holding down the daedra. Eventually, he began to tire. He made his first mistake in not ensuring the death of Alduin, instead leaving the dragon to be injected into the future. His second was not using his political reach to prevent the civil war. Suddenly, as all of the shit is ready to hit the proverbial fan, there are whispers.Tales of a man who survived a meeting with a dragon, a man who absorbs the very life essence of those he kills. The ebony warrior smiles. Finally. The time has come.He steers the new dragonborn on a path similar to that of his from so long ago. Offering small snippets of help, and mysterious notes. He calls in all of his favours, all of the debts owed to him after his own story was completed. Every faction ensures that there is a place for the new dragonborn, in honour of the ebony warrior's old glory.The new dragonborn grows ever stronger, and the ebony warrior reaches an impasse. Continue shaping the face of Skyrim, as an honorary god, or die, invited to Sovengarde by all those who witnessed his influence over the ages.The ebony warrior makes his decision. It is time to rest. He had fought the good fight for so long, battling across tundras, forests and holds over and over again. He invites YOU to kill him, to take his place as the self proclaimed god of the overworld. He sees a lot of himself in you, similar goals, similar strength... ... similar blood.

  • Guaxinim Pixelado

    The Ebony Warrior is literally you! He is the most powerfull enemy, hr can do evertthing, JUST LIKE YOU!

  • Mortal Komment

    Maybe he's the guy that keeps leaving notes on the dragon shout locations.

  • Cruzado de Reyes

    Red hair, ebony armor, and dark skin... sounds like Ganon!

  • Nathan Keel

    Ebony warrior had you saved from your execution with the first dragon!!!

  • Phazelord

    maybe he was the last dragon borne

  • Angry Fox

    his wish is to die in battle so he can go to Sovernguard. But since he’s a redguard he can’t go. So he tried everything in his power to be like a nord and be worthy to go. That’s why he’s so strong. That’s why he wanted his final battle to be against someone just as strong as himself. The Dragonborn.

  • ­ ­ ­ ­

    It's clearly nazeem

  • Alimare

    I personally believe that the Ebony Warrior is simply Skyrim's version of Umbra. Umbra has already been a male Orc (Morrowind) and a female Bosmer (Oblivion), so to make it a Redguard this time isn't anything I'm hyped over. In the other Elder Scrolls games in which Umbra is seen, it is a "spirit" of sorts, with only one great adventure left: to be slain by a hero worthy of the fight. In Morrowind, he asks the Nerevarine to kill him, and in Oblivion, she asks the Hero of Kvatch to kill her. This is just a glorified version of Umbra, but without the trademark Umbra's Sword, instead being replaced by a life sucking sword rather than a soul trapping one. That's just my theory, of course, but yeah. The Ebony Warrior is just a less cool version of Umbra, IMO.

  • The Eloquent Pagan

    Well the nine divines are all based on people who worked on the elder scrolls so if Ebonarm is based on someone as well ( I don't know if he was ) maybe he/she had a falling out with Bethesda or just left the company.

  • Tide Pods

    "He doesnt exist"... not yet.

  • TheCreepingYoshi

    I respect the Ebony Warrior, but also feel a sense of sadness for our strongest opponent 😞

  • themoxy10

    ee-bo-nee waaaa-reeeeeee-aaaaaaa

  • Jayden Nitschke

    i think that he is another version of you.he started of as a mystery and works his way up to getti g married and having children and slaying evil but then his family dies and as he may have some power simmilar to dragonborns like something from hammerfell and he cant realy die or mabey that god you where talki g about wanted to live among the people he loved that were mortal but then he loses everythi g and wants to go back to being dead or out of life

  • Kayana Koe

    I always thought the Ebony Warrior doubled as a nod towards your own personal character, joke or otherwise. By the time you leveled up to spawn him, you've done just about literally everything the game has to offer and winds up feeling like a final boss of a sort.Sorry if this didn't seem clear, I'm a bit tired atm.

  • Ethan Wilson

    Perhaps he was removed through CHIM?! Like the forests/Jungle of Cyrodiil

  • Joshua Childs

    he's hiding in a mortal form and when he dies he becomes a for again and repeating in historymy messed up theory

  • Arthur K

    Wow, that is great theory I have never thought about this connection.

  • JudasOP

    Eebiny. English is not your first language

  • David Valencia

    What if the ebony warrior is like you from a future elder scrolls

  • Nate Castle

    Maybe, he's the one that sends you the letters throughout the game.

  • Jaxx Adamz

    Really getting sick of you mis-pronouncing the word "ebony"

  • ThatOneWhiteGuy

    I used unrelenting force and shouted him off a cliff but the game glitched and won't let me complete the quest

  • UnrealWaifu

    Ok so im here 2 years later and I really wanna know what the song your using in the background is called?

  • Halo is the Greatest

    So is the ebony warrior more legendary then the dragon born?

  • Dakota Bird

    It would have been really cool if after you killed him and remove his helmet, it turns out to be your character model

  • swagmaster 3000

    What if the ebony warrior isnt just a reflection of a player but is a real player that no one knows about. Like a team of people at bethesda are just fighting people once theyve killed everything else. How awesome would it be if that is the case and you actually just took on bethesda and won-_-

  • stranger danger

    Lol the funniest thing to do in Skyrim is hack in the Grey Ageis. 100% magic resistance.

  • Freddy Vargas

    he is like odoseis and he was at the war and was a captain and at the war he got in lots of fights and all of his men died and now he wants to go to someingard

  • Thiago Weslley

    For me, Ebony Warrior is just a joke, you are at level 79, you have nothing to do, you level up to 80 and appears a guy that have nothing to do like you, and you think "Yeah, finally I have something to do".

  • Steve Griffin

    It’s not eee bon eee it’s eb. O knee

  • Tony Kalia

    I made the ebony warrior a companion. Took a lot of mods but it was worth it.

  • ak420haze

    Jesus, it is ebony not eebony...

  • Extrovert

    The Ebony Warrior is Umbra on Steroids.

  • Alison Shipley

    Could you possibly learn how to pronounce this stuff

  • T. Afanasyev

    It's *ebony*, not eebony. Lol

  • PickleRick

    I feel like the ebony warrior is just a reflection of you, you've done everything in the game beaten everyone and now your the highest level in the game and nothing can stand up to u.

  • Aslan Goral

    I found the ebony warrior at level 50? Also i found him in windhelm i went to the last vigil but no one was there so i went back to windhelm and he was dead wtf.

  • Kurt King

    ANSWER: Ewanard attempted CHIM and failed. Removed of time itself even from Bethesda and now became the Ebony Warror.

  • Damian Platnumb

    ebony ~ black redguard ~ black mystery solved

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    *Ebony Warrior approaches The Last Dragonborn Ebony Warrior: I want to die honorably by someone worthy of doing so, so that my soul be sent to Sovngard. I choose you, battle me.Dragonborn: K.*Dragonborn kills Ebony Warrior and uses Soul Trap to fill a Black Soul gem.

  • Clorox Bleach

    The ebony warrior looks a lot like the red guard from the hammer fell game

  • Lord Hollow

    it was because he was black!! and besides everybody knows in Skyrim the Nords are racist.

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