The Truth About The Ebony Warrior

What could actually be the real last boss of the game, possesses actually no story at all. A character drenched in mystery; a mystery of a past that might have actually been hidden by Bethesda itself.

If you want to look it up yourself, this god is called Reymon Ebonarm. See if you want to find something about it but my girlfriend made the connection between the two and after a little bit research i found it to be extremely interesting. Especially the fact where he just kind of banishes from the face of history.

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    Can't wait to fight him in Special Edition! Never fought him in last gen, but this is MAH time now.

  • Damien Harkat

    my fucked up theory:Ebony Warrior is not a man, but a self-fulfilling curse.Think about it.By the time you're level 80, you've probably done every major quest, gotten the best armor, weapons, learned all the shouts, you lead all the groups and gangs, you have favor from all the Daedra.And when you reach 80, you find EW literally say he's got no quests or challenges left, and he needs a warriors death to go to a paradise fit for a warrior of his calibur.He then proceeded to be the toughest fight you face in the game. Even blasting him off the mountain barely harms him. Finally, you manage to kill him. He now goes to Soverngard for being given a warriors death. But now...You're the most powerful being in Skyrim without question. Arguably the world at that moment.Dont you want a reward for all this effort? To go to paradise for falling in battle like a true warrior? Now how can you do this? Cant kill yourself. Cant summon anything. nothing is strong enough. Even the Troll God fell to you. Every dragon, monster, mortal, and machine cant touch you.Best bet? Manipulate a warrior to become strong enough to kill you. Maybe with the guilds and brotherhoods and political influence you now have...not to mention you are strong enough to make man and dragon alike do your bidding...theyll make fine challanges and mentors. Maybe some...divine assistance? As the new, grand champion of all Daedra, you can probably ask a favor or two...And you know where all the words of power are.Someday, someone else will have the blood of dragons, and you'll hear their thuum from far and wide...maybe they could use some help. A letter from a friend...perhaps...

  • TheFightingYoshi

    I respect the Ebony Warrior, but also feel a sense of sadness for our strongest opponent 😞

  • TJ PM

    I always soul trap him in a black soul gem so his soul cant go to soveingarde...sorry not sorry.......

  • EnclaveTesla

    ebony armor is my favorite armor. but daedric armor is far Superior

  • My 360 No-Scope Life

    People need to realize that non dragonborn can still use the thu'um. the graybeards are not dragonborn and they can shout. The dragonborn's only advantage is to steal a dragons soul and use it to learn a shout.The ebony warrior probably traveled up High H'rothgar to learn shouts and become stronger.

  • Gabo Derflinger

    Why people keeps bitching about this? It doesn't matter the race, all honorable warriors go to the freaking Sovngarde! Unless their soul gets trapped in the soul cairn.

  • Miles Gregory

    You find him in Daggerfall you insolent swine

  • Lord Jenkum

    This whole comment section is full of lore noobs Lel.

  • Ocular Prowess

    I love how mysterious and powerful this dude actually is. I pretty much heard of this dude from my bro, and never did I plan to play Skyrim, but I only decided to pick this game up to fight this guy, and I spent days leveling up until we crossed paths. All of that effort paid off, and it was a victory after the first clash. Hands down my favorite enemy by far.

  • TheShadowOfHumanity

    I can't confirm this but I think it was meant to be the next wielder of Umbra but then they decided not to bring that sword back.

  • Luigi O Yeea

    I'm level 89 I have yet to encounter him?


    I was pickpocketing him, he is a Breton for me.

  • Fear Induced

    On The Elder Scrolls Official Site, there's a game you can get for free called, "The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard" It's depicts a Redgaurd hero named Cyrus who you play as in the game. Seems interesting to say the least.

  • tccasanova

    When you kill him and go to sovngarde can you find him?

  • some awesome guy

    Actually um im on Xbox 1 and the ebony warrior is still there

  • ReelyReed

    Ebonarm no longer exist in the post talos timeline after ES Redguard

  • Ben

    its more anti white multicultural propaganda. since the remastering all npcs of all races are pretty much brown

  • Lil Ng

    he might be a black nord

  • Semën Filatov

    hero from VI TES, maybe?

  • Ain't that a Meme

    So who the hell is the ebony warrior?

  • Russell Schaaf

    There's many Long forgotten tales & legends in this land...

  • Youri van Steeg


  • Paul Gran

    The name of his Horse is War Master.

  • Guaxinim Pixelado

    The Ebony Warrior is literally you! He is the most powerfull enemy, hr can do evertthing, JUST LIKE YOU!

  • The Great Papyrus

    is that durneveir? wait did I spell that right?

  • Justin Pierce

    You say ebony and warrior weird

  • Nova Kai

    is he the Umbra of Spirit?

  • Punk Fuzzent

    truth to "Wishful thinking" Greeeat.

  • Chad Dixon

    Hes an elm protester. Ebony lives matter.

  • I_Spectator_I

    I wish instead of killing him, he could have been your companion... You know, since he said that has done everything and there is nothing left for him to do anymore... At least what we could have done for him was to adventure together and show him that it isn't the end. :P

  • Paolo Forestieri

    at which level I must be? actually I am at 62

  • Nasabuck

    Bethesda: "Uhhh.... Dragonbreak!"

  • Simbacca Thomas

    hes from the tales ifcthe red gaurd

  • Fawn Alpha

    Fuck. It bothers me how you say Ebony. It's not eebany..couldn't not say something

  • Bill The Ninja Pirate

    Ebonarm was erased from existence due to Talos taking his place as the stand in for Lorkhan in the mythic, #Dragonbreak.

  • Jordan Ayling

    Dragon Break maybe? Now Ebonarm both exists and ceases to be simultaneously. Like some sort of Schrödinger's god?

  • Coolkid 4394

    nothing on the ebony warrior but a bunch of hired thugs attacked me and the contract was by a Dagur

  • just two dudes

    Can you face this warrior in vanilla skyrim. direct on 360. at level 80? or is this another thing I will never be able to do?!

  • Jerry Babb

    Ebony means black. You're welcome.

  • Sami Hannula

    skyrim's best fighter is a kid cuz even dovahkiin cant beat a kid. #letssaynotochildabuse not like daddyofive :P

  • Loremaster 101

    The gods name is Ebonarm

  • EliteWarrior1026

    Takes off his helmet only to find Saitama. "Well...that explains it."

  • mechanikilla

    i can only think of 4 options, his dialogue implies that hes already done everything in skyrim, yet you still have quests, the only way he could claim to already've done all his quests is if, he's either the "dragonborn/an avatar of the dragonborn" from an parralel dimensionor hes a reflection of the dragonborns role in skyrim, and a final challenge for the dragonborn to face; to face ones equivalent (your greatest enemy is yourself) sort of thingbut perhaps the ebony warrior is a mental symptom or shadowlike side-effect of being dragonborn, or a being that spawns from the power of being dragonborn, as a way of testing the dragonborn? maybe the blessing of being dragonborn is actually the only way even-arm can continue to hold on to his existence, and the ebony warrior is a manifestation of even-armor maybe the ebony warrior is some form of limiter on the dragonborn, a safeguard against the dragonborn in case you become too powerful?

  • Cl4yCorps3

    "wearing an E boney sword"

  • JVCD

    is there a latina warrior?

  • levi larsen

    what if he got disowned by the gods and now he walks tamriel trying to get back to the heaven's by the most powerful mortal

  • axe8fire

    He is you, maxed armor done everything in the game. he is clearly Dragonborn since he can shout. "The last enemy you face is yourself"

  • Funko Pop Figure Reviews

    So you know how he wants to go to Sovengard? Imagine you soul trap him. Then he would have to go to one if the worst afterlives, the Soul Cairn. Lol what a troll.

  • Archon Katiara Blackdawn

    I was never sure if Umbra was the Ebony warrior or not.

  • Maxwell Holmes

    Karstaag is better than EW

  • doya smoakweed

    maybe he will be in the morrowind remastered game :o


    What if the next elder scrolls contains something about ebony warrior? I hope so.

  • Kevin Jacko

    turns out to be ur daddy

  • Nathan Keel

    Ebony warrior had you saved from your execution with the first dragon!!!

  • NoVaKane

    type in ebony warrior. finds him easily. not really a mystery

  • Allison

    just a thought, but what if instead of being some God in daggerfall, he is instead the main character of daggerfall.

  • Foster Quackenbush

    what if im daggerfall they where going to create the legend of ebon ar and then changed there minds and rewrote the lore and cause him to zero sum?

  • Tęh Unįçurn

    I almost cried. Like if you did too. I think Rhexx almost did. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Toby Davis

    maybe the ebony Warrior is the third dragonborn. (3rd because miraak he's the "true last dragonborn" according to the cultists)

  • Brian Hutcherson

    when I went to fight him an ancient dragonborn was attacking him. was an epic fight. the ancient dragonborn was ethereal and had the aspect cloak on

  • Elico Drake

    Just re-watched this vid and it's been awhile, but i just thought, maybe he's mantling Ebonarm? Like how Tiber Septim Mantled Lorkhan

  • Brandon Rhodes

    what if the Ebony Warrior is designed to be a Lancelot type character? The best at everything, and he has nothing left to do, so he looks for a worthy death.

  • magix shiz

    I always thought the ebony warrior just happened to be a look about the perspective of every enemy you fight. Just spamming heath potions and almost one shorting everything.

  • logan denis

    Didn't something say that to become a god (like what talos did) you either fail or succeed, and if you fail then you get completely wiped from existence?

  • Music Discovery

    TheLegend27 defeated him

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