The Truth About The Ebony Warrior

What could actually be the real last boss of the game, possesses actually no story at all. A character drenched in mystery; a mystery of a past that might have actually been hidden by Bethesda itself.

If you want to look it up yourself, this god is called Reymon Ebonarm. See if you want to find something about it but my girlfriend made the connection between the two and after a little bit research i found it to be extremely interesting. Especially the fact where he just kind of banishes from the face of history.

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  • TheFightingYoshi

    I respect the Ebony Warrior, but also feel a sense of sadness for our strongest opponent 😞


    Can't wait to fight him in Special Edition! Never fought him in last gen, but this is MAH time now.

  • ­ ­  ­ ­ 

    It's clearly nazeem

  • Thiago Weslley

    For me, Ebony Warrior is just a joke, you are at level 79, you have nothing to do, you level up to 80 and appears a guy that have nothing to do like you, and you think "Yeah, finally I have something to do".

  • Damien Harkat

    my fucked up theory:Ebony Warrior is not a man, but a self-fulfilling curse.Think about it.By the time you're level 80, you've probably done every major quest, gotten the best armor, weapons, learned all the shouts, you lead all the groups and gangs, you have favor from all the Daedra.And when you reach 80, you find EW literally say he's got no quests or challenges left, and he needs a warriors death to go to a paradise fit for a warrior of his calibur.He then proceeded to be the toughest fight you face in the game. Even blasting him off the mountain barely harms him. Finally, you manage to kill him. He now goes to Soverngard for being given a warriors death. But now...You're the most powerful being in Skyrim without question. Arguably the world at that moment.Dont you want a reward for all this effort? To go to paradise for falling in battle like a true warrior? Now how can you do this? Cant kill yourself. Cant summon anything. nothing is strong enough. Even the Troll God fell to you. Every dragon, monster, mortal, and machine cant touch you.Best bet? Manipulate a warrior to become strong enough to kill you. Maybe with the guilds and brotherhoods and political influence you now have...not to mention you are strong enough to make man and dragon alike do your bidding...theyll make fine challanges and mentors. Maybe some...divine assistance? As the new, grand champion of all Daedra, you can probably ask a favor or two...And you know where all the words of power are.Someday, someone else will have the blood of dragons, and you'll hear their thuum from far and wide...maybe they could use some help. A letter from a friend...perhaps...

  • lemon butter

    He erased himself from time.

  • SneakingMOUSE

    Either he's just a fun little thing the programmers made to entertain the players of the game a little further, or he could be you. As in, in an earlier game you (or someone else) played "The Ebony Warrior" and now "The Ebony Warrior" has nothing else to do (finished all the quests, dungeons, bosses, etc) but die. So, he's practically a save file that lives as a NPC now. (lol)

  • NyKe Boi5161

    the ebony warrior is you like he said he did evrything he could kill, do and achieve

  • Tilado

    all your pronounciation are so off.

  • Zender

    "WE WILL ERADICATE THE AUTHORITY OF THE EARTH!!!"Any one else sick of this commercial?

  • stVeloth .T

    he could be the main character of redguard

  • EnclaveTesla

    ebony armor is my favorite armor. but daedric armor is far Superior

  • Srsly Generic

    The Ebony Warrior is Master Chief well tanned and tired of killing aliens so he moved to Nirn to kill fantasy things instead.There, that's why he's so tall, and tough.Lel?

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    *Ebony Warrior approaches The Last Dragonborn Ebony Warrior: I want to die honorably by someone worthy of doing so, so that my soul be sent to Sovngard. I choose you, battle me.Dragonborn: K.*Dragonborn kills Ebony Warrior and uses Soul Trap to fill a Black Soul gem.

  • TucRules

    How can this guy shout so much?

  • Fear the Old Blood

    I always soul trap him in a black soul gem so his soul cant go to soveingarde...sorry not sorry.......

  • Lil Ng

    he might be a black nord

  • Gabo Derflinger

    Why people keeps bitching about this? It doesn't matter the race, all honorable warriors go to the freaking Sovngarde! Unless their soul gets trapped in the soul cairn.

  • gabriel ferraz

    whispers are heard... That a one forgotten deity walks again... They say he walks on ebony, and trails the path of the warrior, they say his sword is an extension to his arm, to a point where they are one with each other, and rumour tells it wherever he passes a trail of roses grows, and that he shouts as high as the troat of the world...

  • BabyBobaFette

    I feel like the ebony warrior is just a reflection of you, you've done everything in the game beaten everyone and now your the highest level in the game and nothing can stand up to u.

  • Declan Stoddart

    The ebony warrior is the legend27

  • Scoutthewolfboygaming

    maybe he's the characters father

  • Mr. Mander

    I like to imagine he is a reincarnation of yourself. A strong, undefeatable, warrior with everything and everyone conquered. But he is sad with his life because he has nothing left to do but die. And when he hears about you he knows he has a chance at peace.

  • My 360 No-Scope Life

    People need to realize that non dragonborn can still use the thu'um. the graybeards are not dragonborn and they can shout. The dragonborn's only advantage is to steal a dragons soul and use it to learn a shout.The ebony warrior probably traveled up High H'rothgar to learn shouts and become stronger.

  • QuangTran27

    The Ebony Warrior is Todd.

  • Mortal Komment

    Maybe he's the guy that keeps leaving notes on the dragon shout locations.

  • unfortunatevent

    Killed the Ebony Warrior. Got married later and he showed up to my wedding..... 👀

  • SuperMecha DeathChrist

    Cool theory to be honest... Though I actually think he's the same as you. He's a player, he has finished the game, there's nothing to do now... He has done everything he could. The only way he can go is to leave. I think this happened to everyone - you played some game and had so much fun while playing it... But after some time you just leave the game and never go back to it again. It's almost like a death, isn't it? What do you think? =) Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language.

  • Eli Gooch

    the music makes it sound like he is preaching

  • Ocular

    I love how mysterious and powerful this dude actually is. I pretty much heard of this dude from my bro, and never did I plan to play Skyrim, but I only decided to pick this game up to fight this guy, and I spent days leveling up until we crossed paths. All of that effort paid off, and it was a victory after the first clash. Hands down my favorite enemy by far.

  • samad ahmad

    why do i feel sad for the ebony warrior

  • Isaiflamand kwetcalo

    Maybe the ebony warrior is the representation of your character of Oblivion

  • challenge me

    Rip ebony warrior 2008-2016 😞😞😞😫

  • Doctor Zed

    ebony warrior does exist in morrowind

  • Slender Man 186

    I think he's just you, but from another universe. He has the very same powers as you, he's any ol' race just as you are, he's fucking powerful like you, he knows about Sovermguard (sorry about the spelling) like you do, and he has the same feeling of weariness as most players have around level 80. He IS you, but a different you.

  • Paragrin Took

    God damn dude your pronunciations are painfull to listen to. eebony eebony eebony

  • Noah Burkett

    The way this dude says Ebony and Warrior really piss me boss

  • Jean Haley

    There's a Daggerfall book about an ebony warrior. Which is probably the god you're refering too, I need to look it up an dsee which book it was.

  • Retro Guy

    The ebony warrior is in Morrowind Tribunal. He asks you for money and then just keeps asking, once he asks for 99,999,999 and even if you give it to him he goes mad and attacks you 24hrs later in front of the temple. He's hard AF too, just like in Skyrim, he's even harder than Almalexia's hands. He's fast as too, and resists magicka again.

  • Dallas Wade

    SeemAHLAHRAHTEES weeth thi eebAHnee WAHRreeoAR

  • Patrick Waldeck

    it's eb,not eeeeb,,your pronouncing it wrong.

  • the Hundred God-Slayer

    Gonna take a shot and say worship of Ebonarm died out. The ebony warrior is the incarnation of Ebonarm looking to regain renown, but he failed and wishes to go to sovngarde, the resting place of all great warriors, so he may enjoy a challenging fight once again. That's what I think anyway.

  • Fox Die

    Wow, I've never come across him during the hundreds of hours (maybe a 1,000) I've spent on this game. What are the conditions to come across him and where?

  • nate denny

    my friend got the ebony warrior to go to his wedding, no joke

  • Noir Renard

    so do you get him to show up by doing litterally everything

  • Timothy Weston

    Fighting the ebony warrior. is this for console to or just for the PC? I have a Xbox 360, currently on level 72

  • tccasanova

    When you kill him and go to sovngarde can you find him?

  • Luigi O Yeea

    I'm level 89 I have yet to encounter him?

  • Ch4oTiK

    There was also Gaenor in Morrowind (who also becomes an Ebony Warrior and the hardest in the game to beat), which is seemingly around when they decided to (maybe) retcon Reymon Ebonarm. These two "Ebony Warriors" are definitely nods to Ebonarm without explicitly being him. I think they want to keep his references around just as fan service to the people that have been around since Daggerfall.

  • Smartrior

    Black skin doesn't mean that he is redguard, you can make nord with same skin tone

  • Ben

    its more anti white multicultural propaganda. since the remastering all npcs of all races are pretty much brown

  • I Sexually Identify as Pretty good

    The Ebony Warrior could be the Nereveraine.

  • Coolnicknameguy

    some how I got his sword in a dungeon at level 17ish random loot

  • Atomic Quibbles

    For future reference, Ebony (Eh-bunny).

  • Just a Guy

    F#ck this guy! really,just f#ck this guy!One of the hardest enemies I have ever fought in a gameand look that I'm a Dark Souls and Lords of The Fallen player....

  • soriel “The Puppet” dreemer

    ok someone please explane this to me when I killed the ebony warrior and took off his helment he was a high elf

  • ill Jester lli

    The Ebony Warrior reminds me of the Soul of Cinder from Dark Souls 3 as it takes on the play style of many different people for example the Ebony Warrior uses high level magic is a master with a sword and bow and he also has the power of the voice and like the soul of Cinder the Ebony Warrior could be like a reincarnate of other players and there play styles fused into one.

  • BakedPotato

    I cant even reach lvl 50 in game why the hell do i care to this ebony shitty warrior.

  • Neldonax “KYS” Tne gfb dvoџe DLL

    hold on, where do you find him?

  • Domonic forbes

    i know how he shouts he trained any one can shout it just takes lots of years to train and the dragonborn knows how to use the shout of bye heart almost first he need to read the shout text

  • Randall Barney

    I feel kinda bad cause I didn't give him a chance to fight as soon as I seen him on that rock I sliced his head off 😞

  • Jose Martinez (Elhomiederp)

    he could just be a black person ?


    I think I know what's up with the ebony warrior in skyrim and why he's a special snowflake but to give this theory some backstory I watched a video something very interesting before I watched this video and it was a video explaining what achieving chim was and basically someone who achieves chim is basically god-like able to do incredible things with seemingly unimaginable power which in skyrim lore is true but it comes with a potential price if you try to achieve chim but fail you will zero sum which is basically this you are erased from time completely pay present and future so basically you just quite literally exist with history no one knows you or what you've done and so basically what I think is the ebony warrior could of been a incredible warrior once with massive power but then tryed to Achieve chim and somehow failed and was erased from time making it so no one knows him any books or story's about him are gone any great events or feats he was apart of erased from time hell

  • Josephine Taylor

    What if Ebon arm went to achieve CHIM, but failed? Because if you fail to achieve CHIM you are removed from existence itself?

  • Jake

    I used the mehrunes razor and killed him in one hit

  • Koresh5610

    How can u use the Shouts so fast?

  • razorback

    how tall is the ebony warrior

  • Yrmix

    Isn't the ebony warrior suppose to represent you after beating the game 100%?

  • Beaner boy

    what's tge difference between a redgaurd and a nord?

  • xReck 53

    Does he exist in the Special Edition? Please tell me!

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