The Truth About The Ebony Warrior

What could actually be the real last boss of the game, possesses actually no story at all. A character drenched in mystery; a mystery of a past that might have actually been hidden by Bethesda itself.

If you want to look it up yourself, this god is called Reymon Ebonarm. See if you want to find something about it but my girlfriend made the connection between the two and after a little bit research i found it to be extremely interesting. Especially the fact where he just kind of banishes from the face of history.

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  • Damien Harkat

    my fucked up theory:Ebony Warrior is not a man, but a self-fulfilling curse.Think about it.By the time you're level 80, you've probably done every major quest, gotten the best armor, weapons, learned all the shouts, you lead all the groups and gangs, you have favor from all the Daedra.And when you reach 80, you find EW literally say he's got no quests or challenges left, and he needs a warriors death to go to a paradise fit for a warrior of his calibur.He then proceeded to be the toughest fight you face in the game. Even blasting him off the mountain barely harms him. Finally, you manage to kill him. He now goes to Soverngard for being given a warriors death. But now...You're the most powerful being in Skyrim without question. Arguably the world at that moment.Dont you want a reward for all this effort? To go to paradise for falling in battle like a true warrior? Now how can you do this? Cant kill yourself. Cant summon anything. nothing is strong enough. Even the Troll God fell to you. Every dragon, monster, mortal, and machine cant touch you.Best bet? Manipulate a warrior to become strong enough to kill you. Maybe with the guilds and brotherhoods and political influence you now have...not to mention you are strong enough to make man and dragon alike do your bidding...theyll make fine challanges and mentors. Maybe some...divine assistance? As the new, grand champion of all Daedra, you can probably ask a favor or two...And you know where all the words of power are.Someday, someone else will have the blood of dragons, and you'll hear their thuum from far and wide...maybe they could use some help. A letter from a friend...perhaps...

  • Henry Ward the Kosciuszko Lion

    I believe you the Dovahkin is Lorkhan. So that's why the Ebony Warrior wants to duel you.

  • Grim Patron

    This whole comment section is full of lore noobs Lel.

  • Miles Gregory

    You find him in Daggerfall you insolent swine

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    He reminds me of Savitar from The Flash, yknow hes Barry Allen who has all the knowledge,all the power and stuff. Basically Ebony Warrior sounds like an alternate version of the main character

  • Rose Scorpius Malfoy

    For me, he was a Dark Elf.... should I be concerned?

  • Melvin Jett

    I just watched the weirdest Jose Cuervo ad.

  • Randolph Johnson

    "There's literally no information on the Ebony Warrior". Makes an 11 minute video.

  • Matthew Plaine

    My theory is simple but I believe it. The Ebony Warrior is somehow Umbra from oblivion :)

  • A Gamer Called James

    Maybe the god Zero Summed instead of becoming a god?

  • Luke Price

    I killed him pretty quickly, he was impressive though, he took more than two hits.

  • Jacob SB

    he reminds me of Umbra for some reason

  • Red Wolf Rider

    Remember ESO takes place way before the events of any of the other Elder Scrolls. Things could've happened afterwards.

  • ThePantherZMX1

    Where was this ebony guy when Alduin was destroying skyrim?

  • Gabriel ernandes

    Maybe this god Zero Summed?Idrk if a divine CAN IN FACT Zero Sum, but if they can it could be the case.

  • Justin Moynier

    what if he was replaced by Talos in the divines


    sovngarde = white houseebony warrior = obama

  • Matthew Spicer

    What about umbra wore ebony armor was a noble warrior and wanted a noble death in es3 when u battle him

  • YaSabesQuién

    what if he's a really sunburnt nord?

  • Naruto The mo fucking badass

    oh wait i forgot i took off his helmet and i saw TheLegend27

  • TyDy Games

    What if he is the protagonists of The Elder Scrolls: Redgaurd?

  • g0lddenpanda

    I don't know about anyone else, but I have this deep respect for the Ebony Warrior.

  • Graham Leeper

    I honestly think that he is a test sent by the gods to TRULY test the might of the Dragonborn.

  • GameZedd01

    it's "Ebony Warrior" not "Eebony Wyra" are you from somewhere or can you just not speak,

  • Blake Funk

    This guy like got the swords from the e warriors brothers lol

  • Savagemanic

    we're do find this man I will get this armor since I've got nightingale and daedric armor

  • Savvy 21

    Wouldn't it be great if you just ended the video at 0:37


    Overwach copied the enbony warrior for genji


    What do you know about the ebony worrior

  • bell cranel

    I personally believe he is one of the knights of the nine. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems pretty viable

  • Phoenix

    I felt bad when I killed him, even though he wanted to die. But him wanting to die made me sort of emotional.

  • Wafflefrogs101

    So who is the Ebony warrior?

  • kaakeli

    Waitin' for a Daedric warrior... Lol

  • Hannah Welch

    3:15 gay fantasy moment there lol

  • Jesus Farias

    Savos Aren (Arch-Mage) is a Dark Elf and you can also find him in Sovengaurd

  • raw gaming 543

    he pronounces ebony wrong

  • Jesse Williams

    Its eh-bon-eeIts wor-i-or

  • Y0l0$auRu§

    how is the song in the backround called ?

  • Adrian De Leon

    Wut if he is the main character in the next elder scrolls, wut if ur into eh same time line as the dragonborn but ur in a battle in hammer fall and got o skyrim to get help

  • Ezark knight

    Maybe they made him a Redguard cause ebony means black lol.....

  • ThatOneWhiteGuy

    I used unrelenting force and shouted him off a cliff but the game glitched and won't let me complete the quest

  • Coffieman1234

    I think that the Ebony Warrior is like Umbra from Oblivion.

  • Johnathen Creasy

    how do u shout more then just once mods???

  • ForbesyGames

    Maybe they were thinking of introducing the first dragonborn but then decided to bring in the dragonborn DLC afterwards

  • Viktor Lindskog

    Anyone else besides me who has cried alot seeing this video?

  • BiG CheEtO

    What if he was the Nerevarine?

  • Anubis

    I can't get over the fact he says Eebony. it's EBONY, shit.

  • Owen Long

    Theory: He's really fucking tall.

  • Eetu Riikola

    Did I just heard that Ebony Warrior doesn't exist anymore?I haven't even met him :(

  • Clorox Bleach

    The ebony warrior looks a lot like the red guard from the hammer fell game

  • Fata Morgana

    Rhexx: He is the final boss in the elder scrolls v me: ahem Rhexx: What Me: Aren't you forgetting about Kaarstag

  • Aidan McElligott

    Just a stupid thought but what if the Ebony warrior is Amren's father

  • Josiah Swanson

    I blame the Aldmeri Dominion

  • Peanuts For Life99

    Maybe ebonarm zero-sumed?

  • JorgeG572

    So who is the ebony warrior?

  • gamerZsoul

    Nice video man, I will open a secret about Ebony Warrior - Ebony Warrior is Me :) Loved the way you commented this video so I subbed you too, guys and gals make sure to leave that like and if you love Skyrim then Sub MrRhexx :)

  • Tuesday

    I made him solo Karstaag. He kills Kar with his sword, but when you shield bash his weapons away, Kar wins. Also Storm Call shout does a lot of damage to him if you try to solo.

  • D R


  • Thomas Phillips

    hes the last dragon born

  • ToTheMaxGamerX

    Something I wonder though is, has anybody tried to actually slay the Ebony Warrior before doing the final quest with Alduin and checked if he appears there?

  • DiversityEntertainment

    i feel like the ebony warrior is the dragon borns soul after they die cause think about it the dragon born becomes the champion of alot of daedric princes so when they die their soul is to go to that daedric prince but because the dragon born did it to so many of the princes maybe the dragon borns soul is to keep repeating other pieces of evidence i picked up is that he has no discussed nationality or name much like the dragonborn in skyrim

  • Erik Worrell

    the ebony warrior was an unfinished quest......he was supposed to be another dragonborn but his questLine was cut due to production costs and time

  • joscar valentin

    maybe maybe the ebony warrior is that "god" in disguise and he erased himself from the redguard pantheon so he could be reborn in divinity in sovonguard? tell me what ya think if mr rhexx

  • sptfyre spitter

    why does ebony warrior shout

  • Stuart Zamacona

    maby they where plaguing source material in the older games, like they took the name from a lesser known fantasy novel or something.

  • totalgaming

    who is the ebony worarior

  • Joker

    Well the nine divines are all based on people who worked on the elder scrolls so if Ebonarm is based on someone as well ( I don't know if he was ) maybe he/she had a falling out with Bethesda or just left the company.

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