The Truth About The Ebony Warrior

What could actually be the real last boss of the game, possesses actually no story at all. A character drenched in mystery; a mystery of a past that might have actually been hidden by Bethesda itself.

If you want to look it up yourself, this god is called Reymon Ebonarm. See if you want to find something about it but my girlfriend made the connection between the two and after a little bit research i found it to be extremely interesting. Especially the fact where he just kind of banishes from the face of history.

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  • Louiemeister

    This is bullshit I'm the ebony warrior and I am the dragon born before the player... I was trained by mirrak and made parthunaxx my pet dragon 🐉. But could never find Alduin to kill him. Harmon was my childhood friend and became a guard. He was murder by a vampire and died but didn't die... he turned into who he is today.when I heard that the dragonborn killed mirrak my old tutor and my friend Harkon, and my o.d enemy alduin I knew that his last challenge must be me. It took me so long to get to skyrim and came to terms with the fact qeveryine I once knew was dead... I should join them so I challenged the dragonborn so that he kill me and send me to sovengarde

  • Mlgdog09

    Maybe the ebony warrior is the equivilent of multiplayer in skyrim... think about it, another dragonborn just like you that has done all the quest and wants to be done with the game or maybe he just learned shouts but idk, thats my theory.

  • Sèna Gangbè

    The ebony warrior is the Dragonborn's lost brother

  • EnderBoyGaming

    Who the hell is the ebony warrior?

  • Michael Diamond

    With Better vampire mod i make him a follower once i kill him. he's great follower, or spouse and i've used him as a housecarl. and he has no home so where ever you dismiss him that's where he will be.

  • Aarian Rahman

    After I killed him I just lived with my children

  • Retronic08

    Can't you just lead him to the throat of the world then push him off slowly

  • The Warden

    I love all these comments of "oh maybe he's your reincarnation" bitch im argonian

  • Quyashawnn Graves

    He was someone who help make the game

  • Lumorniel Sycamore

    The fact you don't know how to pronounce ebony makes this very annoying for me...

  • Slick Serpent

    So the Dragonborn defeats the Ebony Warrior. All foes have now fallen before the Dragonborn. Gods have bowed at the Dovah's knees, world-ending plots have been stopped by the Dovahkiin. It is over. Nothing more stands in their way. They have the might to overcome any obstacle. Everything has been done, and everything has ended. Howeverthere is oneenemythe Dragonbornwill neverbe ableto stopNeverbe ableto defeatIt isthe train from Gta V

  • Void Cometh

    E Bony LOL!It's pronounced Eb O knee.Also he doesn't have a back story because he isn't an actual canon character but simply a challenge for players who level up their character far enough.

  • Awoken Genius

    Maybe he wore the Cowl of Nocturnal?

  • Miscellaneous Affairs

    Cuz he's black.Edit: Bethesda took Ebonarm out cuz

  • Tibbo Ocelot

    What if the Ebony Warrior is the protagonist from Redguard?

  • Daniel Marrero

    The Ebony Warrior is John Cena

  • Aslan Goral

    I found the ebony warrior at level 50? Also i found him in windhelm i went to the last vigil but no one was there so i went back to windhelm and he was dead wtf.

  • error error

    Sounds like you're telling us a sad story

  • Octapopo

    I think he's the dragon born's brother. Just not as in tune with akatosh like the dragon born. Think about it, he has an improved fighting style. One that a player uses, he knows shouts, uses potions, and is like almost identical to most players fighting styles.

  • Allen Mueth

    Imagine instead of killing him, you both fuse and join bodies and be the most powerful being in Skyrim.

  • Julie Jackson

    do you remember Crazy Frog

  • Fred Palmer

    The ebony warrior is all the players who don't have access to mods, nothing to do anymore but die

  • John Knapp

    Any Race can go to Sovngarde, they must defeat Tsun and pass the warriors test though.

  • Mr. Murk

    I think the lore of the ebony warrior is a little different than that. I think that he doesnt exist to in the wiki and stuff is because how Mr. Rhexx said he was only mentioned in daggerfall and thats it because he was a mortal god that everybody worshipped along time ago before and then the people of Tamriel thought this was dumb and outlawed him like Talos but everyone was fine with this. Now I think Sovangarde is not for just nords, but for the honorable and worthy. Since he was both those things, he wants to die to go to sovangarde because no one worships and remembers him. So he chooses to go in his mortal form to challenge the dragonborn to a battle. If he dies, he gets to go to sovangarde and if he wins, he well be remembered as the one who defeated the dragonborn and be remembered again, it was a win-win!That's my theory and before you guys start to hate, I don't have any evidence on this. Its just what I think.

  • Adam Bishop

    Or in the multi-verse video games and mage hacker became powerful enough to time travel in completely erase it from reality. Maybe another God in the video game erased it.

  • Grim The BeastTM

    hes just a mini boss end of story

  • Wobulali

    Drink every time he says WAARYER

  • Ghosteriz

    Lore simple, Bethesda was drunk before the end of final coding of this game before it release.

  • Lee Paule

    This guy used unrelenting force on me like a cheap ass sending me flying till I was ash on the ground. Reloaded my last save and went after him again but caught him off guard by transforming into a Vampire Lord then he freaks out by summoning an Ice Atronach, quickly smacked the Atronach saying get that shiite outta here and pulled off a vampiric grip on his ass about two times and then watch as he descends to his death that he longed for.

  • Exquisite River Otter

    I'm not gonna lie when I first saw him I thought he was a mod tbh

  • Wojciech #DramatTeam

    Look there is umbra in Morrowind and Oblivion. They are wearing ebony armor. Bethesda dont want to remove this content so they made ebony warrior like without any story because they havent any ideas. Thats my opinion

  • xxXExmitter23Xxx LIKE A BOSS.

    He said eebony. It's ebony

  • Andrew Anglin

    He's trans gendered

  • Ezio BC

    Nope. I didn't see him in ESO

  • Inferno 727

    He is a player character

  • Isaac LaGesse

    If u play as a rearguard this could be you're Father or another dragonborn cause if he is Bethesda should add dialogue before u fight the ebony warrior saying he is one of their pupils

  • Luuk

    I think the Ebony warrior is the player from one of the old elder scrolls games

  • Fenella Druce

    What if the Ebony Warrior was mantling Ebonarm. That's why he was removed from lore because that's what happens when you mantle.

  • Christopher Dalton

    what if he is a God who wants to be forgotten? if he is hammerfells god of war maybe he is battle weary and is tired of his current existence and what better way to die than the hand of a mighty warrior, such as the dovahkiin.

  • Razza The Vortex

    I have a short theory thinking the he is a representation of us, the player.

  • Ebony Hound

    I feel bad for the ebony warrior 😔

  • Dragon Slayer

    So they took him off the game :( :( :(

  • Josh Siebenthall

    Autism autistic spaztastic fart nipple poo

  • GamingWithAlif

    My theory, "Do you go to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying of course you don't."The Ebony Warrior: Give me a warrior's death, I want to go to the cloud district.

  • xx6lord6mars6xx 17

    I'm thinking he wants to go to sovengaurd to kill/battle someone.

  • Mandalore230

    Talking about how badass He is... While throwing him around like a ragdoll...

  • Chase Cooper

    "He doesnt exist"... not yet.

  • lonerider 600

    Does anyone know what is the name of the music in the background

  • Sir Doggo

    the music makes it sad

  • legogaming jojo

    Maybe he's the player from an alternate timeline. It sorta makes sense

  • Ciaran 3276

    fight him and then go to sovenguard see if hes there ulfric goes there

  • Gerath TV

    Really consider Zero-Summing, the result of failing the ritual to become a god, when you fail the ritual you Zero-Sum. Essientally you are removed from history, everything anybody ever knows about you is gone out of know where. Your removed from the entire timeline, no one remembers you no one knows you even existed. Maybe this happened to him.

  • meister karotte

    I personallly think that he is the hero of tes 6 maybe ?


    "eebony warrior"

  • Wyatt Hank

    He talks about completing quests like in a 4th wall breaking pov. So like...what if he's you from the future. (Made this comment before watching so he might have said something bout this already)

  • Wet Noodles

    Oh my god, I have an overwhelming sense of hope that the ebon arm character got locked in a " nameless king" situation. Like maybe he blessed a mortal that the other gods didn't want to be blessed, or maybe he did something the people of hammerfell erased his name from history completely, did something so traitorous to his people or his other gods that they went to such an extent as to even erase his existence from time, and all culture. Something so terrible that his name was no longer supposed to be remembered as a god of warriors and to be brought down to literal nothing. Or maybe I just love the nameless king story too much, that's very possible too.

  • Calico Elf

    I thought he was a Dragonborn.

  • Matthew O'Bryan

    maybe hes a reference to another player that was also dragonborn and thats why he can go to sovengarde and shout and has perks and stuff.

  • dustdragonify

    talos* not talks stupid auto correct

  • mr unknown

    the ebony warrior is the only one who was adventurer like you , and then he didn't take an arrow in the knee

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