For Honor Viking Gameplay Debut/Walkthrough - E3 2016

A gameplay demo of Ubisoft's For Honor, from their E3 2016 press conference.

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  • Curtis Dunn

    I've been waiting a while for a game like this.

  • juan pablo suarez

    I was slightly disappointed AI soldiers are small but more of a hindrance than a help also thought it would kill each other but only remain static waiting to die

  • CollidedGeneration

    I really hate to be so negative, but this looks WAY too good to be true. No way in hell is it going to look like this come launch... and knowing ubisoft these days...

  • Al- Fenomeno17

    Reminds me of Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King on PS2

  • Han Zhang

    Can't get over the fact that there are vikings fighting samurai in a world where Napoleon is the main antagonist. Just... what?

  • keuswat1

    this game needs more blood

  • Complete Randomness

    Enemies just standing around waiting to be killed...

  • eiebsrebla

    This is pretty much Rise: Son of Rome's demo done right.

  • smokebomb.exe

    I've always imagined a Dynasty Warriors that looked like this...

  • Ken Rodbender

    "BRACE!!!" falls off boat and drownsLOL you should brace

  • Akihiro Aki

    Using a Nodachi to defend yourself against Heavy Axe, is not really a good idea.

  • Elektrolyfe

    They have curved swords, curved... swords...

  • starwarsfanboy101

    for honour is like a more tactical and realistic dynasty warriors. looks really good

  • AnarchyGames

    Game looks actually good but then again... Ubisoft.

  • Willi Bald

    take it back and show me new stuff from From Software pls, thanks

  • RockinRickyFox50

    my mother told me one day day I will buy, a galley of good oars sail to distant shores. stand high on the prow noble bark I steer, ride steadily to the haven. hew many foe, hew many foe!!!

  • R Torontonion

    Very good potential.....

  • Calm Down

    Ubisoft don't screw this over

  • Adam Dawe

    The huge white circle around main enemies DESTROYS immersion...

  • Taras Korolyk

    3:36 japanese fighting each other on the back/ lol

  • Austin123p0rk

    This game looks like updated dynasty warriors

  • Jack Garabedyan

    vikings vs samurai ?!?! go home you're drunk

  • peddi könig

    this game NEED MORE GORE!!!

  • Sancho Enkhbayar

    lol only mongolians attacked japan back then

  • Daniel Kapla

    Unfortunately our main "Viking" hero character is wearing a horned helmet...

  • i

    I've been waiting for SOOOO long now we got about a year ._.

  • Angel Zubiaur Jauregi

    This game needs more blood

  • Nick Taddia

    why does if have to say ubisoft goddamnit. the games going to come out and wind up being a 2d side scrolling race car game that runs at 480p and still has bugs

  • Wrath

    why are so many people shooting this game down? it looks awesome in my opinion

  • Donald Keyes

    Rock papper sissors SIM! 2016

  • MrImastinker

    Vikings FTW!We are awaited in Valhalla!

  • criminal238

    Really disappointed in this games combat, it's such a shame since everything else looks good.

  • TheShabalala

    This looked amazing last to be honest it looks extremely repetitive...really fun for a while....but idk

  • Gabriel Conlledo

    So this is like the American version of Samurai Warrior

  • Red Tiger

    I need a release date I wanted this game seen last year e3

  • 2Dtardeds

    game and concept looks nice but the gameplay and mechanic seems really boring and bland

  • Artem Timohin

    How Ubisoft makes games: Ctrl+CCtrl+V$60

  • Scar Lionheart

    This game should not! Be releasing on Persona 5 day, please do not do it to yourselves. I'm begging you, you will not see nearly half the sales you will be anticipating. Please bump the date forward or backwards but do not let this game release on: Persona 5 day, Scalebound day, Horizon Zero Dawn day, or Kingdom Hearts 3 day. That's all I'm saying.. I'm still gonna purchase this regardless, but I cannot speak for others

  • Steven Lopez Rios

    Yeah I'm not interested in anything coming out in more than two months lol I don't even know why they bother announcing something that is coming out in a year. if I was a dev I would release a game two months from announcement. Sure it would take a long time but it's ok because people don't even know that's it's being made lol.

  • DaRealN8Doogie

    It would be so freaking cool if they have one player control over their teams A.I. Mobs like in an RTS style game.So you'd have your 4 players who control heroes on your team and then one guy who directs the Mobs to strategic positions and objectives.

  • Victor Kurske

    Damn, it seems promising but the combat feels really soft and slow like almost Assassins Creed bad

  • Addy Naruto

    What's with the white outline on opponents? Takes away from immersion. Why can't it be like dark souls ?

  • Josh B

    Ubisoft presents: "For Cutscene"

  • Brismo

    I want to play, knights, samurai, vikings in a star craft style RTS

  • KiwiDude

    did i hear online co-op campign? i think i just bought it, ops...

  • Brodeo4K

    Oh cool Dynasty Warrior...

  • Anthony Rinaldi

    the samurai minions have shields...what -_-

  • Random boi

    Legit I was thinking "if this game has split screen it's an instant but" and right at the end he says it has splitscreen! :D YAS!

  • Mateus Abrantes

    I hope the combat system works better than it looks...

  • Clint Evans

    Viking team all the way

  • The Grimm

    Cmon now Ubisoft , you already fked up Wildlands .... please dont fk this up

  • Ambidextrous voter

    If they made it look more realistic and w/o light effects on opponents, it would be more immersive and less boring.

  • Hououin Kyouma!

    3:30 Axe to the crotch. Not a great way to go.

  • CappuccinO80

    So it's gonna have a campaign? That's cool.

  • LaboonTheWhale

    The Japanese is so poor... Its so choppy and unnatural.

  • Reallyrandomcircle

    looks kinda like ryse, only good

  • Bobby Simpson

    The sound when striking an opponent is very cheesy.

  • Heavenly Star

    Hwarang and Wonhwa DLC would be nice.

  • Curtis Dunn

    Samari will my first choice.

  • macbain59

    vikings vs samurai? that's stupid. gameplay looks good but absolutely no realism

  • Jere Korhonen

    awful voice acting and the Vikings should be able to speak Norwegian not english

  • Austin Williams

    Looks like ryse. Who remembers rise?

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