The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Dawnguard DLC - Part 1 - Bugged Map


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dawnguard DLC - Part 1
With Commentary

Xbox 360 Gameplay

  • Dovah Kiin

    Yay Team 8000 is back in Skyrim! ^^ Well it can get confusing, happens to the best of it, plus you've been away for awhile Dan, might take you a bit to get the feel again. Well Riften's wilderness tends to have a lot of animals. Hopefully you can get there without too much trouble! Yay skill up! Well... you will find it Dan! I have faith! Team 8000! ^^

  • Drag0n L3rd

    this happened to me too

  • BlizzardNinja_

    Watching the Skyrim playthroughs again lol

  • PackerGaming9000

    Dang i think its been more than six months

  • darkstar rockstar

    dan you know sometimes you're an idiot

  • T C

    shadow mare only dies from fall damage

  • Loco Bloodz

    "Now we got a cheetah" I think that's a wolf

  • Hellfire

    Ummm... Shadowmere is not invincible because I once was riding Shadowmere on the Throat of the World and fell off, killing Shadowmere and I.

  • ScramerDude

    what does dlc stand for in skyrim

  • Tohjah

    K Dan... you are simply a idiot : P

  • Danielle Warby

    The markers on your compass were right.your map was wrong.


    hey amigo en dawnguard por ejemplo si uno tiene sus datos guardados en el otro skyrim v dragonbors se puede jugar con su partida 

  • CDills77

    this guy is absolutely fucking hilarious

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