The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Dawnguard DLC - Part 1 - Bugged Map


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dawnguard DLC - Part 1
With Commentary

Xbox 360 Gameplay

  • Loco Bloodz

    "Now we got a cheetah" I think that's a wolf

  • Hellfire

    Ummm... Shadowmere is not invincible because I once was riding Shadowmere on the Throat of the World and fell off, killing Shadowmere and I.

  • PackerGaming9000

    Dang i think its been more than six months

  • Marc Rivera

    you r sopposed to go thourgh riften

  • CDills77

    this guy is absolutely fucking hilarious

  • Skyrim gamer

    do you need xbox live to play the dlc

  • Dovah Kiin

    Yay Team 8000 is back in Skyrim! ^^ Well it can get confusing, happens to the best of it, plus you've been away for awhile Dan, might take you a bit to get the feel again. Well Riften's wilderness tends to have a lot of animals. Hopefully you can get there without too much trouble! Yay skill up! Well... you will find it Dan! I have faith! Team 8000! ^^

  • Drag0n L3rd

    this happened to me too

  • Random Account 4 Commenting

    Watching the Skyrim playthroughs again lol

  • T C

    shadow mare only dies from fall damage

  • CommunistPanda

    K Dan... you are simply a idiot : P

  • Danielle Warby

    The markers on your compass were right.your map was wrong.

  • ScramerDude

    what does dlc stand for in skyrim


    hey amigo en dawnguard por ejemplo si uno tiene sus datos guardados en el otro skyrim v dragonbors se puede jugar con su partida 

  • brandon kelley

    you fucker you need to listen because he said go to the fort not a fucking mountain

  • jordon westy

    do you have to make a new game to use the dawngard dlc ?

  • Isle_Doctor

    finally! ive been looking for a playthrough where someone chooses the vampires.

  • Isle_Doctor

    he can do what he wants

  • alex B.


  • TheRealCT

    this is 7 month`s later and the dlc is just comeing out

  • Mohamed

    Nice videos man, keep them coming! ;)

  • Jorge Sanchez Jr.

    Lol that map thing was too funny, like come on how can you be so stupid wtf?

  • Facedancer1976

    This is one of the best episodes of a game walkthrough I have ever seen. :)

  • TheMissPsychotica

    "now we gota cheetah"lolololol

  • DanQ8000

    blaming the characters is a method of sarcasm. Im the one controlling them, so its obviously my fault.

  • drradon

    You need to work on your style. You sound like someone that blames everybody else for not being able to get their own shit don. ^^

  • Rachel Walker

    dan do you also have a lets play of the normal, well regular skyrim? like no dlcs??

  • DanQ8000

    does it really matter?

  • darkwolf1411

    @DanQ8000 Why man why did you call a wolf a cheetah those are my favorite animals and you can't even tell what it is

  • kenny schadd

    dan can u do more sykrim plz i love your vids

  • Carina Somoza

    I don't blame ya! Often my map messes up and I find myself wondering around like a dumbass ...not that I'm calling you a dumbass or anything! Just ...yeah you get my point.


    Is this guy fucking stupid? Who calls a wolf a cheetah. Go gets some glasses!

  • Zach Jermalowski

    vampire or the dawnguard?????

  • red fox

    ok i have a video with full proof its real look on my channel watch the video then try to say its fake

  • Qwenton Johnson

    Alrite man press start go to the quest log and scroll dwn untill u see more activate quests

  • red fox

    Ok your lost man Just to show its real tell you what I'll make a YouTube video in your honor give me a day or 2 ull see I'll show u proof

  • red fox

    I'm serious its not a scam if you would just try it before bitchn about its a scam you don't pay for nothing they even have there YouTube channel and people showing its real they even have a video of all the going to Starbuck using junowallet dude I'm seriously sayn you should just try it before going on sayn its fake

  • red fox

    Just try it before you say for me to go fuck my self actually try look it up on YouTube first

  • twas500

    people quit fucking complaining i know it is kinda anoying coming from his origanal playthrough to this but who cares it makes for a video thats more funny

  • Jordan Mcfly

    imma just watch this dan is my fav person in 2nd place from dsp

  • Epic rouge

    it tells u too go too the fort dawnguard

  • red fox

    Hey guys I got this dlc for free off psn using 3 easy steps step 1 download the free app call juno wallet (iphone or android) step 2 use this code when prompted (WI1090835) step 3 download free apps and invite people to get the enough money for the card its very easy no surveys if u need help message Me on junowallet Make sure you download Atleast 1$ in free apps to get you get better payouts which leads to more money.

  • titytit

    never question the map. the map is ALWAYS right.... lol

  • titytit

    how many hours have you played Skyrim? i sunk 50 hours in the area around Whiterun only, so i'm genuinely interested.


    your greatly amusing to watch play skyrim dan

  • Andrew Altvater

    someones getting a little too worked up about a videogame...

  • Hayden Schwab

    shadow mare is NOT invinsible to drops

  • Cordell Sukaserm

    Wow people been giving hate to ya Dan They're just sad they don't have an amazing YouTube Channel

  • VaLetsPlays

    DAMN people calm down about the map thing its a game if he couldn't find it ok whatever so what if the map marker was incorrect then so what STFU AND ENJOY THE GOOD VIDEO!!!

  • Jonathan Reid

    ah ok, didnt know, your game is glitched to f*** then lol

  • sid3kick10

    you were supposed to go through the riften door but too late, lol

  • DanQ8000

    I had turned them off though

  • Scott Thompson

    the map was probably tellling you two place because you will have a misc objectives active

  • MrBaileygates

    dan i love all your videos

  • Jonathan Reid

    no offence, but you had THREE map markers up, you should only really have one marker on so everything is easer, you could've just pressed start and turned 2 of the quests off

  • Kevin Panda

    also you had a marker placed so you had two markers showing when you were near the fort.

  • Kevin Panda

    you had lots of markers so you were following the one leading to riften.

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