The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Dawnguard DLC - Part 1 - Bugged Map


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dawnguard DLC - Part 1
With Commentary

Xbox 360 Gameplay

  • Loco Bloodz

    "Now we got a cheetah" I think that's a wolf

  • Hellfire

    Ummm... Shadowmere is not invincible because I once was riding Shadowmere on the Throat of the World and fell off, killing Shadowmere and I.

  • PackerGaming9000

    Dang i think its been more than six months

  • Marc Rivera

    you r sopposed to go thourgh riften

  • DanQ8000

    thieves guild master armour, and Nord

  • DanQ8000

    thieves guild master armour, and Nord

  • DanQ8000

    I wouldnt say Im the best person to ask. I mean youll get better armour and weapons as you go, and most are self-explanitory.

  • DanQ8000

    it was one slip up, and it wasnt even my fault. The map was honestly not showing me the correct route.

  • DanQ8000

    blaming the characters is a method of sarcasm. Im the one controlling them, so its obviously my fault.

  • DanQ8000

    oh shut it. the map wasnt showing the correct route at that time.

  • DanQ8000

    the map was fucked. come on man, not today.

  • DanQ8000

    I had turned them off though

  • DanQ8000

    I know man I just wasnt expecting it to screw up like that. The map had multiple points for me to go to start the Dawnguard, which threw me off. Even with the rest of the quests shut off, it was still annoying to see.

  • DanQ8000

    I know, I really wasnt planning on that.

  • DanQ8000

    this coming from the person who was banging their head on a desk while WATCHING a video. Lol ya, I am the retarded one here.

  • DanQ8000

    uh no if you look, I removed all other quests. Im not being stupid. I have already finished a few parts already. these arent live after all.

  • DanQ8000

    does it really matter?

  • DanQ8000

    20 dollars or so. Pretty pricy one.

  • DanQ8000

    OMG im not an idiot. They were all off.

  • DanQ8000

    ugh for gods sake. If you noticed, the direction of the mission start had NOTHING there. Regardless of whatever missions I had active. Im tired of this bullshit.

  • AlexWantsBacon2

    Dont worry about it dude. However, to answer for the mission start beacon not being there, you were probably not facing the direction. The same thing happened to me, then I realized I was facing the wrong way.

  • alex B.


  • Aaron Meadows

    Dan, come on buddy. The map never lies. Please just do what it tells you, and go where It tells you. It makes things a lot simpler.

  • ScramerDude

    what does dlc stand for in skyrim

  • Hayden Schwab

    shadow mare is NOT invinsible to drops

  • MrBaileygates

    dan i love all your videos

  • trentonqt24

    btw dan other things are marked because you left some quests marked probably

  • Skyrim gamer

    do you need xbox live to play the dlc

  • CaskitFiller

    anyone know the size of the dlc? like megabits or gigabits?

  • It'sIronic

    ALOT...OF SNACKS AND ENERGY DRINKS...There, you're ready. Go watch it...NOW

  • AMX971

    you do know dan is always first since he made the video

  • deathboy726

    oh and by the way i never called u a idiot i didnt get this yet and i dint know what was wrong soo you dont need to yell at me

  • deathboy726

    It would help.if u turned off all other quests ;/

  • red fox

    Ok your lost man Just to show its real tell you what I'll make a YouTube video in your honor give me a day or 2 ull see I'll show u proof

  • red fox

    Hey guys I got this dlc for free off psn using 3 easy steps step 1 download the free app call juno wallet (iphone or android) step 2 use this code when prompted (WI1090835) step 3 download free apps and invite people to get the enough money for the card its very easy no surveys if u need help message Me on junowallet Make sure you download Atleast 1$ in free apps to get you get better payouts which leads to more money.

  • sid3kick10

    you were supposed to go through the riften door but too late, lol

  • sid3kick10

    if you went through riften it's better you get out through the back and see a special event

  • sid3kick10

    Your suppossed to go through riften read my other comment

  • Danielle Warby

    The markers on your compass were right.your map was wrong.

  • darkwolf1411

    @DanQ8000 Why man why did you call a wolf a cheetah those are my favorite animals and you can't even tell what it is


    your greatly amusing to watch play skyrim dan

  • crazypieman77

    i would talk to that guy again or restart your console. Also dan a question if you dont figure it out how many more videos of this do you think your gonna post?

  • VaLetsPlays

    DAMN people calm down about the map thing its a game if he couldn't find it ok whatever so what if the map marker was incorrect then so what STFU AND ENJOY THE GOOD VIDEO!!!

  • Random Account 4 Commenting

    Watching the Skyrim playthroughs again lol

  • Mist

    you should have named this the episode of failure :P

  • Jonathan Reid

    ah ok, didnt know, your game is glitched to f*** then lol

  • TheRealCT

    this is 7 month`s later and the dlc is just comeing out

  • Buzsta

    maybe sometimes read the quest instead of looking at map =P love your vidz dan =D

  • MegaDeadra

    Nevermind forgot it was on xbox

  • kenny schadd

    dan can u do more sykrim plz i love your vids

  • ghost32700

    dan go to the fort of dawnguard

  • Qwenton Johnson

    Alrite man press start go to the quest log and scroll dwn untill u see more activate quests

  • C.O.D.

    You should edit this stuff out in the future. Find the place, show us where you are on the map, and begin. Its ok if you keep dying or something but wandering around a forest lost in a huge open world RPG, its better playing than watching. Just like mindlessly swinging around the city in Amazing Spider-Man.

  • sku11kid1

    once he goes to meet with the dawnguard leader its just him being confused and lost

  • sku11kid1

    evn with a misc quest marked it should still show them both

  • Nick Porcen

    i admit, it kinda did look like a sabre tooth, but last time i played skyrim, sabre tooths were bigger in size, resembling a huge cat. i also dont remember a sabre tooth barking

  • T C

    shadow mare only dies from fall damage

  • Nick Porcen

    6:40 Dan called the wolf a cheetah XD

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