Skyrim: Dawnguard Walkthrough in 1080p, Part 1: Discovering Fort Dawnguard (in 1080p HD)

Part 1: Learning about the Dawnguard, and Exploring The Rift (Quest: Dawnguard)

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Finally, Skyrim's first DLC pack has arrived!! This video continues exactly where I left off in my main walkthrough, Episode 176. Simply continue with this video! I travel to Whiterun and hear some rumors about vampire hunters. I get sent over to Riften to investigate.

Greetings, all people that in Tamriel do dwell... We now find ourselves in the province of Skyrim! This is a full walkthrough of the entire game, covering every main quest, side quest, and primary location in Skyrim. Subscribe to follow along as I uncover the best secrets in all nine Holds, andO watch all 400 videos in dazzling 1080p HD, recorded on my PC.

Quests started in this video:

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  • Alex Perez

     *Encounters mud crab*, Drinks 50 potions and Equips legendary Daedric Armor 

  • charles ryanlee

    A khajit follower?You want to know what the greatest irony is to all of Skyrim?A khajit werewolf.A cat that can turn itself into a wolf.The best of two worlds.

  • Zhelyaz Uzunov

    how you find the stormcloack soldier?

  • Julie Brisson

    You are the best Channel on YouTube in my opinion

  • chris schall

    I just bought the Legendary Edition of Skyrim with all the DLC's for $30.

  • Amytoadstool

    9:38 Oh my gosh, so much damage taken!! -.- Seriously, i have never seen someone drink two health potions before fighting One. Dark. Elf.

  • Ian Riley

    Lol he said match et for the machete -_-

  • William Sigler

    Dang it culvey didnt you know that ulfric hates all races exept nords? Youve shamed youre people :(

  • Joshua Lasher

    That's no Canyon it's a valley

  • Dustin Hargy

    Hey Culveyhouse how did you get the new menu interface I haven't watched some videos for a while been busy. But that menu looks way better than the original. Mod or download??

  • jay 118

    every time I enter the first guy always attacks me

  • Kristin Lampe

    Evil killing my friends. But yeah how get horse?

  • buttermuffin94

    how do you get that horse

  • McIzor W

    10:38 uh? FLOWERS!!! OMNOM!

  • McIzor W

    Inperials suck stormcloaks ftw!

  • David O'Donovan

    Thank you i have been looking for a good vid of dawngaurd for a while and yours was cool sooooo thanks for being awsome :)

  • WildHogKing

    Thank god you joined the stormcloaks! For the true High King! Also you imperial racists come at me you elf lovers! FOR SKYRIM!

  • luke williams

    I think these videos are some of the best on youtube, and you introduced me into the QD inventory! But one thing how do you make the magicka regen potion. Your the best skyrimer on youtube I subcribed


    its not its a downloadable content it come with your game

  • martinf74

    Sorry man I sided with the imperials because Im a Imperial and also a Battlestar Galactica fan. Couldnt go against col ty.

  • Defalt

    SkyUI. most popular mod on the nexus how haven't you heard about it?

  • AMON

    great vids, im subing you ;)

  • Jonathan L

    I like your commentary , entertaining=)

  • Enrique Jimenez

    Why..why the stoarmcloaks!!!!!!!!!!!.jk im the imperials and like your gameplays alot

  • WhatMeWorry

    OK, I give up! I ordered the PC version of Skyrim so I could play Dawnguard. Already completed it twice on PS3 - I guess third time's the charm. From now on I'll get games for the PC not PS3.

  • Daniel Tan

    Clurvey can u help me? i want to learn how to install mods into skyrim

  • Raymond Rubin

    Actually, if you have it downloaded and you know where Dayspring Canyon is, you can start it right off the bat.

  • Culveyhouse

    Haha thanks for the poem. ;)

  • Culveyhouse

    Thanks for finding me. ;)

  • Novie

    Haha god man you're awesome.

  • Mike Wills

    yoooo culveyhouse whats the specs of your PC?

  • phillipf1990

    love the videos youve got a sub

  • peanus barber

    hey culvey, what screen recorder do you use?

  • doomblackdragon

    I find it funny cause I actully killed the vigilants headquarters on my werewolf character. Lol which makes it so much funny when this came up. He still say the same line but I was still laughing cause I knew I did it in werewolf mod.

  • Zikos Greekco

    I can't get this mission :'(

  • KidKai


  • Crooks

    his recording is fine its your computer put in 1080 like me

  • Smidgen

    if you want to get rid of the weather use clearskies on the sky

  • Moonie OM

    O.o I haven't watched your videos in forever since I beat the game. x3 But I'm just coming back on this video. Man you is beast as hell! How'd you get the horse armor?!

  • Arkhan The Black

    Why would a dark elf attack you

  • Djed Mraz

    Your video quality is terrible! What are you recording with? A toaster?

  • eeqool

    11:35 ask the kind lady there for directions "OH WAIT A MINUTE" -_- . . . . 0_0 WITCH SHE'S A WITCH OHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!

  • kingjosh1876

    Culvey, What did you do to fix the shadows in this game? more so - the very clear blockiness and the fact they all look like they are made of square pixels :( I have bought Dawnguard and am wanting to start again on Skyrim but these shadows are really bothering me... Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated ^_^

  • calum mcilroy

    how did i miss ALL this series in my sub box?

  • Rae Patterson

    go back to non dlc i was haveing fun doing wat u did ;(

  • vandalay90

    i love how you can forge arrows and dragonbone wepons whith this expantion pack,not a big deal on pc, modding and all but on consols its a godsnd,btw great videos as always culvey,man am i glad i found your channel a couple of years ago,sorry for long comment

  • fat3lwound

    Can always just use the clear skies shout instead of waiting. Hope that helped. 0.o

  • fat3lwound

    Culvey you the man. :)

  • Wulable

    He's probs gonna make a hunter-killer char for the thieves guild / DB quest lines... he'll just be a vamp then.

  • Wulable

    I think he says in his Oblivion GOTY vids...

  • LuckyLukeProductions

    Hi man :D What is your computer setup? :D

  • Vinyl Lover

    you´re awesome:) im happy i started watching your videous:D

  • mikes5637

    2 dislikes? Dear God, why??!!

  • Harm

    I have never seen such a beautiful game before. I would be so happy if I could live there...

  • sherlika

    Nobody could have said this better. I make yours, my words too!! Culveyhouse is the man in regards with quality walkthroughs. His Skyrim and Fallout videos are my favourites and I do not look for anybody else when I want to watch a walkthrough. It has to be Culveyhouse.

  • sherlika

    I agree, but reviewers say that choosing the vampire side is a more fantastic experience.

  • Culveyhouse

    No, Glorn has to take the higher road. I explain why in the next vid.

  • Culveyhouse

    Hey Akimbo! Thx for following along. :)

  • Culveyhouse

    Great to have you here! <3

  • Culveyhouse

    Thanks you so much! I'll spend the whole weekend uploading Dawnguard vids. ;)

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