Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The Balisong or Butterfly knife is illegal, restricted or prohibited in many parts of the world. It is also one of funnest, most addictive knife to play around with. (cont'd below)
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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Vexod Gaming

    i dont like knives because im ten and i have a butterfly comb

  • WeeItsNookies

    They are generally only illegal in pansy filled nanny blue states like CA, NY,etc. They generally aren't banned in southern states.

  • thats piss

    only illegal in some states. in Oregon its legal to own and carry if your not concealing it or a felon.

  • gg gaming

    I believe that in Arizona it is legal to own a butterfly knife

  • DrunkUnic0rn

    Make cigarette illegal, millions of people die every year because of cigarettes. Fucking humans.

  • therealmaplesyrup

    I am watching this video while plaing with one

  • grassblade63

    Legal in knife-friendly Arkansas. That's reason # 42 why I live here :)

  • I see ,what you did there.

    in philipines almost all high school students got this on thier bags

  • Anthony Vincent

    "I am the guy who films, edits, and directs all of the FUCKER tactical videooos."Lmao

  • Chase McDaniel

    3:03.....i just might have cut myself

  • Fabman1017 Awesome stuff and more

    I got a balisong trainer when I was 11 and I still play with it all the time

  • Invoice Cube

    its illegal because if you are skilled enough, you could stab a person in less than a second

  • Pepe Frog

    they made csgo knives in to a real thing???

  • VLunarFangV

    The reason why it's banned is because idiots don't know what a trainer is.

  • Wafer Waffle

    cs go fan boiis keeps on stabbin themselves

  • Snake Eyes

    I had one back in high school, got it via mail order when this was a free country.

  • Mayor General Blue


  • Son Goku

    would using a trainer in Maryland illegal, and carrying it while you move around?

  • Tony Walker

    It's illegal because Bill O'Reilly don't like anything that is impacting. But I guess I can live with that.

  • TheYubel1000

    were is that shelf from ?????

  • crnalegija9

    so basically it is illegal because people are idiots

  • Rush B

    "Bipod Knife"

  • Cel Shade

    Does anyone know what type of blade is hanging, in its scabbard, next to the shelf?

  • jon kidd

    I want a case of weapons like that

  • Scowler

    Kinda stupid that they banned them, as opposed to just encouraging the use of trainer models...

  • Riftor- Roblox and more

    So i can use any butterfly knife from CSGO but not the Balisong cool

  • Incognito_Blazer

    Pfft I don't need a knife! NPA! National Punching Association!

  • joshthemlg pro

    it's not the knife or gun that kills, it's the person behind that weapon

  • Jokujou u

    im not messing with these guys

  • dropbeat noztrad

    never knew it was illegal in the philippines

  • Mrbravo048

    Let's ban Kitchen knives, that way I won't slice my steak with them.

  • Aickavon the Techpriest

    this is illegal in USA? I could buy those in the local store, on display... for like, 20 bucks.

  • noah Arrowood

    its not illegal in Nevada

  • GTRsR Bae

    This motherfucker just pushed under his shelf and released more knives...bruh.

  • The havelpants

    screw illegality.2nd amendment applies to more than firearms, and that is infringement.

  • FlashingBlueNeon

    Wait...are Practice Balisong Illegal?

  • JOE'S GAMING and stuff

    I have one that looks identical! Mine is extremely dull though, it also has one of those black parts missing.

  • Tartafon Senpai

    oh dude if i wasnt able to hand over ma balisong for even a day, ill really freak out.

  • Muhammad Syah Dinar


  • The donut Airplane

    I'm Filipino dammit

  • Kirk farmer

    no such thing as a illegal knife 2 amendment

  • StrangerOman

    Banned because it's stupidly unsafe to use. No safe locking mechanism, no hand stoppers. This knife just makes me puke. When someone say that it's "easy" to open for "fast cut" I just can't laugh off. Because, you know, the paddle on back of the blade. Just snap it, cut, fold it.

  • Malhaloc Gaming

    Balisong is best nunchucks

  • Nich Lounds

    Actually legal in a lot of states...

  • Mild Quile Walker

    When I started watching this video I thought he had one of those long ancient Asain mustaches

  • Jose Mercado

    If the balison butterfly knives are illegal, are the pika karambit illegal as well?

  • AlexusMaximusDE

    What a terrible choice to put music over that subpar audio.

  • Jimmy Holland

    It's not illegal in sc

  • Avery Simpson

    The butterfly knife is only illegal in some states in the United States it is legal in Texas and multiple other states

  • Jessica Guru

    all i have to do is front snap kick your hand with my steel toe shoes and that blade will go straight up into yer head.

  • Romena Fuentes

    Switch blade is even faster..

  • Jerry3534

    It's not illegal in Kentucky


    What would you rather have, A a guy spinning a knife at you or B a guy just pulling out a knife and stabbing you.

  • Al Catraz

    It's illegal because WE LOST OUR RIGHTS!And that's the SAD THING!I just learned that a BOWIE KNIFE is illegal in Texas! Now that's the KNIFE that was in The Alamo... if you know what I mean!..

  • PoZeiDoN

    its so sad that its illegal i had a balisong trainer and my parents took it from me couse i took it with me to school :(

  • Random stuff with Michael

    The thing that's strange to me is how if your good, you can play the balisong like an instrument. I play piano and having being using balisongs for a decent amount of time now and the sensation of your subconscious knowing exactly what to do and when is incredibly similar.

  • trapthemetalgod

    Its illegal because if you throw it the handles generally lag behind and the blade points forward. Also it can come unclasped in the pocket and during a search whoever is searching a persons pockets can get cut. Law enforcement doesn't want to deal with either of these things. And the reason they are referred to commonly as a butterfly knife is because they were popularized by benchmade. who use the butterfly as a logo. butterfly knives are a whole other weapon. that come in pairs have a thick single edged blade. and usually a finger guard extending from the hilt.

  • TWrecks

    ive probably hurt my knees more on concrete than i have with any knife lol which are folding and butterfly because those are the only knives i have

  • SuperCityGamers

    i'm half filipino and play lots of csgo and i didn't even know that the butterfly knife came from the Philippines. And also the karambit seems popular too.

  • Achilleas Valioulis

    ownership of a compound BOW is legal, and FIREARMS! but one of the least effectve knives for combat is illegal? this ban is entirely useless and unjustifiable.

  • AdamosDad

    All knives are legal in my state Indiana no restrictions except no throwing stars or ballistic knives and you may not take a knife to school.

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