Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The Balisong or Butterfly knife is illegal, restricted or prohibited in many parts of the world. It is also one of funnest, most addictive knife to play around with. (cont'd below)
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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Realist Doggo

    Lmao im Canadian and i just ordered 2 balisongs 🏼卐(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง卐🏼

  • Roy

    100% of all of those "balisong tricks" are just for show.Just like all the fancy and useless nunchaku moves.

  • Harambe Sniper

    That would be fun, until you get hit in the eye with a throwing star and dressed up like a dog.

  • Anti Dem

    I don't get the appeal. My CRKT M16 with a Carson flipper mechanism opens just as fast, with much less chance of slicing my own fingers off. That said, making these illegal is another example of a-hole politicians doing something stupid because of a media-driven moral panic. Dumb and oppressive all around.

  • Yolo Bros

    he has a nice milk snake neclase

  • Average Alien

    In the UK pretty much any non kitchen knife is illegal, and every non shotgun gun is also illegal. Sad.

  • Michel Linschoten

    Not here in Georgia,i can get them without a problem

  • Vexod Gaming

    i dont like knives because im ten and i have a butterfly comb

  • WTFJustHappened

    I like it, if you know what you are doing you wont cut yourself, I can do it with my eyes closed lmfao.

  • Nobody Important

    Thanks for the info Genghis Kahn

  • Tamir Khoury

    it could be just for fun...like their are somw that are not sharp at all are those illegal?

  • Mspark400 Smith

    Where did you get your drop down weapon shelf? Looking for that one specifically.

  • ice ice

    bruh when he threw the knife up in the air I cringed to the depth of my soul the only reason these things are illegal are because people do stupid stuff like that

  • Dj Halfblood

    Lol he's just casually like "you open and stab..."

  • therealmaplesyrup

    I am watching this video while plaing with one

  • call of kys

    People should just use trainers, no risk of stabbing yourself and no laws are broken owning one, just don't take it out in public unless you want to be arrested for having a imitation weapon

  • thats piss

    only illegal in some states. in Oregon its legal to own and carry if your not concealing it or a felon.

  • hunter hulsey

    in Georgia any knife under 5 inch is illigal....so lucky me I get slit my fingers open with a butterfly knife

  • Lord Yo

    Love this vid, I especially like the real reason why it is prohibited. Not crime but cutting yourself.

  • Jonathan Armstrong

    It's legal in most US states now

  • ItsEli

    They're legal in most states if the blade is under 3.5 inches.

  • Asian Equation

    It's Doug from Forged In Fire!

  • Robert Cremin

    I learned to use one with leather gloves and a blunted blade, mainly because I was pretty goddamn stupid and risky

  • D Frank

    Not illegal in Florida! You shouldn't say it is illegal in the US..Only parts of the US.

  • Adam Humes

    I'm more interested in that sick drop down shelf hidden weapons cache

  • Dawson Mill NoobieAnimations

    Do your research In Alaska butterfly knives are not illegal

  • HotaruZoku

    Outlawed because of self inflicted harm.rubs eyes

  • Lithium

    i just realized that these knives were so cheap here in the Philippines that you can get one for only 3 dollars. damn.

  • AgentDuck

    The real reason why it's illegal is because the cops are jealous and they keep cutting themselves with it.

  • Siris The Dragon

    Well shit, by that logic we should make cars and fast-food illegal.

  • J Drake

    These are legal in Tennessee as of 2015

  • Rapter Hunter

    I live in Canada sadly it's illegal but I've use a trainer and I know what I'm doing

  • that lego guy

    They might as well make paper illegal too, seeming as so many people get paper cuts

  • Dory

    1/4 of this video is intro

  • Starflight

    tldr; basically its illegal cause people cut themselves

  • SeanTheOriginal

    Stupid people ruin everything. Gotta nerf the world because some fucking retard hurt themselves.

  • E r.v.b

    People hurt them self because that is it illegal bruh i hurt my toe at the table TABLES SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

  • Amlik

    Balisongs are legal in Florida lol

  • Dickey 7861

    it's legal in oregon :)

  • ZachTheCODBoss Zach

    it's not illegal in America you dumbass

  • Shel And Boxten

    this is why we have trainers lol

  • SlothyyJr

    Butterfly knives are legal in PA

  • BlazertronGames

    what the hell is your other hand doing?

  • Funky Monkey

    its funny how he says balisong

  • Cool_Boy_ Hood

    One of the spy`s knife i tf2

  • Jackson Meier

    dude wtf is wrong with ur face.

  • Blanca Lilia

    it's like he is dancing with the knife

  • Rydercvlogs

    It's illegal in the country that made it 😂

  • Macgyver of pa

    I love dug he's so cool


    I live in Virginia and it's legal

  • Penguin.

    Well, you wouldn't fucking hurt yourself if you bought a training one to do tricks.

  • Cody Buckley

    It's kind of funny how butterfly knifes are illegal but karambits aren't

  • klishka manishka

    wait, could the same techniques you use with a karambit work with this knife as well?

  • Arion Varfis-van Warmelo

    If you wanted to simulate one, a key chain (with keys on it) works really well.

  • Icy Fang

    Wtf look at your subscribers 666

  • Malzatic YT

    Where i life even balisong trainers are illegal

  • twich twitch

    not illegal in Oregon, no knife is illegal in Oregon. Their are laws on concealing knifes though.

  • Daniel Fultz

    So kinda like a weaponized stress ball

  • One Take Vlogs


  • Sebastian Gosling

    I'm sure a glock or desert eagle is plenty more dangerous than a butterfly knife. I think his reasons make loads more sense.

  • Hybrid_ Melon

    Is this video just two guys just showing off their balisong skills

  • Joshua Chamness

    it is like a figet toy

  • LatvianGamingTV

    Are trainers illegal too cause i dont know if in the netherlands the balisong is illegal trainers arent sharp so they must not be illegal

  • X Pro BoLt X

    illegal in Saudi Arabia :/

  • Tim Baxter


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