Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • Lucas Ramey

    Isn't that the knife that the spy uses in tf2

  • VenusKumar

    I looked it up in my state and it's not illegal unless you have one on you while a cop pulls you over or something and you don't tell them. I live in AZ in the United States, correct me if I'm wrong.

  • John Smith

    It ain't illegal in my state

  • Yougotnomilk

    i dont give a shit if its illegal im still getting one

  • Tacticool Unicornman

    I think that the balisong (butterfly knife) is in a way a Gentlemens blade

  • Donald Allen

    I agree with Doug that's addictive to use, and it was my fidget spinner growing up.

  • Keemstar Love 420

    So can I get the training buttlefly knife in an illegal country?

  • Richard Feng

    aahh... the balisong knife. the devil's fidget spinner

  • Logan Miller

    nothing some super glue wont fix

  • Kelly Teague

    The balisong is illegal because some dude couldn't do the cool tricks and banned them.

  • RonKris

    Down vote because of several statements of misinformation. These knives are legal in the US and are sold at most places that sell knives. Check out BladeHQ etc. Schrade just made a Balisong knife made in the USA.

  • Fyriuz

    Well I live in Norway so it's legal (I think)

  • Tiny Cheddar

    what? illegal in the philippines? i just saw my classmate bring a butterfly knife in school

  • James TheDoctor Duncan

    FIRST!! And most importantly, I am NOT attempting to disparage, badmouth, or disrespect law enforcement officers (LEOs,) sheriffs, police officers, state troopers, etc., AT ALL with these comments. I used to BE a cop years ago, and I know that they are all human, can make mistakes, and may often simply not be informed on the latest laws, or possibly just, plain misinformed! Believe me, while it's part of every LEO's job to know The Law, their actual job description is only to ENFORCE the law! Unfortunately for their citizens, NOBODY is perfect, and VERY FEW AUTHORITIES have every law on the books memorized word-for-word. In fact, you'd be stunned to find out how many LEOs apprehend or arrest innocent civilians because said civilians did or possessed something that the LEOs PERSONAL BELIEFS had them mistakenly ASSUME that a law was being broken when, in fact, it wasn't! Now, with that being said, this video's description reads that you should check with local authorities (LEOs, or their Dept,) to find out if Balisongs (or anything,) are illegal where you live. For the reasons I stated above, that's just a bad idea. The only way to find out FOR CERTAIN is to talk to a criminal DEFENSE attorney, period. DO NOT consult the prosecutor's office! Not because I think THEY don't know the law, but because it's in their best interest to have their jurisdiction contain as few "deadly weapons" as possible, and they'd rather have the public misinformed in any way that's to their advantage. Quite a few of the older cops in my old jurisdiction felt the same way and would answer in the exact same way. On the plus side, you can tell when an LEO is doing that: they'll tell you that the object in your possession is illegal, but they won't arrest you or confiscate it.Again, I'm not saying all this to slam cops, or to be disrespectful toward them, I'm just saying that nobody's perfect, and we all make mistakes. But some of them may even purposely make a "mistake" if it might get a weapon off their streets, possibly save a life, make their job easier, and their jurisdiction safer. Just check with an attorney to be sure. After all, they don't ENFORCE the law, they paid a king's ransom to KNOW the law, inside and out!

  • profanepichu

    I live in the US and in my state it's legal, all knives are

  • JohnyAlv

    I have one but it's not sharp, it's a CS:GO replica (I live in europe)

  • Akshay Dwivedi

    Doug marcada? Not even an expert? 😂 Modest bruh!

  • Anna Rox

    Hey!Sadly it's illegal in Sweden to 😢

  • isidzukuri

    Legal in my country .... like a tanto 12 inch knife.

  • Kracken667

    Not illegal in alaska suckers mwahahahahaha

  • NuclearChris - Minecraft

    This seems like the kind of guy I want to try to mess with

  • Murray Barnes

    im getting one no matter what they fucking say

  • Jaffacake Gaming

    I am pretty sure it isn't illegal in the UK you just can't pull it out in public.

  • Lonny Larsen

    I'm familiar with Doug Marcaida through "Forged in Fire". Love that guy.

  • Orange Oatmeal

    If it's illegal in the United States than why do I have one?

  • zpazzattak ahhman

    In America it is not illigal

  • Scuo

    this isint illigal in MD😃

  • Ruben Huerta

    switchblades are faster deploy to stabs, karambits cut their owners aswell, the irony of this

  • TorroDash

    Because they are jealous of your flipping skills :)

  • David Hughes

    The background music at 2:30 building up to 2:54 and the reason for its ban made for an odd dramatic moment.

  • StarTrek123456

    That is the most stupid reason to ban something. Idiots can hurt themselves with anything.

  • Deborah van Rosmalen

    The balisong is not illegal in Germany

  • lost charisma

    585 in the house!!!rochester ny baby!!

  • Datrlrykowlguw

    I'm pretty sure it's not illegal if it's dull correct me if I'm wrong

  • LagiNaLangAko23

    I heard in the past Batangueños used to always carry this like they wear undies.

  • Samuel Gonzalez

    Was I the only one watching the video on the laptop instead of paying attention to him

  • Gage Aldrich

    Literally played with one the entire time i watched this video, thank god some states in the us are cool about knife laws

  • D Money

    I cut my self playing with that thing so many times in high school 😖

  • Grudge

    Pressing F and R in real life

  • Alexis Roanoa

    in nc they are only illegal to HAVE ON YOUR PERSON, not to own. which I find hilariousl.

  • Æíxìlïmar

    1:20 if you wanan get past the overly drawn out intro

  • Ninpo Ikkan

    that's a fake mustache... isn't it?

  • Jormungand13324

    well, the balisong is legal in the state of Virginia.

  • David Spin

    Bali  song is illegal just like the switch blade, but if you live Florida and have a license for concealed carry is legal.    So there's that....

  • Christian Helms

    They are legal n my state

  • Walking deadbeat

    oh so close I'm from Rochester new Hampshire

  • Xtremekinan36

    the stuff the title indicates starts at 1:10

  • Random stuff with Michael

    The thing that's strange to me is how if your good, you can play the balisong like an instrument. I play piano and having being using balisongs for a decent amount of time now and the sensation of your subconscious knowing exactly what to do and when is incredibly similar.

  • Clayton Realist

    They are legal in Georgia.

  • Dark Shift Music

    SO.... Basically there's no reason that it's illegal. Okay, I'll just keep carrying mine anyway, then.

  • therealtruth

    This isn't illegal in Colorado

  • Lasse with Knif

    Butterfly knife is fina in finland

  • paul stewart

    fidget spinner for adults

  • jesse salazar

    This is one part i love about AZ. We are aloud to carry any size knife here and conceal is not illegal for any size either. I love carrying my pistol with a concealed fixed blade.

  • Pls Explain Life 3

    bcus soMe KnEfs aRe sHaPeR thEn ohEr kNiEfs jUsT bEcaUSe thEy LoEk DieFerEnT Translation idiots think knives that flip around can cause more damage than your kitchen knife that is just as sharp

  • trappy chan

    They are one of the easiest weapons to conceal. Half the wearing size of an equivalent fixed-blade knife/dagger.Bulletproof vests offer little protection against stabs (and stabproof vests offer very little protection against bullets).Guns are, in general, harder to conceal, and noisier.I don't agree with bannings, but in my opinion those are the actual reasons for it.

  • Timyo praetor

    I practice my trainer balisong with two cross motor skills deployments. regular grip and reverse. I use to practice the flipping etc, but it takes too much time.

  • Master Tracker

    Three years ago ... in my state - Automatic knives - double edge daggers - bowie knives and all firearms were allowed to be carried concealed without a permit . The balisong is still on the NO Carry list ........???  WTH ?

  • Eric Draven

    You should be able to obtain a license for a knife like this, it's a shame to ban it because some noobs watch too many movies and end up crying in A&E

  • Aaron Williams

    i could not find any laws on these knives so maybe someone could help me out here. in NY balisong knives are illegal but would a trainer be as well??

  • James Swing

    the 1st fidget gadget.

  • Rudolph Drasler

    I'm sooo happy that balisongs are legal in Pennsylvania. The law only restricts gravity knives, switchblades and otf automatics as of 2017 thank God.

  • Hi_Klass KicksHawaii

    Hawaii has some of the very best most relaxed knife laws on the planet... and you can't even own one of these!!!! Not even owned and stored in your house period....crazy I can walk down the street with 20 10inch blades on my belt open carry or concealed (personal choice on how you want to carry here) and it's completely legal.... I can't even legally own a balisong I don't understand it

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