Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The Balisong or Butterfly knife is illegal, restricted or prohibited in many parts of the world. It is also one of funnest, most addictive knife to play around with. (cont'd below)
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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • SuperKinahead

    if harambe had this knife he would still be alive

  • Caramel Johnson

    The balisong is illegal because power hungry, amoral politicians wanted to cater to their cowardly, idiotic voter base who knows absolutely nothing about knives and believes that certain knives are more deadly than others just because they're fancy and foreign.

  • Harambe Sniper

    That would be fun, until you get hit in the eye with a throwing star and dressed up like a dog.

  • Realist Doggo

    Lmao im Canadian and i just ordered 2 balisongs 🏼卐(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง卐🏼

  • supa0ne

    there is no actual valid reason to make the balisong illegal , especially since there are way more lethal alternatives available.

  • Anti Dem

    I don't get the appeal. My CRKT M16 with a Carson flipper mechanism opens just as fast, with much less chance of slicing my own fingers off. That said, making these illegal is another example of a-hole politicians doing something stupid because of a media-driven moral panic. Dumb and oppressive all around.

  • Roy

    100% of all of those "balisong tricks" are just for show.Just like all the fancy and useless nunchaku moves.

  • FoxTunes

    the reason in my country for making them illegal is: They where used too much in street fights...So... if you ban a knife, people won't get another knife? -_-

  • Gary White

    easy trick I learned to not cut myself is make sure the sharpened edge is away from you! lol but I have seen ppl cut themselves. lol smh n I'm no expert at anything but cutting taters

  • Lady Lex

    they're not illegal in VA whoop!

  • DerpTube

    It is legal in the U.S. I'm getting one for my birthday.

  • Mspark400 Smith

    Where did you get your drop down weapon shelf? Looking for that one specifically.

  • Luc Car

    is a butter fly COMB illegal? I'm just retarded so...

  • ICEknightnine

    The main reason was that there was too many spy mains on BLU Team.

  • faffaflunkie

    That's why I carry a steak knife- in case I want steak.

  • HotaruZoku

    Outlawed because of self inflicted harm.rubs eyes

  • DJxflame

    so basically a balisong knife causes more death than a gun. wow what is happening to society

  • Fidelcliff Boy

    Didn't know they're illegal in us seems like U can order them off any website lol

  • Sean DuBord

    there not illegal in Wisconsin i checked on the non emergency police line here.

  • X Pro BoLt X

    illegal in Saudi Arabia :/

  • nigger

    I live in Rochester NY

  • thats piss

    only illegal in some states. in Oregon its legal to own and carry if your not concealing it or a felon.

  • Alex Nunn

    I live in West Virginia so all forms of knives are legal

  • gus

    bruh when he threw the knife up in the air I cringed to the depth of my soul the only reason these things are illegal are because people do stupid stuff like that

  • Giova Zeta

    balisongs are illegal but guns no. good job 'murica

  • Roosterking1

    It is legal to carry and own in jersey city and so are ninja stars and throwing knives and I think karambits ( I butchered that Ik ) are too funny ha

  • Blaze

    What country r these illegal in

  • Lord Potato

    is it illegal in Ireland?

  • Marco 7800

    last night i saw a kid holding a balisong toy(made out of plastic)and then he rushed to me and stab me in the back luckily it's just a toy

  • Sparkles :/

    Yay Malaysia is not illegal but if use it to protect ourself we gonna go in jail?

  • ZachTheCODBoss Zach

    it's not illegal in America you dumbass

  • call of kys

    People should just use trainers, no risk of stabbing yourself and no laws are broken owning one, just don't take it out in public unless you want to be arrested for having a imitation weapon

  • Zenith

    Hey guys. I live in canada and are PRACTICE butterfly knives LEGAL?

  • Edmond Dantez

    It's illegalfor the standard reason ... Because the ignorant are scared of it.

  • High noodles

    they way he says balisong is sooo satifying

  • Nictator

    I kinda figured that that was the real reason.

  • Funnymonkey 106


  • David Rice

    Dear other guy making so much noise in the video....SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

  • Bentley Billings

    Funker do u guys now TCA and master brosnan Jacob brosnan????

  • StealthyPies

    Wait, are trainer butterfly knives ones illegal? like the ones with no edge

  • StrangerOman

    Banned because it's stupidly unsafe to use. No safe locking mechanism, no hand stoppers. This knife just makes me puke. When someone say that it's "easy" to open for "fast cut" I just can't laugh off. Because, you know, the paddle on back of the blade. Just snap it, cut, fold it.

  • Project Dedux

    it isnt illegal in all of the US

  • Help me reach 1000 subs no content

    Don't use the balisong it can give you a cut use a gun instead it's legal

  • DerPixelPanda

    The butterfly is illegal because people cut themselves.. why tf don't they do the tricks on a butterfly trainer first?

  • Pepsi Man

    I believe they are illegal because they're intimidating and pussy liberal politicians are scared of them.

  • Dayten Gomes

    for a few moments I was convinced his hoodie strings were his mustache...I was impressed

  • Billy Celli

    Its illegal because people aren't pro knife like they are pro gun. Its actually a good example of why we cant slack off on fighting for the second amendment. Nobody put up a fight with knife laws. Now in my state we cant have a knife on us over 3 inches, cant have butterfly knives, cant have assisted opening knives, cant have 2 sided knives ect, ect.

  • Mega Knife

    Thanks for the awesome info.

  • LOZluva8

    Thank Michigan for the allowing of balisongs for open carry, I'm glad that I live in a state where I can collect what I like!

  • Twoheads journeys

    so are regualar butter fly knives illegal

  • Miguel Mata

    so because of a bunch of idiots who hurt themselfswe all have to suffer.

  • cody fox

    You do Instructor Zero? Subbed.

  • Seven of Nine disapproves of your shenanigans

    why would you practice with a sharpened one, idiots

  • John Hinton

    lol as of 2013 you can have em in texas,

  • Richard Villasana

    what do you use as a foundation of knowledge for video editing? have an interest as something to teach/ if my back ever goes to shit

  • Kjartan The Viking

    Balisongs: an overrated knife banned because of idiotic mall ninjas.

  • Black Ice

    1:17 Is when the intro ends

  • jaecer

    too all beginners with the balison that see this I don't suggest a trainer I would suggest a bottle opener balisong. you can get one on amazon for 5$ and the only pain you get will be sore hands.if your smart.

  • Dirk

    at least its legal in alabama yeehaw

  • Tech-Talk-Toe Mac

    So this knife is illegal but ones that would be more effective aren't.

  • Most Amazing

    i have a trainer balisong in aus is thaat okay

  • logan denis

    It's actually not illegal in NY, and I live in Rochester NY, I've read the laws myself and the reason that butterfly knifes aren't illegal is because they don't lock automatically, they lock manually, and therefor not considered a gravity knife, and not illegal

  • John Mood

    So Marky c sends me this... Then doesn't have the guts or testicular fortitude to leave it posted.: Marky c"+John Mood Yes you dunce!!! only in America are GUNS ALLOWED but balisong knife is NOT!!! that's what I meant! and yeah we send our officers on the beat with no guns!!! we don't want to follow your silly ways!!! gun crime nowhere near the U.S!!! you see over here we use something called COMMON SENSE and don't add to a problem like you idiots!!!! I mean for fuck sake you collectively voted DONALD TRUMP to lead your country!!!! lololololol!!! like I said COMMON SENSE!!!!"I should note, laws on knives in the US are regulated on a state by state and sometimes county or city by city basis.Guns are regulated at the Federal level, and often local jurisdictions try to regulate them further. It's a confusing, difficult , and nearly impossible to adjudicate system of laws. And you think you understand it? Further evidence you're stupid.You're a troll, a punk, and an idiot.You have no clue as to what it's like in he US, and you obviously don't know Mr. Trump. My parents were married in Britain, while part of the US Armed forces. The USA was saving your British homeland from the Nazis or you'd be writing in German. So have a little more respect for America, we kicked your asses in the Revolution, and in the war of 1812, so sod off you little prick.

  • Rico Aquino

    balisong is from the phillippines???

  • John Maw

    If they're illegal to carry because ppl hurt themselves, then why are they legal to own. Not any more unlikely to get hurt outside then indoors.

  • via Baadach

    Not illegal in Oklahoma. ;)

  • kaizoebara

    It was leagl in Germany some 20years ago and from what i heard, they outlawed it because some wannabe gangsters used it as an intimidation device in muggings. I still think the real reason is that it looks way more dangerous than it is.

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