Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The Balisong or Butterfly knife is illegal, restricted or prohibited in many parts of the world. It is also one of funnest, most addictive knife to play around with. (cont'd below)
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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Caramel Johnson

    The balisong is illegal because power hungry, amoral politicians wanted to cater to their cowardly, idiotic voter base who knows absolutely nothing about knives and believes that certain knives are more deadly than others just because they're fancy and foreign.

  • Realist Doggo

    Lmao im Canadian and i just ordered 2 balisongs 🏼卐(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง卐🏼

  • GCWayMusic

    I carry one in school and so does my friend.... we have a sharpened balsong and an unsharpened one. we keep the sharpened one in our pockets just Incase of emergency (since the crime rate in our country is high) while we play and learn tricks with the unsharpened one and it really helped us.... we went out at night and there was this dude following us and when we got to a place that looks like a ghost town (cause there were few street lights and few houses and it seems as if no one's home) this dude came up to us and he was asking for our wallets..... and the knives came in handy.... you probably know what happened....and no we didn't kill em we just scared him off

  • supa0ne

    there is no actual valid reason to make the balisong illegal , especially since there are way more lethal alternatives available.

  • Harambe Sniper

    That would be fun, until you get hit in the eye with a throwing star and dressed up like a dog.

  • Anti Dem

    I don't get the appeal. My CRKT M16 with a Carson flipper mechanism opens just as fast, with much less chance of slicing my own fingers off. That said, making these illegal is another example of a-hole politicians doing something stupid because of a media-driven moral panic. Dumb and oppressive all around.

  • FoxTunes

    the reason in my country for making them illegal is: They where used too much in street fights...So... if you ban a knife, people won't get another knife? -_-

  • Roy

    100% of all of those "balisong tricks" are just for show.Just like all the fancy and useless nunchaku moves.

  • Fiyaz Ahmad

    i dont like knives because im ten and i have a butterfly comb

  • Gajabkalaunda

    Am I the only one who wants the same concealed knife compartment? 😍

  • SanderPlayz

    is it illegal with Trainer?

  • Young Alpha Male

    maybe it is dependent on sharpness and concealment

  • Luc Car

    is a butter fly COMB illegal? I'm just retarded so...

  • MrcabooseVG

    UK logic, Katana? that's fine. Bayonet? Yeah sure. Jagdkommando? Go for it. Butterfly knife? No, no you're going to prison...

  • Hellfiregamer

    I just ordered a hyperbeast butterfly knife I can't wait till I get it.

  • Dorvuzak Uzn

    They aren't here in Mexico.

  • M95

    Those are absolutely free in Austria, just like any kitchenknife.

  • therealmaplesyrup

    I am watching this video while plaing with one

  • green house

    like a combination of a nunchaku and a blade.

  • Taariq Jacobs

    But I don't want hurt anyone I just want to play with it

  • X Pro BoLt X

    illegal in Saudi Arabia :/

  • ZachTheCODBoss Zach

    it's not illegal in America you dumbass

  • Matthew Haney

    I can get ballisongs all over the place here in florida...

  • Lady Lex

    they're not illegal in VA whoop!

  • Rubifen Errex

    Close combat is a last recourse. Running from a person with a knife is the best option, but, if it comes down to a fight, then knife skills are needed. Still...if you have a gun or a larger weapon, this is useless.

  • thats piss

    only illegal in some states. in Oregon its legal to own and carry if your not concealing it or a felon.

  • ice ice

    bruh when he threw the knife up in the air I cringed to the depth of my soul the only reason these things are illegal are because people do stupid stuff like that

  • Sam Lucky

    Oh MY GOD!!! Get that newbie that's standing next to Doug Marcaida to STOP showing off his sh¡t skills. Let's keep the camera on the expert please. It's so annoying to the viewers and a bit disrespectful to the teacher.

  • Dj Halfblood

    Lol he's just casually like "you open and stab..."

  • Mspark400 Smith

    Where did you get your drop down weapon shelf? Looking for that one specifically.

  • call of kys

    People should just use trainers, no risk of stabbing yourself and no laws are broken owning one, just don't take it out in public unless you want to be arrested for having a imitation weapon

  • Crazywaffle5150

    I can flip open a folding knife and go to town faster than you can open that POS. It's called a thumb assist and it's faster. Why are guns legal then still? What about all the stories you here about people and kids blowing their brains out because they are to idiotic when handling a gun? Same difference. The banning is illogical.

  • HotaruZoku

    Outlawed because of self inflicted harm.rubs eyes

  • Alex Nunn

    I live in West Virginia so all forms of knives are legal

  • Sparkles :/

    Yay Malaysia is not illegal but if use it to protect ourself we gonna go in jail?

  • Lord Potato

    is it illegal in Ireland?

  • Bob Bobby

    what about practice or dull butterfly knifes

  • The Caleb

    Are practice balisongs illegal? I saw a few practice blades on Amazon.

  • To Athánatos

    Should we ban hammers because a lot of people do not know how to use one and end up with blue ringers?

  • jeremy wong

    thank you arizona for having such vague laws.

  • Cosmin Radu

    Reasons why to buy a trainer: 1. Real = max 500$ Trainer = max 20$ 2. Real = illegal Trainer = legal 3. Real = cut yourself and others Trainer = no cutting The rest are same.

  • barney Christmas

    so i can go to wallmart. and buy a 12 inch blade bowie knife but no balisong huh


    this is so sad he thinks hes good but he sucks

  • #Wubby

    That guy is from Forge In Fire lol

  • Aidan O'Sullivan

    In my state all knives are legal but illegal to conceal carry

  • Benjamin sulka

    butterfly knifes are realy shitty shit..would be my last choice of any knife..

  • Commander Corbin

    Suck it everyone, I live in indiana, where concealed blades are legal.

  • First Last

    Why dont you become a doctor instead?

  • Anti Famous

    good.now cut your wrists and black your eyes


    some places it's illegal to carry but legal to buy and keep in your house

  • boy gets creamy cheese licked

    skip to 1:15 for the actual video

  • Ramboamier gaming

    in idaho u r allowed to open carry any knife

  • DayzGoneBy

    its not illegal in Nebraska

  • Alexander Davis

    This guy is frickin nuts!

  • EvilDiamond

    My Country allows it, so Its all chill.

  • cookiefireman

    it sounded like you said the f word .-.

  • StrangerOman

    Banned because it's stupidly unsafe to use. No safe locking mechanism, no hand stoppers. This knife just makes me puke. When someone say that it's "easy" to open for "fast cut" I just can't laugh off. Because, you know, the paddle on back of the blade. Just snap it, cut, fold it.

  • Roger Limoseth

    so the butterfly knife is illegal because people are stupid..

  • Feather Plant

    I thought your sweater strings were part of your moustache for a second haha

  • lucile worthy

    is the butterfly knife trainer even illegal?

  • Enseioth

    because stupid ass niggas cut themselves. smh I need this shit but I can't get it in Canada

  • Griffin Preissler

    They aren't illegal in Georgia

  • Stiletto

    Liked and Shared, Bro. Great and informative Video. Peace, Stiletto :)

  • i dont giveafuck

    what idiot needs a butterfly when I have a plastic peppa pig spoon! come at me bruh!!!

  • HolidaySpiderVriska •

    Not illegal in my state

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