Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The Balisong or Butterfly knife is illegal, restricted or prohibited in many parts of the world. It is also one of funnest, most addictive knife to play around with. (cont'd below)
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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • Alonsitis Duff

    So balisongs are ilegal but guns arent... lmao

  • Caramel Johnson

    The balisong is illegal because power hungry, amoral politicians wanted to cater to their cowardly, idiotic voter base who knows absolutely nothing about knives and believes that certain knives are more deadly than others just because they're fancy and foreign.

  • SuperKinahead

    if harambe had this knife he would still be alive

  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Roy

    100% of all of those "balisong tricks" are just for show.Just like all the fancy and useless nunchaku moves.

  • UnknownOtter

    It's only illegal if it is sharp. If it is dull, it's legal

  • Harambe Sniper

    That would be fun, until you get hit in the eye with a throwing star and dressed up like a dog.

  • supa0ne

    there is no actual valid reason to make the balisong illegal , especially since there are way more lethal alternatives available.

  • FoxTunes

    the reason in my country for making them illegal is: They where used too much in street fights...So... if you ban a knife, people won't get another knife? -_-

  • Realist Doggo

    Lmao im Canadian and i just ordered 2 balisongs 🏼卐(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง卐🏼

  • Anti Dem

    I don't get the appeal. My CRKT M16 with a Carson flipper mechanism opens just as fast, with much less chance of slicing my own fingers off. That said, making these illegal is another example of a-hole politicians doing something stupid because of a media-driven moral panic. Dumb and oppressive all around.

  • GCWayMusic

    I carry one in school and so does my friend.... we have a sharpened balsong and an unsharpened one. we keep the sharpened one in our pockets just Incase of emergency (since the crime rate in our country is high) while we play and learn tricks with the unsharpened one and it really helped us.... we went out at night and there was this dude following us and when we got to a place that looks like a ghost town (cause there were few street lights and few houses and it seems as if no one's home) this dude came up to us and he was asking for our wallets..... and the knives came in handy.... you probably know what happened....and no we didn't kill em we just scared him off

  • Luc Car

    is a butter fly COMB illegal? I'm just retarded so...

  • Gary White

    easy trick I learned to not cut myself is make sure the sharpened edge is away from you! lol but I have seen ppl cut themselves. lol smh n I'm no expert at anything but cutting taters

  • Lady Lex

    they're not illegal in VA whoop!

  • HotaruZoku

    Outlawed because of self inflicted harm.rubs eyes

  • Dj Halfblood

    Lol he's just casually like "you open and stab..."

  • thats piss

    only illegal in some states. in Oregon its legal to own and carry if your not concealing it or a felon.

  • gus

    bruh when he threw the knife up in the air I cringed to the depth of my soul the only reason these things are illegal are because people do stupid stuff like that

  • Julius StarWars (TheWateryGamer)

    The balisong and the combat knife in Malaysia aren't illegal, you could buy them in the scout shop for teenager

  • X Pro BoLt X

    illegal in Saudi Arabia :/

  • Benjamin gaming

    is it illegal in Norway???

  • Forgetful Channel

    also illigeal in Norway 2017

  • arien wilkins

    in my state you can own them but not carry them. switchblades just because legal so I'm hopeful for balisongs.

  • Giova “TeknoDub” Zeta

    balisongs are illegal but guns no. good job 'murica

  • Micah Epp

    I don't understand what part is ilegal. You can go on amazon and just buy one.

  • brojly games

    its not illegal where I live

  • Mspark400 Smith

    Where did you get your drop down weapon shelf? Looking for that one specifically.

  • call of kys

    People should just use trainers, no risk of stabbing yourself and no laws are broken owning one, just don't take it out in public unless you want to be arrested for having a imitation weapon

  • 4myzelf

    so its illegal or restricted because people cut themselves from playing with it but when they accidentally shoot themselves no one bats an eye?

  • Boy Y

    Yay Malaysia is not illegal but if use it to protect ourself we gonna go in jail?

  • Alex Nunn

    I live in West Virginia so all forms of knives are legal

  • Frank Stadelmann

    Well they are not illegal everywhere in the US. My state has no problem with these or even automatic knife. I can open simple folding knives or axis lock knives way faster than a balisong.

  • Blaze

    What country r these illegal in

  • Hansblow

    Im Illinois can carry it

  • Marco 7800

    last night i saw a kid holding a balisong toy(made out of plastic)and then he rushed to me and stab me in the back luckily it's just a toy

  • Roosterking1

    It is legal to carry and own in jersey city and so are ninja stars and throwing knives and I think karambits ( I butchered that Ik ) are too funny ha

  • Lord Potato

    is it illegal in Ireland?

  • LordLlama

    Hey guys. I live in canada and are PRACTICE butterfly knives LEGAL?

  • CuffRox

    Not illegal in Colorado m8s. One of the few perks of living here.

  • SHONUFF - Gaming and Guy Stuff

    There not illegal unless your in some shit state like CA. It's just a normal knife man. What makes a knife illegal like a switch blad or stilleto with a spring activation is that it's considered an automatic weapon. A balisong is just considered a normal knife in most places same rules apply for them if it's less than 5 1/2 inch blade then you can carry it no problem.

  • On 2Wheels

    Carrying a gravity knife or balisong in California is a felony. Carrying a loaded pistol/revolver is a misdemeanor..

  • ZachTheCODBoss Zach

    it's not illegal in America you dumbass

  • Leon Wilcox

    These are illegal the same reason a certain firearm is illegal because some cupcake in society deems it unnecessary or somehow more dangerous than other designs of knives yet that's patently false. It's just a knife no more or less dangerous than any other bladed weapons out there.

  • C Bruce Strickland

    Star Bucks, really? Not a big fan of the people you have partnered with,.. are they? Think about it and if you don't know the history, of actions, by them and I think you must not, buy a liquid flavoring system that will for one take the money voice from them and put the extra cash, in your pocket. Note: I respect your work so not a reflection on your skills just a word of advice,... some things you think may be good of taste to some are bitter and sticks in the craw of others. It may be, as some of my friends have said, "just a convenient container for water" well that my be but they put the name on that cup for one true reason. To advertise to others,.. this person thinks we are a good tasting product and you should buy one yourself. Just a tip. Much success.

  • munichs23mostwanted

    knifes ,guns are made for pussys use ur fking hands thats and be a man!

  • Pat Lund

    Butterfly knife isn't illegal here. You can go down to a store and buy one.

  • Rico Aquino

    balisong is from the phillippines???

  • qwontumwolf

    all kifes are ligle here in mass you cant carry a lot in pub tho

  • Znarf_ Inc.

    i use only butterfly kinfe trainers

  • thezosokid

    exactly, ppl dont kniw how to use them and hurt themselve with them

  • Aditwiz Clout

    COOLEST KNIFE YOULL EVER SEEhttps://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/506312801/rare-custom-fixed-blade-molon-labe?ref=shop_home_active_1

  • its_poodles _btch

    not illegal where I am at in PA

  • NovaPheonix_56

    It's not illegal are you retarded

  • Zesty Mushr00m

    Wasn't sure if those were your hoodie strings or just a long moustache

  • Egyptian Banana

    1:37 where can I get a shelf like that?

  • SouthernComfort

    Bali-songs are not illegal here in SC.

  • Chance Wilkerson

    It's cause people are stupid? Or not trained that's a retarded reason thanks obama

  • Kyle Henline

    I was expecting him to say "boop!" when he stabbed the guy.

  • Bruvabignuts 5

    Ha lol sucks for you guys coz in Australia they are not illegal

  • Fancy Turtle

    in my state, EVERY kind of knife is legal as long as you have no intent of hurting anyone.

  • Lykan

    Yooooo, you came to Rochester? That's my city yo

  • I_like_goats

    u can still get butterfly combs and bottle openers online or at some stores

  • Henry Chadbourn

    not illegal in Minnesota, just got one

  • SRG __Miller

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments!

  • tremerefury

    Not illegal in Oregon. At least, I hope not. I don't like getting rid of my knives. lol.

  • The_stupid_ninja

    Btw it's legal in the Philippines

  • 1 000 subs whitout videos Poopypants

    Its illegal in norway and i jave one and im gonna Get a new to

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