Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • alex

    Skip to 1:16 for the actual video.

  • Caramel Johnson

    The balisong is illegal because power hungry, amoral politicians wanted to cater to their cowardly, idiotic voter base who knows absolutely nothing about knives and believes that certain knives are more deadly than others just because they're fancy and foreign.

  • Stray03

    Reason canada Banned it is because movies make it looks "supa dangerous". They went through those 1980 martial arts bs magazines and circled a bunch of "weapons" they deemed too dangerous, including blowdart guns, ninja stars, and morning stars....Then in the 90's they did the same thing but with gun magazines therefore making a bunch of rifles prohibited for no reason other than Arnold killed a bunch of cops with them in a documentary about time traveling robots...

  • dj nineseven

    everything i like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, expensive, or impossible 😩

  • joshthemlg pro

    it's not the knife or gun that kills, it's the person behind that weapon

  • 33 savage brother

    So basically, it's illegal because of retards that hurt themselves? mmkay

  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Anti Dem

    I don't get the appeal. My CRKT M16 with a Carson flipper mechanism opens just as fast, with much less chance of slicing my own fingers off. That said, making these illegal is another example of a-hole politicians doing something stupid because of a media-driven moral panic. Dumb and oppressive all around.

  • Giova Zeta

    balisongs are illegal but guns no. good job 'murica

  • Dj Halfblood

    Lol he's just casually like "you open and stab..."

  • sultan wahab

    you're unlucky, i just unboxxed a slaughter one

  • Leon Wilcox

    These are illegal the same reason a certain firearm is illegal because some cupcake in society deems it unnecessary or somehow more dangerous than other designs of knives yet that's patently false. It's just a knife no more or less dangerous than any other bladed weapons out there.

  • FoxTunes

    the reason in my country for making them illegal is: They where used too much in street fights...So... if you ban a knife, people won't get another knife? -_-

  • Luc Car

    is a butter fly COMB illegal? I'm just retarded so...

  • Sean Cook

    the reason they are banned is probably because some politician needed some "moves" under his belt, and they get together with other stupid politicians and pass laws that are worthless so they can tell everyone "look what i did", the number of stabbing deaths, accidents and assaults with kitchen knives are much much higher then balisongs, simply because everyone has kitchen knives, lol. they are not banned because kids hurt themselves with them, that is stupid. they also are not banned because people use them in murders and crimes, since as i said before the number of deaths related to butterfly knives is low compared with any other type of knife. i dont know the actual reason, but i do not believe it's because of an image, or teens hurting themselves with it ,if that were the case then motorcycles would have been banned years ago. case in point, in a lot of states in America it's legal to have them, so i have to assume in the states it's banned it was just due to political mumbo jumbo that has nothing to do with anything.

  • supa0ne

    there is no actual valid reason to make the balisong illegal , especially since there are way more lethal alternatives available.

  • Brian P Kuhn

    "In the state of Oklahoma, it’s legal to own dirks, daggers or other stabbing knives, Bowies, switchblades, gravity knives, balisongs and stilettos. Basically, it’s legal to own any type of knife in this state."Thank God I live in Oklahoma. lol

  • Nathanael Greene

    Not illegal where I live. I'm getting one for Christmas.

  • Racially Insensitive Logo Prevention Task Force

    That would be fun, until you get hit in the eye with a throwing star and dressed up like a dog.

  • Tay Moh

    Reasons why to buy a trainer: 1. Real = max 500$ Trainer = max 20$ 2. Real = illegal Trainer = legal 3. Real = cut yourself and others Trainer = no cutting The rest are same.

  • Dayten Gomes

    for a few moments I was convinced his hoodie strings were his mustache...I was impressed

  • shiningRival

    lolobvh hhahahahaha gay

  • Legendary Amazing

    NOT ANYMORE BITCHES! WOOO! (I'm from Texas btw)

  • CuffRox

    Not illegal in Colorado m8s. One of the few perks of living here.

  • Tyler The Sherminator

    OH SHIT ITS ILLEGAL? OH FUCK gotta sell it on the community market before the cops come! :o

  • ChedChair

    It's not illegal where I live. (Indiana)

  • Leontoner

    Love how there are three types of people here. Knife guys, just curious people, and csgo players xD

  • NGMonocrom

    They're illegal because they have a bad reputation. A balisong is no more deadlier than any other knife.

  • Rufusmortis

    Thank God we have governments to protect us from ourselves.

  • noirtec9

    I cut my self soooo bad with a butterfly knife when I was a kid, right between the thumb and forefinger. oooh I still have a wiked scar.

  • Dragonite

    All I herd was clink clink clunk bing the butterfly knife is loud

  • Monkeytogaman

    They are legal where I live. Its pretty rad

  • Kerfumptledor

    LEGAL in Florida in case anyone is wondering...:/

  • Adam Bieber

    not illegal in the state of Tennessee

  • Kamal._.Ayyad

    The video REALLY starts at 1:28

  • Micah Burgin

    It's not illegal in my state... C'mon guys, this is a state by state thing. that's how america works.

  • Marco Estanislao

    last night i saw a kid holding a balisong toy(made out of plastic)and then he rushed to me and stab me in the back luckily it's just a toy

  • Jackson Meier

    dude wtf is wrong with ur face.

  • Dad

    Just a typical use of The Law going on here."We have to save you from yourselves, just in case you screw up."

  • Julius StarWars

    The balisong and the combat knife in Malaysia aren't illegal, you could buy them in the scout shop for teenager

  • Archer 07

    MANY things the government makes illegal often make no sense at all. You have pencil pushers making laws on things they know nothing about. The balisong knife is just one example of these kind of laws. Sadly it is not just knives that are affected by these uneducated politicians.

  • Your new world Leader

    Let's ban walking, people can trip and break their ankle.

  • pyromaniac000000

    When he said Raul Martinez i thought he said Raul Menendez, the bad guy from black ops. I need sleep, too much cod!

  • Dyfi All

    In my youth that was my figit spinner I spent so many hours flipping that thing.

  • Dark Shift Music

    SO.... Basically there's no reason that it's illegal. Okay, I'll just keep carrying mine anyway, then.

  • Hail to The_Rooster

    Just check your state regulations. In Texas you can't carry anything considered a "Bowie" knife. Idk the length considered but in the cities that's all the regulation we have. Country side you can carry whatever you want

  • f0xy

    I thought it was illegal because it's a hidden weapon...kinda. I mean, I can flip a karambit or any other fixed blade knife just as well, but the balisong is the safer option.ANYBODY who knows of butterfly knives should avoid grabbing the bite handle - the people who banned them know NOTHING about knives and probably watched too many action movies from the 80s or 90s where gangsters used them because it looked cool.

  • Lucas Ramey

    Isn't that the knife that the spy uses in tf2

  • EliteOfGamers

    Its leggal in my country. COME TO POLAND!! KNIFES ARE LEGALL!!


    I own one in California how you ask go to Nevada

  • Jason Xiong

    I live in Canada and I just got a trainer so it's okay

  • freshil96

    If i was his friend I would have been like. boy if you jab that knife at me one more time.

  • brainache555

    Full autos and swords are legal to import but not balisongs thats fucked up. Also knives thay are made for fighting is legal like the emersons

  • Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast

    It is illegal like everything else because of MORONS. Eh who`d a thunk hahahahaah

  • Miquel Vico

    No need for a trainer, i put cloth adhesive plaster tape along the edge of my first balisong and didn't get cut once, as soon as i got the hang of it i removed the tape and that was that.

  • Matt Sushi

    Who else is here cause CCCSSSGGOOOO

  • SuperKinahead

    if harambe had this knife he would still be alive

  • deep in love with mudic

    A weapon does not kill, the person behind it does, a knife can be far more deadly that a gun if used properly, the reason it's illegal is because people try to show it off and cut themselves or other bc they have not been trained, and it looks different that our knifes, so people are afraid of it, if u are going to use a weapon, learn how to use it first

  • Gerhard Biebl

    I do not know if this shit is illegal in the US, but it indeed is here in Germany. Not because it is sooo dangerous, but because our politicians have seen it in several B-movies where they have been swiftly flicked around by some bad guys to impress morons. Consequently, they were indeed impressed and frightened. These knifes are shit, they are instable and fidgety. Would be fun if you carried it in your pocket and it opens accidentally. So i really do not regret not possessing one. Knife fighting is a serious martial art and relies on far better tools than that.

  • Knife Nut

    Balisongs are legal to own and carry in my state.. 😆

  • Yung Pik

    so its illegal cuz someone hurt themself? well i grazed my knee on some gravel...BETTER MAKE GRAVEL ILLEGAL!

  • Kevin Fegan

    I really respect Doug, and he may specifically know that in one or a few cases, this is the reason that butterfly knives are illegal in those few places. But more likely, he is using his intuition, or his knowledge from stories he has heard, which may or may not be true. If he has first hand knowledge then I'm sure he is telling the truth and as I said, I respect that.But it's not possible that he could know this for all the places in the world that these knives have become illegal. I'm sure that the reason in many different places is different for each place.Logically though, overall, there are many more cases of people injuring themselves with many everyday items, including other types of knives, and none of these are illegal/banned. And most times these other items cause injuries that are much more serious than you could ever get by injuring your self while mishandling a butterfly knife.Consider falls from ladders, hand axe injuries, lawn mower injuries, and even kitchen knife injuries while preparing food. Aside from for example, stabbing yourself in the eye, accidental self-injuries from mishandling a butterfly knife are mostly limited to small cuts on the hand/fingers, that really wouldn't require any medical attention in the hospital.The more likely reason is that the PERCEPTION is that these knives are used frequently in crimes.

  • Some hater

    They aren't illegal in Oklahoma

  • Ciel1820

    we should ban peppers, too many people rub that stuff in their eyes...

  • Edmond Dantez

    It's illegalfor the standard reason ... Because the ignorant are scared of it.

  • NerfGenji

    knife illegal in USA, guns legal in USAMURICAAA!!!!!! FUCK YEA!!!!!

  • Nobody Important

    Thanks for the info Genghis Kahn

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