Why The Balisong "Butterfly" Knife is ILLEGAL

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The reason for its tight restrictions is in fact due to the very thing that attracts people to it: The Balisong is fun knife to play around with. Unfortunately due to spikes in emergency room visits from irresponsible users many jurisdictions have made the ownership, use, concealment and transport of this knife either restricted, prohibited or outright illegal.

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  • TheBlyatMan

    The reason it is banned is because of TF2 fanboys cutting themselves.

  • Vexod Gaming

    i dont like knives because im ten and i have a butterfly comb

  • therealmaplesyrup

    I am watching this video while plaing with one

  • Eli R

    dude stops talking at 01:23May be illegal but you can literally find anywhere in the US

  • Sm00th TV

    Murica: Nop you can't have that knife, but heres a machine gun instead.

  • Mark Reid

    Great vid. I'm very impressed in the research and knowledge put into your content.

  • Tanner Lynn

    they are not illegal in a lot of US States

  • Tyler Durden

    I thought the strings on his hoodie were part of his mustache at first...

  • Elmur Fud

    really enjoy your video's , love the training info ect

  • Ph.D&D


  • bleach

    im in finland and my friend has a real butterfly knife, but he doesnt use it. hes goddamn 10 what do you expect?

  • Clovis Lacelle

    The music is too high and we can't hear shit.

  • Nicholas Lopez

    is it illegal in Texas

  • Lawrence Bradshaw

    Corner shops sell these in france.

  • Gabriel Oderich

    It's not illegal in Minnesota

  • Greysmoke

    They suk i could open a normal folder n stab u faster

  • Jared Green

    if there worried about cuts then why is smoking legal when that causes cancer.

  • Quakes Outdoor Adventures

    Balisong are completely legal in Indiana

  • Ryan Tizzard

    I live in the uk and I have a butterfly knife it's a trainer one though

  • Tom Lewis

    When you pull this, I'm pulling my cc and backing up and popping you 3 times... your dead before the knife hits the ground.

  • TheBananaGod

    They are perfectly legal in my state in the USA

  • MemesAreCancer

    at first, i thought gn's hoodie strings were his moustache

  • Olivers gaming and vlogs !

    Just get a trainer one I ordered one earlier today

  • Chuchummy Poopoo

    Is a practice butterfly knife illegal in California

  • by azera

    2:54 you know what this means we need to make lead pipes illegal.

  • xVenum

    So karambits are legal in the UK but balisongs ain't?

  • MissCannibalChicken

    Im thankful i dont need to carry around a knife. it would be cool having a collection of pocket knives tho. obviously i cant have this one cos Australia is triggered.

  • the joker

    I bet people who went to the ER some of the gust need to grow a pair and some electrical tape


    I don't care if the balisong is illegal! I'm gonna get what I wanna get! what are the police gonna do? shoot me?

  • Rey Sierra

    Let's ban water, because people can drown in it. NO BATHS OR SHOWERS AND GET THOSE FISH OUT!!! THEIR DROWNING!!!!

  • neferiusnexus

    fidget-spinners for gangstas

  • Jordan Hieu Nguyen

    Good thing I'm in Iowa! Ol' girl allows all fucking knives! Expect ballistic knives, they kinda suck.

  • Jimmy McMillen

    It's like nunchucks with a blade. lol.

  • DoomRater

    Or build it so when it opens, you hit the flat of the blade against you so you can make it double edged. I wonder why no one builds it like this?

  • sk8ordie20047

    I have one, come get me. ;)

  • ScarHydreigon87

    I bought a legit butterfly knife at a knife and gun show in NC, USA without any legal issues whatsoever

  • james jellyfish

    i fell of my bike and scraped my knee, i think its time to outlaw these dangerous devices... think of the children : O

  • Random stuff with Michael

    The thing that's strange to me is how if your good, you can play the balisong like an instrument. I play piano and having being using balisongs for a decent amount of time now and the sensation of your subconscious knowing exactly what to do and when is incredibly similar.

  • Star Fighter311

    Not where I live thankfully, only throwing stars are illegal here in kansas

  • Diamond Modz

    Enjoy the art Amen brother

  • Junk Man

    I love that old school fidget spinner

  • Seth Gordon

    Legal in 47 out of 50 states.

  • Chad the African bull frog

    It's not illegal in the Georgia

  • neal rossell

    fixed blade knife is already open and you don't have to go through that bullshit

  • Vasiliy Gulakov

    LOL. Claiming that balisong is fast opening and ready for stabbing and making it illegal is quite dumb while spring knives and switchblade knives are legal %))

  • Joseph Raval

    filipino fidet spinner

  • Esther Christianson

    the guy w/ white beard should stop. He obviously doesn't know what He's doing! The main guy is good!

  • NSD

    lol not illegal in Iowa

  • Dave's Skillet

    I remember the hype and fear mongers of the day it was the AK of knifes and looked extremely threatening and that my friends is why it is banned in some countries, fear no foundation needed for it.

  • Danger1076

    Where can I get the shelf

  • Griffin Perez

    I want it to KILL someone, not for fun!

  • Rockenny

    So guns are legal but balisongs are not?

  • Lord Volex

    forget the sharpness of the knife, if I saw someone flick that out and start doing tricks I would run the other way

  • James-Euro Bond

    this is just too ridiculous...every professional cook has its own set of extremely deadly knives. Sharper than sharp and some of them large enough to behead someone in a number of cuts. In a nice, small suitcase, they can walk around like assassins, but if you have something you also see in a gangster movie, the officials get crazy. stupid.

  • Thean Allen

    This is such Clickbait

  • Yasuo Main

    w8 im 15 years old and i ordered a balisong on an online site popular here in the philippines so is it even illegal?

  • Evil Spyke

    hmm, it's not illegal where I live!! unless I bring it into a school. or I don't tell a cop who stopped me i have it. or I'm under 21.

  • Kage

    Frankly, idiots hurting themselves shouldnt be a reason to ban something.. Idiots will be idiots, if they dont get hurt with a balisong, they will sit on a firework while it explodes or come up with any other stupid idea.

  • Mournforthelost96

    Why the fuck is hurting yourself cause for banning something? I've burnt myself on a toaster oven, had a rock stuck in my knee from slipping on gravel, and broken my ankle from simply walking the floor. Should we ban those things because they caused an injury? NO! People hurt themselves all the time. Not because something dangerous hurt them, but because they were doing something stupid. If you get hurt playing with a balisong, it's your fault, not the knife's. Your in incompetence is what should be banned.

  • TremereTT

    BULLSHIT! It's not illegal because of people hurting themselfs. It's illegal because the balisong attracts people who love to pos with their knifes...and provoke otherwise stronger persons...Taking the Butterlfy knife out of the equation made the world a more enjoyable place!

  • kyle christensen

    ...i thought Philippines ppl called these "Batangas" not "Balisongs" ... i also know that with a batanga butterfly, the "bite" handle is reversed...("the balisong is basically known as the butterfly knife in the Philippines, basically because it looks like the wings of a butterfly")

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