Skyrim Shop Keeper's Secret Chest Location

Have you ever wondered where do vendors store there stuff?
Stop wondering and watch the video :P

I'm not the discoverer of the Outside the Whiterun glitch. Check out his channel

First location Whiterun City.
Second location Dawnstar.

Gameplay : PS3

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  • ImACatMowCheckMeOut 3

    For those of you who are confused this chest has whatever you sell to a few of the merchants in whiterun so whatever you sell them will go in that chest, it's not fake and it's not luck

  • No U

    Just jump out in the front area by using the barrel, much easier to do.

  • Brett H

    Hey guys you can just use a wooden plate and hold it against the wall by the skyforge and run right thru it. Seriously... who does all this running around the entire whiterun city just to get that chest? Am I the only one that does it this way? Let me know if u guys want a tutorial vid.

  • PhantomDeath007

    this way takes way too long just jump out the window in the guard area by the front gate

  • Rooney

    Thanks for all the time you put in to this but there is a MUCH easier was to get the chest in Whiterun, dude :PLike, 100% easier...

  • R6 Siege Experiences

    You realize you can do that in half the time if you turn right at the entrance gate and jump on the barrel and you can jump out of the map and then you follow the path that he took outside the map

  • Ninjybear

    lol those pro editting skills 1:12

  • Anthony Bille

    Barrell in the front of the main entrance. Waaaay easier to do.

  • DarkKnight2301

    I just tested this for the remastered version and it works still

  • INteRneT WeIrDo

    Can't you use... Dragon Shout (Don't remember name) Think it was whirlwind sprint.

  • Kyra Richardson

    he could had just got a plate and pick it up then run through it and on the side of the companions


    You made this look harder than it is to to get outside, you can be outside Whiterun before you even climb up to the top of the roof and items that spawn in chests are level based so if your low level the item will be low damage/armour and as for the 'don't go to far' outside it doesn't make any difference you can go to the farms outside Whiterun they just despawn.

  • Arminas Leleika

    I found easy way to glitch out of city! Just spawn on whitrun gate go to right on watch tower and you can see a box. Jump on the box and try to jump on the tower hole and you can glitch out of city

  • Skylar Garcia

    You could've just went around instead of doing so much parkor

  • Leon

    People who dislike.. wtf is the problem? lmao.. this is a seriously helpful video.

  • Jazzmah

    There's a much easier way to get to this, doesn't involve jumping up on walls or buildings. There's a house you fall into then you follow all the steps explained in this video after he goes under the map.

  • legal gaming

    there is an easier way to do the first one

  • Anthony Samuels

    I got to the chest but I didn't get any good gear

  • Ben Douglas

    Elder scrolls Skyrim V patched it and I have not got the update yet

  • ItzRealDJ

    When I did it, it started to snow

  • Kaitlyn Rawson

    ya u jump by the gate in the side room

  • The Manter

    Much easier one.... use the tcl command. It toggles collision on and off

  • Ibraheem Souror

    Tried it on ps4 2018 now but only found steel, skyforge,banded and wolf armor no glass or ebony +1100 gold

  • Not_Sleepy

    waits five minutes for the locationHoly crap, my dude, that's all you had to saytcl

  • Donald Humphreys

    Lmao, you took the hard way. I can get to that chest in less then 1 min. From inside Whiterun. Learn better glitches bro.

  • M&M11

    That takes way more patience then I have

  • Clementine

    There is also a thieves guild wall breach glitch

  • Madeleine Grace

    I tried this glitch, AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED!! Thanks for this EPIC vid Ali Asad, keep up the good work 😘


    2018 wow Skyrim is so old but still a great game 9000/10

  • Anglegaming lucifer

    thx now I'm super strong

  • T, Gray

    There's also a gold ring in the well

  • Chaos Contained


  • EA Addictions Deluxe

    I love how you are doing a much harder way then others xD

  • jac_the_hunter Smith

    Who watching in 2020 like if yes

  • Noah Butters

    You put the wrong there/their/they're in you're description. Srry I had to.

  • Noah Butters

    You put the wrong there/their/they're in you're description. Srry I had to.

  • InsanePro

    Awesome bro! your the best!

  • Richard Fisher

    As of 2018 on switch it worksItems are of player level look up the barrel way it's easier

  • Lyndon McArthur

    all that trouble for crappie stuff lol. might as well do the dawnstar one, soooo much easier !

  • redcrone1

    there is a way easier way to do this glitch without the jumping on top of roof. look up sky forge chest glitch. save yourself some frustration

  • rys je kočka

    Who is wathing in 2019 XD

  • oringinssnipersnap gamer

    Thx bro I got daedric armore

  • Matthew Hamilton

    There was just iron for me to

  • RecordedBeast44 XBOX

    It's impossible without being max level so if you aren't level 80 don't try

  • Undertale Girl XOXO

    Woah this is frikin awesome thanks so much

  • Krusher825

    he showed the long/hard way

  • Connor The Android sent by cyberlife

    this glitch is patched now but if you use a bowl or a bucket on the rocks under the sky forge you can clip through like some do in the riften guild hall

  • Ace of Alien

    This glitch is a classic.

  • hanisa

    Press the "~" button or you call it console then type "tcl" on it press enter and it will set collision off so you can walk trough every thingand to reset it to normal back just type "tcl" again it will on the collision. This is the fastes way to get to secret chests

  • Darach Blair

    is the glitch patched up in 2017.

  • Alex Onofre

    yea right i wasted all this time and nothing good is in that damn CHEST!!!!!!

  • Luis Ramos

    Mine games was patch but found another way:p

  • Santa Retana

    you helped me so much on doing this nowi have the stuff i need in skyrim

  • Epic Noob Plays

    Does it work for ps4 and skyrim special edition??

  • Thalmor Sorcerer

    WTF I got a legendary glass sword in that XD

  • Zayne Brown

    Omg I'm so upgraded now thank you!!! 😌

  • Stafa03

    Why not just grab a platter and glitch through the wall.

  • Ed SkyNight

    Is this actually legit? Cause I'm low on gold

  • Scout Life

    Wow took a simple glitch and raised it to legendary difficulty. Impressive

  • van mi solow

    Why not do the same thing from the front gate look out tower much easier and faster

  • Jeremy Cuzzort

    I used to use whirlwind sprint to get on top of the companions building from the skyforge. Then again to get to the wall. Jump down, and walk there. Ta-daaaaa

  • josh cupid

    their such an easier way lol just jump from the barrel onto the wall near the main gate. takes 2 seconds

  • Niels Seiz

    U just can glitch through the wall left from the gate with an Plate

  • Cancer Alert

    You can do this glitch in a much easier way

  • Doctor X

    the first one you could of go right from the main gate and jump and the barrel to the outside

  • Brayden Gentry

    I don't know cause im playing skyrim

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