7 Toughest First Bosses Who Deserve A Promotion: Commenter Edition

Here are your picks of the rock-hard first bosses who deserve to further up the bad-guy hierarchy. Seriously, bosses, we only just started the game -- cut us some slack!


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  • Outside Xtra

    Here are YOUR picks of the rock-hard first bosses who refused to go easy on us, just because we only just started the game. Can you think of any more examples? Shout in the comments if so, and enjoy!

  • Kisara Maiden With Eyes Of Blue

    Jane doesn't find many things cool, it is hard to impress the ancient empress of chaos who created this world from a thought within a thought, and brought tempered destruction to bear on the old gods of mythos, taking on their form and ways of anarchy until today all our horror and stories simply refer to her. What do you see when you look upon her? A human woman or is that simply the image your mind creates to avoid having to go mad from viewing her true terrifying form?

  • Timothy McLean

    A mech-suit might make it harder to get through doors, but it's a lot easier to get through walls. Loophole!

  • Restless Pilgrim

    My vote is the Deathclaw i encountered about 3 minutes after leaving the vault in Fallout 3. Ooh, what's in this interesting barn? Oh, an 8 foot tall monster with mahoosive claws... hello Reload screen!

  • theStonerKid69

    So Murai should be disqualified from this list. Need I remind you all the title is "...First Bosses Who Deserve A Promotion." Murai was a first boss, true. But he was also the final boss, meaning he DID get his promotion. Ergo, he does not count.

  • Wonchop

    I dunno about you, but I'm itching for a "Top 7 Public Domain Songs in Video Games" video.

  • Mimmikyu

    Kane? Kane! He’s was tough?... rookie mistake not using the absurdly op tone class, rookie mistake

  • cj2016

    The deathclaw from fallout 4 in concord or Lexington I can't remember which. Not really a boss but holy hell that thing did not want to die.

  • Patrick Long

    Speaaaaaaking of Furby.Please look up "Furby Organ". It's about a man who built an electric organ with old discarded Furbies gathering dust in ppls atticsPlease subsequently visit your nearest licensed therapist.

  • Man on the Internet

    Deathstroke isn’t the first boss, it’s Killer Croc, who you show the aftermath of in this very video. And Electrocutioner’s “fight” happens before Deathstroke. Hard as the fight is it’s a big stretch to call him a first boss.

  • Respectable AF

    Isn't Mia technically the first boss of RE7. She is hard as nails... and chainsaw and other hard objects. All you have is a handgun, AND JUST ONE HAND, BECAUSE SHE JUST TOOK THE OTHER OFF! 😭

  • Lurick

    Toughest boss is "Responsibility" in this game of "Life" :)

  • Barry Bend

    Who played Robotech Battlecry and hated the Zentradi female Ace? Please make a part two with my choice.

  • Ian Watson

    The Blood Golem in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Up until this point you've probably fought a Sabbat shovelhead or two in the tutorial, and maybe (if you haven't talked your way around them) a few human gang members. Then suddenly you've unexpectedly summoned a blood golem that deals aggravated damage and moves so fast he practically teleports around the small room you're trapped in. Worst of all, you'd think you could treat a walking pile of blood like a juice box, but nooo, you can't feed from it at all. I gave that art gallery zero stars on Yelp.

  • Andrée Åkerblom

    Does the troll on the way up to the Greybeards in Skyrim count?

  • BGM Reviews

    'You call those horns? THESE are horns!' And Jane would know. You know, because of Prudence. And that whole 'being evil incarnate' thing...

  • TheTribalFreshie

    In my 20s and I still giggle at the words "rock hard" 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Prince Silvermane

    Gundyr doesn't use a Halbard, that's a Bardiche. Easy mistake to make!

  • MoodyMaj

    Well, where is Captain Flynt from Borderlands 2? Not only his arena hasn't any barriers to keep you from falling down(and then having to climb all the way up again), he has even random immortality moments when you can shoot at him basically everything and you do no damage, and he can even put the entire arena on fire.Man, not even Handsome Jack is this difficult to beat and he is the almost final boss!(I know that before there are Boom and Bewm but... I've always tought of them as mini bosses before Flynt)

  • Cory Nydam

    Toughest first boss to get past on all games: “Update required”.

  • Mark Hashman

    Not technically a boss, but I feel compelled to add:Fallout: New Vegas. Headed north from the starting town, directly towards Vegas, and ran smack-dab into a Deathclaw -- at about Level 3 or so....Went about as well as you'd expect.

  • walkingdeadman19

    "You want teeth. I want answers." will never not be one of my favorite video game quotes. Deathstroke is neither the first boss, nor the hardes as Andy claims, at least not in my opinion. That would be Lady Shiva with achievement. Getting the Deathstroke AV was annoying, getting the Shiva one cost me roughly 34% of my sanity and my XBox-Controller about half of its lifespan.

  • Hudson Ball

    Star Wars Shadows of the Empire! The very first Boss you have to fight (on foot) is a freaking Chicken Walker! It has Laser Canons that will take you out in 2 or 3 hits and all you have to fight with is a hand blaster and, if you're lucky, a dozen seeker missiles at most.

  • Spooky The Kid

    You guys forgot the true butt punisher Razorgore from WoWs Black Wing Lair. Who literally required 40 people to be a perfect part of: Controlling the Boss for a short duration while destroying eggs that you have to kill a whole room full. Using 8 tanks to keep the 4 different waves of enemies from killing the Boss which immediately ends the event. And you have to do all this until the eggs are done then you get to fight the ACTUAL boss. FUUUUU-

  • Radhrion _

    I'm so happy to see Titanfall 2 get a mention, it's super underrated

  • Jenna Spender-Sherman

    Fun fact about a random stranger on the internet: my brother-in-law had a Furby as a kid, and it would talk on its own and has a weird sound to it that makes it sound almost out of battery (It wasn’t out of battery) I suggested the bury it in the backyard five feet below the ground.

  • Caden Seil

    The Electrocutioner didn’t die after that kick, he just became brain dead! ...loophole?

  • agentbopps

    I remember spending ages fighting Deathstroke...Him - "I know you spotted the opening I gave you, but you didn't take it, why?"Me - "Um, no, I actually legitimately did not see any opening. Kind of hard to do when you attack and counterattack as fast as light."Him - (starts attacking in a rapid QTE with his staff and tethers explosive canisters to me)Me - "Oh, good, the *easy part*"

  • Max Littlewood

    Don't tell me you referenced all star batman and Robin Andy, you know we don't talk about that story...

  • bekah saxon

    how could you not mention brock

  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    7 most useless tutorials, for Old school Games..

  • Over Monitor

    Both Frank and the first sanctuary boss from Earthbound. That's when you have few psi abilities, items, and only one party member, makes making the beginning of the game one of the hardest sections.

  • Poizin Rath

    Titanfall man. That was a game with so much wasted potential.

  • Andy Mcp

    Luke's afraid of Gaping Dragon and Furbies.. and straight from his nightmares crawls.. Gaping Furby

  • Michael De Greeve

    No... no... NO. Titanfall 2 bosses weren’t that hard. If you struggle change your load out.Died 5 times? And the boss is considered tough?

  • Michal Danek

    How about The Unspeakable Deep from Salt and Sanctuary? I mean sure he's optional but COME ON

  • Platonis The Warlock

    Luke, you can count on us if you need help with horrible Mr.Bensen final form.

  • WookieChef

    The first Big Daddy. Sure they're a cakewalk later on once you have more weapons, plasmids, etc. But that first encounter is heartpoundingly difficult, especially on hard.

  • Caitlin RC

    You know who else deserves a promotion? John and James. All hail the camera folk.

  • Lee Kalba

    i have a suggestion: Games where the tutorial level is way too easy for the game you're about to play.

  • John Collier

    Furby? Most terrifying thing? Bah, Luke clearly doesn't remember Mr. Blobby.... happy nightmares :p

  • Toast. yes

    For a part 2 commenter edition, do Mei in Beatmania IIDX 12 Happy sky, the first boss in Beatmania IIDX, but it's the Hardest song in all of beatmania, maybe all of the benami series! Exacting 2,000 Notes, in under 2 minutes! Especially the bridge, aka mid, aka the section after the first piano solo. Those sweeps failed so many players.

  • ifindyourlackofhumordisturbing _

    Why does everything Luke has to talk about have to be bloody terrifying?Man those Furby's...

  • i9incher

    Evil first boss, Greg at the McDonald's that I worked at when I was 15.

  • khamjaninja

    I think the first boss in RE7 is actually Mia. Who is your wife. And has a chainsaw. And she chainsaws your hand off.Marriage is the real boss fight.

  • U562

    SMT 4 and the random horse mob. Had to quit hard and go down to normal for that one. Early SMT 4 is the most brutal. If that doesn't count as a boss than Minotaur. A certain temporary party member uses Fire attacks on Minotaur who reflect fire. Need I mention that SMT has the added perk of making you lose turns whenever your attacks are repeled. There's also a mechanic called "smirk" that randomly activates when scoring a critical or voiding attacks. Smirk guarantees a critical hit next turn and makes sure that hit won't miss and also increase dodge rate.So your party member reflects fire damage back at you, makes you lose turns, and buffs up the boss. This is a game where one good turn can end a battle. You and the bosses are relatively squishy. Or you can randomly get another party member who actively deals damage, keep hitting minotaur's weakness, and eventually win against this challenging but fair boss. It seems everyone in the world gets the fire guy even though its only a 33% chance.

  • Respectable AF

    Berial is not cool. He is litterally on FIRE, the oposite of "cool"

  • Joe Nesvick

    Deathstroke in Origins? Are people playing it on the highest difficulty or something? I even won the counter achievement on my first try. Now Bane could do some damage, but in the later game Asylum he’s easy 🤣

  • keynan martinez

    7 video game currency's that makes no sense in buying or selling.

  • Atsu Kana

    Here is one from a game you have definitely never heard of. Dark Alliance 2 specifically on Extreme mode. You see extreme mode essentially makes everything kill you in one shot or nearly kill you. The boss Lyran the lich being either the first you fight or nearly the first boss the.The whole gimmick of him being you cannot fight him directly unlike most bosses, instead you need to stressfully go and destroy urns where his remains are.However, not only can you not fight him directly with him creepily floating about following you, he also has attacks that are nigh impossible to dodge so it requires perfect block timing or you are dead because it is extreme mode. All of this together makes for arguably the hardest boss in the entire game when placed in extreme mode. However depending on your class the final boss is either braindead easy, or jawdropping hard. (Pick Ysuran the necromancer, you make a minion you can buff up which just takes the final boss’ attacks. This does not work on Lyran)

  • drakocarrion

    Electrocutioner is before Deathstroke in Arkham Origins.

  • Jonathan Laig

    Where's Andariel 1st main boss of Diablo 2 LOD when your a short range its a nightmare to kill her. Her poison will dwindle down your health to nothing

  • Philip Andrews

    Aren't some of these bosses not first bosses?You fight Mia in the attic before the garage fight with Daddy Baker and you fight Killer Croc before Deathstroke

  • Scott Springmann

    What about Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne? Not only is he one of the strongest and fastest hunters in Yharnam, 2/3 of the way through the fight he transforms into a giant werewolf beast and starts jumping around the boss arena.Also, since I'm sure someone will bring it up, The Cleric Beast is an optional boss that you can completely miss, so you end up facing Father Gascoigne first. And you have to beat him to advance in the game.

  • E2070Swn

    I don't think Deathstroke is a tough boss, the fight is just incredibly long and tedious

  • Jessica Lister

    Just when I thought I'd successfully suppressed all those terrifying furbie flashbacks.

  • Adam McDDcM

    I'd like to point out that Deathstroke is an easy boss to beat. If you spam batarangs to keep him at a distance like a scaredy-cat.

  • Werdna's gaming

    7 Easiest final bosses who deserve demotion

  • Vindicare

    To be fair, Iudex Gundyr does get a promotion... Gives me conniptions...

  • Zaneta Anise

    I've been watching this channel for months, and i just noticed that I'm not subscribed.I have sinned!! 😱

  • BornDepressed

    You guys need to do a list of armies or organizations that need to fire their hr person because they've hired exceptionally skilled people, who are completely ludicrous on paper. Drug dealers? Mentally unstable soldiers? That one clearly haunted person? Yeah, Phil in hr is not doing his job correctly.


    The tutorial room from driver 1

  • MafiousBJ

    DMC4 was easy compared to DMC3... i would have included that first Cerberus at the bottom of the tower of DMC3...shaming you into puting easy mode (which was japanese normal mode) to advance the story further :(

  • Rampaging Noob

    02:25 I would have loved a picture of Prudence to have popped up in the horn smack talk 🤔

  • FonzietheCapybara

    Who else thought that it would be a picture of Prudence when Jane said "Call those horns, these are horns"?

  • xian1978

    Luke.... google "long Furby".... now that's terrifying.

  • Marcelle Jansen

    Luke and Ellen should play Tattletail.... Because Luke loves Furbies so much

  • Draugo

    I don't know what your truck sized mech suit is made of Jane, but mine makes getting though doors laughably easy. Wait, forget I said anything.

  • sai boonlatt

    Does Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors count?

  • VillainFiles

    Iudex Gundyr is the toughest tutorial boss in a Dark Souls game... but he's still better placed in the tutorial than anywhere else in the game. Not a hard boss compared to most of the rest of the game.

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