Try Not To Laugh Challenge #5

You laugh! You lose! Get ready to challenge yourself with the funny!
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  • Ryan hodgson

    Who's here one year later

  • Zoe Murtagh

    I can't find the like button, there's only soup

  • Shadey Playz

    Did you laughYes or NoLIKE if you laughEdit: Thx for 2 likes 😀😀😀☺😊

  • Some random Soviet dude

    0:22 when you think you’ll pass the test today but you didn’t study for it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I liked my own comment I’m alone

  • Cat Nicole

    " I LIKE TO EAT CHILDREN "I'm so done 😂😂

  • Nikky The Awesome

    Mark:nothing can make me laugh!!!Plays first videoHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Samin Khan

    4:10 i laughed my gum off😂

  • Golden Song

    0:58 what was that sound mark made

  • DOCTOR 9133

    When mom leaves you at dad's house 9:08

  • A.King23

    Anyone else think that video at the end was actually pretty inspirational?

  • Slicer Dice

    Why’d Thanos have to get him right at that moment 6:58

  • Springlock Gamer


  • TheSolarNewbie YT

    3:56 also thank me later

  • Ani's Trash Can

    Not existent inside my BODY!Some-B O D Y

  • TraanVis

    6:37 Mark has the limp laugh.

  • piZon GD

    3:03Now I know how the minecraft spider sound is made...

  • Royalty Gaming

    Try do not laugh challenge At the first Clip I lost ANYONE in 2019..?

  • CrabCake

    2:45 Now that's just rude, just hitting someone during a conversation is just... rude.

  • Hermione Everdeen

    0:13 "Make sure that I don't ever, ever laugh, or yet again, feel joy inside my soul."0:24 cracks up laughing

  • Simeon Bihari Horváth

    1:48 Thats Max the cockatoo

  • Crinie The Hybrid

    3:46 did mark eat something sour


    0:23-0:27 the new remake of the shrek intro👌

  • DatDudeAlek

    I really enjoy these try not to laugh challenge videos, but they are waaaay too short! :D I need more than 10 minutes of this!

  • Emi Manu24

    0:24 what did you say before? No joy? You are always the best with this challenge XD

  • Dustyland00594 AJ

    "Say hello!""Lemme smash"

  • dog rocket

    I can't laugh at dogs anymore after reading cujo

  • Daniel Brendemuehl

    The easy way to say yeeeeeeeeee to say yeeeeeeeeeee pause yoy

  • Hybornspy 43

    4:37 is the best one in my opinion

  • Galaxy the Galactic Wolf Pup

    I can’t laugh, my throat is soar, I will DIE if I laugh. Lol 😂

  • Lei Wah

    I'm here two years later.

  • Kris Cav

    Mark looked generally inspired by the last vid and I'm glad he saw it cause it reminds me of our community❤

  • Fenzo / Howl

    "A world where joy is inexistant."

  • M1lk1scool

    4:09 i have laughing for days

  • Ann Chavez

    His arm is bigger than the other

  • Lucas Frejborg

    what is the music at 3:35?

  • No, Just No

    7:48 When you nut but she keeps suckin’

  • Simon Teal

    Hey Squidward! Wanna play?BANG BANGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Jayfeather- Oof I like memes

    Who else is looking back to this in 2019 knowing that mark will fail XD

  • Alex Vaughan


  • Jasleen Duran

    Just seeing you laugh makes me laugh

  • TheGreatDeadpoolio

    I died when the black dog was going nuts. The music was perfect. Anyone know the name of the video?

  • SuperSonicJoseph

    2:07 The Sonic Movie Poster location!

  • Adrien Brady

    What's funnier the birds or the laughing Asian

  • MonkeyGaming

    1:17 It's never too early for this.

  • Batman's Pet Goldfish


  • smjones3


  • The Duck Master

    Saw 7:50 the other day in drivers ed (guy walked up on dying guy in crash) and everybody was laughing their asses off

  • BroNinja 72

    1:54 what I tell my family about even thinking about getting me chocolate cake instead of vanilla for mah birthday

  • William Little

    5:37 My favourite part

  • super Luigi bro's wackey adventures

    Markiplier:I won't laugh 3 seconds laterLaughing ass of

  • Forwardstory

    I love that one circle light Markiplier has that makes his eyes have an animated-like glint in the corner of them

  • Phil's Eyelash

    am i the only one that watches these videos and doesn't even bother trying not to laugh 😂😂😂

  • browneyes sofia

    Mark- “ JOY DOSNT IS EXIST IN MY BODY” laughs at the first one

  • Dellstra

    The soup store one was the best!

  • Slicer Dice

    Some body once told me about the joy inside my body lol 0:19 hey now your an all star.

  • Beat Gaming

    Welp... the magic didnt work

  • Dark Yt

    I can not help but laugh because when mark laughs he makes me laugh even if I didn't find the video funny😂😂😂But the don't laugh challenge is the best even for me

  • FilmmakerJ

    0:52 "No! This is Patrick!" Come on, man. I know I already made this comment months ago. But the person who made that clip really should'a fixed that.

  • Andrew Scott

    6:16 I’m actually dying

  • 분홍토끼


  • Amelia Wilson

    I really should stop watching these when the rest of my family is asleep...

  • The Tooth in the Back


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