Elder Scrolls 6 - 5 Things We Don't Want

I'm joking though 'cause if he came back that'd be glorious. And if it takes place in Hammerfell maybe we'd get his whole damn family xD

Here I list "5 Things We Don't Want" from The Elder Scrolls 6. These are features that, when comparing the previous games, we think could be greatly improved. There isn't a lot of what we know right now, despite our top minds going hard on fan theories and crazy ideas, however as more leaked info releases we'll have more time to speculate.

A location confirmed for The Elder Scrolls 6 would be nice but that is still to be determined. Secrets and other hints directly from the official trailer (or at least teaser as it stands) have given us much to think about. As new leaks come out, we'll be able to yin hada blagovich.

The official teaser can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkFdqqyI8y4

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  • My mom loves me

    I want killing the E M P E R O R OF T A M R I E L to actually have an effect.

  • Limitless Beast

    We don't need the same sized towns and cities. They need to be much bigger and more full.

  • AlyssaJennings

    I'd appreciate not having to go into a dungeon for everything in the game.

  • Spoo

    Skyrim: You solve the dragon crisis, become the Jarl's Thane, solve the vampire crisis, and have dragon armor.*walkss <---(lol dafuq) by guard*"Let me guess. Somebody stole your sweet roll?"

  • Nicholas Wehr

    We don't need a voiced protagonist it always creates cringey and clunky dialogue just look at fallout 4, keep the silent protagonist, please.

  • La Levesque

    I mean there’s no proof you killed Alduin, you’re just a guy who never sleeps and steals from anybody and kills anybody in a completely unpredictable way.

  • EinfachIlya

    I got the Imperials and Stormcloaks to agree to a temporary truce, mediated by the Grey Beards, who hadn't interacted with skyrim directly in centuries. I even got the Blades and the Thalmor to hold off killing each other for a bit.I went and found an Elder Scroll and used it to see through time, to learn a Shout no one had heard in more than 3000 years.I used Whiterun's place to capture a dragon, which I then rode to a hidden Dragon CUlt Temple, and soon after, into a protal to Sovngarde. The place most people have to die before they can even hope to see it.While there, I defeated Alduin, who could've destroyed the entire world. The last time Alduin threatened people, the only way to win was to create a rift in time and force him into it. Alduin is nearly a god, and it wasnt easy, but I finally defeated him.After reluctantly leaving the strikingly beautiful Sovngarde, I took a trip back to Whiterun, to tell my good friend Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, the man who helped me capture a dragon using his palace, that the threat is finally over."Fancy robes. You a wizard or something?"

  • Ender Karal

    I don't want Skyrims endless dungeons specially falmer or dwemer. I am playing skyrim for amazing story but dungeons are sp boring.

  • Subaru Loves You Too

    We dont want the EXACT SAME GUY voice acting EVERY.SINGLE.NORD.

  • Luca

    Less companions with MORE personality

  • Nightmare Fanatic

    More effort into marriage.And I don't mean "do this quest and I becom unlockable for marriage," I mean actually having to out some effort into winning the heart of your spouse.And maybe even having potential suitors try to win you over, since some people in Skyrim, like Marcurio, make the first move when you get your Amulet of Mara.

  • John Peacekeeper

    Things we don't want:Taking the Role Play out of RPGAnd casualizing the game and story

  • Alex l

    I don't want bandits to outnumber the civilian population 100-1

  • Need Me A Name

    He knows this game is being made by Bethesda right?

  • Jon Marshall

    These are my deal breakers... A voiced protagonist, ANY in game monetary transactions (paid mods, loot crates, etc), and any multiplayer. I loved the Elder Scrolls because I could do my own thing, in my own world, all by myself. You see, if I wanted to play multiplayer I could play literally every other mainstream game on the market.

  • HowdeeTMM


  • BearGuy Gamer

    I held her in my arms and I whispered in her ear "oyfum"...

  • Thunderkrux

    Before I watch the video1 Nazeem2 Braith3 boring magic4 Braith5 Nazeem

  • Dirt Chamber

    Some of these are the type of suggestions that people think are good ideas, but in practice, ain't.Too much realism in a game can be a bad thing. We play games to escape reality. If you want that type of stuff in the game then they might aswell set your carryweigth to 20 and make you limp around 98% of the time. It'll get boring, fast.

  • Kirkendauhl

    The only time a protagonist should be voiced is if the character of the series is a large part of the story you're playing for. If you play the Witcher games you know who Geralt is and you get a feel for his personality and overall demeanor and his voice is a part of that. In the Elder Scrolls we've never had the character you're playing as be one of the main attractions to the game. Some may say that this could be something along the lines of "innovative" or "groundbreaking for Bethesda" but what most people will be seeing is a decline in interest, most people playing Elder Scrolls do it for the lore and exploration and you can do so with literally any character, they're entirely yours to fashion and mold. tl;drVoiced protagonists aren't an inherit piece of the Elder Scrolls series and would take away from the player's creativity when crafting their character.

  • zero18000

    I agree with everything except the Dragon rend comment. I'm the type of player that plays melee 98% of the time-and Dragon rend is the only way for me to actually fight a dragon within a reasonable timeframe. I'm not saying it should be easy; ranged should have an advantage against flying creatures-but there should be options for melee as well.Otherwise you're simply limiting viable playstyles. It doesn't feel good to choose melee only to discover you can't kill big threats just because you chose melee. Ironically, you saying this is going against your previous points-of making more options, bigger and better-you're now asking them to make melee suck.

  • Shadowpatrick_1007

    Above all else i want like almost everyone else here: #NoVoicedProtagonist, look at Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, Morrowind, Oblivon and Dragon Age Origins, they all had silent protagonists but tons of great dialogue which made you care about your character.

  • Kaylee Keen

    I'd say fill cities a little bit more, even if the npcs are boring, it just makes it feel more alive to me.

  • Steven Elebaut

    We don't want Elder Scrolls Mobile.

  • DRSNova

    I would really like if there were no respawns, except where it is sensible. A military outpost will probably be re-staffed after a while. Some bandits on the road could of course be replaced by other bandits - or monsters, or something. But if you clear some locations of monsters and treasure - it just breaks immersion if all is back in a week. But you could have fun with this as well: Maybe after clearing a crypt, one week later some grave robbers have moved in. Or archeologists. Or the dark brotherhood. Or after you killed alot of humans in one location - some necromancer moves in and animates all those corpses. Maybe some dark wizard's fortress, after being cleared, goes back to it's original owner - and all of a sudden you have a military outpost there, or a settlement. This could also be the aim of some missions - "clear this place so we can take it over". And depending on your choices, and who you work for, would make the world a better or worse place. Imagine you could just wipe out a village - and it stays that way...until their ghosts haunt all travellers going through that town.

  • VirtuallyBoris

    Preferably not have every quest require to scale a mountain

  • Russian Foxy The pirate fox

    5 things we want in the elder scrolls Vl:1: OYFUM2: Oyfum 3: OyFuM4: oYfUm5: OYFUM

  • The Man Himself

    I for one wouldnt mind the combat system being the same, albeit improved to have more dynamic, interactive elements. I like skyrim combat =D

  • Revan Star

    We don't need a Nazeem or a Preston type of character......SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine M

    i dont need most of this as long as actions ACTUALLY have an effect on interactions and the world around you. That's literally all i want.

  • Siron Aban

    Todd: proceeds to add college-level textbook questions as "puzzles"

  • driphella

    5 Things We Want In TES6:1. Spears2. Spellmaker3. Levitation4. Skooma to actually be skooma again and not just a crap stamina potion5. OyFuM

  • Generic Protagonist

    Something I do want though;Just let me have a khajiit waifu, please.

  • DreamCwyren

    Sometimes I can't do the easy puzzles let alone hard ones

  • Josey Kaiser

    Number one thing I want to see change, scaled crime ratings. Killing a person and killing a chicken should have different responces.

  • J C

    Anyone else super excited for Starfield? (SP RPG in space)

  • Harrowed One

    Never understood why people don’t do this:Vary RGB and brightness of items by a variable of -5/5 creating a slightly differing appearance of items. Also maybe removing small bits like on the two steel armour variants that have no differing armour rating. And again also, having fine, epic, legendary, etc; slightly change the sheen of stuff. Maybe it starts out rusty, then cleaned, then shiny, then radiant. Also random enchantments and gear improvements would be good... k, I’ll stop rambling now... bye 😉

  • Coolit

    NO predatory gambling boxes.

  • Meredith Navin

    You didn't mention the positioning mechanics for decorating your home. That would definitely have been in my top 5.

  • PrayingMantis

    Alduin's fight does have a sort of unique thing, when you fight him he makes meteors fall and you can strategically use clear skies

  • La Levesque

    Well obviously the first dungeon you’ll ever be in will have an easy puzzle.

  • PrudentiusInvader

    I just want Elder Scrolls 76

  • Dru Welgemoed

    Dude, this sounds like you want Skyrim to become Farcry Primal with Dragons?

  • Zestful Maple

    The unaffected world thing is something I just found hilarious in Skyrim. I’ve saved the world 3 times, become the Thane of every town, saved the College, and so on. I kill a chicken and all of a sudden I’m more hated than Hitler

  • Erik Lowdridge

    "Choices" that don't matter. Join the Thieves Guild or don't... That equates to "Get a few cool perks, some cool quests, and some cool armor... or don't." It's a non-choice. Sure, you can roleplay a "good guy" and just never join them. Kill them if you want. But there's no benefit to that. Your character is simultaneously head of the Thieves Guild, Archmage of the Mage College, Champion of the Companions, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, leader of the Blades, apparently a bard, etc. There should be equal benefits to not joining all these groups so that replays vary and choices matter. Even siding with Stormcloaks or Imperials isn't really a big deal.Or like, specializing in a skill or area of expertise. There's no reason to. You can get all of your skills up to level 100 after the prestige thing. So it wasn't a choice to be a mage or an archer or whatever, you could just master it all. Again, no replay value.The Dawnguard DLC tried to do this... be a cool vampire or... whatever it is the Dawnguard gives you. Armored trolls, I think? I mean, it's a step in the right direction. Let us choose between joining the Companions or joining the Silver Hand, with each one giving us different benefits and perks. Maybe the Mage's College doesn't deal with criminal riff-raff while the Thieves Guild believes in doing things with your wit and quick fingers -- no magic allowed. So joining one disables the option of joining the other.

  • Jimafery

    Basically we want dark souls with more dialogue and exploration and less face rolls, bosses and multiplayer.

  • Salem the witches cat

    Btw kajiitz are good mountain climbers

  • Hayden head

    MAKE DUNGEON TRAPS NOT SO PITIFUL, like seriously, give them some damage

  • Max K

    When blood dragons first appeared for me I had to flee and that was amazing

  • Cyrus Ambrose

    "We saw a decent amount of world response in Skyrim."Play The Companion questline as your last Questline, you could be Thane of the Nine Holds, the greatest right hand of Tulius or Ulfric, Archmage of the College, The Listener, Guildmaster of Thieves, defeater of Harkon Volkihar, and SAVIOR OF THE FUCKMOTHERING WORLD... "I've never even heard of this outsider."Granted, one of my favorite things in Skyrim is entering Shor's Hall, when you get to pick by what right you claim entry. I would've loved to see stuff like that in the rest of the game. What if, with a high speech level and certain qualifications (Thane of every Hold to be effectively a mini-High King, leader of a major guild, etc...), you could challenge Ulfric to a duel? Another thing I'd like, though this'll be difficult, is...more divergence. I love Serana. It is still my biggest reason to despise Bethesda that she isn't marriable. Her mother? Take or leave. I would love to have had the option to actually corrupt Auriel's Bow. Or side with the Silver Hand against the Companions. Or try to claim the Eye for yourself, if you didn't just purge the college with the paranoid local nords. The ability to destroy the Brotherhood was nice, but it wasn't really rewarding either.

  • Shreyas Lolage

    "Roll back the announcement guys! This is what we have to do now" - Devs

  • C H I L L I N E E

    Have quests be more dynamic and not just be a fetch quest

  • I’m A Giraffe

    I don’t want to have to adopt, I want to bang and make my own kids

  • John A. Zoidberg

    The elder scrolls games all have one major flaw. The world doesn't function at all, until your character, the permanent "chosen one" in every scenario, comes along. In a franchise with such rich lore and such a massive world, the quests are so lackluster, it's baffling. I hope, more than anything else, they finally change this nonsense.Also, please, for the love of Sheogorath, let it have puzzles that are actual puzzles. The ones from their earlier games all seem aimed towards toddlers. It's as if they think their player base is mentally retarded.

  • Clarrisani ‍

    #1 Creation Club/Paid mods/micro-transactions. No. Just no.

  • Leeeroooy Jenkins

    normally i hate these 5 things we hate videoformats but i totally agree with this

  • Dúo Bizarro Bizarro

    Skyrim vanilla: The Dragonborn defeated Alduin, A cult of vampires (or join them), took the place of Miraak, is the Champion of almost every single Daedric Prince of Oblivion, the leader of the reformed Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, and the Archmage of the College.No one f*cking cares.Steal an egg in the corner of the map: "Wait, I know you"

  • brent847

    there are many different play styles  skyrim needs some  trade and shipping and economy    the old buy low sell high   maybe you make potions to sell  maybe you forage something in one region  and are able to sell it in another region where that resource is more rare  localized recources.    another thing is public works projects like bridges or walls or aquaducts or dams  and so on  that a player can contrigute to.health and morale:  a fighter that is sleepless, cold and eating poor food  is not as fit  or commited in fights  as one that is warm  sleeping in a nice bed and eating fresh cooked food  so a character needs  some hidden measurements  like temp and endurance and long term morale  and of course food and drink levels.  I call it an idealized reality there are penaltied  that can be easily reduces.

  • Rotisserie Chiggen

    I'm not a massive fable fan but the way people treat you is damn near spot on.

  • AJ Basco

    You know what we really want in Elder Scrolls 6?BETTER GODDAMN HAIR

  • It’s TESSA!

    I leaned in and whispered into her ear “oyfum..”

  • Cody Ingram

    skyrim with locking on and different move sets for different weapons, similar to darksouls or even elder scrolls online

  • Gotcha Good Bro

    That would turn The Elder Scrolls 6 into another Dark Souls game (if you had to die a few times before you can keep play)

  • Miss Murder30

    I've agreed with most things youve said in most of your videos till this one..The only reason I havnt played fallout or red dead and am still playing skyrim is because I LIKE how easy it is, I like playing and just getting shit left and right and being good at it.

  • Arella Jardin

    I don’t want to become the leader of the Factions. A high ranking, respected member, but not the leader. First, it doesn’t make sense most of the time. You’re just some random person who showed up, did a few quests, then skyrockets passed members who’ve been there for years. Usually without the credentials.Second, they never do anything with it. You don’t actually “lead,” other members still treat you like a rookie, you don’t make decisions. It’s pointless.

  • Ælec Eoforheard

    More weapon variety (spears, longswords, etc) & medium armor

  • 1 More Hour To Live

    This was released on XXXTENTACION’s death

  • Anúbis

    3:10, dude, don't talk about difficulty if you use potions....i don't, i die... don't care, try again.edit: but yeah, in general true, good vid.

  • Layshad Vaughn

    If they can implement combat from "Kingdom come deliverance" and Dragon dogma" with fights with huge monsters. And more intelligent Ai would be good. Also survivalism of cooking and the weather.

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