Elder Scrolls 6 - 5 Things We Don't Want

I'm joking though 'cause if he came back that'd be glorious. And if it takes place in Hammerfell maybe we'd get his whole damn family xD

Here I list "5 Things We Don't Want" from The Elder Scrolls 6. These are features that, when comparing the previous games, we think could be greatly improved. There isn't a lot of what we know right now, despite our top minds going hard on fan theories and crazy ideas, however as more leaked info releases we'll have more time to speculate.

A location confirmed for The Elder Scrolls 6 would be nice but that is still to be determined. Secrets and other hints directly from the official trailer (or at least teaser as it stands) have given us much to think about. As new leaks come out, we'll be able to yin hada blagovich.

The official teaser can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkFdqqyI8y4

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  • VirtuallyBoris

    Preferably not have every quest require to scale a mountain

  • Limitless Beast

    We don't need the same sized towns and cities. They need to be much bigger and more full.

  • H I

    I want killing the E M P E R O R OF T A M R I E L to actually have an effect.

  • Nicholas Wehr

    We don't need a voiced protagonist it always creates cringey and clunky dialogue just look at fallout 4, keep the silent protagonist, please.

  • Marcus Miller

    A better list:1. Lootboxes2. Paid mods3. A barren game at launch so they can sell us DLC4. Lame guilds / quests5. A voiced protagonist

  • La Levesque

    I mean there’s no proof you killed Alduin, you’re just a guy who never sleeps and steals from anybody and kills anybody in a completely unpredictable way.

  • Nightmare Fanatic

    More effort into marriage.And I don't mean "do this quest and I becom unlockable for marriage," I mean actually having to out some effort into winning the heart of your spouse.And maybe even having potential suitors try to win you over, since some people in Skyrim, like Marcurio, make the first move when you get your Amulet of Mara.

  • HowdeeTMM


  • Emily Elrod

    I've always wanted more cinematic cut scenes, something other than me not being able to move and just flailing the camera around until they stop talking

  • Jessie the book nerd

    I 100% agree with what you said in this video.100%...A grade I will NOT be getting on my final exam tomorrow...Okay, Update: I'm pretty sure I passed, even though I didn't sleep at all the night before. It was way easier than I thought. Thanks for wishing me good luck, everyone!Another Update: Grades finally came back, and I got an 85% and I am sooo happy with that. Again, thanks for all the support!

  • Kim Jon Un Official VEVO

    The dragon thing you said would be terrible, if that was the case and the dragon would never land that would push you into only being able to use bow or magic characters locking off most play styles.

  • Mehrunes Dagon

    Just saying but the puzzles were easy on purpose, think of them as more of a kind of safe code. The nordic ruin puzzles were meant to keep draugr and other nasties in, not to keep people out.

  • Jessika Romeo

    Wish there were more races. Also, maybe in character creation there could be options on what kind of person you were growing up to influence the type of dialogue you'll get when speaking to people. Even adds to what they think of you so you already have a reputation at the start.

  • Dirt Chamber

    Some of these are the type of suggestions that people think are good ideas, but in practice, ain't.Too much realism in a game can be a bad thing. We play games to escape reality. If you want that type of stuff in the game then they might aswell set your carryweigth to 20 and make you limp around 98% of the time. It'll get boring, fast.

  • PUG King

    I don't want titles thrown at you one after another like how in Skyrim you were just made a Thane and dragonborn in like 5 minutes I want to be something you earn and little things to be unlocked as you do it like if you go to a city where you're some kind of hero or champion people say hey it's you the grand champion or something like that and maybe shopkeepers can say something like

  • Luca Vardy

    Less companions with MORE personality

  • DRSNova

    I would really like if there were no respawns, except where it is sensible. A military outpost will probably be re-staffed after a while. Some bandits on the road could of course be replaced by other bandits - or monsters, or something. But if you clear some locations of monsters and treasure - it just breaks immersion if all is back in a week. But you could have fun with this as well: Maybe after clearing a crypt, one week later some grave robbers have moved in. Or archeologists. Or the dark brotherhood. Or after you killed alot of humans in one location - some necromancer moves in and animates all those corpses. Maybe some dark wizard's fortress, after being cleared, goes back to it's original owner - and all of a sudden you have a military outpost there, or a settlement. This could also be the aim of some missions - "clear this place so we can take it over". And depending on your choices, and who you work for, would make the world a better or worse place. Imagine you could just wipe out a village - and it stays that way...until their ghosts haunt all travellers going through that town.

  • Keith Bradbury

    A better beastiary would be a welcome change. Baldur's Gate 2, set in the D&D world, has simply the most INCREDIBLE variation of enemies and creatures imaginable, each requiring differing tactics to fight. Should be required playing before any new Elder Scrolls game just for the sheer variations in combat styles required to win.

  • Şakir Potçu

    2:31Puzzles not for you. They are for Draugrs. Ancient Nords dont wan't Draugrs to escape, so they've made puzzles like that.

  • P

    Please Todd, no more wild swinging with daggers, they are puncturing weapons! Even Runescape got this right! Add a dagger skill tree and a backstab mechanic. To backstab through armor, you would need a dagger that is higher quality than the armor, and penetrating heavy armor should be a high level perk. When you're level 100, maybe you could backstab through daedric armor with a spoon :DMake thieving interesting! There is no point in stealth when the guards let some wandering hobo waltz right into the Blue Palace and pick up everything. Why even bother, when the most valuable item in there is some useless potion just standing on a shelf? Add unique trinkets like elven chalices, ornamental weapons, miniatures carved of jade or lapis, rare gilded books you can sell to a scholar, mammoth tusks with various songs engraved into them that you can sell to a bard...

  • Integrity Games

    You're like so close on most of what you're talking about here, but then kind of miss your mark when you suggest how it could be better. The combat needs improvement, there's no question, it's basically just point and click, it's so simple they made it into a free to play game on ios and android.Having a debuff in the cold that makes you take more damage is an option yeah, but more up to date with today's trend would be a necessity to wear cold weather gear to prevent you from taking damage in the cold.Throwing a party for you in town? A little over the top, but I get your point. Skyrim really dropped the ball in terms of acknowledging your progression through the storyline, in the previous games you would be recognized for what you'd done as you progressed, and the NPCs would hail you differently based on your choices. In Skyrim you're basically a god, the only one who can save the world, and then you DO SAVE THE WORLD, and people are like, "Begone thief."Later you talk more about how you want an improved combat system, but I feel like you're overcomplicating things. Kind of like a kid who gets excited over planning his birthday party, "Oh, I want clowns, and I want cake, and I want a bouncy castle!" It's kinda like woah, slow down there, buddy. How about something like parries or combos in combat. Let's start with baby steps here.Last, you're right, it would be an interesting feature to unlock additional quests or dialogue options based on some sort of +/- favor/karma system with NPC's. But please leave the enhanced roleplay features for the modding community. Having conversations with an in-game wife is a bit like hugging and loving your anime girl body pillow.

  • Todd Partusu

    We don't want political correctness in TES6.

  • EpiiDemiic89

    Crap list, this is TES not fortnite.

  • Mr. Macedon

    you expect too much, maybe the game engine cant handle stuff like that or maybe its outdated

  • Subaru Loves You Too

    We dont want the EXACT SAME GUY voice acting EVERY.SINGLE.NORD.

  • Michael Robins

    I have a complaint about that difficulty mention at least with dragons and such. I don't want to always have to use archery on every character. I'm running a (modded) unarmed and unarmored build so if a Dragon doesn't land so I can actually kill it, what am I supposed to do? Never learn new shouts? Always run away from dragons as the DRAGONBORN? There should always be a way to fight an enemy for every playstyle.

  • Yannik

    I'd like to have the option to not only go on adventures and stuff but also actually live a citizen life. It'd be cool if there's also a "little man" game, like you own a small house, you hunt some deers (which is actually challenging and makes even a single furr rewarding), or maybe be a bountry hunter, work in a mine, or maybe do escort jobs, own a farm or a shop and have some sort of shop management system and even have the possibility to expand and stuff. And then you also have recurring expenditures, like food, rent, kids or even employees.I mean it doesn't have to be Star Citizen type of detail, but it would just be cool if you actually had the (non-mandatory) option to play parts of a game as a guy that tries to make a living, rather than being told you're special from the get-go.

  • TraceguyRune

    I don't want a mute protagonist

  • CyberSec

    What I want is.. A return to the complexity of Morrowind's RPG mechanics minus the hit chance in combat, less linear dungeons, less linear main quest(s) a return to the stat and class based system, and please for the love of god bring back the journal from Morrowind sure keep the shitty quest log in the pause menu for people who just want to be pointed to where to go in simple terms but give me the option to turn off quest markers and use information I've obtained to figure quests out for myself. Bring back weapon variety, limit fast travel to only carriages/mage teleportation etc.. or at least give us a hardcore option that does this. This mode could include things like it takes stamina to move faster than walking speed(a very small amount) and even more stamina to sprint and magicka regenerate very slowly and health does not regenerate at all without potions of regen forcing you to need to either utilize the wait/rest system other than just because you need to wait for a shop to open or you are tired like in standard hardcore/survival modes or use the alchemy system(speaking of please de-simplify the alchemy crafting alchemy in skyrim was fecking boring. Oh and maybe bring back weapon and armor durability either by default or in hardcore mode. Also I know this is asking more than just some gameplay improvements but I would love to see the type of character you are change how the quests/world behave for example. If I'm a vampire add me to the vampire faction in game so that most vampire's don't attack me on sight and even I have the option of doing quests for vampires. Same for werewolves or depending on your race or class you have different quest options/dialog. Also bring back spellcrafting and all of the spell schools/spells that were removed and maybe just maybe add a few new ones. there are loads of other things I would like as well but these things are my highest priorities

  • La Levesque

    Well obviously the first dungeon you’ll ever be in will have an easy puzzle.

  • Revan Star

    We don't need a Nazeem or a Preston type of character......SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!

  • JedForge

    If you don't like Dragonrend, don't use it (other than the one time the quest demands it). You do make some good points, but for me Skyrim is just fine on the difficulty scale and I replay it still. It's not like I'm one shotting everything (well there are those stretches where muffle + invisibility give a number of consecutive one shots, especially after upgrading to full Daedric with enchants, but …) and I do die when I'm not careful. I agree that some challenge is nice, but I also like the feeling of gradually getting more powerful as I learn new perks and get better gear. But I do agree that improvements in other areas you mention would be welcome. They may need to do something separate for console vs pc though. If you're finding yourself having to nerf one due to limitations in the other, you just start a flame war that does no one any good.

  • Zestful Maple

    The unaffected world thing is something I just found hilarious in Skyrim. I’ve saved the world 3 times, become the Thane of every town, saved the College, and so on. I kill a chicken and all of a sudden I’m more hated than Hitler

  • BearGuy Gamer

    I held her in my arms and I whispered in her ear "oyfum"...

  • Jakub

    Oblivion is better than Skyrim

  • Dark_lord_kuro Ps4

    Leave my elderscroll alone

  • Sasha

    I’ve always sort of wanted a more defined class system in Skyrim. Dragon Age: Inquisition, as bad as it was, had a class/race system that I really liked. I also want variation in armor. Better uniques weapons and armor, so everything isn’t Daedric/Dragon.

  • First Last

    They just need to completely overhaul every little thing about Skyrim, and add more. New engine, new mechanics, new AI behaviour, new animation tech, new quest dynamics, new combat, don't make the player the centre of the world but rather part of it, seamless transitions and no loading screens, more varied NPC's (different body types, like a fat king, skinny beggar, etc.), more lively world with bustling cities where people go about their day, actual working boats and ships that are both player and AI controlled, a more dynamic and free building system where you can build a home or camps anywhere in the world, and a much more in depth crafting system, for example, you can choose the handle, pommel, guard and blade of swords, and quality is determined by your skill level and materials.Many modern open world games have achieved much of what I described, so I imagine that a game of the future such as TES6 will be able to go beyond what has already been done. I have high hopes and expectations from them, as long as they use a completely new/revamped engine.

  • Abdulaziz Al-amri

    Can’t the enemy hit us with illusion spells? At least silence spell

  • theomen49

    No. No new dialogue system. The fallout system is garbage, and I don't want that in the Elder Scrolls. Make the options more interesting, tie the RPG system in so skills, past choices, etc. But please do not add voiced protagonists or the mass effect dialogue, it's awful for TES

  • Abdulaziz Al-amri

    Please keep the legendary hardcore lvl...in Skyrim I forged a super two handed sword with all my enchanted ring-gloves for more two handed weapons... i kill anything with 3-7 hits...and its still too easy for legendary lvl

  • carlos goulart

    I would love to see different combat styles,if I wanna be a nord barbarian with a two handed axe let my strikes be as aggressive as possible while you put pression and charge foward or if you wanna be a defensive warrior with a shield,you will conserve stamina and draw your enemy to you make he run out of breath and you deliver the killing blow,something like this.And when you get married at least let the player hug their wife/husband to show their romance and not like:hey we are married!!-cool

  • AndrewmanGaming

    I love random encounters in Skyrim and I would love for Bethesda to double down on that aspect of the game in Elder Scrolls 6. Imagine picking up a random newspaper in a random town and seeing that there will be an execution of prisoners the next day. Then you decide to show up and save one of the prisoners. Now you have an NPC who is grateful and wants to be a companion. Or maybe you miss the newspaper but you overhear some people talking about some bandits who rob people on a certain stretch of road. You go there just in time to see some people getting robbed, and you join the battle to save them! Or maybe you never heard those people talking and you take that stretch of road. Now you're the one getting robbed! Things like this would be great! Random encounters that exist beyond the one initial encounter.

  • Harrowed One

    Never understood why people don’t do this:Vary RGB and brightness of items by a variable of -5/5 creating a slightly differing appearance of items. Also maybe removing small bits like on the two steel armour variants that have no differing armour rating. And again also, having fine, epic, legendary, etc; slightly change the sheen of stuff. Maybe it starts out rusty, then cleaned, then shiny, then radiant. Also random enchantments and gear improvements would be good... k, I’ll stop rambling now... bye 😉

  • Kaiyto

    I'd love to see a change to the skill tree where i don't need to get a certain perk i don't want to reach the one i want something along the lines of Fallout 4 and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make my character NOT have a voice actor...

  • Mr. Gourmet

    Combat in Skyrim wasn't so bad.. So why?

  • Thunderkrux

    Before I watch the video1 Nazeem2 Braith3 boring magic4 Braith5 Nazeem

  • Josey Kaiser

    Number one thing I want to see change, scaled crime ratings. Killing a person and killing a chicken should have different responces.

  • TheEndStarter

    I think the most needed improvement is with the skills, and complexity. Just bring back the open ended gameplay of Daggerfall, where you could get a loan to buy a ship, to be a pirate, or anything.And the combat and leveling up of Morrowind is subjectively far surpasses the level of Skyrim... in fact that is my biggest gripe with Skyrim. If I'm not mistaken (and how could I be mistaken, I'm a youtube commenter) in Skyrim the number of skills (8) is just absolutely pathetic when compared to Morrowind's huge 32 skill system, which makes the gameplay far more complex. In short: make Elder Scrolls a Hardcore RPG again!

  • Shreyas Lolage

    "Roll back the announcement guys! This is what we have to do now" - Devs

  • Cody Ingram

    skyrim with locking on and different move sets for different weapons, similar to darksouls or even elder scrolls online

  • zero18000

    I agree with everything except the Dragon rend comment. I'm the type of player that plays melee 98% of the time-and Dragon rend is the only way for me to actually fight a dragon within a reasonable timeframe. I'm not saying it should be easy; ranged should have an advantage against flying creatures-but there should be options for melee as well.Otherwise you're simply limiting viable playstyles. It doesn't feel good to choose melee only to discover you can't kill big threats just because you chose melee. Ironically, you saying this is going against your previous points-of making more options, bigger and better-you're now asking them to make melee suck.

  • Alex l

    I don't want bandits to outnumber the civilian population 100-1

  • Levitt Liria

    I want the actions we make to effect the entire game including every detail. I also want the characters to have different fighting animations based on Race,Height,Body Size and etc. I also want to be able to do Ariel attacks. And have the ability to domesticate multiple creatures forever and be able to grow older and look differently from what you looked like originally. I also want to use my lower body for fighting for example: I first swing my sword then kick then swing. We should also be able to travel all over the world of Tamirel, Skyrim, Morrowind,Elswyer, and more, we should also be able to destroy and change the world around us for example: I was a exploding spell on a rock and that rock breaks and flys in multiple directions. We should also be able attack and projectile combos for example: My enemy is to far for a sword instead I throw my sword at him. We should be able to make our own atchronotes and spells. We should be able to marry different races and genders but not have children unless you and your spouse are of the same race. There should also be children of all races (Not only human). We should be able to have custom animations for different actions. More unique enemies with their own fighting style that exist in each Continent. We need to be able to travel to Oblivion and all it's realms. We should be able to have a tracking we're we can see the footprints of NPC's or animal's that have stepped there. We should have different storage size based on our body size. We should also have a combat stance and Non-combat stance for example: If there are no enemies within the area then you would be in your Non-combat stance until you attack then you will be in your combat stance for a limited time then switch back to Non-combat stance. We should be able to do more or less damage depending on where our attack lands on what we are attacking. Hair should also move and occasionally pass our screen and block our view if we are in first person. We should also be able to turn our heads with moving our bodies to add more feeling that we are actually there.

  • Jan-Erik Bergvall

    Had been cool if you could be leader of a guild and actually start a rebellion or something and take over citys.

  • redpepperdave

    I hope you all don't get disappointed.

  • Soy Boy

    Just copy Dragon's Dogma combat = Best game ever

  • Mad Wolf

    Something that would make this game dope would be reputation that changes by everything you do and say. If you talk and behave like a mad man then thats what you'll be renown for. Same goes with being a paragon hero or a violent villain. It would also be cool if the dialogue system was like Fallout 4 with a lot of choices and voice acting for each race and gender you'd play as

  • Rotisserie Chiggen

    I'm not a massive fable fan but the way people treat you is damn near spot on.


    Show how the arrow hit the dudes knees

  • Conscious_Whisper

    I’m totally down for the whole “World reacts to your actions.” Thing. I mean, if I walk into town wearing Dark Brotherhood Armor, I should be attacked as a known assassin! An assassin should blend into the background and have multiple outfits for disguise

  • Remo 12

    combat mechanic from Skyrim is perfect

  • Rotisserie Chiggen

    Oblivion did not age well it's not playable anymore. morrowind is better only because of details and customization and diversity in items.

  • Ozan Yücel

    Why we don't have a voice? I want to see we can talk.

  • Mr. Reporting Guy

    That would turn The Elder Scrolls 6 into another Dark Souls game (if you had to die a few times before you can keep play)

  • AJ Basco

    You know what we really want in Elder Scrolls 6?BETTER GODDAMN HAIR

  • John A. Zoidberg

    The elder scrolls games all have one major flaw. The world doesn't function at all, until your character, the permanent "chosen one" in every scenario, comes along. In a franchise with such rich lore and such a massive world, the quests are so lackluster, it's baffling. I hope, more than anything else, they finally change this nonsense.Also, please, for the love of Sheogorath, let it have puzzles that are actual puzzles. The ones from their earlier games all seem aimed towards toddlers. It's as if they think their player base is mentally retarded.

  • The Man Himself

    I for one wouldnt mind the combat system being the same, albeit improved to have more dynamic, interactive elements. I like skyrim combat =D

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