Characters and Voice Actors - ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM (Updated)


Music: "Skyrim Theme Remix" by Pascal Michael Stiefel
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  • TeddyKGaming

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  • Owen Berg

    Wait, you mean to tell me this game has more than 5 voice actors in it?

  • BoringLex

    3:04 'It's-a me, Paarthurnax'.

  • Dejan Papic

    I bet Laura Bailey would never marry me,just like Serana.

  • Holden Caulfield

    why hire multiple voice actors when you can just hire Wes Johnson?

  • Jacob Winter


  • Scarlite

    Wow, when you're actually playing the game it's like there are only 5 voice actors.

  • Amaging_Green 888

    Brynjolf's voice actor's appearance fits so well lol

  • XxTeamwolfRulesxX

    Lydia get out of the doorway

  • Spxctre

    A lot of the pictures look like Shutterstock images of random people.

  • softwords_havepower

    I forget that Skyrim is just a game and theres voice actors.

  • skreef geore

    The whiterun guard used to be in this video, until he took an arrow to the knee.

  • Hugh Mann

    Danny DeVito for Elder Scrolls 6.

  • Kieran Corkle

    These voice actors are actually incredible

  • Dusty

    Still can't believe that a badass dragon and one of alduins best generals has the same voice as a plumber on shrooms with overalls

  • Eduardo Alvarez

    Oh, the memories ❤️ Sometimes I wish I could go back and play Skyrim for the first time all over again. Here’s to Elder Scrolls 6!

  • PepperBeef2Spicy

    One of the most powerful dragons of tamriel is voiced by....Mario. 

  • The Game Temple

    4:48 I had no idea Wonder Woman was in skyrim 😂

  • Piggy Zilla

    Would ya mindI'm busy doin' the FishStickIt's a very delicate state of mind

  • thegreatcalvinio

    I hear they're reforming the Dawnguard!

  • Sir Sir

    Imagine Alduin's voice coming from that guy on a daily basis.

  • FlurryPurry AJ

    Is it just me, or is anyone else freaked out that Cicero's voice after doesn't have a image O_O

  • DatSatan

    I'm a simple person. I see Laura Baily, I click

  • Eric032289

    "It's-a me, Paarthurnax!"

  • Overlord Zarthan

    Brynjolfs actor looks like a thief

  • hesam rahmany

    The fact that after all these years and after hours of playing this game I still didn't know some of this characters drives me .crazy

  • Raptor 501st


  • Xavier Davis

    even though Serena a vampire she cute AF xD

  • Saint Lucius

    who voiced the khajit and lord harkon?

  • Chris Knitter

    I am sworn to carry your burdens...

  • LeeHatake93

    I like how some of the characters actually look like their actors

  • ayman ken

    Who want Dremora lord voice😍I smell weakness😎

  • Chadu8 lol

    Is it just me or y'all still playing skyrim 2017 aswel 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Kaylee Keen

    Whoever voiced cicero is so talented being able to say stuff like: LET'S KILL SOMEONE! All happily and insane.😂

  • 「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」

    Durnehviir...The Dragon with most badass name. Curse Never DIes.

  • ChickenWeb

    Michael Gough must have a tough job considering EVERYONE IS VOICED BY HIM

  • WOSS X

    Dovahkiin's voice actors: Yourself

  • Quinn Riley

    When you watch this in 2019 and watch critical role AND remember that laura bailey plays as jester. Such a great voice actress.

  • Jamie Charleson


  • Grand Chef

    But.... who voiced the guards?

  • eat shit die

    I knew with a voice like that Lydia was hot irl

  • Brandon Cottier

    Dear lord, some of these female voice actors are hawt, Serena’s actress is a babe lol

  • Kelin Naidoo

    I only came for Serana

  • Josh Cosm8

    Fun fact: Serana's voice actor voiced lucina from fire emblem awakening

  • UM1 50N0D4

    Dovahkiin can you hear me?Dovahkiin? DOVAHKIIN!

  • Yol Stumah

    0:17 what I studied for...What’s in the test0:39

  • Pha Q

    Linda Carter was Azura? WOW!

  • Dante_Son_Of_Sparda #Lady'sHandsomeDevil

    Karliah voice actor really looks like her just with more of a skin tone, it's uncanny really but then again I guess the voice actors must have wanted their characters look somewhat similar too them.

  • Hans Grueber

    Vladimir Kulich is a badass in "The 13th Warrior".

  • John 'Hazer' Anderson

    But who's the one voicing The Last Dragonborn ?

  • Colonel Cluster Cuckold Cockblock Cunt

    Wes Johnson is amazing. No, not because he has some extremely realistic and convincing voice acting (he does btw) it's Hermaeus Mora. It is such a goofy voice and really hard to nail, its super creepy and mischievous. It sounds like a black hole as a god, kinda.

  • SlayerPlayer27

    of course no photo of cicero's

  • N_4m

    And the voice of Dovahkiin, Dragonborn. Remains a mystery...

  • Murilo Leonardo

    I'm disapointed that they didn't add the nazeem's famous "do you get to the cloud district very often? oh what am I saying, of course you don't"

  • Hajdu Linda

    I only heard Laura Bailey as Jester from CR so realising she's Serana, im unable to process it.

  • dadadajasper

    If I ever see Colleen Delany.. I'll tell her to hold my stuff and she better like it!

  • LookAtMe

    Nazir the african drug lord

  • Sérgio David

    Skyrim is such a master piece...God damn.Aint nothing like this

  • ulahlah

    Is it me or is Merdidia's voice annoying?No? Just me? Ok.

  • old POWER

    Having liam nesson and/or sean bean in the cast would’ve been awesome

  • Reman Scimitar

    ...They hired Michael Hogan...the guy who plays Saul Tigh in Battlestar Galactica... another reason why I love Skyrim.

  • BumbleBerry Animations

    when your hear Molag Bal then you remember serana TRIGGERED


    Stephen russell is the best and most used sound actor in bethesda games.

  • Dark W0lF

    It's a me, Paarthurnax

  • HoloXP

    Shocking after 300 hour of gameplay only to seen 80% of the characters, damn gonna dig in more

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