Fallout 4 – 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed in the Wasteland - Fallout 4 Secrets

Fallout 4 is quite a large game, loaded with hundreds of characters, quests and locations – There’s so much content buried within Fallout 4 that even two and half years later, some Easter eggs and hidden secrets may not be known to some of us. So with myself on a Fallout 4 kick in the wake of the Fallout 76 announcement, I figured why not take a look at 10 tiny details you may have missed in Fallout 4.
  • StraightUpIrish

    When dad pins you because you support his content.

  • Jessie the book nerd

    If you activate the microphone in the veteran's hall, the player will say "War never changes..."Surprised you didn't mention that.

  • J9lavone

    The random encounter with the ferals named after the neighbors can happen more than once in the game. I always thought it wasn’t the actual neighbors, but a manifestation of survivors guilt in the player character.

  • Rolatii

    I think Deadeye may be a callback to the blind bandit in Skyrim that's supposed to be on lookout: Ulfr the Blind. He's even got his own special book that is literally just blank pages.

  • Furlow Torent

    Is Manta man also the guy that drives around on pretend Motor cycle and throws imaginary bombs?

  • LochNESmnstrr

    Tiniest details on Fallout 4:Diamond City is the biggest settlement

  • Joe Mck

    This is a weird graphics mod for skyrim....

  • Average Donkey

    5:13 Hermous mora: Come closer....bask in my presenceDovah: im just here for the book

  • ZachProGamer

    Honestly good on you for catching a lot of these! Keep it up, because I thought this was pretty S.P.E.C.I.A.L

  • GamersOnVideos

    So in the veterans hall, there is deadeye. who isa veteran;) ;)

  • walnutt_

    "Some weird Cthulhu monster"Wise words right there

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    Hey what's up guys, it's Nate here. AND FALLOUT IS A HUU- well, it's a decent sized game.

  • Zomby Gaming

    I don't see Herma-Mora on the hairbrush, I just see weird looking plants

  • Galaxius

    you forgot that the salesman can be seen in fallout new vegas in a magazine in a loading screen

  • Angela Dawn

    Check out Pickman's Gallery, it's near Cabot House kind of... it's based on a short story by Lovecraft called Pickman's Model and has a cool bit of lore to go with it 😊

  • Mack Gaming/Animals

    Here are two more you might have missed out on.1. In Diamond City at Power noodles there are metal stools. If you look at them closely they are baseballs. Not a surprise considering that we know Diamond City was a stadium.2. In vault 81, everyone wears Pip-Boys right? WRONG. The vault security does not wear Pip- Boys.

  • AfroRyan

    Did you notice all the skeletons? They're easy to miss, but there's actually many skeletons in the wasteland, meaning that they were working hard to let you know people died in the past.

  • Willz __

    I would of just loved to have Fallout 4 the game before the bombs dropped, just to explore the world.At least the game could of started like that instead of 1 minute before the bombs drop, have a few chapters before the bombs drop so you can explore the world, soak it all in and it means more.

  • Tom Florczak Jr.

    I've got 100% achievements and around 1,400 hours of playing time and I'm still finding new places

  • BrandonCrasher

    manta man will have some unique dialogue if you talk to him dressed as the silver shroud

  • The one and only Frazbeartime

    Manta-man was killed by a glowing deathclaw in my game, I did get to hear some of his dialogue tho. To bad I left my silver shroud costume in home plate

  • Diares Noctis

    Over Diamond City is a secret place with good loot and a powersuit Station

  • stinkbean1

    #7 in the fraternal hall the player can use the microphone one time and he’ll recite the phrase, “War, war never changes.” I tried to repeat it but the “use microphone” highlight did not appear a second time.

  • t3hb0ss

    On the hairbrush thing you say "duh-CALL"...... Its pronounced "DEE-cal" (cal like val as in value) decal...

  • black guanábana

    The random encounter with a Preston Garvey impersonator

  • BxL0W

    Flamingosis in the background? I love you man!

  • J TNV

    You missed a WHOLE bunch of Easter eggs that were part of the ones you were talking about.

  • POW Gaming

    If you walk up to the mic in Fraternal Post 115 your character will say "War never changes."

  • Laura James

    I've got one. Dogmeat wasn't supposed to take up a companion slot. Initially, you were supposed to be able to take him and another companion with you. While Bethesda changed this, the didn't fully remove it. For one, if you have the Lone Wanderer perk you can still receive it's bonuses if you have just Dogmeat with you. Also, many of your companions like it when you use a stimpak to heal Dogmeat, which would only make sense if you could have them both with you. I play with mods, and have one that lets me have Dogmeat and another companion, and I have earned approval from some of them by healing Dogmeat. However, this mod unlocked audio files still in the game. For one, many of my companions made remarks about Dogmeat needed help after he'd been hurt. The most interesting audio file came when I went to Vault 81. When the Overseer came to greet me, the head security guard said "But, Overseer, what about her friend, and the dog?"(I had Dogmeat and Piper) The Overseerthen said "If she's survived this long out there, I'm sure she knows how to pick her friends." So Bethesda had everything all voiced, but scrapped the idea, and then never fully removed it.

  • Shay Rosa

    Is that football head by flamingosis in the background

  • Punykirby

    I was just watching random Fallout 4 videos, I was caught off guard when this one ended up being more recent than the others. Good video, I only knew about half of these things

  • Darth Joosboxx

    Could Manta Man be the crazy motorcycle sound effects guy?

  • Jack Wadelin

    Heya Nate, don't know if you've covered it yetBut tiny detail:In the CIT building at the western entrance you can find a skeleton, with chalk, a broom and some symbols on the chalkboard - this is a reference to good will hunting with robin Williams :) again don't know if you've done this but there you go

  • Mr Ping

    Death is a better alternative to Communism

  • Aidan Mchugh

    Manta man has exclusive dialogue if you are wearing the silver shroud costume

  • Jarod Honaker

    I mean would it be far fetched for Englishmen be Skyrim’s people in the fallout world or hearsay the people across the pond of who they may be

  • Nikkstein Gaming

    My favorite random encounter is when you meet the preston garvey imposter ahahahah!

  • stew shack

    the track in the background is football head by flamingosis, please make sure you credit the artist @TheEpicNate315

  • Micah Philson

    I noticed those named ghouls, but just thought it was a weird thing and could never find a story about them, so I just thought they had to do with the nearby retirement home! I had absolutely no clue that they were the other residents of Sanctuary!

  • Mad Hatter

    The Citgo sign in the real world at Fenway to Mass Fusion sign at Diamond City

  • Ruben Smith

    please do another, I really enjoyed this, especially "dead-eye"I haven't actually cleared the Veteran's Hall yet and I don't really want to anymore because of this video lolI know he's like pretty much a boss in F4 but I would still very much like to see a mod where you can choose not to kill him, maybe get him as a follower that often bumps into things.

  • HappyDude

    your voice is amazingyou should read sportnewssounds like duffman OW YEAH

  • mac_without_cheese

    me: hey that looks like hermaeus mora!nate: ...resembling hermaeus mora...me: you have no idea how proud of myself I am right now

  • Emily Murphy

    Wait... this isn't Skyrim

  • Jessica M

    There's some Boston history in Goodneighbor too. The Old Howard Theatre that serves as the Memory Den in game was actually torn down after a fire in the 50's, but it was shut down before that thanks to an indecency hearing by the vice squad after they did a sting on a burlesque show by "Irma the Body", the stage name of Mary Goodneighbor. And there in the intact theater you can find Irma, reconstructed in her namesake's image.

  • The Horrible Gamer

    I almost cried when you said megaton 😂😭❤

  • Levi Curiel

    Is that Football head by Flamingosis playing in the background? 😎 NICE MAN! Great video by the way! 👌

  • John Marston

    Redeye + supermutant = DEAD EYERedeye is the nuka world three dog btw

  • NamelessGod94

    Skyrim: Mr. Nate, i don't feels so goood....

  • joker 1_9

    Since 5 years of Skyrim being released we're still finding secretsThis is beyond science

  • Greed Zeeya

    "As well-ahhh"WIsh the voice didn't sound so exaggerated, but this was an excellent video and look forward to more!

  • Olivertoe

    signed by E. SO DID BETHESDA PREDICT THE "E" MEME?!!?!

  • Meta Cooler

    I Always though "War never changes" is nod to Snake From MGS change from "War has changed"

  • bwhee

    Hi I'm your video DJ I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go

  • Sin Umbreon

    7:43Ok back in the childhood fallout 3 looked fucking beautiful but i guess that was first time player nostalgia glasses type of thing

  • Nati Neko chan

    I loved the skyrim details now you are making fallout 4 details ? Could this get any more awesome :D ^-^

  • Brody Hilgenfeld

    at 5:18 no no no, its our lord and savior, the flying spaghetti monster.

  • TheMur28

    There's also unique dialogue for Manta Man if you're dressed as the Silver Shroud when you encounter him.

  • Nicola Alterio

    With the reference at Megaton i scream like a girlToo many feels and memories.

  • raisin

    Missed in the wastelandthumbnail is pre-war

  • Daniel Pearson

    Hey Nate whatever happened to your amazing outro?

  • RedEagle 1346777

    U.S history class helps me figure out the Fallout world in Boston lol

  • DysonSquibs

    The special stats are also on the vault 111 staff clipboards

  • Ian Purvis

    se hintonwrote outsiders and took place in boston??thats my theary

  • Jack Warren

    I am ADDICTED to epic nate!!! Can't stop watching, you're like a mixture of Neil degrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman (which I mean as high praise, that's a lot of nerd power right there). I could watch you do a video about tying shoes and be interested, keep it coming dude, we love you✊🏽

  • Adam Hapgood

    Takahashi the protectron at power noodles is voiced by Shinji Mikami, The creator of the legendary Resident Evil games

  • ArgentDeer

    The hairbrush was something I never considered. And now I can't unsee it. 😂😂😂

  • b man

    Around 3:12 actually blew my mind. Never paid attention to that thank you for pointing that out

  • Aiman Muhsin

    Has Skyrim finally run out of details? Is this the end!?

  • Jonah Eddleman

    Nora: you’re gonna knock em dead at the veteran’s hall, Nate: * thinks back to the Great War or whatever*

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