Dagger Making - Skyrim: Forging a Real Iron Dagger (Made of Steel)

By far one of my favorite videos I've made editing wise. I've come to not care as much about the length of my videos as I used to, for the following reason: As much as my videos are a form of entertainment they are also a demonstration of the many cool things you can do with different materials. In other words... making the video into a fast paced, quick to consume... thing, takes a lot away from the all the other stuff which the video is about. Anways just a thought I had.
Thanks for watching!

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Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional. Anything you see in my videos may not be the best/smartest/safest way of doing it.

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  • TrashMan

    an iron dagger?MADE OF STEEL?!?Alteration 100, illusion 101

  • altair658

    what graphic mod is this?

  • kaczan3

    I used to make knives like you, but then I cought an arrow in the knee.

  • thevoodoovulture

    the 1.5k people who disliked the video clearly aren't looking to protect themselves OR deal some damage.Quite a shame if i do say so myself.. considering Make N' Create has blades, helmets... anything to suit your needs.

  • AimaeArt

    Smithing skill increased

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Now try making a glass dagger ;)

  • Suffix Kind

    Good, now stab the greybeards with it until you reach sneak lvl 100Edit:omg thank you for the like

  • Lifey-Rifey- Boi

    Completed: Forge An Iron Dagger"Hmm, let's see if you can make a hide helmet"

  • LadyxInsanity

    Me, the thane of every hold, Arch Mage of The College of Winterhold, Leader of The Dark Brotherhood, Leader of The Thieves guild, Slayer of Alduin the World Eater, Slayer Of Miraak the Impersonator, Hero of The Blades, Werewolf of The Companions, Vampire, Resurrector and Slayer of Kaarstag, Ender of The War, and of course DRAGONBORN, yet Braith will still say “what’re you looking at?”

  • Rodness

    if we had Skyrim Mobile we would have to really wait 5 days for this dagger to be ready

  • Alexandru

    all skyrim fans are with you

  • Chipz

    Some may call this junk. Me? I call them treasures.

  • Zoltar the Silent

    A blacksmith in the 21st century?Is he better than the normal blacksmiths?

  • dalsio

    Now just make 1000 more of those and you too can be as good a smith as Eorlund Graymane.

  • NFG

    Are you looking to protect yourself or deal some damage?

  • Kasai05

    Pft! Making stuff like this is EASY for him! He has super speed.

  • Aldrich

    Whatever you need, by ysimir if its simple and strong, i can forge it.

  • Twanger

    Never should have come here!

  • leokid6

    PUM PUM PUM PUM PIP PIP PIM pim pim pim pim pim pim

  • cheesesquare 1234

    blades helmets, almost anything to suit your needs.

  • Anissyah Romi

    Now shout to every visitor that came into your house: "never should have come here!!!" *draws out iron dagger"

  • Daniel Scutaru

    9:18 me explaining my daughter how kids are made

  • cheesesquare 1234

    By the order of the Jarl, stop right there!You committed a crime against Skyrim and her people, say you in your defense? >you caught me. I’ll pay my bounty (1000 gold)>I submit take me to jail>I rather die then go to prison!

  • Anti Meme

    But you didn't use leather strips

  • Swift Games

    I’d be a lot happier and warmer watching this video with belly full of mead...

  • Clueless Travelers

    Lol noob, I remember when my smithing was only lvl one

  • funny robot

    About 9,999 more and you’ll have maxed out smithing!

  • Pe4ivo

    I`ll give you 5 septims for that :D

  • Astroknott 58

    Man it doesn’t take nearly this long in Skyrim. 😀Nice job.

  • katterina

    okay i just found this and its made me so happy , when i searched skyrim weapons irl i half expected foam but ... wow.skyrim has and always wil have a special place in my life/heart its just so ... amazing. thank yo for this video

  • wowdisgood fuf

    Congratulations on finally getting your smithing skill to 100 dude!

  • CaveSpiderNinja

    "Looks good, but it's a little dull. Why don't you sharpen it up? Just need a bit of metal and the grindstone over there."

  • Unholy Grain

    “Hey... what are you baking?”Knife

  • Tylor Miranda

    I love how you use coal. It's just... idk, even more relaxing.

  • Silent Writer

    skyrim fanboys typing 'fus ra dah' belowSPEECH 100

  • mike olsen

    9:20 ahh yes thats it!

  • Putu Widiarsa

    Don't suppose you'd enchant my sword? Dull old blade can barely cut butter.

  • Jasssehh

    Remember me when your making skyforge steel.

  • bowser gamer

    Smith: I'm the best weapon upgrader they will ever meet.Youtuber: Hold by juice.

  • vault boy

    2 hours later ok now that ive made 200 of these i now feel confident to tackle dragonbone armor

  • Max Ramos

    I like how in real life this prolly took like a week and in Skyrim it’s in a matterOf seconds I get why but it’s just like wow ok

  • Alvor the Blacksmith

    Not bad, but its a little dull. How about you sharpen it up? Just need a bit of metal and the grindstone over there.

  • J P

    Awesome! Love the lil sound effects at end. Made me laugh.

  • HauzS GascaeH

    Hi excellent video but I have a question: What did you boiled in the end to make the iron darker? I did'nt see the bottle. thanks

  • Pye face

    I really like the way you gradually build up the speed when you edit

  • Rodger_ Snake

    I liked the think that you left the rustic look to it and didn't make it lustrous NICE WORK

  • Whiterun Guard

    No matter what else happens, the guards will always be grateful for everything you've done.

  • I am a Toast

    Smithing skill increased to 25

  • Ecstatic God

    Video starts at 16:22 you’re welcome

  • RadcialGlitch

    Love it so much! I would like to see more skyrim related weapons in the future.

  • Zeek Lift

    you got amazing skills :D im impressed

  • Dill Dough

    I'll give you 10 coins for that

  • stephenthomas00

    The roughness of the dagger really gives it character, like when you look at a prop and say "Oh that looks pretty real" but on this it is REAL and is hand made. Great job! :)

  • Bent Helical

    Just remember me when you're making skyforged steel swords

  • Aaron Stopper

    9:30 I love the technique he used

  • Takkar Sasori

    16:20could have just done that from the start and not waste time making the daggerjust smack leather and iron together but ya wasted all that iron (this is a joke btw)

  • Scorpion


  • NoviceCraftsman

    This is amazing. I have to ask how did you burn in the tang in one heat? I'm working on a similar project for my first piece and the tang doesn't like to go past where I drilled it.

  • Kot Buterbrod

    Don't work with long sleeves. It's very dangerous for your hands and fingers!And dagger so awesome by the way.

  • Drinx Tequila

    This reminds me when i want 2 level up smithing

  • Marcelo Endless

    Amazing! You're an artist, man!!

  • Mastep syra rogaliki

    love the vid but I don't remember ye old drill when I went to make something in skyrim

  • TrophPlayz

    15:20Iron Dagger (LEGENDARY)Iron Ingot (134)

  • Gero Noven

    This is defently a real IRON dagger made of STEEL 😂

  • Cripto Gamer

    Que arma tan fría y dura, como mi ex.Pd: si soy un comentario en español, sigan bajando alv:v

  • Nick Buchanan

    The only way to make a dagger in the classic Skyrim way;Heat up the forge, then take out the red hot metal beam, hold it by the red hot end, dunk the cold end into water, take it back out, then hammer it in the place your hand is.It takes a professional to master this technique, but it pays off in the end.

  • Killer Matěj

    I see this chanel first time and I need say WOW, really nice work

  • Josiah Goodwin

    Remember me when you're making skyforge steel

  • LLongTTower

    Am i watchig a videogame or real life? Thats freaking hooot! 🔥🔥

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