Skyrim - All Unique Heavy Armor Pieces And Sets


In this video I run through ALL unique Heavy Armor in Skyrim (Sets and stand alone pieces).
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Daniel Hani

    if you got the blades armor shame on you for killing paarthurnax

  • ShadowArtemis4456

    Azhidal's boots of Waterwalking or as one of my former coworkers called them: the Jesus Boots

  • Aconitus

    I played through my whole game with just nightingale armor... that shit is sooooooo badass looking.

  • Furoluro

    Ah, Vokun, my friend and enemy. My game bugged out after I put that mask on one of the manikins in my Falkreath home and it just kept dupping it forever. No matter what I did, it just kept making new ones, even if I removed Vokun and put a different helmet or mask on it, it would just spawn another Vokun and stash the second mask or helmet on it.Vokun is love, Vokun is life.

  • MidnightInferno

    The reason why there is an apostrophe in General Tullius' Armor, is because that indicates that it is his armor, not the name of the armor. If that made sense

  • Batmans Goldfish

    You sound like Danger Dolan

  • SilverFang1496

    You missed one of the dragon priest masks. Zahkriisos. Take 50% less from shock spells and shock spells cost 25% less.

  • Harleen Burke

    it is tullius (es) the apostrophe is correct

  • EnderAnimations34

    You even middle school English bro? When a name ends with an "s", you put an apostrophe just at the end of the word without following it up with another s. Show it is Tullius', but sounds like Tullius's. It's very basic English mate.

  • Mr Niceguy

    Beware, grammar nazis incoming.

  • J FORCEuk

    General Tullius' is said as Tulius es armour.


    Actually it is Tulius'(plural) because in english(least american english anyway) if a word ends in s as a singular, when written you put an apostrophe on the right of the s as apposed to adding es(tuliuses)

  • ArgonianGamer

    Why does everyone care about his grammar on one word? One person says it. Done. Everyone doesn't nt have to go and say it.

  • slick dicko

    that optical illusion at 10:05

  • kill a coppercab

    Earned a sub m8 you actually do some research and pronounce 99.999999999% of the names right

  • Kiyoko504

    Mods really piss me off because I'm a consul user and will never get to have these skins that make the masks look so amazing Bethesda really needs to spend more time on making items look amazing and breath taking

  • Christian Dael

    What's the armour on the bottom right of the clickbait?

  • PiousMoltar

    "Not General Tullius' Armor but General Tullius Armor" It literally says Tullius' right there.

  • Teagan Akans

    I always thought Tulius's armor was light.

  • Callum Woodward

    what is the name of the mod what you are using?

  • Julian Harrison

    Apparently this guy can't even English, because when you punctuate a pronoun that ends with an S, it's still pronounced with an additional s although it's not written...

  • Xanadu-King

    I am not sure if anyone said this but General Tullius' Armor is pronounced with the extra s at the end. When you place a comma behind an s, such as in Marcus' it implies ownership, the same way you would write Michael's. Although the extra s is not there it is implied and thus spoken.

  • Ishio Ramo

    the konahrik mask as a chance of casting a dragon priest when you are low life instead of healing and damaging nearby enemy, even thou its not written. Otar mask elemental resistance is 30%. Dwarven helm face is different if you put it on followers, if your follower is a heavy armor the face will smile, but if hes light armor, the face will be alarmed.

  • Dectron Alpha

    You can buy Wolf armor from the guy at the Skyforge.

  • The Devil

    I love this guy. I am getting wet everytime he says "This is a powerful enchantment".

  • Harry the Human Substitute Arrancar

    why the F$%£ is the blade armor heavy armor... they are baseed on Samurias, Samurias NEVER used heavy armor EVERedit: this was years ago! and have learned more since then, I know historically there was no definition between light, medium and heavy armour and this is a modern concept, but in the elder scrolls world light armour is weaker, lighter and more flexible (generally) and heavy armour is heavier stronger and more rigid........ and the rigid part is the part that always bothered me.... Martial Arts.... the idea of the a group of warriors based on the samurai being stuck in a tin suit unable to me because it conflicted with allllllllll my training. I still have room to grow though. and still comment reminds me of of how much worse I used to be, still growing and always moving forward.... now can the cringe please die?

  • Tigercup

    Apparently 2015 Camel was unaware that the apostrophe at the end of a word ending is "S" you pronounce as if it were spelt "Tulius's"

  • i_warrior_gaming

    The azidal helm is differant on myn

  • Trashasian

    How did you get all the unique heavy armor pieces and unique one handed weapons? Is there a console command for this?

  • Neb ontha

    I have acquired more than one of the Falmer Armor cuirass piece.  One was in Mzinchaleft Depths, the other was in Blackreach.

  • Gryphon05

    how is his armor rating so high without him improving it at all?

  • The Annilators

    You can also keep the Jagged crown by a glitch. For whatever reason while it is a quest item you can pickpocket it onto Ralof or the Imperial dude and then complete the quest and get it back through pickpocket

  • Imformed Foxy

    Where is the deathbrand Armor (You should of put it in its the best light Armor set in game)

  • MyNameIsJenkins

    He says not tullius' when it clearly does say tullius'... 😂😂😂

  • Sousa Kalliovski

    Would have been nice to know in the video where to get all of these :(

  • The Gaming Duck

    I used to have that Ebony armor that had black smoke...Then i discovered Daedric armor and threw the ebony armor away

  • Rebel flag Respect

    Wolf armor isn’t unique

  • Ukuku Uuu

    hi bro can you make video about how to get full set of falmer hardened armor

  • beepybeetle

    How did you get your konahrik up to 348 armor holy crap

  • 1111 JTD

    You can get the Ancient Falmer armor without console commands.... :/

  • Austin Carroll

    otar dosnt look like that

  • mommytojr2044

    My favorite armor is 1. Khonahrik, am I even saying that right? 2. Ebony chain mail 3. Everything else is just ebony including weapons that's why I need to get to level 100 on smithing

  • Lourenco Goncalves

    Where does it say the armor rating?

  • ItZ HaVi

    post a video of how to get to that room!

  • Chris Marinache


  • Josh Ledford

    my brother has ebony mail all pieces and all epic

  • Ben Shorthouse

    Yngol means nipple Srsly look it upOFF TO NIPPLE BURROW WE GO, LYDIA!!!

  • Wandering Warrior (117)

    Storm cloaks! Storm cloaks! Storm cloaks!

  • Arts Locker

    What room was he in? I play Skyrim on Xbox 360 so I don't know if it is a modded room or not.

  • FanDroid

    Konahrik have also secrect enchant it can summon the drogon priest

  • weasle min

    why is the ebony mail Armour rating over six hundred

  • dmitri chehova

    Dukaan's mask is my favorite style. He is the only priest I have fought thus far..

  • Dustin Wetherbee

    The Masque of Clavicus Vile is actually a mask of Loki

  • Arie Charles

    I think you missed the krosis dragon priest mask


    where can you find that room

  • Rick Faassen

    When i got the aehzidal helmet it had the same look as a normal ancient nord helmet does anyone know why

  • Jason bakke

    What happened with zahkriisos

  • Commander Rift

    The best on the list is Konahrik

  • Archie Walker

    I think Otar is the most unique dragon priest mask let me know if you agree...IF you agree of course......

  • Totally Not An Ork

    Clavicus Viles mask isn't that hard to get. I have it

  • Richard

    this video is 11:11, the same date skyrim came out

  • Ben Mokriš

    what about the whole armor set of Yngol? theres isn't just helm you know...

  • DDG Glasses

    How do you get to the room ur in

  • willi dosenwurst

    Man i love your vids :)

  • Darkness Dash

    i enchanted armor better than the enchantments of most armors :/

  • Adam

    You are aware General tullius' actually means general tulliuses. The ' just takes out the es.

  • Mark _154

    is hevnorak in the game normally or dlc?

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