WHAT BETHESDA DIDN'T WANT US TO SEE - Skyrim Special Edition Mods - #5

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Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE by vurt
Breezehome by Elianora
QD Inventory SSE by o1o1o1
Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer SE by Mist and Fozar
Another Sorting Mod SSE-2016 by Mebantiza
Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor
Realistic Water Two by isoku
  • MxR Mods

    Potastic will be back next week, dun worry, i'll tell you guys when I fire her :)

  • fucduck

    The clickbait title, the girlfriend... I am so proud of MxR, he is finally becoming a professional YouTuber.

  • Magneto

    Mother of God, my earholes have never experienced such immersion!

  • Daniel Krejci

    where did fallout 4 mods go?

  • hithummah

    Lusty Argonian Maid > Fifty Shades of Grey

  • 0x13horizon

    Alexstrasa looks like a fucking potato

  • Serena Morrison

    The SSE water had made a huge improvement since 2011

  • Arcanua the Red Mage

    Tired of people saying "just port SKSE so we can use it" you CAN'T 32bit coding is different from 64bit, and that's why we don't have it they HAVE to recode it from scratch.

  • Carter Kinoy

    "It's a Spa, it's a crafting room..." It's a Sprafting room.

  • ManThose FurryBallsPloppedMenacinglyOnTheTable

    It not an MxR video without clickbait!

  • Hemming Lindström

    Regarding bigger trees: "I don't know how realistic it is but...." (etc.)Dude, LOL!! I am from Sweden. The trees outside my house are bigger than in all the mods for Skyrim so yeah, haha. And that's only our modern cut down and replanted forests. The real old untouched forests don't allow sunlight and other crazy stuff like that.Funsies!

  • Darragi Arfawi Assala

    "she had an affair with an Oompa Loompa " that one cracked me ...

  • TheAlmightyTwee

    UNACCEPTABRU ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Prospects Horizon

    I don't like the fact that I can't jerk off to dragons in skyrim. That's not immersive

  • Dylan Watts

    Lydia died in my game... She stepped in front of me while I was Flamethrowing and enemy while she had 2 hp. Made me sad

  • Healthy Magnum

    No more slut mods :( I miss the unleashed MXR :(

  • JW Money

    What happened to the video he put up a little bit ago? It was taken down..

  • Nora valkyrie

    PS4 mods came out for fallout

  • AnimeCreep141

    I lost it at the "for abusive purposes"

  • blacksheepwall79

    Does SkyUI 2.2 have the hotkey features that fix dual wielding?

  • Dusk Huber

    So I can't find SkyUI v2.2 in the nexus, how or where do I find it?

  • Easy Vwj

    Cbbe please come out!!!

  • Matar Paneer

    she doesnt blink ...just farts thru her nose

  • Ichthys

    2:47 Scared the living sh- out of me.

  • Jimmy Svensson

    69 copies of the argonian maid... good one

  • AspiringArtist

    Ayy I remember the Apprentices mod because I found one of them and their special dagger, and I was so confused xD

  • Liztomania

    Is there another mod that's like interesting NPC's for the special edition? I tried using it for the SE but I'm not sure if it will work

  • Dakota Dugger

    Let me know when Skyrim Remastered gets body mods as sexy as the ones you were using on your females on the PC version cause DAMN , the girls you were showing were so sexy I just can't possibly settle for the vanilla versions now XD lol

  • Steven Tarsitano

    maybe he was talking about saussages, and not children?

  • Arceus

    "That is so fucking immersive"

  • Shajirr

    Skyrim Flora Overhaul with no grass + Verdant Grass mods are a nice combo

  • Mohammad Keysan

    What Bethesda didn't want us to see was goddamn clickbaits.

  • Klaus AD

    what do you call a foot, a head

  • Truth Proselyte

    I always thought you were Swedish. You have a Swedish/German/Austrian accent. Strange to me that you're Asian. The voice just doesn't fit.

  • marson Pierre-Louis

    MxR my man! It's been a month since the last Fallout 4 mods video!

  • Viggo Eriksson

    I can't find these mods for Xbox one????

  • Jacob Anderson

    I'm actually upset they never finished the game.......fucking asshole's.

  • Indestructible Gamer

    When i say "At the same time" it doesn't sound right

  • billy kaltzidis

    Honestly fuck off my reccomendations there is nothing but clickbait and bs waifu mods in this channel.


    wow thought for a second u where pewdiepie u sound like him LoL

  • Molly Pugh

    I think the Sovengarde font is cool, but since I don't have the best eyesight and the text is smaller, it's harder for me to read😢😱

  • Micah Sanders

    One of MxR's greatest YouTube moments: 2:38

  • Star Games

    I'm dissapointed with the Remastered version. If you have a PC, do not get the f#cking get it.

  • Rory Triscuit

    Haven't played Skyrim in over a year. Semi-randomly happened upon this video. OMG I'm taking notes because SKYUI2.2 will be absolutely necessary when I start playing Skyrim Special Edition. :o Thank you!!

  • Luis Lockhart

    Why did the thumbnail change?

  • Im a Conservative Deal With It

    you sound like pewdiepie

  • Nicholas Lawlor

    ffs stop with the stupid rap shit, you are supposed to be covering Skyrim Mods, not shitty screaming!

  • derwen talia

    he sounds like he has his dads anus inside his mouth.

  • Wicked Sick

    I really like your videos hahaha

  • Skyrim Mod Reviews

    "Clickbait youtube didnt want you to know"

  • $Mc Đ☻╝ÄR$

    Can anyone tell me how to get another sorting mod to work?? Where i need to put it in load order to work?? ;/

  • Tyler Dunne

    Why did he take the last vid down

  • Phil Bougie

    Icebergs killed me. Thanks. (y)

  • Kamryn Rhoades

    "And Lydia's room.. for abusive purposes"I'm dying LOL..But fr that made breezehome the nicest house

  • Jade

    is it possible that the animation of skyrim be like in assasins creed or witcher ? cause it would be better

  • Grey Crimson

    Breezehome = Not compatible with Open Cities, i thinkComment update: There's a patch for it under the Nexus optional files for the mod called: Breezhome, information by jumpinstocktoyotas

  • Abigail Frazier

    The young girl looks like Donald trump looks like she was cheating on him with Donald trump

  • ThyBloodHarvest

    Of course the two two books in his inventory is the Lusty Argorian Maid series. Well played.

  • Jim Underwood

    Hey MxR, Just got in away from the consoles that had been holding me down for years in order to join my friends amongst the pc master race. I don't really understand modding that much but I've watched about a metric fuck ton of your videos. I can't remember where all of your recommended body mods were and there are like 4 and a half years worth of vidoes to go through to look for specific mods. I was wondering how body mods work, and also asking for suggestions for good ones. I don't wanna trash my game, but your games people and character look awesome.

  • Robert Mark Jackson

    please stop modding video games and actually show people what they want to see people like me want to see and I know how to solve missions when there's problems without mods

  • Stev Mcgin

    when is SkyUI and SKSE going to be released here?

  • Stormy The Stormtroper

    you know what bethsesda dont want us to see............YOUR CHANNEL

  • ravenclawtom

    se is such a disappointment. like why didn't you bring in some of the modders and really make it special. or why not actually overhauling the graphics instead of just touching them up a bit. the only thing this has going for it is mod support on consoles, but for pc players it's kind of pointless lol

  • John Cisney

    With the recent vacuum in the modding community by the release of Skyrim Special Edition, I had an idea for an epic mod to make for the community. I'm calling it "Immersive Redguard Race" and it's goal is to make playing as a Redguard more realistic, immersive and challenging. It's goal is to enrich the experience that comes with playing as a Redguard character and give real insight as to how these people live and work in the land of the Nords. To that end, here are the following details for the mod:1. The scimitar, the Redguard's signature weapon, is given a dramatic damage boost, allowing players to continue to wield it throughout the game. The base weapon will do about as much damage as a skyforge steel sword. In addition, there will be multiple different variants of the scimitar made with different materials to give even more damage. There will be a moonstone scimitar, a dwarven metal scimitar, a malachite scimitar, an ebony scimitar, a daedric scimitar, and a dragonbone scimitar.2. Wearing the traditional garments of the Alik'r will grant the player certain "race bonuses", for example increased health and stamina. These garments will also be able to be upgraded and better versions can be crafted just like any type of armor. The highest tier garments will also come with a free enchantment. The "Allahu Akbar" enchantment will enable the player to call upon his ancient gods to teleport a friendly Alik'r warrior with a suicide vest to bomb your enemies into submission. Watch out for the splash damage.3. Redguards can now jump twice as high and run twice as fast as any other race.4. Every time the player passes by a hold guard, they will always respond with the phrase "Hands to yourself, sneak thief". All other guard phrases are disabled. If the player draws a weapon within sight of a hold guard, regardless of the reason, they will automatically become hostile. All guards are equipped with a new spell called "pepper spray" which temporarily blinds the player and does damage over time.5. Nazim is now a "homie" and his tired old "Do you get to the cloud district very often?" will be replaced with "Started at the bottom now we here" and "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me".6. All alcohol will be changed to "malt liquor", will grant the player extra health as well as stamina. "Fried Chicken" will be added to the food list, and will give 10x the health of normal food. Gourds will be replaced by watermelon, and jazbay grapes can be refined to make "purple drank".7. The player will gain the ability to have multiple spouses (so long as they never see each other) and may divorce any of them at any time, but each spouse will add a weekly expense to the character in the form of child support, to the sum of 100 gold per week per spouse.8. The player will do extra unarmed damage against women.9. "FUS RO DAH" will be replaced with "BLACK LIVES MATTER".10. The player will only be allowed to sell stolen goods.11. Upon joining the Thieve's Guild, a quest can be taken which will give the player a new power. The "dindu nuffin" power grants the player a damage bonus against all hold guards and soldiers. In addition, there will be a dealer named Soros in the Ragged Flagon that will pay the player to initiate "protests" in certain towns and settlements. These protests will always end with a new quest: to burn as many market stalls and loot as many shops as you can before the guards crack down and chase you out. Guards will infinitely spawn in these scenarios, and they also gain a health and damage boost during these quests, so the player WILL have to retreat at some point, at which he will go back to the ragged flagon and Soros will give him his money. Soros will also sell the player "race cards" which can be used to escape prison sentences and clear bounties. You can only use the race card once per hold, however.12. In Whiterun hold there will be an easter egg where if the player waits twelve hours outside the town gates and has 100 pieces of tundra cotton in his inventory, a Nord named "Plantation Owner" will come and take the cotton from the player. The plantation owner is essential and cannot be killed. If the player attacks the plantation owner, he will take out a whip and use it to kill the player.13. The player will be initially excluded from attending the College of Winterhold and the Bard's College. However, the player may use one of Soros' race cards to gain entrance to the facilities.I really believe that more mods celebrating diversity and the values of social justice and equality should be promoted more widely in the modding community. Mods based around tolerance and inclusiveness, like this one. I look forward to it's upcoming release, and thank you all for your support.

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