10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for

10 horrible things gamers got rewarded for. There are many games that reward us with loot, new weapons and of course achievements and trophies. However there also some games that reward you for doing things that are just morally wrong. If you have five or more of these achievements, it’s time to question your own sanity... Here are ten achievements that you can earn by being a horrible person.


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  • ZoominGames

    No wrong things in this game, but there are some cute anime chicks ;) Shin Megami Tensei is coming to mobile phones, check it out!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1NmvE_qfuE

  • Bryan Lariviere

    yea cause playing the game "Lollipop Chainsaw" doesn't already tell people what kind of person you are.

  • The Flash

    lol i did all of thembut i dont play games

  • Thicc Brian

    What about Terraria when you kill your guide just to summon a boss?Im no fanboy just askin

  • Clonemanda1st/Cloneman-jawa Caden Hobbs

    I have both of the red dead redemption achievements.


    This guy is making it sound like people who got these achievements are bad people

  • L0SR

    soo a baby seal walked in to a club...

  • Mike Golczynski

    It's not animal abuse. They arent real.

  • First Name Last Name

    Can you imagine reaching in your own pocket and pulling out a lit grenade!Surprise muthafuka!

  • Gravy Nolastname

    3:18"Holy sh-"


    Fallout 1, you kill children in it too much and you get a perk called 'Child Killer' if I remember right.

  • acheron16

    Ark Survival Evolved:Killing baby penguins gives you more resources than killing the adult animals.

  • Brooklynn Butterfield

    I LOVED Overlord so much! I honestly only played the game so I heard the 'minions' say MYY MASSSTERR

  • John John

    ZoominGames: "Killing baby seals is only something horrible people do"Greenlandic and Canadian Inuits who use the meat and the pelts: exist

  • No Body

    In Starbound, you get an achievement for killing innocents.

  • Frost Main2353

    Putting a live grenade in someone’s pocket isn’t horrible, it’s smart. I decent way of getting an easy kill

  • Jorne De Smedt

    "There's a difference between being bad and being evil."It's good to be bad, but it's better to be evil.

  • Eric Bukley

    Hey!! How'd this grenade get in my 💥....

  • Woosh Bait

    I wonder why this got 2.1 million views

  • Jose Martinez

    The lollipop chainsaw “pervert” achievement I found it by accident. I honestly didn’t know about it.

  • Tomas Del Campo

    if looking at girl's body parts makes you a terrible person then every human being is terrible...

  • Tauren P,lays

    I kill baby seals for breakfast

  • nordy0602

    Well actually, us Inuk people find killing baby seals quite justifiable

  • Pixel_licker 27

    What about just cause 3. You get a trophy for attatching a person to a gas can and sending it flying.

  • SnekInATopHat

    I love when he said " Fluffy Seals"

  • Original493

    I'm happy to tell you that I have all of these trophies :-D

  • Trendsetter Tarik

    Lolipop chainsaw was my shite back in the day

  • Asu Razu

    dude... i think they should allow me to hook somebody by a tow truck on GTA and smash him on every light pole and can give me the option to also tie em on the front bumper and just smash the world on him lol, and i wanna be able to tie him on any car.

  • king foxight

    I'm fine with the animal murder in rdr (unless your killing foxes that is if there are foxes in rdr idk cuz I don't play rdr)

  • Elena O

    says "if you have five or more of these achievements you should be questioning you sanity" LITERLY DOSE ALL OF THEM

  • Fiery Mew

    Hey man an achievement is an achievement

  • Miyuky

    Achievement: View of the valley! PUNNCHHHAchievement: Denied!

  • Sir Galahad

    I got 9 out 10...hooray I'm a horrible person!

  • Seth Wilkins

    Yep I've gotten most of these on my 360, I'm horrid.

  • joseph gunn

    i farted on the fetus accidentally

  • Josh Jacobs

    What’s a baby seals favorite hangout?The club.Favorite activity? Clubbing.

  • Aluminum Llama

    The first one sad. With the seals....☹️☹️and the others with the animals.

  • Bellum Interitus

    An achievement is an achievement, no matter the cost. My morals? Whack. My humanity? Whack. My sanity? Whack.Gotta get'em all.

  • Awesome Parrot Vlogs

    Umm.... What if I have all 10 of these achievements....?

  • ShadeyBladey

    Killing Paarthurnax in Skyrim. I never did it once.>:8o

  • Brian Corvello

    In Sims 3 they'll actually give you one for stealing candy from a baby. Seriously.

  • Horsepower Nation Gaming

    Let me tell you something brother. Red dead is a historical game. Buffalo were a game of choice in the time. Also grow up its a damn game. Smh

  • imagine wagons

    Killing seals aren't bad flashbacks WHAT HAVE I DONE

  • Dead Lives Matter

    What about Crash Bandicoot 2? You stomp on a baby pilar bear for 10 lives and an achievement

  • VolkColopatrion

    Oh no... The moral police.

  • IceSwagen33

    Its not wrong It's perfect

  • Crash010604

    (Puts a live grenade in someone's pocket)Them: Holy shi-Explodes

  • ShadowStar1997

    I don't even have any of these games.

  • Ahmad Istiqlal

    Punch an enemy gang in the nut until he Dies~

  • DanzZZz

    This video was brought to you by PETA

  • Tri borg


  • Jens D.

    well :D when i die because of my Trophy hunting lucifer stands up from the throne and says: "welcome back Master"

  • Lil Lincoln

    when someone say they have allSiri: Finding asylums near you

  • Ruth Alystair

    Those game will make me depression and make me noticed that being bad guy

  • Jackson Danley

    Breath of the Wild. Collecting ALL korok seeds and getting a golden poop!!

  • John Mauceri

    This video should be titled "how many times can I mispronounce mudokon" 3 that's how many before I closed your video.

  • Soul Gate

    Professional seal clubber. I needed power, coz Survival of the fittest

  • Jaden ZombieSlayer

    I do have the aww nuts

  • omar Balooshi

    No offence to you announcer guy... but where is the mysterious voice lady?

  • Doryan Mejia

    I do what's necessary 2:31.should of put a bottle cap mine(;---;)

  • rogryu

    sadly I don't... thanks for the goals!!

  • Mikey F'n-A

    7:40 is a homage to the late/great Ravishing Rick Rude 😂

  • C K

    2:19 John "Sorry ma'am.-" nods headMe: "-but I need that achievement!"

  • CgamerYT

    I play fable two and finished the game

  • TheGloomining

    @1:20 It's Clobbering Time! Lmao

  • Cayill Mawer

    I used my friends account to get the one for lollipop chainsaw😂😂😂

  • Blueboy The Stupid Inkling

    The 1st one had me crying😭😭😭

  • Rumpleforeskin Last Name

    It really rumpled my foreskin when he called mudokens "mu-do-khans".

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