Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly: TOP 5 (Best Special Edition List: Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly TOP 5 (Best Special Edition Mod List on Xbox One, PS4 and PC)!
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  • Michael Mishko Golubich


  • The Great Brady

    Two weeks away until the release of Skyrim Special Edition.

  • P. Narbal

    Sony can go fuck itself.

  • YoBoyAdrian


  • GlitchedGamersHD

    9 mods released. I'm going to give you the top 5.....

  • epic movie guy

    FINALLY, something xbox one is better at than PS4..........mods

  • Wassim Akram

    X box user get all the good shit

  • KIPS LEGO ANAMATION CHANNEL !!!! is there mods out....when the game is not out yet?

  • Graveysnake

    im going to cry Sony get your shit together and give us actually mods

  • Doorstop1227

    I really hope Random Alternate Start comes to PS4. That's the only mod I desperately need.

  • themrscragg

    Who else would love to see Enderal on consoles?

  • Josh Leckrone

    No mod comes close to the mod that disables random vampire attacks :p

  • Frost

    I'm so glad I bought an xbox one last week

  • Fat Lard

    Anybody else want a mod that let's you go against the stormcloaks and imperials

  • Greenslide Jaro

    why are the windows and lights so damn bright I don't remember Skyrim being so bright

  • CriATuRa De La NoChE

    Where is the porn mods for xbox one? 😏😏

  • shaun4225

    Heres the question I want to know, when you install the mods do you lose the ability to get achievements

  • Aaron Radosevic

    how do you have mods when its not even out yet?

  • Michael Dane

    I hope some sick bastard makes a killer clown mod

  • Siloca

    All I wanted out of the console mods were Immersive armour/weapons and frostfall, why you gotta be like that sony

  • Isaac Ben-Ezra

    How can you do a review for mod for a game that isn't out yet?

  • Nordicman

    Just buy or build a computer and you can download as many mods you want

  • Mr Clean

    Do mods work like cheats? Trophies/achievements disabled when the mods are active?

  • crith77

    ESO, is it true that xboxone skyrim mods won't let you earn achievements if you download them?

  • KillAllCulturalMarxists

    Is Skyrim remastered 2 disks? One for the DLC and one for the base game?

  • Tdogg Tedd

    I hope they do frost fall

  • GamingWithAlexHD

    As a ps4 player I clicked because ps4 was in the title, come on man. That's pretty shitty, really got my hopes up.

  • Edmir Krasniqi

    are mods on ps4 or not

  • gregory hess

    Xbox users are laughing so hard rn

  • Hui Lasy

    how do you activate these mods on the ps4?

  • zane brown

    Hope somehow someway dance of death can come over to console

  • Jakeipoo1

    I hope they give us more than 2 GB for mods with Skyrim. The first mod alone probably costs a ton.

  • Stefan Nilsson

    RIP console players, no nude mods :3

  • Crystal Dragon (Crystal dragon)

    +eso guide will there be more Skyrim remastered mods?

  • Logan Ross

    I thought the meadery got their honey from that bee farm.....wasn't there a quest about that?

  • BitMitter

    So is SKSE possible on console because I play on pc so I haven't checked and a lot of the best mods use skse?

  • mason foster

    Someone explain to me the mod problem on PS4. What is going to be the difference between the Xbox mods and the PS four mods?

  • Brayden Launer

    How is e playing if it's not out yet

  • djayan Grandjean

    What's awesome is were gonna be able to play these mods but with much better graphics

  • Shane Fox

    Does anybody know if the special edition comes with all the dlc? If not how do u get it?

  • Jakob Teeter

    Question,will console users be able to use console commands

  • Chaos Draco

    One question regarding mods that the ps4 might eventually get, will mods take up storage space? I'm at 8 games currently on my ps4 and 3 1/2 quarters of my storage space is filled up.

  • VaniDuck

    Crap, I wanted the Argonian dark water den house mod...I'm on ps4

  • Octo DADDY

    number four is actually useless cause u get the dlc free with the game anyway

  • Cambo

    For PS4, will there be armour and weapon mods?

  • The Brad lantern

    wish there was the lightsaber mod it was so good XD

  • Michael Williams

    You can't even have scripts on PS4. That alone will limit mods to a fraction of mods. It can only have an esm/esp. Period. That eliminates scripts, meshes, textures, voice, etc. That also means any mod that edits the level lists or forms will cause other mods that edit those same level lists to not work. Scripting allows the level lists to be injected at run time and avoids incompatitiblty. Face it mods on PS4 will be a pale shadow of the mods on other platforms.

  • Gabriel Parot

    remember ps4 users : "NO EXTERNAL ASSETS" so no textures,weapons,voices,weapons,etc.

  • thunderlord2200

    how is remasetered out? i thought it camr out the 28th of oct//

  • Jay “ImFlabalicious” Davies

    I hope a resurrection mod comes to Xbox and a mod that makes werewolves spawn in the wilderness.

  • Freddie_Shadow

    Literally why would you buy the remaster for ps4?

  • Walsh

    Is a cheat room mod possible on PS4?

  • clare dunn

    Haha, I'm a religious Destiny player and get really salty when it comes to the exclusive gear for PS4 users, but I also love Fallout and Skyrim so it makes me happy that Sony has more or less banned mods from appearing in its games. PS scrubs.

  • Ian Robinson

    Will mods be disabling achievements?

  • ThatScabYouAteWhenYouWereYoung TalosBetrayed

    man I thought you were smarter than this everyone knows why there's no mod list on the PS4 because they cannot bring in anything from outside sources so none of those mods would be available on PS4 they can only mod what is already in the game so for them to call it mods I'm calling BS more like an integrated cheat menu

  • FaMoUs_Zay

    Fuck Sony. Xbox One here I come

  • Dork Magic

    Trainwiz most likely won't change it for ps4

  • The Dragonborn

    What is an external asset?

  • Manuel Sotelo

    i thought the alchemy house was in vanilla

  • Liam Brasier

    does ps4 actually get mods? I was under the impression that the wouldn't allow players to mod.

  • Om Nom

    PS4 cant play enderal right? poor guys

  • Max Walsh

    Wait is skyrim remastered out? for xbox?

  • Lolzgaming820

    To notify u guys finish the whole game 1st then get mods including all quest Duc lile Dawnguard and they better add in Hellen reborn

  • Shea Ferguson

    Hey ESO, so I'm gonna get skyrim remastered today and I was wondering , does the Dragon born Dlc and the others come with the game ?

  • lesryglrhfohser

    wtf he thought the first one was a new town, that was just riften bruh. they just added purple light to the windows in riften.

  • Skyrothin

    Please some one all I want is frostfall, dovakin relaxes too, and realistic needs and diseases pleeeeeease some one.

  • MisterMart

    Would these mods crash or make my game slow like PC?

  • roberto lucas

    X B O X . G O L D . M E M B E R S H I P . 2 0 1 6 : ------- WWW xblgoldmembership COM -------

  • Kyle Ault

    youre retarded... the games not even out yet. how the hell are there mods out for something that doesnt release for a few weeks. dumb ass go back to playing the shit you call a mmo wanna be aka eso.

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