Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly: TOP 5 (Best Special Edition List: Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Skyrim Remastered CONSOLE MODS Weekly TOP 5 (Best Special Edition Mod List on Xbox One, PS4 and PC)!
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  • Michael Mishko Golubich


  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

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  • GlitchedGamersHD

    9 mods released. I'm going to give you the top 5.....

  • YoBoyAdrian


  • Brady

    Two weeks away until the release of Skyrim Special Edition.

  • P. Narbal

    Sony can go fuck itself.

  • Arctic Steampunk

    What graphics mods do you use? and can i run them with a GTX 780 TI? And what character mods?

  • epic movie guy

    FINALLY, something xbox one is better at than PS4..........mods

  • Chef Pee Pee

    This is why I play on Xbox

  • MrGewd The lll

    Don't even bother putting ps4 in the title I play ps4

  • Wild Weaboo

    Xbox doesn't have killable children mod, which I want so much.

  • xingbao li can send you 10 Dreugh Wax for free if you are the first few buyer every day. And can give you 2% discount. The code is 1025.

  • Doorstop1227

    I really hope Random Alternate Start comes to PS4. That's the only mod I desperately need.

  • Andy Kolovos

    ESO can you make top ten armor mods?

  • Kipy is there mods out....when the game is not out yet?

  • Mafe Hunter

    Have you ever done the thieves guild quests!!! Honningbrew Meadery get their honey from goldenglow estate!!!

  • Wild Weaboo

    Special addition has all of the second mod normally.

  • Wassim Akram

    X box user get all the good shit

  • Ailex Mercer

    *looks up mods to download on console* *clicks on this video* *looks at who posted* *likes*

  • Tay Htoo

    hey eso bro can i install is for xbox130

  • the truth

    the first mod reminds me of the shivering isles I don't know why

  • Magnus Garrett

    Any updates on whether or not the first mod has been announced for release on PS4?

  • Epicegg224

    How do I spell the first one please tell me

  • Battlefield Bro Gaming

    Number 8 is the most pointless mod I've ever seen

  • Michael Dane

    I hope some sick bastard makes a killer clown mod

  • Frost

    I'm so glad I bought an xbox one last week

  • shaun4225

    Heres the question I want to know, when you install the mods do you lose the ability to get achievements

  • Donald Trump

    I'm so pissed Eso you're so stupid why don't you include how to spell these mods??? Shesfrees town mod? Schezfrees?? I can't find any of the mods because you don't say how to find or spell them!!!!! Help anyone?

  • Battlefield Bro Gaming

    How is there lights though in the time period of skyrim

  • Welshy

    can you mod the remastered version of skyrim on pc?

  • Altoids

    "Really decent" Eso 2017

  • GamingWithAlexHD

    As a ps4 player I clicked because ps4 was in the title, come on man. That's pretty shitty, really got my hopes up.

  • Quincy Patrick

    really wish ps4 wasnt in the title then...

  • CriATuRa De La NoChE

    Where is the porn mods for xbox one? 😏😏

  • I push fat kids

    Where can i find the thumbnail picture?

  • Your friend Ghaul

    Do mods work like cheats? Trophies/achievements disabled when the mods are active?

  • Siloca

    All I wanted out of the console mods were Immersive armour/weapons and frostfall, why you gotta be like that sony

  • Isaac Ben-Ezra

    How can you do a review for mod for a game that isn't out yet?

  • ISO Joke

    Should put the names of the mods

  • Vanilla SniPeZx

    Holy crap that town of hroldan mod actually sounds amazing!

  • Supreme Team

    Ps4 users (me) are just crying in the corner getting pissed at sony for cheating us out of happiness 😂

  • Finska

    Just buy or build a computer and you can download as many mods you want

  • I'm really angry x98372


  • Phillip Tran

    SONY u fuckin jackass motherfucker how in the FUCK u didn't mods for the elder scrolls V skyrim for ps4 u fuckin shit

  • IUnknown ShadowI

    How the fuck am I supposed to search these mods if you don't even put the name of them on screen?????

  • woof woof woof woof

    Why is ps4 in the fucking title?

  • Logan Ross

    I thought the meadery got their honey from that bee farm.....wasn't there a quest about that?

  • Fallen Angel0326

    Is there any name that i can read couse i cant spell just by Hering the words

  • PositiveCobra71

    Trainwiz made a mod that turned all dragons into Thomas the train

  • President Smeagol

    The Old Horden (spelling) Makes it looks like Fable 2 :O

  • Hui Lasy

    how do you activate these mods on the ps4?

  • thunderlord2200

    how is remasetered out? i thought it camr out the 28th of oct//

  • Aaron Radosevic

    how do you have mods when its not even out yet?

  • Mr red2739

    I cant find the markos integrated list one, where there is npcs with dragon born and dawngaurd items, like weapons and armor, can someone help me?

  • David Campuzano

    where us the download link for the ps3 mods?

  • crith77

    ESO, is it true that xboxone skyrim mods won't let you earn achievements if you download them?

  • BitMitter

    So is SKSE possible on console because I play on pc so I haven't checked and a lot of the best mods use skse?

  • The Brad lantern

    wish there was the lightsaber mod it was so good XD

  • Omg Its Zayy

    Fuck Sony. Xbox One here I come

  • Angel O

    You make a list and not put download links? WTf

  • Sean Gordon

    The town don't show up on mine

  • Yang_Cadwe

    I use a mod that lets you create a town called Blackthorn on console, it's a good town when finished. It has an Inn, Book store, Potion shop, a manor for the player, a trader (the only intact building when you first arrive), guard barracks, companion barracks, a dock, and more.

  • Edmir Krasniqi

    are mods on ps4 or not

  • Elienai Assis

    No mod name subtitles... 😑 Not everyone is fluent in English you know?? can someone tell me the name of the first mod? it's incomprehensible... really...

  • clare dunn

    Haha, I'm a religious Destiny player and get really salty when it comes to the exclusive gear for PS4 users, but I also love Fallout and Skyrim so it makes me happy that Sony has more or less banned mods from appearing in its games. PS scrubs.

  • Liam Brasier

    does ps4 actually get mods? I was under the impression that the wouldn't allow players to mod.

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