Skyrim Walkthrough with Mitch - PT. 38 - Olaf Investigates a Forbidden Legend - Part 1 - Folgunthur

Mitchell's walkthrough of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For a full written walkthrough, please check out

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  • KumoriShichiyou

    That clearly a whale, not a dolphin.

  • Charles Foulds

    I didn't see the keyhole as the guy was laid over it. Managed to whirlwind sprint across first time though

  • Lemmons54

    5:00 if you go in the water there's a coin purse, no slaughter fish but there are spikes at the bottom

  • Brandon Hartle

    Dude u do know that that puzzle was to open the door into the tomb u could have opened that other door without doing that

  • gboles97

    I got the 3rd word for the frost breath when I looked at that wall. So I have all three words lol

  • max karlsson

    Useless walktrought dont do walktroughts IF u dont know how to play the game ffs

  • Matt Mendoza

    16:20 I actually killed him with 1 arrow while using sneak and as soon as he does all the other trap doors with draugers opened but they were already dead

  • Sharon

    Puzzle is doesn't work!!! 😠

  • Dylan Waterman

    20:08 doors closed for me the chain won't open it any help?????

  • AcidicPegasus92

    Dude work on your lockpicking and sell your junk

  • kilkilbaba

    at 3:55 the open gate you walk through is closed in my game i cant seem to get it open does anyone have an idea?

  • PreserveBigCats

    When he goes into fast edit, slow the speed down to 0.5 Hilarious

  • Foxy The Fox

    In the chest at the end i got an Ebony Helmet.

  • Morgan Cathey

    I only got 16 gold in the chest at the end ._.

  • Luminous Moon

    I hate walkong to faraway places in skyrim. But i have Shadowmere now my horse and thanks this helped!

  • Dusk of Oolacile

    Restoration can be very useful for this mission

  • Bossinator Yoongi

    This helps me when I get extremely confused with puzzles and I'm happy I have somewhere where I know I can get help!

  • KevinMooreFan33

    Dude this is the first time I've ever watched you I know there are a lot of rude Gamers on here. I don't happen to be one of them. I do want you to know that I enjoyed this video and I think you have an awesome personality but there's one thing that I was looking for help with. You passed it over the very first puzzle does not open that side room the claw just opens a side room by itself if you look right by the table that's in the middle there's a pedestal and that's the one that you need to unlock the puzzle. So spending 21 minutes did not teach me anything I needed to know I just wanted you to know that you missed that. Besides that great job on your video

  • Jesus Gonzalez

    U missed the center console

  • Katie

    Where is the Amulet fragment in Geirmunds hall?? I got an amulet from Mikrul Gauldurson but it still says I haven’t got the amulet and the quest isn’t complete?

  • Shadow Plays

    omg no joke i spend over an hour at that bit with the 4 levers for the gates.. put in sooo many combinations ..BUT THEY WONT ALL OPEN.. i just gave up, hope the cave restarts or something T_T

  • Rick Thrailkill

    I always play this in 3rd person view, it helps with seeing my surroundings.

  • Clash of cheats

    Lol I have full set of daedric armor and you have that trash armor

  • Jackson Lee

    i play skyrim on ps3 and i can't see the arrow in person like pointing to where ur supposed to go like in 5:31 theres a arrow pointing on person not the mini map how do i get it back?

  • rouge gamer

    5:11 there’s a weapon and coin purse in the water

  • TheDestoyers

    Thank you so much I couldn't have done it alone

  • Blue lives Matter more then black lives

    mine said there was a becon in it I took it and a lady started talking saying to return it what do I do?

  • J.C. Serfontein

    slaughter fish not murder fish

  • Mrundeadkid11

    Thanks so much i was stuck until i watched this thank you so much

  • Fabian Ladouceur

    im doing all right an the gate won`t open

  • Rhea Adkins

    How about don't look through everything and check everything and do all this pointless bs for a walkthrough..

  • Brianna Sullivan

    One word: hilarious. You cracked me up

  • Jack Rob

    hahahaha wtf happen to your voice

  • Samirh2006

    This guy thinks he is so good even though I am better 🤐 he also called them murder fish not slaughter fish

  • TheRedbean

    you know the snake, dolphin eagle, one wont work for me

  • Christian Briggs

    Thank you for the help.

  • Trunks

    pc version is a lot better

  • ninjaboy517

    Soo im doing the is quest and im in the room with the dragour wight and the pillars wont turn

  • Austin Johnson

    Thanks man I was curious I didn't see there was two levers!

  • Jackson Turner

    i got a set of ebony armor and an ebony shield

  • CyberN0va2

    when you were carrying to much why didnt you just get rid of the pickaxe. you only need them when you're in a mine and most times you can find them lying around whilst inside the mine anyway. you didnt need to drop that other stuff

  • BlaZeVipR

    fuck, i stuffed up so bad i did this part of forbidden legend ages ago and i didnt pick up the gauldar amulet thing and the body despawned and i have the other 2 amulets and i cant finish this mission

  • Paigelynn55

    I'm stuck in the place, it wont let me go back to the beginning, the gate is closed and idk how to open it, I pulled the chain but it doesn't do anything and now I can't get out.. What do I do?

  • Mr Hen

    yeah I cant remember how, I think I just left and waited or reloaded the game

  • acidtarantula

    me neither and its pissing me off, did you manage to move them eventually?

  • kernel277


  • samsterdahamster1

    you should really get dawnbreaker you start the quest while doing the bard collage entry train it is 15dmg plus 10fire with a chance to explode on undead pretty much killing them all within the room

  • HRhuffnstuffe

    Damn. Moved the pillars to what it said and it didn't work.

  • Jet

    He sent it home before he began the Main Quest so that it wouldn't get hurt or die. He did the same to that other guy, forgot his name.

  • Mr Hen

    I cant move the pillars at 12:26

  • Breezy Straton

    in the water trap there are spikes ob the bottom,

  • Mauricio Alexander

    i lost his notes...can you sell them? idk where they are.

  • Mauricio Alexander

    Fast forward you is amazingly funny.

  • Zoltán Sághy

    Please help me, I couldn't solve the puzzle, I couldn't activate the pillars 12:24

  • xSTEVOx32

    What if the doors wert open when u went in side. What do I do?

  • Philo Cranked

    when i get to the steel door at 20:25 its closed. How do i open it? i tried the chain next to it and it wont open the door.

  • Matt Wegner

    When you have to talk to Daynas Valen she's in the dawnstar sanctuary and I can only tell her to follow me plz help

  • Christian Karlsen

    Ohh fuck , i have seen this guy ( 16:22 ) before , but where , where !!!!!

  • undyl4n

    I have it... AT LAST I HAVE IT... wow this is a long journal. not reading it.

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