Evolution of Open World Games 1981-2018

Evolution of Open World Games 1981-2018
Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness 1981
Elite 1984
Mercenary 1985
The Legend of Zelda 1986
Sid Meier's Pirates 1987
Vette 1989
Terminator 1990
Hunter 1991
Frontier: Elite II 1993
Quarantine 1994
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1996
SimCopter 1996
Grand Theft Auto 1997
Body Harvest 1998
Midtown Madness 1999
Midnight Club: Street Racing 2000
Grand Theft Auto III 2001
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wake 2002
Midnight Club II 2003
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004
World of Warcraft 2004
Gun 2005
Driver: Parallel Lines 2006
Assassin's Creed 2007
Fallout 3 (2008)
Burnout Paradise 2008
Minecraft 2009
Fuel 2009
Just Cause 2 (2010)
Red Dead Redemption 2010
Mafia II 2010
Batman Arkham City 2011
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2011
Far Cry 3 (2012)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012
Sleeping Dogs 2012
Saints Row IV 2013
Assassins creed 4: Black Flag 2013
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
Infamous Second Son 2014
The Crew 2014
Black Desert Online 2015
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 2015
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2015
Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
Watch Dogs 2 (2016)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn 2017
The Crew 2 (2018)
  • Emhyr var Emreis

    Evolution of open world games — 1981-2018.Evolution of my pc — 1981-1982

  • onbekend

    6:55 the bandicam watermark is also a classic

  • PH Hacker

    3:30 the graphics is nice

  • I Am a Dirty Bird

    Wheres Spongebob Squarepants Battle of Bikini Bottom?!?!

  • Happy John

    Seems like a lot of games liked displaying the driver's view of inside a car.11:46 PM4/18/2019

  • StreetBoi TV

    You really should have waited Until the end of the Year. Then you could include Red Dead Redemption 2! ;)

  • chassagnon adrian

    6:02 2007, the Best evolution of graphics !

  • The lonely Deku scrub

    What about The legend of Zelda breath of the wild

  • The A Guy

    3:43 the way he ran tho 😂

  • RRN Gaming

    GTA San Andrea sis the legend game open world

  • Lava Gamer

    Hahaha see evolution of my pc2015 : Intel core i2 duo 2 GB ram2019 : intel core i3 4GB ramHahahahaha😂😂

  • Samuel Reddy

    Am still playing GTA San in 2019.

  • Ab7lxx

    And nowdays kids are complaining about the graphics.

  • Katsune

    6:50And still one of the best open-world/sandbox games even today, constantly growing and changing.

  • Bhagat Nagi

    What about Breath of the Wild??

  • Damn Son

    i luv playing mafia2red dead redemptionand elders scrolls 5in my PlayStation 3

  • Tat'yana Ryabinina

    Where is S.T.A.L.K.E.R , Morovind,Oblivion,Gotic 1, Gotic 2.

  • Loner Boner

    2009shows Minecraft instead of Assassins Creed 2

  • toon._. otaku

    Where was Zelda breath of the Wild?? It was one of the most biggest open world games in history

  • Gerard Bąk

    Where is final fantasy??

  • sumalumaduma

    Why do you have include Shadow of the colossus

  • Bhavik Patel

    Whenever I hear something about open world game, GTA comes FIRST in my mind.😍😍😍😍😍

  • Wat er

    Ok that door close was pretty cool 8:07

  • zen4ever

    What about Zelda breath of the wild

  • SebSnip 835

    Zelda breath of the wild ?

  • Balnazzardi

    I think there is one quite important game missing here (although likely most you never heard of it, and its debatable whether it can be counted as "open world game", or rather big open levels with loading screen in between)...Anyhow that game was Outcast, released in 1999, best action adventure game of all time if you ask me.Also there is a mistake, Far cry 3 came out in 2012, not in 2011

  • GlibStew

    Where is The Sims 3? :(

  • DrBIeed

    No Ultima 7 Black Gate? That was Oblivion before Oblivion. Shame on yall.

  • Mirsyadi Gaming

    Life after my game favorit open world

  • Andrew Levister

    My favorite genre, open world RPG.

  • HpHn 559

    All we had to do,was Follow the damn train CJ legendary game

  • Aaromal K . J

    The credit for Far Cry 3s footage is Clockener. I saw his video a week ago

  • Adan Khan


  • Rafaqat Ali

    Where is GTA vice city

  • Goblin Slayer

    8:04 That's how mafia works

  • Cash Machado

    you forgot Shadow of the Colossus

  • Samanta Mioñez

    The legend of Zelda breath of the wild???

  • Nayron Rodriguez

    Best open world games San Andréa

  • Ernest Kopecki

    12:05 Wiedźmin III duma Polski xD

  • RexCS

    Me: I will be genuinely mad if terraria is not in hereterrarias not in the videoMe: ok I see how it is

  • Tyler Cook

    Forgot:Fallout 4Fallout New VegasRed Dead Redemption 2Marvel's Spider-manDying LightFinal FantasyUnchartedetc...

  • Dalgivan Cavalcante

    Where is "Need for speed undergroun 2" and "Mount and blade Warband"?

  • Michael Mex

    The most beautiful thing about technology is its evolution.

  • Penguen

    Where is Breath of the Wild?!!!!

  • Antônio Machado

    4:52 <3For The alliance

  • Juuzou Suzuya

    4:53 World of Warcraft <3 Love this game xD

  • Guillermo Sanchez Espitia

    7:58 😍😍Mis respetos pa ese juegazo

  • Naman

    I miss the background music in games now

  • Duolingo Bird

    Zelda breath of the wild?

  • Robert Wisdom

    The 1993 and 1998 games were ugly.Edit:That mine craft in 2009 is also ugly

  • Vadim Badakshin

    Where the TES:Morrowind&Oblivion,And GTA VC

  • Wietze Van Der Wijk

    And I still play midtown madness...

  • Life Story

    AC is the best game ever

  • Brock Ellsessor

    Wow, Assassins Creed was a huge pioneer in graphics, it was the first game on this list to actually look like real life.

  • venu gopal

    GTA sanandreas epic game😘😘😃🙏

  • xAS990x

    Oh Lineage II </3 </3 Like for that.

  • Defiant Gaming

    Who else thinks he is missing some good games like red dead

  • kevin borreman

    Crysis 2007 should be in there

  • SherryToons

    Zelda Breath of the Wild?

  • Wietze Van Der Wijk

    Am I the only one who still plays need for speed- most wanted?

  • lordwout10

    You forgot Runescape, arguably the most popular MMORPG in history

  • keviin augusto

    Zelda Breath of The Wild? 🤔

  • alvaro

    and spore adventures galacty :v


    Where is AC BROTHERHOOD.

  • Joob Delatore

    Legend of Zelda: Wind Wake


    Where's ..Gta 6Watchdogs 3Forza horizon 20Fallout 152

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