SKYRIM - Top 5 New Land Mods (Special Edition Mods Included!)


UPDATE: Falskaar is now available for special edition on console and PC! Beyond Reach is also now available for Special Edition on PC; hopefully an Xbox port is coming soon!

Welcome to my first episode of top 10 Skyrim mods! In this video, I show off 5 (plus an honorable mention :P) awesome Skyrim mods that introduce New Lands.

In these videos, I will be trying my best to include 2-3 special edition mods that are also available for console. In this video, both Wheels of Lull and Forgotten city are available for special edition on both PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately, there are no new land mods currently available for PS4, because of Sony's restrictions on mods (ie that they cannot use external assets.

As always, feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy! :D






Nexus (Vanilla):

Nexus (Special Edition):



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (It's strange, but I can't seem to find this link on Bethesda net ... if anyone is able to find it let me know!)


7. SUMMERSET ISLES (not mentioned in video) -


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First Track - Doug Anderson:

Second track - Paramedics:

Third Track - Plasma3Music Remixes:

Fourth Track - Ominous Voice:

Fifth Track - Scott Buckeley:

Sixth Track - Redtails:

Note: If you do not see your name and I used your art in this video, it was most likely an accident on my part. Feel free to contact me and I will be sure to add it! If you are not okay with me using your art, I would be happy to figure out some sort of arrangement per YOUR terms. Thanks!


JKromjal - THUMBNAIL (Screenshot from DARKEND):

Okiir - Elder Scrolls Cosmology Diagram:

  • Roshank Redemption

    Hey all! A couple of things:1) Falskaar is now available for special edition on Xbox One and PC! It happened literally right as I was making this video xD.2) For anyone wondering why Wrymsooth is on here, it's because the mod author has taken down the mod and it is no longer available for download. If this weren't the case, it would 100% have had a spot on the countdown, but I can't in good faith recommend a mod that people can't download. Apologies! :(As for the Summerset Isles not being on here ... well, my reason for that is something that you guys may not like. Truth is, I'm not a fan of the mod. I have tons of respect for the mod author, since it's an ambitious project, but I also don't think it did a very good job reflecting the Summerset Isles as they are supposed to be. From a lore perspective, Summerset Isles is my favorite province; hell, I did a whole video praising how awesome it was (which you can find here - But the mod just doesn't fit the lore description all that well.That's just my opinion. If you're upset with me for that and think it's an unfair assessment of the mod, I think that's perfectly fair and I am open to criticism. To make up for it, I will leave a link to the mod in the description :3) Top 5 mods is probably going to be a series going forward on my channel. How would you feel about me making that intro (with a few tweaks for each video) my permanent intro for the series?4) The epic thumbnail is a screenshot from Darkend. Speaking of which, I really want to do a playthrough of Darkend (and perhaps all of these mods) on my channel. How does that sound?5) For some reason I said "DLC" instead of "mod" a few times in this video. Not sure how I made the mistake ... sorry about that xDThanks, you guys are the best! :)

  • mental knight

    ahmmm you forgot a few mods like the gray cowl of nocturnal, moonpath to elsweyr and wyrmstooth. they are pretty good.

  • Italics

    You're saying they spent over 3 years on Endereal? That's longer than most triple A developers put into their games.

  • Harambe

    I feel bad for PS4 players they have like no mods

  • Omega Valeyard

    forgotten city is so awesome. it has a real eery feel to it.

  • Jimu jhons

    Just a lonely ps4 skyrim owner passing threw....fml

  • the timeladytardis

    you forgot dream isles

  • Lynx Gaming

    Your intro is a meme. However, it's a DECENT meme.

  • Astrid Nipflake

    So sad that Elswyre isent a part of this.

  • Mantis897565

    Those fun facts are really nice? Would it be worth getting a x-box one just for skyrim remastered mods?


    Should I upgrade my skyrim to special edition?

  • Artrysa

    Wait, was that fucking Deathwing flying around in Sovngarde?

  • EAG* BLooDY617

    enderal is pc only im guessing?

  • Rodrigo Aguirre

    Thank you I was looking for that last mod you showed

  • RubbelDieKatz

    Wheels of Lull for Special Edition:

  • isaac long

    I SOOOOO badly want Darkend for Xbox one

  • Łukasz Matysiak

    Also i liked Wyrmstooth.

  • js100serch

    fuck you Sony, fuck you!!.

  • BajanBacca5678

    What about Moonpath to Elsweyr

  • Magic Right

    I did forgotten city it's ok I wouldn't recommend it

  • FuRy Clan

    Thanks dude this is so cool

  • Serena Morrison

    The Forgotten City was weird. WARNING SPOILERS So those who have played must know that when you meet Jarl Metellus for the first time he is on a fenceless balcony and during a dialogue sequence my follower walking into him and he fell off the side and died. Then the world exploded and suddenly I was back on my normal timeline and there's a guy saying that he knows a way to escape through a crack in the bathroom wall and that dialogue options appeared for me stating that I had assassinated the emperor. So I loaded a previous save because I realised that I had unintentionally skipped all, completely all, of the mod itself. And I went through the mod as I should have been gone through but I knew the whole time playing through that I just had to kill the Jarl to win.😥

  • Der Spion der mich wiegte

    I fucking hate owning a PS4! ;an this makes me so sad.. :(

  • Grant Walter

    Is there a way to get back to skyrim in the enderal mod? I'm getting that one and falskaar

  • Strongside

    Falskaar is fun but you'll ultimately get frustrated with how retarded the main protagonist is and how miserable the ending is. The Forgotten City is excellent, but only once. After you've beaten it correctly it no longer becomes relevant due to there being no real reward. It also does a mediocre job of explaining the rules to you. It makes it sound like you instantly get destroyed if you commit crimes when that isn't exactly true.

  • Galimeer5

    I knew Enderal would take #1

  • Tech Kat

    The Wheels of Lull - PC - Skyrim SE Nexus:

  • Sean Harrison

    Forget every other mod on this list and go play ENDERAL!

  • Carter Kinoy

    There needs to be a kickstarter to make Enderal into its own game.

  • PJ Demigod

    So pretty much, PS4 users shouldn't bother and just get a PC.

  • Christian Deslauriers

    the gray cowl of nocturnal was pretty good

  • dingus the lord of dank

    do darkend and endedal work for special edition

  • Chris Spence

    Can anyone tell me how to use the microclock from the Wheel's of Lull? I'm lost on that


    Hey what platforms are enderal on

  • Soul of the Lost Riecher

    God I hope Darkend comes to console

  • Fluorescent Monkey

    3 1/2 years to make a mod. Why

  • Vengeance Games

    enderal is not a new land it is a new game

  • MonkeyP2004

    U know what fuck xbox 1 and crappy pc wheres the ps4 mods

  • Gabriel Rae

    Roshank Redemption you missed skyblivion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrLevelVids

    how about moonpath to elswyer?

  • Nick Norris

    What makes Darkend's lighting so good? I want my dungeons to look that dark D: I'm using Vivid Weather's doom setting right now.

  • Timothy Hayes

    You know it's gonna be a good video when the honorable mention is dope af

  • Allen DeWitt

    My problem with this video is that Enderal isn't a new land mod, it's a whole new game. I was hoping to find things to add to my Skyrim, not hear about a new game, you know?

  • Honest Sweetroll

    fucking Sony.... I NEED FALSKAAR!!!!

  • Charles Ford

    No Moonpath to Elswyer?

  • zerrierslizer1

    i paused at exactly 0:01 and in the left hand corner in the lower part i se fredbear from FNAF. in smoke form.Please kill me. ;_;

  • brook fk

    Which ENB are you using?

  • Eugen Mollenknoll

    you have to tell us about your graphic mods! what render settings do you have?! it looks awesome!

  • Alphie Alpha

    none of these are ps4?

  • R Gg

    Lol, the darkend world is called phallus

  • Rob Kry

    Wheels of Lull, BEYOND REACH, DARKEND, Wyrmstooth and a lot mods from Skyrim works on Skyrim SE but you must unpack .bsa file and convert old .nif to new .nif (mesh folder) on SSE NIF Optimizer. Sometimes you also need to convert textures on nifscan.exe -fixddsTextures .tga and .dds (A1R5G5B5 and B5G6R5) dosent work on Skyrim SE only works .dds (A8R8G8B8 and R8G8B8).

  • Chico Azevedo

    Friends, got a list of the mods that add immersion, good combat and good looks to Skyrim SE. Here is my list:Enhanced Lights and FX ENB SE Cast Shadows: Lights and FX at Skyrim Special Edition Mountains Water Two Bigger Trees: Tree Bark: - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul Characters - A Skyrim Grass Plugin HD-2K SSE Storms Special Edition Month of Internet Deprivation Weapon Mesh Improvement Start Mod Combat Animations sounds - Compendium EYES Beast Skeletons Dummies Armors CLOTHING Weapons Please SE Kyne's Breath Blood Textures by dDefinder Snow (aka HQ Snow Texture) Spinning Death Animation Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder - Combat of Skyrim Body Collision by AikMALAik Map Markers: Cities Dialogue Overhaul and Cold AI Detection SE Swords Collection of the Third Era SSE Uniques SE Animals and Predators of Skyrim and Flocks Sheogorath's Cheat Menu

  • Dariom

    Was it only me that found the Falskaar world to be very "lazy"? Not in the actual visuals or dungeons/cities, but the map itself. It was just.. round and part summer-part autumn. That was the biggest reason I couldn't get into it, every time i opened the world map I just felt unmotivated. I just mean that if you put so much time and effort into voice acting and story, it feels like a very "weak" to mess up such a thing as making the world round.

  • Toad

    Forgotten City is a fantastic mod. But the one thing that really kills it for me is that after playing through it once, there's little to no replay value since you already solved the mystery. That is if you're like me and reload every time you get an ending to see them all in one playthrough. But even with that being a major issue in my personal opinion, great mod and maybe just one you have to wait a few months to go through again to continue to find it interesting

  • ExoticNomad

    Is endural on console?

  • Bruce Nickel

    what texture revamps are you using

  • VanishLikeaDream

    Once again PlayStation users have the worst version of skyrim... how can Sony let that happen twice

  • Mikillding Ding

    lol trust me, 100 hours is no exaggeration for Enderal. I played for a total of about 150 hours before being done with the game.

  • Dominic Soldier

    my game always crashes when beyond reach is installed :/

  • HighKings Ruin

    Is the Wheels of Lull mod immersive and lore friendly?

  • Elijah De Leon

    Jeez Enderal looks even better than the DLC's Bethesda put out for Vanilla Skyrim. Good job awesome mod community!

  • Fus Roh Dong

    I personally don't care if Enderal would take up near or all of the mod data limit on console I want it

  • VolantEnigma

    falskaar at the bottom?

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