SKYRIM - Top 5 New Land Mods (Special Edition Mods Included!)


UPDATE: Falskaar is now available for special edition on console and PC! Beyond Reach is also now available for Special Edition on PC; hopefully an Xbox port is coming soon!

Welcome to my first episode of top 10 Skyrim mods! In this video, I show off 5 (plus an honorable mention :P) awesome Skyrim mods that introduce New Lands.

In these videos, I will be trying my best to include 2-3 special edition mods that are also available for console. In this video, both Wheels of Lull and Forgotten city are available for special edition on both PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately, there are no new land mods currently available for PS4, because of Sony's restrictions on mods (ie that they cannot use external assets.

As always, feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy! :D






Nexus (Vanilla):

Nexus (Special Edition):



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (PC)



Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC: (It's strange, but I can't seem to find this link on Bethesda net ... if anyone is able to find it let me know!)


7. SUMMERSET ISLES (not mentioned in video) -


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First Track - Doug Anderson:

Second track - Paramedics:

Third Track - Plasma3Music Remixes:

Fourth Track - Ominous Voice:

Fifth Track - Scott Buckeley:

Sixth Track - Redtails:

Note: If you do not see your name and I used your art in this video, it was most likely an accident on my part. Feel free to contact me and I will be sure to add it! If you are not okay with me using your art, I would be happy to figure out some sort of arrangement per YOUR terms. Thanks!


JKromjal - THUMBNAIL (Screenshot from DARKEND):

Okiir - Elder Scrolls Cosmology Diagram:

  • ModernStoryteller

    Author of The Forgotten City here: Thanks for the shout-out and glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to subscribe for news about my next projects. :-)

  • Roshank Redemption

    Hey all! A couple of things:1) Falskaar is now available for special edition on Xbox One and PC! It happened literally right as I was making this video xD.2) For anyone wondering why Wrymsooth is on here, it's because the mod author has taken down the mod and it is no longer available for download. If this weren't the case, it would 100% have had a spot on the countdown, but I can't in good faith recommend a mod that people can't download. Apologies! :(As for the Summerset Isles not being on here ... well, my reason for that is something that you guys may not like. Truth is, I'm not a fan of the mod. I have tons of respect for the mod author, since it's an ambitious project, but I also don't think it did a very good job reflecting the Summerset Isles as they are supposed to be. From a lore perspective, Summerset Isles is my favorite province; hell, I did a whole video praising how awesome it was (which you can find here - But the mod just doesn't fit the lore description all that well.That's just my opinion. If you're upset with me for that and think it's an unfair assessment of the mod, I think that's perfectly fair and I am open to criticism. To make up for it, I will leave a link to the mod in the description :3) Top 5 mods is probably going to be a series going forward on my channel. How would you feel about me making that intro (with a few tweaks for each video) my permanent intro for the series?4) The epic thumbnail is a screenshot from Darkend. Speaking of which, I really want to do a playthrough of Darkend (and perhaps all of these mods) on my channel. How does that sound?5) For some reason I said "DLC" instead of "mod" a few times in this video. Not sure how I made the mistake ... sorry about that xDThanks, you guys are the best! :)

  • Jimu jhons

    Just a lonely ps4 skyrim owner passing threw....fml

  • Long Egg Productions

    I feel bad for PS4 players they have like no mods

  • Italics

    You're saying they spent over 3 years on Endereal? That's longer than most triple A developers put into their games.

  • Dariom

    Was it only me that found the Falskaar world to be very "lazy"? Not in the actual visuals or dungeons/cities, but the map itself. It was just.. round and part summer-part autumn. That was the biggest reason I couldn't get into it, every time i opened the world map I just felt unmotivated. I just mean that if you put so much time and effort into voice acting and story, it feels like a very "weak" to mess up such a thing as making the world round.

  • Taz Feldis


  • Mikillding Ding

    lol trust me, 100 hours is no exaggeration for Enderal. I played for a total of about 150 hours before being done with the game.

  • Kyle Ohlson

    Hey man dope videos..i jus bought skyrim for Xbox one the other day and even tho I sunk well over hundreds of hours in back on the 360 this is my first experience with mods and omfg I cant beilive I been missing out on this for the past decade!!! New lands weather effects quests weapons better blood the hippie project with the trees Lmao yoo literally a whole new world and I couldn't be more surprised/impressed..this is amazing

  • Sean Harrison

    Forget every other mod on this list and go play ENDERAL!

  • T S

    Beyond Skyrim is an honorable mention.

  • Ron Yuma

    I beat Enderal, it actually gave me feels at the end, Skyrim never did that for me.

  • Derik Christ

    Enderal creator 30.000 hours =1250 days =41 months = 3 years and 5 months Wtf is wrong with enderal creators

  • mental knight

    ahmmm you forgot a few mods like the gray cowl of nocturnal, moonpath to elsweyr and wyrmstooth. they are pretty good.

  • maximillian schauer

    no moonpath to elsweyr?

  • Pppgggr

    "It can be difficult to see without light." YOU DON'T SAY?

  • Adam Wiley

    the worst part about Falskaar was its loot game was WEAK

  • 777gaming360

    im generally a pretty big fan when it comes to new land mods just because i love to explore the new locationsif i was to make my own list it would be:1. Enderal (by far)2. wyrmstooth (dont know why i just love this mod)3. darkend (for the challenge)i don't know why people hold falskaar so high up. i found it to be far too flat and the plot to be not paced very well.

  • Space Buddha

    I love how professional all your videos are.. Y i subed prob the first vid of yours i saw back when

  • Stag

    Novajam called Falskaar Lorkhans ironing board

  • aragorn

    Vigilant is also awesome

  • Tsukai Hikushi

    what is your render settings

  • 김현철

    Creator of this video have same think with me... i also have been thinking like you that beyound reach is grestest one of skyrim mod!!!

  • Ubezhische IgroDoktora

    SKYRIM'S LARGEST MOD! - Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

  • Desertskunk

    New land mod suggestion: Moonpath to Elswyr

  • Fus Roh Dong

    I personally don't care if Enderal would take up near or all of the mod data limit on console I want it

  • R Gg

    Lol, the darkend world is called phallus

  • brook fk

    Which ENB are you using?

  • Derek Jeter

    Beyond Reach is now available on PC SSE as well.

  • The Piperman

    This was really good, fun to watch and well made. But I'm surprised "Moonpath to Elswyr" wasn't included, even as an honorable mention.

  • Jevarr

    he literally sounds like a congested snake

  • Jake Shuman

    why would you spoil each mod...Some of us watch these to get an idea of what new mod we want to download.

  • Angel Turello

    U should do a magic mod list next 👌

  • bb gaming

    man I hate sony, I love my ps4 but why cant it have good mods

  • Logan Sanders

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a large group of people working on making all of tamriel in skyrim's engine?

  • VanishLikeaDream

    Once again PlayStation users have the worst version of skyrim... how can Sony let that happen twice

  • Charles Ford

    No Moonpath to Elswyer?

  • KamenOOORider

    Can you do the same for dungeon and quest mods next, please?

  • 30noir

    Umm... did you forget to mention summerset isles?

  • Kharn526

    Falskaar is on special edition. I have it on XBOX.

  • CapitanTalonumi

    just drank 2 coffees 1 MONSTER 3 Ice Coffees, i'm ready for a marathon

  • xNekoNekoo

    ohhh yeaaaa ya doin mods now :D

  • Allen DeWitt

    My problem with this video is that Enderal isn't a new land mod, it's a whole new game. I was hoping to find things to add to my Skyrim, not hear about a new game, you know?

  • Steven Ashmil

    Yuslan Sharim should honestly kill himself.

  • BluePants Wearer

    ENDERAL is not a "new lands" mod, it is a game conversion, FORGOTTEN CITY is a quest mod, WHEELS OF LULL is a quest mod, oddly enough you have Grey cowl of nocturnal as one of your top 5 quest mods when it is a new lands mod.This list is a little dumb and not well thought out. This is why youtubers should not get paid to make lists/reviews or let's plays.You have no ability to make your own content, and the content you raided off of Nexus isn't even presented accurately. Good going captain.

  • Cat, Raven

    wyrmstooth was a good mod. Giving an idea that not every dragon agreed with alduin, But the only problem with it was rising the dead which is kinda a over used cliché for a story plot.

  • VolantEnigma

    falskaar at the bottom?

  • HighKings Ruin

    Is the Wheels of Lull mod immersive and lore friendly?

  • Lowlights Bodet Academy

    Would it be okay to run all these mods at the same time?

  • Chase Banks

    Can you stop advertising console mods and just say Xbox and PC.It's kinda misleading giving ps4 players hope that they'd ever see anything like these on their console.

  • Dewey Dezimal

    What else could be number one if not Enderal?

  • Lowly Furcunt

    I SOOOOO badly want Darkend for Xbox one

  • Pedda ZZ

    "lack depth in comparison to skyrim" (refering to the quests)damn that has to be the biggest insult you can give to a quest designer (at least almost)

  • Martijn Bakker

    I absolutely wouldn't advice playing Wheels of Lull.It's somewhat interesting, just enough to keep you want to explore more, but after first entering the mine, you've had the best part already. It's very frustrating, unguided, bugged and uncompleted.

  • Serena Morrison

    The Forgotten City was weird. WARNING SPOILERS So those who have played must know that when you meet Jarl Metellus for the first time he is on a fenceless balcony and during a dialogue sequence my follower walking into him and he fell off the side and died. Then the world exploded and suddenly I was back on my normal timeline and there's a guy saying that he knows a way to escape through a crack in the bathroom wall and that dialogue options appeared for me stating that I had assassinated the emperor. So I loaded a previous save because I realised that I had unintentionally skipped all, completely all, of the mod itself. And I went through the mod as I should have been gone through but I knew the whole time playing through that I just had to kill the Jarl to win.😥

  • Shadow

    I haven't played any quest mods yet but I don't know if I should keep the overhaul and weather mod I'm using while I'm playing it also When I' m done playing the quest can I just unistall the mod without affecting my game save since some mods seems to affect that when removed.

  • Chris D

    Yes Ps4 doesnt have the mod selection that xb1 and Pc have But, there are still 100s of amazing mods ps4 players can use. I have added 100+ new dungeons and caves, more bosses and legendary bosses, lots of bandit camps, over 800 different dragons, 100s of followers including dragons, guard patrols on horses, protected cities adding lots of different guards types etc, 100s of new spells, and of course improved graphics with better looking water visuals and more trees and grass foilage and ground textures and the best random storms effects i have ever seen in a game ever. I could go on for hrs and hrs, in 3 months i spent like 20 hrs or more on just the mod page lol. Ps4 modders have gotten smart and found ways to add new things without creating entirely new content. But still ps4 mods would be so much better being able to create and add entirely new objects, graphics, textures etc.

  • BlueShit199

    1. How do you know if Wheels of Lul is suitable for both people who know the lore and those who don't?2. You praise Falskaar for world size and at the same time ignore the fact that there's barely anything in that world.3. Why are you slipping in unnecessary lore trivia like you are trying to show off? It's annoying, not interesting.4. Why are you calling these mods "expansion packs" and "DLCs"? Sure they are big, but still not official.

  • chill the Meerkat

    I was surprised when I saw Enderal here. But yeah, I totally agree with you. Enderal is amazing. I'm a huge fan and I'm so looking forward to the DLC they're working on!Thanks for the other tips. I knew some but I'm definitely gonna try Forgotten City.Also, Beyond Reach is for SE as well, though I guess it wasn't when you made this video. But it was still one of the first story mods converted for SE. :)

  • TheFoxfiend

    very good video, will probably check some of these out sometime, just one thing that irks me slightly is when someone claims something makes combat harder. Even though I'm sure they made combat harder, if someone feels the need to make combat harder it is probably because they never increased the difficulty setting of the game they were playing. I feel that something that affects combat, or game mechanics in general, should balance it with the base game, and make it so it scales with difficulty setting, so someone who wants a harder game can do the logical thing and increase the difficulty setting instead of being handed a harder game with a mod. And those who do the logical thing and increase the in game difficulty may find the increase in difficulty from a mod claiming to make it harder a bit beyond what they were expecting.Sorry, had to get that out there when you mentioned harder combat.

  • Drackis FellWing

    any chance of beyond reach and/or summerset isle coming to Xbox one? its like helgen reborn I see it mentioned but can't find on or through mod section search in game

  • Rob Kry

    Wheels of Lull, BEYOND REACH, DARKEND, Wyrmstooth and a lot mods from Skyrim works on Skyrim SE but you must unpack .bsa file and convert old .nif to new .nif (mesh folder) on SSE NIF Optimizer. Sometimes you also need to convert textures on nifscan.exe -fixddsTextures .tga and .dds (A1R5G5B5 and B5G6R5) dosent work on Skyrim SE only works .dds (A8R8G8B8 and R8G8B8).

  • ecksdee23

    7:28 Got hit hard with them bloodborne vibes...

  • Gab C

    As someone who has completed Enderal, I suggest anyone who owns Skyrim for the PC get it. Like, right now. It has something for everyone. Can't say enough good about it- only bad thing I can say about it is that there are glitches that can get out of hand, but that is to be expected. That pales in comparison to all the AMAZING things that game has done perfectly. And, oh boy, the lore and the story are so good. Glad that it is getting more recognition ^u^

  • Dream Team

    If you've never played The Moonpath to Elsweyr I'd recomend giving it a shot. it's not quite as polished as the ones on the list but the quests are decent and tvhe modders did an ok job going into the lore of the Kajiit. In the end it's not as nearly as good as the mods listed here, but it's worth a try

  • Zaid Elbekkal

    The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is pretty good too, only the voice-acting is a bit lacking.Spoiler:You will meet the freaking Champion of Cyrodiil and Sheogorath himself!!!

  • g0lgrim

    First - Fourth... yeah... i know this mod... Five... LIKE!!! ENDERAL!!! WOOP! WOOP! SureAI RULEZ!!! XD

  • Igor Matić

    Why are you spoiling so much? Name the mods, just mention where to go in order to activate the quest, and that's it! Just so you know, i didn't watched 10 secs.

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