Skyrim Mod: Requiem - Leveling System

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Requiem - The Introduction

Part I - The Leveling System

Part II - Skills and Perks

Part III - Magic

Part IV - Combat and Attributes

Part V - Atmosphere

Part VI - Items

Part VII - Finale

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Nots0go0dgam3r

    Literally first chest I opened had 10000 gold and ebony sword in it... So much luck I need a second body just to store it all

  • Pokerface

    Ew. I'd forgotten what vanilla Lydia looked like.

  • Mitja Kocjancic

    This is how the game should have been in the first place. And who's bright idea was it to make unique itmes leveled in the vanilla game????

  • Voids Wrath

    fighting Ebony warrior with this on has got to be difficult

  • Mega

    The draugr part sucks because bleak falls barrow :/

  • Gammingar

    what are all those graphics mods he's using ._.

  • Raymond Hruby II

    Im scared for the traps thing, because followers are stupid.

  • Zzarcon1

    That large headed dancer at the end was worth the view alone.Now about the mod. I'm not heavily into these types of mods because there is a very high chance that they could clash with a lot of other mods that I really like.

  • RP FS

    The problem with this system is that since nps kill each other in skyrim you can come across great loot very easily on dead bodies

  • Laughingpug

    can't really role play as a seasoned soldier

  • tk9780

    The problem is the player start up skills all ways suck, it's a real pain when your  character is 6ft 9 30+ soldier Vet and yet simple towns folk kick your arse every time. 

  • Messiah

    I need. My. Requiem. Fix. (Scratches neck) Need. To. Install.

  • Trelaras Leontas

    I play as an orc I wield a shield and a sword and I feel powerless..... and skyrim is not an mmorpg to start what now?

  • oragamimastersdegree Poke

    Oh the outro....Just... Flawless.

  • 00WolfSpirit

    Basically all I heard for this entire four minutes was "This mod is great if you just like to do nothing but grind. You know the exact thing pretty much everyone always complains about in older games"

  • Breaking Inferno

    I wish that dragons were unaffected because the dragonborn is naturally more attuned to fighting dragons and they shouldn't be a late game enemy when they are the main focus of the main quests.

  • Noah Hewitt

    This mod reminds me of Morrowind.

  • Auddity

    I thought skyrim already had an static levelled world what the fuck.. This entire time it's been auto-adjusting to my skill level?!?

  • RIP In Peace Seamus

    I think I would just prefer to use a combat overhaul like deadly combat.

  • DJAlienoverpowerd

    Is there a mod like this one without Requiem, I really like the whole idea of this leveling system but many mods I use and enjoy can't be used with requiem :(


    Is there any mod that just delevels the NPCs?

  • Chris Anders

    No gophers channel is this is the second best!

  • Bob30737

    "focus to much on boobs", mmoxreview's show features more mods but gives them a broader presentation. Brodual are more clinical in their presentations, it can come of as cold but the clarity is well appreciated. As for gopher....well it wouldn't really matter if he was reviewing skyrim dragon shaped butt plugs or fine wine and whiskey, he's got that morgan free man effect.

  • Bob30737

    With overhauls you can't use the word "better" correctly in any possible way, All that you can say really, is it's different from other overhauls,you check the contents and see what suits you the most.

  • jjmf9

    Alongside Gophersvids, of course

  • Stephen Grant

    Reply butt9n has been for a while now.

  • Josh White

    Brodual and Gopher: The best of the best.

  • BirthdaycowHD

    agreed mmoxreview focus to much on boobs, dont get me wrong, those are great, there just not skyrim

  • Mike Hatley

    I wasn't. If I wanted to start a war I would have said "Nuh uh, Gopher's is way better!".

  • ducksforeverxxx

    Please do not start a war.

  • Mike Hatley

    Gopher's is arguably better.


    Is this compatible with SkyRe?

  • PsychoMantisXX

    Save yourself the trouble on clicking the links...Barely any new information and it's just a pathetic attempt at squeezing as many views as possible out of a topic. Absolutely pathetic.

  • IceQ

    There's of course Gopher's channel too..

  • Jasonxt2011

    LOL!!!! I can't stop laughing at the outro

  • mickadude

    Maybe because DLC adds new features, mechanics and items? Which in returns give the mod makers better control over their content.

  • LittleBadger

    what iron armor mod do you use ?

  • Artorias

    You can change that in the mod configuration menu.

  • NorthernDragon

    Do you even English bro?

  • Jack Baer

    may i ask you what visual mods you use for your videos because your game looks very nice. Is it an ENB or just a texture pack?

  • Missing Hotpot Recipe

    Oh god, where do I start with this "human"?

  • Aiden Gibson

    faggs fuk u u oll havv cancer u oll havv no lyyfe cozz u oll cantt qikscope amd cannt spull!!!!

  • Aiden Gibson


  • general allahu akbar

    brodual can you disable certain features in this mod?

  • Mannavan Venthan

    Norman freakin cool the fuk down man,,

  • Aiden Gibson

    I think he is angry. Please leave.

  • Aiden Gibson

    fuk u aiden and bertkerstens u faggs with pennis. i hav lyfe i have 77.00kd inn cod cod berst gaem eva bettaer grupghigsrufiks thenn u shytt skyrim. i alsso medaed MINECRAFT wich bearst fps in wurrld. u faggs have no LYYYYYYYFFEEFEFFEFDFEFEEF I HHHGHOHOOFOPEOE RU OLLLLL FUUUUUUUCKKINNNGNGNN DIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!! FUKKK UUU. Fuking 1v1 me in cod wich gaem u suxx att!!! cuz yu faeleail att lyfffe!!! leren to spull beefores tieping comment and gut lyyyfe!!!!

  • Aiden Gibson

    Holy shit! XD his comments are too funny! HAHAHHA

  • general allahu akbar

    HEY don't look at me >_>

  • general allahu akbar

    alienware at what the age of 3?(years old if you don't know what i mean cant really blame you for having the iq off a sponge ) so your girl has a penis ok what ever works for you :D what kinda girl friends the only thing i can think off is operah some gilf's and really desperate cougars

  • general allahu akbar

    =_= really learn to spell especially if you say retarded stuff like this

  • Phum Keaos

    anyone, plz help, i download this mod, everything is perfects but the enemies take no damage! :( no matter how hard i try to hit. it wont take damage and my character take no damage too :( plz help

  • Ryu Lightorb

    ah i see but these will be sorted out but can i recommend sending this ot the nexus forums to the creator :D

  • 3RetardsPlay

    You guys forgot about the two most terrifying generic enemies in Requiem other than dragons, Invisible entities (a few hundred hours with Requiem and you'll agree they're fucking hard no matter what class you play) and Daedra, holy shit the two that attack you at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon have an obscene amount of health.

  • Maxentius

    lol this actually made me laugh

  • NordicGoji

    Then why the fuck are you here Btw That is only your opinion and i respect that but you also have to respect other opinion, So PLEASE try to stop being such an Ass

  • StefSarch

    I guess it's broken then.

  • Douglas A.

    Ei brodual! ENB which you used in this video?Sorry my bad english

  • Allen Young

    Untill you posted this video i did not know this great mod existed. THANKS!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Benasutti

    wat. i think its trying to communicate.

  • Aiden Gibson

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  • StefSarch

    You didn't click the reply button.

  • ShadowMaster1171

    Thanks you for explaining it to me, I really appreciate it

  • Jordan Couter

    Go back to pre-school

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