Skyrim Mod: Requiem - Leveling System

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Requiem - The Introduction

Part I - The Leveling System

Part II - Skills and Perks

Part III - Magic

Part IV - Combat and Attributes

Part V - Atmosphere

Part VI - Items

Part VII - Finale

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  • Nots0go0dgam3r

    Literally first chest I opened had 10000 gold and ebony sword in it... So much luck I need a second body just to store it all

  • Mitja Kocjancic

    This is how the game should have been in the first place. And who's bright idea was it to make unique itmes leveled in the vanilla game????

  • Mega

    The draugr part sucks because bleak falls barrow :/

  • Voids Wrath

    fighting Ebony warrior with this on has got to be difficult

  • Pokerface

    Ew. I'd forgotten what vanilla Lydia looked like.

  • Zzarcon1

    That large headed dancer at the end was worth the view alone.Now about the mod. I'm not heavily into these types of mods because there is a very high chance that they could clash with a lot of other mods that I really like.

  • Gammingar

    what are all those graphics mods he's using ._.

  • Raymond Hruby II

    Im scared for the traps thing, because followers are stupid.

  • Laughingpug

    can't really role play as a seasoned soldier

  • 00WolfSpirit

    Basically all I heard for this entire four minutes was "This mod is great if you just like to do nothing but grind. You know the exact thing pretty much everyone always complains about in older games"

  • Ezra R. Comfort

    This mod just makes the game go more slowly. I set the "difficulty" to basically zero and I still couldn't get through it. It's not so much that it's hardcore as much as it is unfair and boring. I like certain aspects of it but its overshadowed by the combat, the leveling, and the overall difficulty. I wouldn't play the base game if it looked like this.

  • Noah Hewitt

    This mod reminds me of Morrowind.

  • Trelaras Leontas

    I play as an orc I wield a shield and a sword and I feel powerless..... and skyrim is not an mmorpg to start what now?

  • Valik

    This is really a half-baked way to level out the game. If you want to make a non-leveled version of the game, then it should be item based. You shouldn't have to go out and grind your light armor skill - or go home with Lydia and increase your one handed skill just so you can take on traditional enemies.I'm not a fan of the leveling system either, although it is done quite well in Skyrim. But if you have an Ebony Sword and you're in glass armor - you should probably come out on top. But it looks like you're still going to have your butt handed to you until you GRIND levels... in SKYRIM!!!Does this mean that you're basically screwed if you play through the story quest and are level 12 you're not going to be able to kill the dragon in Whiterun like you're supposed to?You have Daedric Armor and a Dragon sword - that means you're better than anyone beneath those armor tiers, that's it. You shouldn't ever be getting kicked around in Daedric armor with a Dragon sword by anything, really - high tier enemies should be on par with you, and little perks should only make the affair marginally easier - not a required feat for basic dungeons.

  • RP FS

    The problem with this system is that since nps kill each other in skyrim you can come across great loot very easily on dead bodies

  • Dilean

    You could have put all of this into one video. 4 minutes? Seriousely?

  • Breaking Inferno

    I wish that dragons were unaffected because the dragonborn is naturally more attuned to fighting dragons and they shouldn't be a late game enemy when they are the main focus of the main quests.

  • Auddity

    I thought skyrim already had an static levelled world what the fuck.. This entire time it's been auto-adjusting to my skill level?!?

  • DJAlienoverpowerd

    Is there a mod like this one without Requiem, I really like the whole idea of this leveling system but many mods I use and enjoy can't be used with requiem :(


    Is there any mod that just delevels the NPCs?

  • Derrick Bonsell

    Next ES game that comes out I want to mod the game so that the difficulty level matches the  quest line. Basically if the quest line takes you from one place to another, as you progress each area will be more difficult than the last. Thought about it while playing Witcher 3, where the level of your enemies roughly reflects your position in the main storyline.

  • littlebluecaboose

    I saw this mod here, thought it was cool, installed it, and now I can't even get out of Helgen without getting killed by those Stormcloacks. Argh. I need Requiem Lite, or something, that makes is kind of harder but not the 100% intensity of the mod right now.

  • TheReaperHDz

    This is a mod for people that want to actually role play and want a challenge. It's adds way more to the game when you actually have to think about whether or not you want to fight an enemy. Also it simply makes more sense that at a low level bandits for example would be a challenge, since your character has no skills or experience fighting and that at a higher level they would be easier. I guess at the end of the day I get more enjoyment from conquering a challenge rather than having my hand held the whole way.

  • jordan999fire

    This is a good concept, but there is a problem with it. I am constantly being hunted by Hired Thugs. I am almost level 3 and there are 3 of them. I even get close and I die.

  • marinus18

    I love this one and it adds what I think Skyrim needed most of all, danger. That there are very real things to be scared of and that crush you in an instant if you don't work to improve. It more feels like an unforgiving land in which you have to be strong to survive.I do think however they overdid it a bit with the difficulty. They should make a mod like this but separate.

  • EV Belluche

    Recommend any mods that remove leveled lists, without the baggage of an overhaul? I love the concept, but there's other mods I'd prefer to rebalance it with :0 Cheers ~u~

  • Drake Johnson

    So since Requiem voids the level list, is it compatible with mods that add leveled armor and weapons and the like?

  • oragamimastersdegree Poke

    Oh the outro....Just... Flawless.

  • necropartysohawt

    BEST. MOD. EVER. period.

  • Johnnythefirst

    1:37 "Is fighting a troll to..." what exactly?  Didn't get that part. :p

  • RIP In Peace Seamus

    I think I would just prefer to use a combat overhaul like deadly combat.

  • Mart kenyon

    Wait, so once you get to a certain level raiding an entire bandit camp all by yourself will be a cake walk? Not sure I'm all too hyped about this static level thing.

  • Osiris Paradox

    this actually makes the game more real.

  • tk9780

    The problem is the player start up skills all ways suck, it's a real pain when your  character is 6ft 9 30+ soldier Vet and yet simple towns folk kick your arse every time. 

  • Oscar Curtis


  • Floris Stoica-Marcu

    This mod is challenging. It is hard, but fun if you know how to play your character. QuickSave will become your new best friend. And, indeed, it does rob you of some of the main quest. To be honest, that is one of the frustrating parts. But i never cared so much about the main quest of Skyrim so it is ok. This mod will force you to play safe, to prepare for each battle and to exploit the game for your advantage. It will become more of: how it is best to approach this? as even bleak falls is doable early levels (i managed to get to the last room at level 3-4) by just using the traps to my advantage. Of course, sometimes it does seem like the mod prohibits you to do things you aren't supposed to beat, like for example the last room of bleak falls is filled with monsters that you can't realistically beat at early levels so you are forced to retreat and backtrack to the exit. Same goes with lockpicking you CAN NOT open expert or master locks if you don't have some skill in it. But the pleasure you get from coming back 6 levels after and beating the hell out of them (and hardly surviving the encounter) is unmatchable. I highly suggest this mod for everyone that likes challenges; It certainly gets you from Zero to Hero, as you will not only know how your enemies will react, you will get to know how to create your own openings, you will learn to value how to create distractions. If you like this mod, you certainly won't go vanilla again and if you thought vanilla was hard, don't even try this.

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Why is Lydia blonde in this video?

  • Darian

    a tip for anyone wanting to give this mod a try: decide what you want your character to be able to do (Ex: mage, warrior, spellsword, ext) and for the first bit of your new game (yes, to use this mod say good bye to  any characters you have, youll see what i mean when and if you try it out) just train with your weapon or spells

  • JTO1214

    Is this mod on Skyrim se for xbox one?

  • Maddinhpws

    This is the absolute main reason I got that mod.

  • chuck Berry

    I think the requiem is broken down into parts for the mod and not all together in an overhaul. I’m not a fan of the leveling system of this, because it seems that bandits never advance in gear. It was the same way in the vanilla version. I think bandits should have higher ranks with different gear like in Oblivion. I prefer a challenge of strength and wit. So I’d recommend downloading Requiem combat system and everything else besides the leveling system and use mods like unleveled Skyrim, dodge mod, and ultimate Skyrim, and revenge of the enemies is dirty too. Have fun and happy dying


    What sword is the one you're using in this video?

  • Joe Case

    I personally think followers should start out at a preset level/combat aptitude. Some followers would be more powerful than others initially (i.e. housecarls would be more seasoned than hirelings). However, I also think their aptitude should increase as they experience more and more battles with the player.

  • Eximious94

    wow, I haven't played morrowind for very long, but I think this system is what everybody loves about that game. I hope it works as well for skyrim, definitely gonna try it!

  • gatherer91

    I want to level faster, there is skillrate factor settings in MCM menu, but there is 100% 75 and 50% settings what does it means? logically I would level even slower with these settings. anyone?

  • Rays K

    There always this though flying through my mind whenever I see a mod that make combat more difficult and fun. More difficult?? I understand the fun part but to make it more difficult?? Wow what difficulties does people play on? Novice? Adept? Master? Legendary?

  • Dazidan

    but does it get rid of the bullshitery that is leveling up skills skyrim?

  • aracade

    Out of curiosity, how much hp did you have when you made this vid because I gave up on melee after a single sword hit  knocked out 2/3rds of my hp and I had worked my self up to about 200 hp. That and I honestly never end up in 1 on 1 fights when I'm noticed.

  • Ascended

    I fought a Frost Troll as a day 3 adventurer heading up to high hrothgar. I don't think Skyrim likes me

  • Purple Guy

    Nice sword you got there

  • Bailey Butler

    i seriously dont get you sometimes .... * they will change with your level :)  * they are static and wont change around your character" ummm pick one pls this is kinda important xD?

  • American patriot R

    There an se alternative

  • Cat Claws

    I play as a 'hunter' character archer living off the land killing moose with hunterborn mod along with realistic needs and hypothermia.

  • Aegon II

    I have a question. Did you recomend to use Skyrim unbound or alternate randome start with Requiem? Or it would be a lot of difficult if you spawn for example on Solitude and make the fellow quests?

  • SeanGrenadR

    Do these work with the combat mod you uploaded?

  • SylarSilent

    3:14 brodual needs to upgrade his skeleton and FINS  :)

  • auraeldodge

    Bleh this mod adds way to much stuff I don't want. I'm going to pass. I was really happy about the idea of fixed level enemies. As my I've hated any game that thought level scaling was a good idea since FF8. All it does is remove any point or feeling of getting stronger when you level up. In fact if you do it wrong you can actually make yourself weaker by grinding? Having more problems with basic bandits at level 30+ then you did at level 3-10 for example.

  • ryosama1988

    Is there a mod where you level up if you sleep...Something like in Oblivion.

  • George White

    Does anyone know if there's a way to get just the leveling/loot system of this mod without any of the other features? Or any other mods that do a similar/the same thing?

  • Hazelstar jayfeather

    This combined with skyre racial changes and perks is boss.Also combined with the race menu mod, I forgot about it entirely.

  • hoo_

    Anyone know if this will work with Special edition? Are the devs still supporting requiem?

  • Ryan Zhang

    I cant believe me, the great Markarth Jarl, got my buttkicked by some draugr. This mod...

  • Mighty Mitochondria

    What texture mod are you using?

  • Evilbannana24242

    What about the quest can you abandon them and be able to pick another quest

  • SWIM

    Is this mod compatible with morrowloot (Ultimate)

  • collin superales

    why does ur character's left hand appeaars when there is no magic at it

  • Smelly Bacon

    What graphic mod is he using? they look incredible!

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