Skyrim Glitch Unlimited Armor | Wear multiple armors at once


This is a Skyrim glitch/trick for infinite armor or armor buffs.

Found by:

Only usable with Armor & boots as explained in the video.

*Note you do not have to commit a crime the second time, you can simply talk to the gaurd
  • ProfessionalPug

    I did this glitch and it worked but then a dragon came and I used the marked for death shout on it and it hit a guard then the entire town tried to kill me and then some werewolves came out of no where and started killing the people in the town and I tried to turn into a vampire lord and then skyrim froze

  • Francisco Quintana

    Advice wear all the dragon priest masks and get the steed stone if u have like 10 armors on it won't count as weight

  • connected123 - The Narwharl

    What if you combined deadric armor?

  • Kaydn Custer

    Do this work for necklaces my nig?

  • Salvator VAMPIRE

    ty dude even this video loong time ago :) thank so much

  • BladeZLive -

    I lost my nightingale armour because of this

  • sin bad

    There is a much easier way to do this but you have to be a werewolf to doit

  • Martynas Šekštelo

    how do you get mask krosis?

  • Jerry Ao

    Falk-reeth**, not falkrith lol

  • kyle barnes

    This is great if u got a mage character with two good robes

  • draiz fabian

    does this work on ps3?

  • Joker1491

    Hey thanks man I used this for my girlfriend she loves skyrim but isn't good at staying alive long lol so you helped me out

  • bryant spencer

    does it raise your armor rating

  • tristan mcgillen

    Is there something like this in new vegas

  • Marshalmellow07

    its also an easy way to get urself out of jail XD

  • devilishzombie0139

    1: it works on console 2: it works with gloves 3: IT'S FALKREETH NOT FALKREITH

  • Jared Neufeldt

    When you doop stuff and wear it would the enchantments double.....for instance....if I wear an armour that gives me *magika regenerates 100% faster * and I have two of them and wear both would I get 200% faster .....I think yes but I'm just wanting yallz opinion

  • Nion Jimmy

    I pronounce it like folk reeth

  • υℓtyaα 〘丅ℝᎶ〙

    And I say it falk-reeth

  • NightStorm

    There is a much easier way....

  • Daniel_Kill_FTW

    Fall kreeth is how its pronounced

  • Isaac Tharp

    does this work for xbox

  • υℓtyaα 〘丅ℝᎶ〙

    Lol I like it and it worked with helmets and gloves for me I don't know about you guys

  • Cody Martinez

    My company won't stay

  • The Skyrim and GTA Hippie

    It worked because the game is so buggy

  • Colson White

    i did it with nighting gale armor but when i did it i was wearing my shrouded and nighting gale at the same time

  • thewabber jackbros

    whoops I said it twice

  • Skyrim Fan31

    bro it worked, but mine become very too much. so now I cannot load my account! LOL not recommended

  • Zipper

    Or you can turn into a werewolf right before you talk to your companion and just give them your armor then use LB or RB to equip it and all of the other armor and boom. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense, just look at the way to get unlimited shouts using talos amulets)

  • Neon Skyler

    unfortunately this glitch is only good for the magic effects since the armor cap is 80% which can be easily reached with some glass armor 

  • anna morton

    Worked just now on my 360 got carved Nordic, thieves guild, brotherhood, 2, 75% magic regeneration armors, orcish, and nightingale armor on;) also works with necks and rings

  • Matthew Berry

    This was awesome!!! It allowed me to put on a full set of legendary dragon plate armour and a full set of legendary ebony armour including the ebony mail that turns you black when in combat and when sneaking

  • Salem Aldi

    you lie you should try it again because you can do it hat and gloves

  • felonyboy13

    This is not patched on Xbox just did it

  • sam otto

    you can do this glith with all items of apparel

  • Dark Moon Gaming

    it doesn't work but it duplicated some things and let me wear them

  • New rexx

    OK why does my armor change everytime I load my game back up? I'm trying to wear blades armor set but everytime I save my game & load it back up my guy is wearing miraaks armor.. I don't want miraaks armor to show.. (ps3)

  • Donut Kill Me

    Is this patched on Ps3? I have the Legendary Edition.

  • Beter Briffin

    you made this way more complicated than it needed to be

  • Ender Shark

    I would were the same armor because if you have heavy and light armor the one showing is the one that levels up

  • Quizitis -

    Does the stats of the armors combine

  • Nathan Briggs

    Comment comments comments

  • jimmy davis

    you can also store items in the sacks in prison add it does the same:)

  • Jari-Markus Saarela

    with DLC on PC still works for me Thanks!!!

  • Taylor Lindow

    Wear two daedric armor at same time you'll be unstoppable

  • Asshole Person

    which set do you give your follower? i mean the set you want to see

  • Deadric Prince

    Thats beast i need to try that with my elven and glass armor

  • Robert Tracy

    Falkreath like falk reach but with a th at the end

  • Lena Oxton

    i have Daedric on and Ebony armor in storage huehuehue time to use this glitch

  • Danny van Gorp

    Doesn't work anymore, it got patched for ps3 atleast, not sure for xbox though

  • Lance Tschirhart

    why does my guy keep disappearing? he doesn't wait in the cell

  • David Adams

    How many times does this work?

  • Isaac Horan

    Awesome just did the glitch thanks man!

  • Ender Shark

    I did it with helmets too

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