Skyrim Glitch Unlimited Armor | Wear multiple armors at once


This is a Skyrim glitch/trick for infinite armor or armor buffs.

Found by:

Only usable with Armor & boots as explained in the video.

*Note you do not have to commit a crime the second time, you can simply talk to the gaurd
  • A Snazzy Fella

    I did this glitch and it worked but then a dragon came and I used the marked for death shout on it and it hit a guard then the entire town tried to kill me and then some werewolves came out of no where and started killing the people in the town and I tried to turn into a vampire lord and then skyrim froze

  • Francisco Quintana

    Advice wear all the dragon priest masks and get the steed stone if u have like 10 armors on it won't count as weight

  • kyle barnes

    This is great if u got a mage character with two good robes

  • Salvator VAMPIRE

    ty dude even this video loong time ago :) thank so much

  • Lena Oxton

    i have Daedric on and Ebony armor in storage huehuehue time to use this glitch

  • BladeZLive -

    I lost my nightingale armour because of this

  • Creed

    Jus make a high restoration potion, drink it n equip ur amulet of talos. U'll hav infinite shouts if dats wat ur looking 4 but remember don't take the amulet off if not it will reset the amulets stat.

  • Tuffer Gardner

    It did not work my follower was not in der

  • Tuffer Gardner

    I am wearing 2 sets of daedric armor

  • Josh Gehrke

    Could I do this with like 30 pairs of amulet of talos?

  • Lawrence Walker

    you can do it with ANYTHING... tried 30 seconds ago

  • waffleman3254

    can you do it with stolen stuff`?

  • Daniel Cortes

    does it work for ps3 and xbox360?

  • sin bad

    There is a much easier way to do this but you have to be a werewolf to doit

  • William Callas


  • Peacefulmarshmallow

    Falk-reeeth not falk-raith

  • Darian Mckoy

    if the multiple armors have enchantments does the effects stay active

  • Vibes

    do your enchaments double say if i had 50 percent on 1 get a pair on top will it be 100 percent

  • NoewayASDF PSN

    What if you combined deadric armor?

  • Cr4pSnip3r

    Armor has a (hidden) cap, though, so that doesn't matter, I don't think.

  • Alpha Zulu

    Armour is currently at 29 826 11 sets of double enchanted daedric armour plus a set of a bunch. PSN BloodIsRedDuh

  • julz bro

    if u do the quests to get the skeleton key! u don't need the jail key u can just pick the lock or get 100 lock picking with unbreakable lock picks works just as good

  • julz bro

    u can stack every piece of armor in game and if u get the 70 armor perks no carry weight so u don't get slowed down and 100 enchanting DUBBLE enchant each piece unstop bull I can stand and punch a dragon to death with minimal damage taken haha love it

  • julz bro

    love this glitch!!! I have every set u can make in game on!! from leather all the way up to dragon armor and what makes it even better is having dubble enchants! on each piece!!! and on top of all that the 70 armor perks on top witch makes heavy and light armor have no weight!! so u can carry ALOT more stuff omg such an epic WIN on that glitch!! plus u can put all the masks on as well only down side is u cant stack weapons :( but all in all a very great find

  • Ascended Casual

    will items like the amulet of talos still work in there is at least two in separate sets? I put: konahrik+amulet of talos+ebony mail+gold ring+ahzidal's boots of waterwalking under: dragonplate helmet+amulet of talos+dragonscale armor+dragonscale gauntlets+silver ring+dragonscale boots. My problem is not that things arent equipping, its that konahrik shows through the dragonplate helm, even when I quick save and load, the armor switches but the helm doesn't. someone plz help!

  • McClain Conrad

    But can it make you harder to die?

  • JaNae Syx

    Im on xbox 360 and this glitch totally worked for me. I have on two necklaces and two rings now! sooooo awesome!!! thanks for posting!!!! :D

  • Ryan Evans

    aweasome glitch i ended up with so many inchanted amours on A+++

  • Fackinnz Goelroe

    It is Falk REEEEEATH. Not Falk Reth.

  • OscarPadilla

    Yay then i can put on 15% less distrution 9 time and no magica used

  • mem

    he said u can do it with everything

  • ParalyzedVeteran

    The part where you say you can't do it with the gauntlets and amulets is a lie, you can do it with them.

  • oldschoolman1

    One thing is for sure if u trsnsform into a werewolf it cancels it out thevarnor i mean buy u can go back n redue it

  • Nobless Oblige

    fall-cre,ith is how its pronounced

  • Nobless Oblige

    lol. cant u just pick the lock? Or steal another key from the other guards

  • Nobless Oblige

    its also impossible if you have downloaded any dlc before the patch was made. This is because the DLC either has the update included or requires it to use it

  • Nobless Oblige

    what accent? I might be bias but i dont hear any.

  • TheSirLlama66

    I am going to try it with a helmet.

  • lyle milton

    Does this work for ps3 with all the updates/add ons ?

  • pandapinchey

    Is it possible to take them both off? as in after you do it?

  • DiabeticTurtle

    Are you Canadian by any chance? Your accent sounds like you're from Canada.

  • DJ Harvey

    for all still wanting to do this go to your system memory and delete the skyrim title update this also requires you to start a new character though

  • Click to read more

    u have to give your follower your jail cloths

  • Lisa Matheson

    I know Lydia will stand there

  • Anthony Roldan

    Be sure to use this but does it work with Xbox 360

  • Mike M

    Wow, this worked really well. Thanks a lot!

  • Leosageheart

    Don't use Serena! She walked out on me and now she won't give me the option to follow me again. :[

  • denzel dorsey

    umm everytime i try this like using amulets or something it never works can some one help me please?

  • Jesse Posey

    u said falkreath wrong

  • Ryan Rose

    so you give them the armor you wanna see your person wear?

  • Danae Rieman

    Probably not, 'cause in jail, you they only make you wear boots and clothes.

  • Ana Chavez

    thanks man this is really beast !!

  • epicmentokiller

    It's pronounced FALL-KREETH.

  • Fenrilar

    Does tgis work on rings and necklaces?

  • Matthew Kitamura

    cuz that counts for hats/head!.... Idiot when ur in jail u wear a cowl(head dress)

  • Chris bromley-west

    I tried this with the dragon masks but it didn't work...

  • roberto de killaz

    no I just did it a second ago and my xbox was updated like not long ago

  • roberto de killaz

    can you use the same type of armor?


    no i mean it will fuck your game up it will freeze multiple times it will be laggy as shit and just suck ass overall.

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