Bethesda's Game Design is Insulting

A personal rant about why I think Bethesda's RPG design is over-hyped and condescending.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST
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Fallout 2

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout 4

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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  • etherraichu

    Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas all have this one interesting difference from Skyrim and Fallout 4: You don't start as a god.In MOrrowind you had to go through an insane amount of work getting people to even maybe acknowledge you. in Oblivion you had to stupidly jump into a gaping hell maw and manage to not die, which is definitely a note worthy achievement. in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, you were just some guy with a mediocre gun and armor, and little supplies. You had to work your way up.In Skyrim? You get magic powers no one else has and are instantly the chosen one. In fallout 4 you immediately get the God Armor, even though most of your time is spent fighting raiders wielding pool sticks.I prefer the older way.

  • Peter Stiffens

    This video has aged well.

  • Ed Eranged

    I'm surprised people still treat review sites as if they're anything more than shameless, greedy billboards. Todd Howard : "Here's $2,000,000.."IGN : "10/10 Game of the year!!"

  • Maksimilian Shaffer

    Fallout New Vegas is almost a political empire tycoon with complex strategy and difficult decisions when compared to Fallout 4 where yes means yes and no means yes.

  • Adam Courier

    When I finished Fallout 4, I felt like I saw and did everything. I couldn’t bring myself to play it again just for the slight difference in the main quest. New Vegas, made me want to play again so I could specialize in different play styles and play the quests differently. Press S to spit on Todd Howard.

  • Pogo

    The premature power armor in Fallout 4 says everything. It's like Bethesda is trying too hard to please everybody.

  • yasser djehiche

    Ooooh Boi, wait to you play Fallout 76.

  • Thomas Rasper

    I can definetly agree. Just look at skyrims academy questline. All you do is to go to three dungeons or so and after that, it's the Archmages final wish that you become the new archmage. All this, even though you have talked to him like 2 times. Also, the only reward is a robe and a title.

  • Spartan Q77

    Bethesda removes more than they add. The amount of rpg elements gone from Oblivion to Skyrim is appalling. Skyrim had loads of potential but little substance. It frustrates me how modern game lack compelling rpg elements. Instead they have a small puddle of them. Yet still there labeled "rpg" games. Next people would be calling The Legend of Zelda games rpgs. Wait a minute peolpe actually do that already. I miss actual rpg games. It has become a bygone genre. Due to developers not wanting to take risks.

  • OfficialNedSanders

    Sadly, I feel like mass-appeal will always be more profitable than catering to a small but dedicated audience. The folks at Bethesda are a company, not artists; their job is to make money. Obsidian were a much smaller developer and the fact that they focused so much on pleasing the small group of people who loved the property really shows, but at the end of the day, that's the reason that they're still a small developer and Bethesda are a huge conglomerate. That's fucking Capitalism for you.

  • It'sAGundam

    Great video, you summed up so many of my rants about FO4 without throwing a single chair!

  • wyatt hatch

    I really miss the D&D inspired progression systems

  • Wyl33 J

    The Outer Worlds has entered the chat

  • JZ Squared

    That's one of the many reasons I don't like playing Fallout 4 on harder difficulties. It's not more difficult, it just takes longer to kill the enemies. It's boring.

  • Bellerophonn

    Video should be titled Fallout 4's Game design is insulting.

  • Life of Boris

    STALKER being mentioned? how was I not informed?? I need to fire my secretary.

  • Sasha

    I LOVE Fallout a first person shooter with really great base building and a crafting/scavenging system I think was really well done. Also I like the perk system in Fallout 4. The role playing goodness of New Vegas is long since dead. RIP.

  • ukguy

    And this was made more than a year before Fallout 76...

  • genericusername546

    Relative perspective is an interesting thing. This guy started with Oblivion and bemoans the downturn and simplification the series has taken since then. I remember bitching and moaning about how much of a step down Morrowind was in many ways from my Daggerfall-obsessed days in high school. By the time Oblivion came around it was well and truly a lost cause, yet this guy apparently loved it. I don't disagree with his points, but the "problem" started a long time ago, and it will never really be seen as a problem by Bethesda because it's a successful formula that so far continues to bring in a lot of money. Instead of complaining about it, support smaller developers who do innovative things, and either enjoy Bethsoft games for what they are, or ignore them entirely. Both are good choices.

  • Jon Makes Videos

    6:20 that's dead wrong about Oblivion. There is one linear path, you will save the Empire and be the good guy or you won't do the main quest at all. Fallout 4 at least had a redeeming quality in picking a side which does lead to distinct endings, which Bethesda never did since Daggerfall with Fallout 4 as New Vegas was Obsidian.

  • Ben

    What's even worse is forums are filled with people complaining they're stuck on Skyrims puzzles.

  • Blue Penguin

    Dude i never realised why i didnt like fallout 4. This sums it up

  • Mitchell Dean

    you have a good point with the content. i dont remember jack crap from fallout 4. but i can remember nearly all the missions in fallout 3

  • Peter G

    My favorite game of all time is Fallout New Vegas, somewhat evidenced by my profile picture. I never liked fallout 3, and before fallout 4 I thought that it was because the game was just bad. When Fallout 4 came out it made me realize that it was just the way that Bethesda made their games that was the issue, however I never knew what exactly about their games were bad. This video nails the reasons why it's bad right on the head.

  • Alexander

    I agree, got bored quickly. Total shit game. People are shocked by 76 as if 4 was good. Retards just need something to be next level obvious until they realize its not actually good.Oh well, Speds gonna sped.

  • Valdetiosi

    I think STALKER more as RPG than whatever Bethesda could create out. Heck, even their Radiant AI gets pale in comparison of A-Life Simulation.

  • Zeroz

    I think Bethesda watched this guy's video and took this guys criticism seriously that's why we got Fallout 76. You pretty much described Fallout 76.

  • TheBakingSeal

    When Peggle is a better game than Fallout 4

  • Dannyboyz

    5:07 -- sort of true. I mean, if you don't know how to quick save and try again until you get it, sure.

  • Sunny 4.0

    >controversial opinion>DAE NEW GAME BAD OLD GAME GOOD

  • Young Chanimal

    and now we're at 76

  • Gaming \w blacksmith

    Nice to know this is applying to 76

  • Joshua Burt

    Whilst I agreed with some of his points I do have to point the hypocrisy and irony that comes through, he talks about Bethesda being "condescending" and yet throughout this video I felt as though the guy was being condescending towards anyone who disagrees with him

  • Aya ya

    You know how that quest with the Power Armour should have played out?A Deathclaw is killing people in town, You try to fight it at a low level but you die too easily.So you talk to some NPCs and find out there is an incomplete Power Armour lying around.You try to find parts for it by doing odd jobs.But here's the catch, the longer you wait, the faster the town will die out.So here are the Options.1. Fight the Death Claw with weak Power Armour. Still be a very tough fight.or2. Get a full powered PA without fighting the Death Claw, it kills the town and the Death Claw is never to be see again.Or a little of both, you got an okay PA but some people have already died.

  • The Finance Guy- Stock market videos

    tell me how you feel about EA......I would love to hear that....

  • Apotheosis

    The reason why Fallout 4 is more popular is because it's for the dumb and they are the majority.

  • Dmitriy Samusenko

    Obsidian needs to make the next Fallout game.

  • Joshua Varney

    5:00 come on bruh, that's a low blow. New Vegas did the exact same thing with gekos.

  • S B

    I felt insulted during Fallout 4. Endless recurring quests. I found myself thinking of playing Vegas while playing FO4.

  • Dapple Dog

    You know, Oblivion and New Vegas are much better games than Skyrim and Fallout 4. Skyrim removed the core elements of character designs: the classes and the birthsigns (no, those standing stones DO NOT count as birthsigns). I feel like I actually am someone when I create a character in Oblivion. When I make an Altmer Knight, I don’t have to grind for the first hour of gameplay to get my Knight skills to a reasonable level. Oblivion made me feel that my character was alive before I ever started controlling him. Fallout New Vegas is an entirely different story. Not only do I feel that The Courier has a life based on my backstory, he/she feels like they’ve existed in some way before the main game. Skyrim removes the core elements of character creation. I still love Skyrim, but it is not anywhere near the level of Complexity that games like Fallout NV and Oblivion have. If Bethesda were to add perks, classes and birthsigns to the Elder Scrolls VI, along with the return of speed, agility, mysticism, armorer perks, and attributes, I would be ecstatic. However, that is not enough. We need killable NPC’s, multiple endings and a less serious game in general. Oblivion is a game which laughs at itself sometimes, and then becomes serious again. Skyrim tries for so much realism, that it no longer works as an RPG. The worst irony as well, is that you can literally be everything in Skyrim. You can be the Listener, a Nightingale, a Companion, The Master Mage; the worst of all, is that you can sell your soul to most of these factions. More realism, but lore breaking bullshit.

  • emwhyte

    his love of the peggle scoring screen eludes me...

  • Jac

    Its crazy what nostalgia does to people. Nostalgia will even convince an entire community that a boring cowboy game that has 80% of fallout 3 assets and its enemies will always be where they were last playthrough is good. ive memorized all of NV dialogue because the game fails to change after the first play through. all the locations are dull and lifeless, the glitches......, the animations were even worse than fallout 3s, and the story is just plain dumb. find the man who killed you, once u do that then choose what faction you want to side w because hey its fallout. NV was a mess but the fallout community cant get enough of it because they were told that you must praise it or “you’re not a real fallout fan” Cringe.

  • Klaüs Smooth

    Or..... That every their game is you know.... the same! From HUD, movements, game mechanics, quests... Everything. I feel like they are pushing the same engine since oblivion, just upgrading it a bit from time to time. Have two folders with textures, one is for Fallout, other one for TES. All you need to do is put in some EPIC music and you're good to go, fans will be out of their minds.

  • Thefabregas22

    Completely agree, I don't understand where all the praise for games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 come from. I've always seen them as much weaker than their predecessors but it seems like the majority of people love them and say they're some of the best games ever made.

  • MattVideo Productions

    I honestly don’t know why I bothered buying fo4, bethesda is clearly nothing like it used to be all they are doing now is rereleasing skyrim.

  • TheStormyLion

    Dark Souls...? A....masterpiece?.......HAHAHA.You're joking.

  • Lewis Czugalinski

    Fallout 76 brought me here

  • Leonid Isachenko

    Game industry is dead. Money - what is really valuable today, all amazing games that you could think about were made on pure enthusiasm without money in first place, games like Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and many more is what people make when money in the first place.

  • Montgomery Brown

    Won my subscription. Great work

  • CatnamedMittens

    Obsidian > Bethesda

  • Bomb Tombadil

    Nice needless exaggeration. You kill roaches in every Fallout game, hell, you kill vermin in most RPGs, period. The power armor is certainly earned since you had to fight your way through a building of enemies to get to it, not to mention I did feel a sense of power considering I took down a deathclaw with it alongside a legion of raiders. Is the game perfect? No, it has lots and lots of issues especially in vanilla, but your hyperbole at times comes off as pretentious and incredibly dishonest. I actually agree with you, too, but let's tone it down with the, "ZOMG THEY GIVE YOU FREE ERRTHANG LAWL BAD DERP!".Oh my bad I guess hyperbole got passed along to me lolol it wore off though. Anyways, thank god for mods, is all I gotta say.

  • The Noob Gamer

    Omg same sykrim did that to me

  • RudeGuyGames

    The game has been out for three years yet I never saved Shaun.My people need me!

  • Trilmonté

    Had Bethesda not sabotaged Obsidian from the jump, New Vegas would've stomped on everything Bethesda would've put out from 2011 onward.(The saddest thing is that their incomplete-by-design game still ends up stomping on F3 and 4.

  • GMMReviews

    It's because mainstream reviewers are a bunch of impatient children, that are paid to give games good reviews..

  • III-GabeN-III

    Puzzles in skyrim were to keep draugr in. Do your research....

  • IEMK

    i got stuck on the skyrim puzzles

  • lol lolson

    this video is biased as hell, you mention nothing bad about new vegas at all, and nothing good about fallout 4 in the entire video... even if its a rant, being hypocritical is never goodquests ended the same way in NV as they do in 4, so dont see why that was a point at all...they both have good and bad quests, NV has some really good and some really bad, while 4 has mostly pretty chill quests...the whole death claw and power armor is kinda dumb, its either really easy or really hard, both of the games handled it poorly... (tho i think 4 did it better)when it comes to weapon customization, fallout 4 would fit your image of a real rpg more then new vegas does, you make your own gun and make it yours, thats way better then just finding a gun, so thats kinda a logical fallacy, since it 4 has more depth in that regard... (i do like how it is done in fallout 76 with the blueprints that you have to find, its a nice mix of both)


    So many new Vegas elitist in here lol fallout 4 wasn’t the best fallout game but you guys act like new Vegas was a gift from god

  • Czarewich

    Oh man, when you zoomed in on STALKER I felt like you were talking directly to me lol

  • Renan Dutra

    (First, sorry the english, second here we go...) Wait a second! I can choose not be a courier in New Vegas? Sorry, in my 120 hours of play that didn't happened. In my opinion you are focusing in some details you don't liked from the new games and forgeting the good points they brought. Of course New Vegas smash in RPG even Fallout 3: Obsidian made it, and they are expert in this. I runned all Mojave, all DLCs. I just runned Far Harbor and Automaton and I had a good fun on it. There's pretty good side quests in Fallout 4 YES, and I preffer scientists doing AI and synths to repopulate the world than some factions fighting for a piece of land(New Vegas). Fallout 4 have more interesting map and buildings than NV, who most of the time is empty with desert - of course there's a lot of interesting things in NV, but Fallout 4 have a lot of more nice buildings to explore, get your scrap for improve your settlement, your Power Armor - who can be customizated and really sounds more a Power Armor, not like NV. I do love NV. Spended magical times with this game, but I do love Fallout 4, say this game is bad just because it lacks a bit in dialogues that really are not that bad most of people say. Tell me, what use have science knowlege in NV if not do some dialogues or activate ED, get some perks for energy weapons or another similar things? Look what you can do with science in Fallout 4 with your stuff, it really turn interesting on exploration because you need material for put a jet pack in your power armor for an example. About reputation, no game in Bethesta, even in Oblivion or Fallout 3 cared so much like NV, but hey ou still having the option to be a jerk and kill all or take bad decisions. When I was murdering like hell in Solitude and back, no one came to hug me. I'll be honest, of course Bethesta took bad, but really bad decisions. They wanted to simplify things and just fucked more them, like took off spellcraft in Skyrim, while in Oblivion you had it. Cities in Skyrim are little if you compare to Oblivion(all city have a castle) - but say Skyrim is worst and forget all the other awesome things it have just because some details they changed is unfair in my opinion. About puzzle... well, puzzle is not the goal of that games, I guess is adventure, is immersion in a world than is all yours to explore and take decisions, learn, meet characters etc. Of course, I regonize the lack of RPG elements, if you compair with games more focused on that, but please, look what those games offer first, see the good stuff they have - and there's a lot, if you stop to see. There more elements than you spoke in that game to consider. I agree with you in many points, but if you really want to do something intelligent and smart, study is the way, loose life playing games like that is for really dumb people like me! LOL - But I can be honest and agree with you and say Bethesda is learning with Blizzard how to ruin their works... Not mentioning Fallout 4 and Skyrim - Crashout 76, that's what I'm talking about.

  • KatzenAstronaut

    "fallout new vegas the best fallout"hysterical laughter

  • LKVideos

    That's not the devs fault. That's people being tools and complaining about complexity and because complex RPGs are VERY niche. But to everything there is a solution to which is why I don't respect reviews like this: namely the frikkin modding community. People need to get out of their insecurity box and learn the "completly difficult" work of installing mods that make you completly regret you've been stuck in your vanilla bubble half your life.

  • Ekkie Ekk

    I don't really like people calling fallout 4s dialogue system "bioware like". You're giving them too much credit. It's more telltale like. Joke, angry, questioning, and nice.

  • Goonie

    Todd has ruined that company for RPG fans and made it a share holder's dream. You buy a Bethesda game if you just want to go on a power trip, maxing out all your skills before the game ends and be the single god-like character in the game. If you want a sequel to Fallout 1 and 2, get Wasteland 2. It's the same for other (non-Bethesda) franchises too. I think System Shock 1 was way better than System Shock 2. For me, last year's Prey was the sequel it deserved.

  • Tyber Zann

    TES3 > TES4 > TES5 and FNV > FO3 > FO4

  • Gregory Frowendown

    this video is the perfect example of including as many gaming circle jerk tropes as possible. new vegas is not better than either 3 or 4. 4 actually sold twice as much as nv. and maybe all games shouldn't force to work really hard for something. sometimes i just want to have fun, in a video game, and be able to do as much as i possibly can. that's not insulting.

  • meme machine

    Fallout 4 had a better unique weapon system then nv with all the legendaries actual having different weapon effects where as nv they were most recolored versions that do slightly more damagebut let’s ignore that for a second to make nv look badRewards were just as boring in nv but let’s forget that because it makes nv look badYou’re making sure to forget moments like the first time seeing the brotherhood airship, the Chinese sub quest, and the USS constitution You started out as a mailman in nv and the game pushes you to do the main quest just as much but let’s ignore that because it makes nv look badThe starting power armor was complete trash with no upgrades so it was hardly game breaking and that was a default deathclaw. Hardly the strongest enemy in the franchiseYou want to know why people like fallout 4 over nv? It’s because we like gameplay over boring rpg bullshit. Get off your high horse you greasy neckbeard

  • ImScared

    Water downed gameplay has become a genre.

  • Nick B

    At least fo76 is so much better than fo4. /s

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