Bethesda's Game Design is Insulting

A personal rant about why I think Bethesda's RPG design is over-hyped and condescending.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST
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Fallout 2

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout 4

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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  • Maksimilian Shaffer

    Fallout New Vegas is almost a political empire tycoon with complex strategy and difficult decisions when compared to Fallout 4 where yes means yes and no means yes.

  • Omega Imperialis

    Ah. New Vegas. The best game that was rushed and still turned out better than everything Bethesda ever made.

  • Michael ziemer

    I cant believe that they made 76 fallout games. Amazing.

  • Berry

    Skyrim thumbnail to rant about how new vegas is better than fall out 4

  • Max Chevkin

    Remember Morrowind? The good ol days when you actually had to think, manage and struggle in a game? When just like in real life you could ask every passer-by for a direction and 5 out of ten would say they've no clue what you're talking about, another 4 would tell you to go f*ck yourself in the ass with a glass sword cuz they're busy or they don't like your ugly human face, and only the tenth would tell you: "Yeah, I know it. Look, take the eastern exit outta town, head straight, then turn right, cross the river and go through the valley, you'll see these stones, like pillars. It's somewhere near those." And you go, try to find it, fail and try again only to learn that that was a different valley slightly to the north. Now quest markers be like: "Bitch! Forgotten ancient treasure is here! Would you like a taxi?"Remember how every NPC was a person? Had a name and some interesting stuff to say, instead of: "I'm a Bandit, hand over you valuables! Whaddya mean my name? I just said - I'm a Bandit! Yeah, I was bullied so much in elementary you have no fucking idea. Mom, dad, why?! bursts into into tears on Dovahkin's shoulderpadOH WAAAAIT, I forgot, this game doesn't have shoulderpads. And belts. And robes over armor. And clothing under it. And Mysticism. And spears. And 90% of the skills. My bad.

  • ImScared

    Water downed gameplay has become a genre.

  • mangaka08

    Remember when Morrowind would practically hold your hand and put little quest markers on your map telling you where to go next? Me neither.

  • LevelRex

    Mainstream reviewers actually count as reviewers? I thought they were just either sellouts or too timid to voice their actual opinions...

  • Mikhailovick

    A friend of mine got stuck in that first Skyrim puzzle and eventually stoped playing the game.

  • PorkeyWings

    We live in a society where Ubisoft are currently making better rpgs than Bethesda and Bioware

  • Life of Boris

    STALKER being mentioned? how was I not informed?? I need to fire my secretary.

  • The Institution

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R is what a post apocalyptic World would actually feel like: terror and bleakness... multiplied by 100!

  • Ella Hunter

    0:07 I spent ages 8-12 hooked on Oblivion, souly to explore and join the DB & Guilds. Although I managed to not complete the main quest until I was 14. But Oblivion has effected me forvever, especially that Mages guild quest where you have to get the burden ring off of the guy in the well. Now whenever I hear the word burden, it gives me nightmareish flashbacks to the forvever loop of drowning and respawning after making a horrible saving choice. Help.

  • Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

    And with Mass Effect: Andromeda, they've come full circle, when BioWare copyied Fallout 4's dialog system of:Yes (Serious), Yes (Sarcastic), Yes (Neutral), Bye for now!

  • Game Couch

    2011 - Whoah!!! This game is mind blowing! This is the best game I've ever played... 2018 - Yeh... Skyrim has a lot of bugs and the story is lame and it's just overall the worst game ever made... I mean so what I've played it 7 times and have over 2000 hours on it on pc alone...

  • Czarewich

    Oh man, when you zoomed in on STALKER I felt like you were talking directly to me lol

  • True Born Son of Liberty

    Bethesda is a has-been 70's rock star. They were good in their prime, now a sad pathetic individual.

  • Sean Flynn

    "oblivion ruined my life" you nearly had me there

  • Watermelon Slime

    I love how every single video talking negativity about Bethesda games immediately gets a ton of dislikes. People need to play some other RPGs if they think Bethesda is such a great studio

  • Adamant Forge

    Fallout: New Vegas - Seven full completions to play different ways and played every expansion pack twiceFallout 4 - Never finished because by the time I got to choosing a faction it was clear this was on the rails and I was overpowered with no consequences for anything I didFallout 76 - with that cash grab fiasco I set any good feelings I had for Bethesda ON FIRE!

  • Derrick Parham

    Fallout nv npc: save my family.Courier: sorry pal, can't help you. Wait a minute, im not sorry.Shoots npcFallout 4 npc: find me this.Sole survivor: SHAUN!!!

  • chapasproject

    hmm you see, i want to agree about the voice acting and what you say about it. but then i remembered that the witcher games exist. and i was really emotionally invested in this games. so maybe the problem is in the shitty characters and plot and not the voice acting.

  • Sellisa

    I think you underestimate how stupid people have become.

  • Mr.agent 47

    You made me look up and see if Patrick Stewart was dead lol.

  • Martin Mystery

    "They treat the players like a bunch of children in a sandbox with their toys" They're right"They treat the players like a bunch of impatient children" Yep...

  • Tiger Tank Gaming

    What I think the biggest problem with Fallout 4 is having your character continue forever. Radiant quests and a game that never ends. Personally I think RPG games, real RPG games have to end. Why do they end? So you can play it again. Try with a different build, do the quest differently with your new build. In Fallout 4, you can’t do any quest differently, besides spare that guy or kill this guy. Plus, New Vegas saves your game before the final mission, therefore you don’t need to continue after beating the game. Bethesda essentially killed Fallout with the jack of all trades approach. I enjoyed playing Fallout 1 and 2 as an idiot. I can’t do that in 4. I enjoyed the various ways to end Fallout 1, by combat, with high speech, with proof. Fallout 4 is kill the Institute, or kill everyone else, then minuteman time.The final nail in the coffin in my opinion, ie, Fallout 4s biggest sin, are the factions. Gone are the power struggles of New Vegas, and here are the factions who hate everyone, but the minutemen. In Fallout New Vegas, every faction had a deep and moral gray motive. In 4 the factions want to kill, enslave, or free synths. In New Vegas even the “scummiest” of factions, The Legion (my favorite faction), exist to better humanity. Appearing as nothing more than raiders at first glance, a five minute talk with Caesar fixes that. As opposed to the Institute, who are treated as boogeymen. Hell even the end trivializes it, the Legion wins and they conquer Vegas, the Institute wins and they send friendly synths to diamond city. All in all, it’s not a company or a studio that make good games, it’s people. A studio is only as good as the people running it.

  • jonathan lewis

    There not puzzles. They're to keep the dead from escaping.

  • Bubba Litious

    I agree with your points, but I'm gonna nitpick about something:The Courier is not an amnesiac. Is that important? Nope. But I'm nitpicky, so I nitpicked.

  • Sercil

    I installed a mod for Fallout 4 that shows you the entire dialogue lines that you can say. I did it because the actual lines were often extremely different from what I expected them to be.Then I could see that most of the time, there were AT LEAST two options that meant the exact same thing, just slightly rephrased. Sometimes three. You could tell that they just needed to cram in exactly 4 dialogue options into everything.

  • sunandwarmwater

    The Deathclaw example of how OP the Power Armor is would work better if the poor sod actually touched you. The fact that it somehow tanked 650 shots from what should be one of the most powerful guns in the game is just grotesque and speaks volumes about how poorly designed these games really are.

  • gordie the doer

    Why don't you join them and make the new game less insulting?

  • Sir Sog Muffins

    >using Metacritic>caring what Game Journos sayk

  • Ethan May

    I agree with most of what you said but don't treat IGN ratings like they are worth anything. That's just silly.

  • Pogo

    The premature power armor in Fallout 4 says everything. It's like Bethesda is trying too hard to please everybody.

  • Quadrenaro

    10:09 Actually it's not just under $4, but $4.25

  • Reza Afsar

    Friendship ended with Bethesda, now CD projekt red and rockstar games are my best friends

  • Sweeney Todd

    Hey, at least the maps and levels are good. NV reminded me of Oblivion and not in a good way.

  • victor bruun

    hey $4 for a weapon... pay 150k for a full game... is kinda cheap vs the 36 dollar santa fake beard... real santa fake beards i think goes at 3,99.

  • Ekkie Ekk

    I don't really like people calling fallout 4s dialogue system "bioware like". You're giving them too much credit. It's more telltale like. Joke, angry, questioning, and nice.

  • Zero no Life

    "RIP Patrick Stewart"(Instantly checks to see if he is dead!)BTW he is still alive in April 2019

  • GAS

    Iv always known this but I'm guilty of giving a free pass.No more tho, I foolishly bought 76 and regret it bad.They are never getting my money again.

  • SuperVideoman12

    You certainly brought up some interesting and clever points, but the Skyrim thumbnail to talk about how 90% of the video that Fallout 4 is a step down from New Vegas and 3 just seemed like an incessant bitchfest at the end. I was more expecting you to talk about their shitty technical aspects such as constantly outdated graphics, lazy design, poor optimization, and constant crashing/glitching.

  • Quickscope Link

    The puzzles in Skyrim are a bit to easy but the game is still a masterpiece.

  • CatnamedMittens

    Obsidian > Bethesda

  • FitzGerald Jr

    Bethesda sold Fallout 4's Season for more than the game, in my country.

  • xslowdivex

    Reviews bought with non-cash “gifts”, now you know how their scores are SO unjustifiably high ;-)

  • Feizaan Bashir

    I remember HATING Skyrim and people looked at me like I was mad. One of the worst RPG's ever made imo and before anyone says "but muh mods!", a game SHOULDN'T NEED MODS TO BE GOOD. Soulsborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3 etc. Not a single drop of extra content needed to make those games great.

  • Justin G.

    You mean when a game or any media goes main stream it gets dumbed down? How Clever of you to notice's only been the norm for 30 years.....

  • Christian McNally

    "Only video games can give you a sense of pride, nothing else can do that" now we know why his gameplay is so offensive

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I only had 1 bug during my skyrim playthrough. Really love how it crashes 5 minutes in and corrupts my save

  • nman4k

    "When I was 7..."Damn youngins! I was 14 :(

  • Baron Anoch

    How does stalker only have an 82?I mean, it is SoC, but that's still like an 85

  • Rob Mattsson

    6:14 the Emperor saw his impending death in a vision and literally knew it was about to happen, otherwise decent video.

  • aj863

    I really liked the different ammo types/damage threshold/damage resistance system from New vegas, was really disappointed when it wasn't used in 4.

  • Mustache Merlin

    And then Fallout 76 happened. XD

  • Thaff Eelwen

    Sure fallout 4 went in the wrong direction but claiming New Vegas was amazing with character building is bogus. I hit high level very easily in that and was basically at 100 skill points in every skill and had all the perks I could want. The only decision is what you want first, every character still ends up the same.I love these games but they all have flaws and that's fine, I can't expect perfection from everything. I just hope they go in better directions in the future. I really enjoy skills that level up from use like in the elder scrolls and kingdom come.

  • Mike Anderson

    9:57 and then I notice Horse Power Armor being sold for $2.50 right as you explain how Bethesda is implementing shit payment practices. Perfect timing.

  • steampunch

    I come from the future! Bethesda didn't learn anything, and the new fallout is an online survival one!

  • Oni 5

    Well, talking about memorable moments in fallout 4, the quest where the ship flew to the top of the tall building. That quest stuck in my head.

  • WhiplashSL

    Still better than Destiny.

  • Quantras

    While I agree with the points in the video, I'm pretty sure the Courier didn't have amnesia from Benny shooting them, though then again you could roleplay they did.

  • pOtato Lord

    1: Yes2: Yes3: No (Yes)4: Yes

  • SparksFly

    How dare you defile Skyrim’s delicate legacy by mocking it on your thumbnail!Nah, I’m kidding you’re right. It’s true. They have a bad design.

  • The Fox Among Wolves

    I think giving the player power armour so early wasn't a bad idea. I remember first getting it and feeling like a god. The mistake, I think, is what the video said; power cores are too easy to come by. I'd be better if it was a taste of what you can earn at end game so you have a goal to reach

  • wantin

    I really did enjoy some of skyrim and oblivion.I think you hit it on the nail though.What I enjoyed was the free expression of character in character creation, and the mood, a bit due to visuals, but probably mostly due to jeremy soule's brilliance.

  • Sicarius Flamus

    remember when robbaz beat that deathclaw to death with a poolcue?

  • Stepperot

    Honestly this is the mindset and design of the entire industry not just Bethesda

  • Robotman

    When you mentioned the power armour thing, it reminded me of getting the phys gun in Half-life 2. That gun made me feel like a freaking God.

  • FastFatality

    Mass effect trilogy did realy good in choice system.My favorite. Thay should do it there games too.

  • Mik Dubský

    Totally agree. F4 was the worst. Its like child play, that was accurate. THanks a lot for summing this up, i would not tell it more precisely. I am gonna install F76, just to piss off Bethesda somehow.

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