★ Skyrim Mods Series - #23 - Frostfall, Complex Needs, Recruit NPCs (update v1.1, equipable)

Hey guys! So here comes already #23 of the Skyrim Mods Series. There goes a lot of realism stuff on this time. Also the Recruit NPC Spell got a nice update to equip the NPCs! Just awesome. Build your own little army!

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Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko

Imps More Complex Needs by Imp of the Perverse

Recruit Npc Spell (v 1.1) by Eramus

Thanks to Malukah:
and 331Erock:
for let me using their songs!
  • Constantine V

    Dude you are introducing this mod. You sound very unaware of what you're showing.

  • Nathan Bertram

    This is the first time hearing about the Frostfall mod and all I have to say is damn why did I not find this mod sooner.

  • Misa'Dventures

    "As for American's"? = As for American is? Woot?

  • Misa'Dventures

    But you should worry about your cholesterol, high levels of it are bad for your heart, being you Dragonborn or not.

  • Keith Thomas

    Seriously, I am English, and the average knuckle dragger from the UK hasn't advanced beyond grunting, or sound like they are from a Little Britain sketch. As for American's.................LMAO

  • Russell Lindsey

    That mod is dead. No update in over a year. Plus is hard to DL or just won't let you DL it anymore. I tried a few minutes ago and couldn't get the total realism - basic needs to work.

  • Spiralling Spiral

    which mod gives that beautiful magical sky ?

  • Bruno Franca

    Is Skyrim Nexus for free?

  • CallousDnb

    How do I get the cloaks and new clothing items? I looked through the list at the forge and couldnt find them. Console codes will do if anyone knows them.

  • Melmar Marcelo

    Yes, they are, but I recommend Frostfall + TRO Basic Needs rather...

  • David S.

    Are Frostfall and Imp's Complex Needs compatible?

  • zaikoji

    so, could you translate this video into german? finnish? japanese, or any other language? even with the luxury of time and books of reference/materials? i don't think the majority of viewers could. I certainly couldn't. nice to be called "kid" though..

  • iwont giveawaymyname

    This is complex? Good luck trying to get a degree kid.

  • Lax comix

    are you german? sehr gutes video gut erklärt ich wär selber nicht darauf gekommen wie frostfall funktioniert danke:)

  • 816nnm

    Hye, I wanted to know how to set up my presets because i cant make skyui work. Can you help me on this?

  • iseeicyicetea

    gophersvids has another tutorial on frostfall, and there's a very detailed explanation on the download site linked in the description.

  • 816nnm

    I cant seem to find the primitive camp supplies. Do you know why?

  • 816nnm

    meanwhile when you dont even have videos.

  • Mike Hunt

    if you have read the book, go to powers, survivals skills. use the power and a GUI will appear

  • Quarter

    How do you get a fire kit?

  • SaioTV

    I'm not actively using this mod, you should ask in the comments section of the mod page.

  • SaioTV

    Yes, there is a mod on the Skyirmnexus called "Total Realism - Basic Needs". That should be in your interest.

  • Fritzkrieg

    Is there a mod similar to the hardcore mode of Fallout New Vegas? I find the mod that was featured here to be too complex. I just want a mode where I just need to focus on the hunger, thirst and sleep and not need to worry about my cafeine and protein levels

  • Someone.

    How can you use the "Use Water" Lesser spell to take water, i cant figure it out(

  • Newlan Covert

    Great English man. And great review. I may give it a go. I love RPG's and this one adds a depth I haven't seen in a game in some time. Keep up the good work.

  • drunken Bavarian

    I never choose a side. I saved the world and it's not my job to win the war for them.

  • The_Reginald

    i installed this using nmm but nothing happened the book doesn't show up? I got frostfall working fine so wtf anyone?

  • touchdown081

    schreib gefälligst auf deutsch du inzestgebeutelte inselratte

  • SaioTV

    Im using the Nexus Mod Manager to manage theml.

  • Amvienttz

    hey how do u know the mods installed

  • Lauriane Aveline

    It's going too fast, I don't understand where do you find the camping and fire kits ? How do you use the crafting abilities you're supposed to have ? I have this mod and I just can't use it because I read "take leather and cotton to make a bedroll" but HOW ?! Clicking where ? dropping things on the floor and activate them ? doesn't work... I just dont understand, there's supposed to be a crafting mod and i just don't see it. I'm abandoning this.

  • Jin Scroll

    They don't sound like u

  • Strider

    That's called an accent... Fucking idiot.


    Masturbating + Penis = Sperm + Vagina = Puppy

  • Lobster with Mustard and Rice

    I installed it and the readme says, that I have to find a book called "The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim", which should be located in every Inn in Skyrim, but I can't find it. What shall I do?

  • SaioTV

    *cough* Sorry. But before you say something like that: There are tons of people without problems, it very likely conflicted with a mod you installed. Beside of that there can be a lot of other issues that cause your game to CTD. I have even 2 programs that I need to start after Skyrim, otherwise Skyrim CTD. Beside of that normally you save your save games before installing such a gameplay-changing mod. You lose maybe your 2 weeks, not more. And in the end you didnt even say which mod caused it.

  • Jeremy9190

    cmes from somebody who sounds like one.

  • SaioTV

    IF you're not an imperial!

  • Wesley Gouw

    how many ss's in a line Gosh he's funny ats thsssis tsime scalses XD nice bro

  • zaikoji

    way to miss the point friend. read it again.

  • Elmer Patill

    And....... he got his armor stollen

  • Liam Lawson

    just imagine recruiting all the Jarls it would be the unbeatable royals

  • Liam Lawson

    its not his fault he is not english

  • SaioTV

    Well, it looks like the mod changed a lot since this review, so I guess you need to check the mod page for further descriptions on the campiing equipment.

  • Enaodur Gord

    i don't get why the complaints, i can understand this dude perfectly. if you are so good english speakers, go ahead, make a video of your own and let us test your english. thanks for the video dude

  • Alyson wenztel

    I know i'm a noob, you don't have to tell me. But I couldn't figure out how to use the camping features on frostfall.

  • Rubiksage

    so you were trolling the guy who made a funny joke? pssst psst everyone thinks your stupid now. shhhh dont tell them i told you.

  • Banhael

    Just trying to be funny jackass...

  • Matheus Moreira

    For those of you who want to have to eat and drink, but not in a SO complex way, no protein/fat/appeal etc, just eating and drinking, try "Total Realism - Basic Needs".

  • Davey


  • Josh

    A lot of people that play this game on the PC think that most of us console gamers choose to play Skyrim on the console. Believe me, if I could afford a bad ass PC, I wouldn't be playing Skyrim on the 360. These mods are just so incredible. But alas, the laptop I'm typing on is struggling as it is, just to stay alive. Not trying to stir the pot, just giving some input from a console gamer.

  • zaikoji

    seriously, how many haters who complain about this guy's English could explain matters of this complexity in another language? half of you can't even manage your own native tongue. respect to you man.

  • FusionVision

    i know man,when you open skyrim,is data files highlighted?(in white)

  • SaioTV

    Thanks! Some people dont think so :D

  • survivurman

    Saio, you speak English well man

  • Zombiewaster215

    May God Be with you my friend at least it's better than having a laggy ass computer :)


    man i wish i had a decent pc to play this, im stuck with a damn console

  • Banhael

    How to say fuck of in nerd language FUS-RO-DAH

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    I can't wrap my head around mods like complex need equaling more fun.

  • Tristorm Evanmaribt

    does anyone else get that stupid wagon wheel advert

  • manomama7

    No offence, but my ears are bleeding

  • DeutschKind

    How is he hard to understand? I understand him perfectly.

  • Julian Rodriguez

    I use to had the same problem,but then I realize taht the problem was in the launcher of Skyrim,so you have to eneble the Data file section! Go to SkyrimPrefs.ini file on Games/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Skyrim and under [Laucher] things should be like this: [Laucher] bEnableFileSection=1

  • SaioTV

    Ask in the comment section and check if it's a common problem. Maybe there's a solution.

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