Assassins Creed III E3 2012 Cinematic Trailer Official [HD]

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The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American Assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation's revolution. In Assassin's Creed® III, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows, tomahawks, and more! In development for over three years, the game features the new Ubisoft-AnvilNext engine, a stunning technology that will revolutionize gaming.

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    >100 or more men armed with rifles vs 1 guy>they all decide to confront him face to face like defenseless lambs

  • Kiran Kireesan

    2017, and I still love it

  • Lucas Matthews

    This trailer makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be an American

  • Harvey Salvador

    I really like this trailer! I think every Assassin's Creed trailer.

  • class 5704

    this is my favorite game of all time

  • Wild Life Ranching

    after 35 years not stop watching video

  • Pioo

    Ja pierdole.......ZAJEBISTE!

  • Erkan BC

    british army cant shot one fcking guy down cheesss

  • Cassandra Keitz

    So cool like if you think so

  • Gökbörü

    Thank you Ubisoft for The free game xD


    do you notice that cinematic trailers have better graphics than the actual game itself

  • Ranjit Singh

    Fuckin awesome game, and awesome assassin...

  • ali hazimeh

    I like this trailer but not the character

  • Lance Yazzie

    Any other assassin wouldve ran away

  • ali bazzi

    black flag was way better than this shit

  • Stuart Miller

    this trailer is better than the game...

  • Xialoh

    They haven't managed to make a good trailer since this one for some reason. I keep expecting greatness and they keep disappointing me.

  • Grenades and Bunnies

    When the trailers are better than the latest games

  • Chris B

    Connor is the best warrior assassin, if not the best second the only one better or equal is his own grandfather Edward. edward had 2 swords 2 hidden blades 4 pistols explosives etc. only one on par with them is shay but he didnt get his good skills till after he renounced the brotherhood so he is out those 3 are the best fighters period in the ac universe. ezio had a better balance of stealth but he is still below them in fighting. but Connor has the deepest story besides ezio. and is my fav assassin because of the rawness he brung to the table even though he was dialed back a bit in the final copy(look it up)...and with that ill leave the comments and ac vids till i get the craving for ac within about a week.

  • Daniel Kane

    I remember watching this 5 years ago

  • Karrma

    Why couldn't they make the movie as awesome as this? Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie but if there were things like this I the movie it would be ten times better.

  • Cross-Eyed Cat

    only connor can take down an entire battalion by himself

  • ben rowen

    We need an assassin's creed 3 remastered


    J' adore cette vidéo

  • Ely Sia

    Does the assassins creed have a soundtrack?

  • Vinu Ratnadasa

    what is the name of the soundtrack :O?

  • Eru Guaranì

    maaan you need focus to charge against a whole battaltion with nothing but a tomahawk, an arrow and a horse


    Fuck sake why was my country working with the Templars

  • lee kok wai

    not to disrespect other assassin creed series but this 1 is the most greatest cinematic trailers has been create

  • Hayabusa

    This game had all the potential it needed to be great. Oh well.

  • -Sh0KzZ-

    I´m so sad because I watched all the old AC Trailers.I wanna play them like I did the first time :(

  • Yunan Klaus

    2:18 should've keep the gun loaded all the time, wiseass

  • Drifted GT

    feels bad a trailer can fight like that.. while me in game uhm... how to? :3

  • R3LYKS

    Connor will always be my favorite assassin.

  • Nero Noctis

    After viewing this, the entire Ubisoft board got up to shout, "Murica!!!"[True Story]

  • Amey Beast

    when the trailer is better than game

  • Giorgi Chkoidze

    it's 2017.Still amazes me !

  • Gummy Gaming

    Empire: total war but with an assasin

  • Melchizedek Davis

    Anyone knows the BG music

  • Shan madusanka

    If you judged this game cause of a mistake in the timeline you're autistic

  • Anukool Dixit

    ac revelation trailer is far better than this

  • HoloEX

    how many fools can I kill today? Too many to count dont get in my way

  • Carl Johnson211

    Poor Desmond miles dealing with hella knowledge and skills of his ancestors

  • Big POPPA

    Connor is the best Assassin of all time

  • Chris Parker

    I wish I was an assassin Locke conner

  • RáJ d PhéNôMèÑãL


  • Darth -Vader

    british redcoats: we have an empire and military trained personelAmercian revolutionists: yeah well we have cannon avoiding hidden bladed assassins Redcoats: well shit youve got us there everyone run away

  • Algimantas Korsakas

    2:10 Fuck, that's epic!!!


    J' adore cette vidéo

  • ali hazimeh

    was the assassin the eagle

  • virdios

    It's kinda weird how history class they talked about the civil war they never told us about how there was an assassin's they just said how George Washington motivated his soldiers.

  • Darksmoke 45


  • Jordan Felder

    this trailer explains the whole game: connor is a badass who does what needs to be done, but leaves a trail of bodies

  • Hobo Soup

    America!!! Fuck!!! Yeah!!!

  • 2moose4u

    anybody else on an assassins creed trailer watching spree

  • Deam Leino

    Assasin Creed Joined The Battle!

  • Earthling Ostric

    Americans showed the British , these are my slaves and my resources!Ah, the American dream....

  • Jeff Jojo

    this is my favorite trailer

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