Assassins Creed III E3 2012 Cinematic Trailer Official [HD]

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The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American Assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation's revolution. In Assassin's Creed® III, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows, tomahawks, and more! In development for over three years, the game features the new Ubisoft-AnvilNext engine, a stunning technology that will revolutionize gaming.

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  • J Days

    Connor could take on the entire British Army! All he has to do is press B and then X

  • scott miles

    Babe come overi cant theres a bunch of soliders shooting at me my parents aren't home1:04 to 1:08

  • wilson martell

    4 years since the game is out and i still Cumming w/this trailler

  • TehObLiVioUs

    I miss when games that came out were good. (not like there's not good ones, but COME ON...)

  • Nabil Basthomy

    i want them fight and die in the name of freedom, they speak of justice and liberty, but for who?


    >100 or more men armed with rifles vs 1 guy>they all decide to confront him face to face like defenseless lambs

  • Mister Pyrogenic

    This guy can take out a defense of advanced British soldiers. On the other hand other assassins just stealth attack or go in with a friend. (COUGH ARNO COUGH)

  • Petru Radu

    The Ac was good but they lose the magic after black flag

  • MrZampo

    Oh the good times of video games, AC3, battlefield 3 and black ops 2. Those were the fucking days, only thing people whined about was that this game doesnt appeal to brits lol

  • David Hernández Salido

    The most fucking epic trailer ever

  • Christine Muniz

    Now this, this is pure gold. This is what era they should've gone to in the movie, and try to observe it like this. That would be awesome, I want a movie like this now ;-;

  • Lira Yani

    CONNOR! so awesome! he's kinda hot!


    One of my favorite AC games. That and Brotherhood. What makes it more awesome is that Connor is band as an Iroquois of a Mohawk tribe which is the same as my tribe on my dads side which makes Connor my Digital Fiction Cousin

  • Lucas Matthews

    This trailer makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be an American

  • Exploration Lite scream

    best trailer out of all the assassin creed trailers

  • xLaraxCroftx

    Where can I find the soundtrack ?

  • WypadekPL

    Native is helping the people that fucked his people over instead of the people that left them alone. No wonder they got fucked.

  • Kiran Kireesan

    2017, and I still love it

  • Roberto Gregorio Lukacs-Sarabia (Eru Guarani)

    1:03 when someone tries to stop me from beating up a bully...

  • DSgamersYT


  • Haninos

    AC3 is the greatest part of the whole series, enough talking ✋With the best assassin character, story and soundtracks.

  • LikeIt OrNot

    George Washington approves

  • Dominik Doherty

    Now this really pissed me off that it wasnt in the game I mean come on how awesome would it have been to charge a line of red coats ?

  • Kassandra Cruz

    I don't know about you but it think the background music was great...Song plz???

  • Kanoa Stibbard

    the last good assassins creed game

  • T Youmutha

    How to spot a KenwayInfinite badassery.

  • CBU2221990

    Trump just won the election where is Connor when you need him

  • samy al

    Connor runs like a badass

  • Brian Weydert

    Who are the 1000 dislikes from, douchey Brits?

  • Aiden Thompson

    1:05 player 2 has entered the game


    theres only one word to describe this MURICA FUCK YEAH

  • Llicac Seaeol

    These assassins were actually real lol

  • Explosive Fiend

    When the op player joins

  • SlayQueen 17

    Epic trailer. Too bad Ubisoft didn't deliver battles like this in the game.

  • Desiree Santos

    I absolutely love Connor! He is a great assassin I honestly don't care what anyone else says. He is the only assassin who runs into a crowd full of armed men and take them out one by one with no back up. Epic trailer 😍😍

  • mirac celebi

    I couldn't come across this scene while playing the game. This episode really exists ?

  • Merdan Koc

    every single ac game trailer is better than the ac movie

  • NoctLightCloud

    despite some bugs this game was so enjoyable!! I remember riding my horse for hours and hours....

  • Mario YNZ

    The best Trailer of AC in my opinion

  • Hernan Garzon

    1:19 when the second player dies and u have to get revenge

  • Erick Contreras

    unos de los mejores Trailer de vídeo juegos

  • Irving Garcia

    perdón se me corrigió esta cosa dije ezio

  • Afreen A

    i had a theory that connor is gay

  • Kimball Wiser

    great trailer but I laughed so hard at 2:31 the green guys face

  • CodPatrol Les Grossman

    Average game, great trailer. Riding the horse through the forests pissed me off so much, so stiff and unmovable. Probably give it a 6/10. I remember the Bigfoot side quest that was such a buzzkill in the end.

  • Bradley Cumez

    People say "AC3 was bad, Conner was always angry." Well mf, he had his tribe massacred, mother burned to death, the man who was supposedly helping him betray him, lost his homeland and his father was the enemy. No shit.

  • Expliz

    assassins series died after AC3

  • VaCe -CLIPz

    my first favorite AC game is assassin's creed syndicate 2nd 3 3rd black flag

  • Luke Kerley

    They really need to make an Xbox One & PS4 version of this... :/

  • Evalyne Yason

    When will they make World war 1 assassins creed

  • Pikachew

    "oh shit that guy is good" 1:30

  • DASH X20

    I wish that mission was just like this trailer instead of sneaking around the battlefield

  • neil suyao

    wait wait the assail is bird srsly

  • Maan Singh

    this is soooo fucking AWESOME

  • Mr_ Underscore

    "Friggin' redcoats!"


    maldade cu cavalo vei ' -'

  • Spotify Premium (ウルトラ - 液体)

    Syndicate was a apology to the brits after this game lmao.

  • Silvarro

    The British army disliked

  • yousif nour


  • NoTimeForNoMLG NoTimeForSpace

    who came here after finishing the game?

  • Muntaser Dagher

    the beat drop and the slow motion after the drop with the bombs was amazing

  • Chase Sams

    the last good assassins creed in my opinion.

  • Hernan Garzon

    I wish there was a mission exactly like the trailers in each game

  • Magical Knight

    I just watched the movie it was freaking stupid....6 years and I have been following this game and the movie was a huge disappointment

  • Classy wizard gamer

    I really what that game

  • Irving Garcia

    debo admitirlo connor es bueno pero éxito es el mejor

  • nepson13

    they shouldnt be afraid to go back to italy maybe an auditore with jesus and illuminati and everything 😍😍😍

  • giorgi georgian


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