Assassins Creed III E3 2012 Cinematic Trailer Official [HD]

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The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American Assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation's revolution. In Assassin's Creed® III, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows, tomahawks, and more! In development for over three years, the game features the new Ubisoft-AnvilNext engine, a stunning technology that will revolutionize gaming.

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  • Joshua Fuentes

    It's a badass trailer for sure. Gotta love the music :PBut it still far from being the game...

  • SlayQueen 17

    Epic trailer. Too bad Ubisoft didn't deliver battles like this in the GAME.

  • J Days

    Connor could take on the entire British Army! All he has to do is press B and then X

  • wilson martell

    4 years since the game is out and i still Cumming w/this trailler

  • Sedge Sedgicus

    2:33 when your friend has doritos but he doesn't share them

  • Andrei Mesesan

    You know, a gorilla is better than 50 chimps. Apparently, a Mohawk is better than 500 British soldiers.

  • Bunny Lass

    I loved Assassin's Creed 3 to death, Connor is by far my favorite assassin and seeing the sheer ignorance of people who say how bad this game, the characters and it's story was makes me cringe. The new young generation of gamers are just more and more seekers of pleasure and didn't get the real character of Connor or the emotional plot in this game.Connor. I see so many people hating him and I honestly can't fathom why. I see people complaining how he has no personality. But, from what I saw, his character is deeper than any other assassins'. Throughout the game, I could feel his pain. At very young age, he saw his village, along with his own mother, burn and later discovering that his own father delivered the order to do so. This event left him growing up with a strong desire for justice. As he grew, he lost his allies, while his nemesis still lived! Yet Connor struggles to fight for justice helping the patriots! Despite all the horrid experiences he suffered through, Connor pursues the ideal that one man can change the world. He has a strong sense of morality, which may render him naive, I suppose. He has a kind heart. He believed that Templars and Assassins could coexist. He's an idealist! And at the end of the day, his goals were ultimately selfless. All he ever wished for was to protect his people, for peace and for justice. No personality, you say? He dared to stand up for what he believed was right, dared to question the orders of his superiors instead of blindly following them, he had a cause he was fighting for with all his might! And every time, one by one of his efforts were denied, but he still kept on fighting, still kept on pushing! He was passionate about it! And throughout the story, he had great development, and what's best is that he still didn't lose what made him him while developing. He still held onto his ideals with great faith, he still fought for them, fought for peace. He still believed it was possible. If you went through all the bristling events of his life, I doubt you'd have a colorful personality yourself. You'd probably sink into apathy. He may not have been Ezio 2.0., but saying he has no personality renders you narrow-minded and a weak judge of character. Connor is idealistic, passionate, stubborn, brave, naive, kind, etc. Him being humorless and blunt doesn't equal to him having no personality. Jokes and cocky attitudes are expected from people of privileges with aggressive social circles around them. And Connor's probably even the most skilled assassin in the series! He was the only assassin closer to a warrior fighting style, the only one to fight armed armies at open battlefields with a Tomahawk and Bow & Arrows! "Mother, father, I am sorry I have failed you both. I made a promise to protect our people. I thought… I thought if I could stop the Templars, If I could keep the Revolution free from their influence. That those I supported would do what was right... they did, I suppose; do what was right. What was right for THEM. As for you, father - I thought I might unite us… that we would forget the past and forge a better future. In time I believe you can be made to see the world as I did, to understand! But it was just a dream. This too, I should have known. Are we not meant to live in peace then? Is that it? Are we born to argue, to fight? So many voices... each demanding something else. It has been hard at times, but never harder than today. To see all I worked for perverted, discarded, forgotten. You would say I have described the whole of history, father. Are you smiling then? Hoping I might speak the words you long to hear? To validate you!? To say that all along you were right!? I will not! Even now, faced as I am with the truth of your cold words, I refuse!! Because I believe things can still change. I may NEVER succeed, the Assassins struggle for another thousand years in vain, but we will not stop! Compromise, that is what everyone has insisted upon. And so I have learned it, but differently than most I think. I realize now that it will take time, that the road ahead is long and shrouded in darkness, it is a road which will not always take me where I wish to go and I doubt I will live to see it’s end, but I will travel down it nonetheless. For at my side walks hope. In the face of all that insists I turn back, I carry on. THIS….This IS my Compromise!" - Connor Kenway, Assassin's Creed: Forsaken.

  • Skosh

    In this trailer you can see everything you can't do in the actual game.

  • luis brito

    Assassins Creed 3 Remastered please¡¡¡

  • Kayzem

    Even three years later, I never tire of this trailer! :D

  • Gabby Nicolas

    5:07 when your team is loosing and an OP player joins a game

  • Observer29830

    Runs through several rows of armed men, out in the open, to kill the guy. So assassinMuch stealthVery skillWow

  • scott miles

    Babe come overi cant theres a bunch of soliders shooting at me my parents aren't home1:04 to 1:08

  • gao yu

    It's sad that the horse died

  • CBU2221990

    Trump just won the election where is Connor when you need him

  • Marcus Mcsharry

    One of the best trailers.

  • Evan Adamko

    Trailer > Actual game

  • ZeFlo

    This s my favorite assassins creed

  • Mark R

    I loved AC3. It was a nice change of pace. The buildings weren't as high, but they were more interactive, and the variety of terrains kept the game interesting.

  • lol

    This is why im proud to be native American

  • TehObLiVioUs

    I miss when games that came out were good. (not like there's not good ones, but COME ON...)

  • Desiree Santos

    I absolutely love Connor! He is a great assassin I honestly don't care what anyone else says. He is the only assassin who runs into a crowd full of armed men and take them out one by one with no back up. Epic trailer 😍😍

  • TheRubbaRazza

    I'm currently learning about the American Revolution in history class, and it makes me want to go back and play through AC III again... Awesome game.

  • AmishTechSupport

    Got to hand it to them, Ubisoft has a knack for making awesome trailers.

  • Lira Yani

    CONNOR! so awesome! he's kinda hot!

  • Petru Radu

    The Ac was good but they lose the magic after black flag

  • Kanoa Stibbard

    the last good assassins creed game

  • aqui jaz finnplaysz

    That's my favorite Assassin's Creed game. Really loved it

  • samy al

    Connor runs like a badass

  • Exploration Lite scream

    best trailer out of all the assassin creed trailers

  • Kayote

    Thumbs Up For This Comment👍

  • Dontavious Sanders

    No joke, first thing I thought of was Colin Kaepernick.

  • VikingFromHalland

    Coolest assassin of them all

  • Steadied Clamp

    I think Ubisoft should do some short films sort of like this sometimes

  • Frodo my Baggins

    Why do people hate this game, I thought it was awesome

  • Tiny Roman

    Dirty rebel Americans...

  • Official Mario

    The best Trailer of AC in my opinion


    One of my favorite AC games. That and Brotherhood. What makes it more awesome is that Connor is band as an Iroquois of a Mohawk tribe which is the same as my tribe on my dads side which makes Connor my Digital Fiction Cousin

  • mihayy5

    Better that any movie trailer by far.

  • MachoNachoes

    Still my favorite assassin

  • C P

    These assassins were actually real lol

  • Mita LevLevLev

    Britons probably do not like this trailer? xD

  • AllannaXD

    It's a shame, really.Connor was a potentially great character, poorly realised.

  • Brian Weydert

    Who are the 1000 dislikes from, douchey Brits?

  • Nabil Basthomy

    i want them fight and die in the name of freedom, they speak of justice and liberty, but for who?

  • How Free or Die

    How to spot a KenwayInfinite badassery.

  • Peyton Bergman

    Most badass assassin in the history of the brotherhood.

  • CoutinhoJR


  • Kassandra Cruz

    I don't know about you but it think the background music was great...Song plz???

  • †GothicRavens BMTH†

    how many fools can I kill today? to many to count don't get in my way, I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow, tomahawk chop is my death blow

  • Mr. Lijah K the 1st

    "i watch them fight and die in the name of freedom...they speak of liberty and justice...but for who...not for me...or like african americans...or anybody other than white...but lemme jus show em my skills first"

  • Savage _Tv

    I like Connor better than Ezio.

  • Merdan Koc

    every single ac game trailer is better than the ac movie

  • Cpt Soap

    Connor by far is the best assassin of all , Ezio can be the most famous loved by the world and the most epic , but honestly Connor is the best fighter , he fight with the tomahawk way better than other assassins with swords and also got the best parkour skills in building and trees , without saying how much he suffer since he was a kid.

  • Halkras12

    goodbye ezio,welcome connor

  • X ysic

    When your classmate say can i copy ur exam ur just like 2:34

  • much wow

    Connor aka Terminator aka solo vs 50 soldiers

  • hcurtis1

    I reakon that the last ac should have been black flag because unity was awful and syndicate was just so cringe

  • Lucas Matthews

    This trailer makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be an American

  • Aiden Thompson

    1:05 player 2 has entered the game

  • Skyclad Observer

    I wish the game was more like the trailer.

  • Explosive Fiend

    When the op player joins

  • USS Enterprise CV-6

    AC3 was the first AC game I ever got and I've gotten every AC game since


    >100 or more men armed with rifles vs 1 guy>they all decide to confront him face to face like defenseless lambs

  • Harambe

    Its kinda sad to see this awesome trailer. The game is not even close to this

  • m4hChE3zBuR9Erz

    I tried doing this in the battle of Bunker Hill memory,Oh God why did I try to imitate this moment anyway?

  • Ben Mercer

    This is probably the best assassins creed series that I've ever played

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