Assassins Creed III E3 2012 Cinematic Trailer Official [HD]

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The American Colonies, 1775. As a Native American Assassin fights to protect his land and his people, he will ignite the flames of a young nation's revolution. In Assassin's Creed® III, eliminate your enemies with guns, bows, tomahawks, and more! In development for over three years, the game features the new Ubisoft-AnvilNext engine, a stunning technology that will revolutionize gaming.

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  • 林家欣

    What's the name of song??

  • Arif -A

    Fuck AC lll fuck Connor fuck everything because... I don't have the game 😂

  • LegionaryWithAGladius

    I honestly wonder how the fuck they ruined the uniforms when they're pretty spot on in here

  • Shamir Khan

    They should've made the assassins creed movie like this!

  • Noah Behlmann

    In my opinion I think Connor is the best assassination

  • Orzeu

    2017 already, still one of the best fuckin trailers ever

  • Devi El

    This is fucking expectation if this was real he would have been dead

  • Luis Klein

    Assassin's Creed died with Connor

  • bien savier

    Assassin creed Philippines!! Spain colonies us and they are templar ... lapu-lapu vs Magellan( spanish)

  • RyanDomz Playniverse

    tears whos cutting the dawn onions

  • El papi No rico

    It's 2017, and its so cool

  • Haise Sasaki

    probably the best trailer in the series right

  • Phil Battiste

    That tomahawk sound effect is boss.

  • ahmed king

    guys what name the song in this video

  • Ognen Јosifovski

    He just killed seven dudes to turn the battle around?

  • Morgan Jim SGray

    It's my favorite AC because i love The Last Mohicans movie

  • Harvey Salvador

    I really like this trailer! I think every Assassin's Creed trailer.

  • delta alex

    0:50 me on Saturday morning

  • Wild Life Ranching

    after 35 years not stop watching video

  • Aaron Curley

    Connor can kill tens of redcoats and the leader of the assault in a couple of seconds but takes years to find one Templar (Charles Lee

  • Pioo

    Ja pierdole.......ZAJEBISTE!

  • generationwolves

    By far the sickest Assassins Creed trailer ever.

  • class 5704

    this is my favorite game of all time

  • Erkan BC

    british army cant shot one fcking guy down cheesss

  • mikey

    l'angleterre <3

  • Cassandra Keitz

    So cool like if you think so


    do you notice that cinematic trailers have better graphics than the actual game itself

  • Lucas Matthews

    This trailer makes me feel so patriotic and proud to be an American

  • Stuart Miller

    this trailer is better than the game...

  • Ranjit Singh

    Fuckin awesome game, and awesome assassin...

  • night shadow

    I like this trailer but not the character

  • Lance Yazzie

    Any other assassin wouldve ran away

  • Michael M.

    Altair was the Old Assassin, Ezio was the Grandmaster but Connor was the Saviour of the Creed. Most bravest Assassin by far.

  • ali bazzi

    black flag was way better than this shit

  • Grenades and Bunnies

    When the trailers are better than the latest games

  • JokerHut

    From what i gathered from Assasins creed games, the protagonist kills crooks, corrupt leaders etc. But what i see here is him killing rank upon rank of soldiers

  • Cross-Eyed Cat

    only connor can take down an entire battalion by himself

  • BT-7274

    We need an assassin's creed 3 remastered

  • Daniel Kane

    I remember watching this 5 years ago

  • Xialoh

    They haven't managed to make a good trailer since this one for some reason. I keep expecting greatness and they keep disappointing me.

  • Karrma

    Why couldn't they make the movie as awesome as this? Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie but if there were things like this I the movie it would be ten times better.

  • -Sh0KzZ-

    I´m so sad because I watched all the old AC Trailers.I wanna play them like I did the first time :(


    J' adore cette vidéo

  • Ely Sia

    Does the assassins creed have a soundtrack?

  • Eru Guaranì

    maaan you need focus to charge against a whole battaltion with nothing but a tomahawk, an arrow and a horse


    Fuck sake why was my country working with the Templars

  • Yunan Klaus

    2:18 should've keep the gun loaded all the time, wiseass

  • Hayabusa

    This game had all the potential it needed to be great. Oh well.

  • lee kok wai

    not to disrespect other assassin creed series but this 1 is the most greatest cinematic trailers has been create

  • Drifted GT

    feels bad a trailer can fight like that.. while me in game uhm... how to? :3

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