SGDQ 2015 - Minecraft All Achievements by Fearful Ferret

This is my Minecraft All Achievements run from Summer Games Done Quick 2015, a charity speedrunning marathon. I haven't gotten many opportunities to show off this run, so this was a great experience. Aside from the business with the wither skull, this run went quite well.

If you've got any questions about this run, or want to just say hi, come on over to my stream at
  • Person Man

    Giant couch you can sit anywhere on, and they sit as close together as possible

  • idk what i'm doing lol

    2 bros, chillin' on a couch, not very far apart because they're comfortable about their sexuality!

  • On Réclame La Pub !

    Supporter make a sheep sound : "Yeeeeeah..."

  • Delira Innominata

    "here I'm doing a glitch called item duplication - it's used to duplicate items"Thanks, FeaurfulFerret. I was confused as to what item duplication was until you told me that it was item duplication.

  • Bonez ‘N’ Stuff

    This what Albert Einstein watched before he wrote the bible

  • Meezowhub

    Cant wait to see the positive comments about this run.....EW THEY ARE SO CLOSE ON THIS COUCH MAN WHAT ARE THEY G A Y?!

  • thefakejackass

    Guy breathes Achievement GetAudience claps

  • - RichConnerGMN -

    "The ender chest is here, it's just invisible, because this game is well-programmed." LMFAO

  • 100 Subs with no videos

    More clapping than a TEDxTalks

  • Nick Simonetti

    why are those dudes so close to each other on the couch lol

  • Lajos György Mészáros

    Imagine this in the real life: you drop a piece of lego in front of you, you pick it up and immediately die/have an out of body experience. When ambulance brings you back, then you have 2 pieces of legos with you.

  • Apollo Nein

    Talk about awkward. There is a whole other side of the couch. Dude likes sitting the other close

  • xblackbeltninjax

    Earlier in the video "Save the animals because I'm a ferret."2 minutes later "I'm getting some flint and steel so we can burn some cows later on."

  • TheGigaBrain

    "Using a set seed is dirty, it removes tons of variables!"yeah and Legend of Zelda speedruns are also dirty because everything is in the same place every timeAn All Achievements run on a random seed would be absolute torture (good fucking luck finding all the biomes in a randomized world), and completely impossible to perform during an event like SGDQ. Furthermore, it would show much more about the runner's luck than about their skill.

  • Diogo Silva

    Regret scrolling down.

  • Nitroxium

    90% of comments - Why are they so close together on the couch?God, use your brains. They are either in a relationship or don't want to sit behind FearfulFerret because you wouldn't be able to see them.

  • demonofjapan

    are the guys on the couch a couple? there awfully close

  • CatFighterForce9

    the dudes sitting close to eachother is cute. yall haters

  • baba

    why does everyone on the couch always scooch together, like there is more couch

  • Said Okuyucu

    Greatest quote of all time: Beds are great for killing the enter dragon.

  • Madhijz -spacewhale

    When you get to the point where he starts farming for witherskulls just skip to 57:00he dupes it in and it will save you about eight minutes of standing in a hole.

  • Ultranerd Prime

    Is he under the impression that the nether is called the end and the end is called the nether?EDIT: nope, it just seems to be random which he calls what.

  • Vincent Menickelly

    90% of the comments are about the two guys on the couch. At this rate they will be celebrities.

  • CH FR

    5% chance... heh, just wait until someone tries to 100% terraria you'll see

  • Fantom

    those 2 guys in the couch are just so cringey...

  • FoxOf ADens

    Meanwhile, I just finished my house and have started thinking about mining maybe.

  • No Fun Intended

    Fearful Ferret sounds like a code name for a Diamond Dogs soldier.

  • Cameron Armstrong Music

    such bad rng with that skeleton, it was good of him to keep trying for it though

  • Aaron.J.Vasquez

    I never realized the biome was listed as hell when you f3 in the nether

  • kittyfyrepaw 1

    Why is this so relaxing?

  • bean bun time!!!

    Why the hell are all the comments about two guys sitting next to each other? I didn't even notice that, nor cared about it. I guess people always need something to insult with or use against other people they don't even know.

  • Tomato Dragon

    Honestly those two on the couch look pretty cute like that

  • PremiumCache

    I bet this guy is a furry.

  • Feels bad man

    He deleted the enchanting table

  • Clyto - Fifa Mobile Gameplay

    Ice Spikes biome at x: 2400 z: 100I've already tried speed running and just wanna say thanks for walking me through xD though how do you do the alt f4 on a mac? I'm stuck doing the redstone frame perfect glitch. Also I watched this live so thanks for that. Also wanna say that doing the zombie diamond thing, a creeper blew up the spawner.... Kappa

  • OnlyFails

    When he's typing the cheats he could save time by tying 'gamem' and pressing TAB to autocomplete it.Also 'gamemode 1' will do creative mode and the pressing up arrow in the chat autocompletes it with the last thing you type so you just need to hit backspace and 0 for 'gamemode 0' to go back to survival.#themoreyouknow

  • Scrug Krux

    34:31"Chicken Senpai notice me..."

  • Ariel Volovik

    saave the animals * proceeds to kill a chicken with a shovel*

  • Totino's Other Boy

    the dudes on the couch kinda took the attention away from the speedrun

  • DragonDePlatino

    I'm really impressed how he got When Pigs Fly. I've never seen anyone get it like that.

  • Evan Stuff

    I thought I had made an original comment about the dudes on the couch but no

  • mugge518

    But how do you tame a horse

  • The Battalion

    This guy is so smart, how does he remember all this shit?

  • lofi-raindrops

    This run is much less impressive with all of the duplication and whatnot. I get that it's for speed reasons, but eh.

  • malsonrules

    why are those dudes sitting so close together on the couch?

  • mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)

    Typing 'creative' and 'survival' instead of 1 and 0 smh

  • J Horseman

    59:51 well he could have used his sword thus being able to aim the fireball... just sayin :P

  • Mary Gregory

    Am I the only one that heard him call the nether the end and the end the nether? like if you heard it also

  • Monk-E

    Doctor: You have 78 Minutes to liveMe: Watches Video

  • TheIndecisiveFilmers

    The "frame perfect restart" that they were talking about around 45:00 can actually duplicate more than one item at a time. The items just need to be placed in the same location. This is done by going into inventory and pressing control and q at the same time.

  • Kerm1t OW

    Tapl couldve done it better smh.

  • Lucky Jero

    What does Pot of Greed do?!

  • videocadet

    This guy's voice reminds me of a Jesus Chatline...

  • Sobertodeath

    When you said wooded foothills haha found the magic player

  • FoxySupreme

    I love this guy's voice

  • draconix

    did anyone realise at the portal room he blocked the door with a crafting table on obsidian which annoyed the guy on the couch earlier?

  • TheOriginalRummikub

    Every time the Something logo showed up, I thought of replacing the R with a U to make it say Something

  • exnerhimself

    I really wished he would realize that the reason the portal "doesn't work" is that when he's throwing an item inside it it loads the terrain on the other side, to throw the item through the portal, which makes it lag a lot when the terrain hasn't been previously loaded

  • Christian Luong Larsson


  • JamDoggie

    i never realized the dudes on the couch or payed any mind to them before i scrolled down 30 minutes in. Thanks.

  • TSMR

    57:00 right around this time he does a CHEAT so i dont think that this is a legitament run. he was perfectly capable of killing a wither skeleton and getting a wither skull and THEN duplicating it. Tell me if there is a reason why he had to go into creative mode PLEASE.

  • NeNeppie

    >World name "Save the Animals">kills animals

  • Aevus Animations

    "I'm noir cat maybe." bursts into miraculous ladybug and chat noir theme

  • Anthony DZN

    47:59 -- 57:14 Lookingo for the shiny wither

  • Crimson Tone

    Why the dudes sitting so close in the back?

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