SGDQ 2015 - Minecraft All Achievements by Fearful Ferret

This is my Minecraft All Achievements run from Summer Games Done Quick 2015, a charity speedrunning marathon. I haven't gotten many opportunities to show off this run, so this was a great experience. Aside from the business with the wither skull, this run went quite well.

If you've got any questions about this run, or want to just say hi, come on over to my stream at
  • Fork

    I'm way more impressed at how fast that PC closes and opens minecraft

  • i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    Speedrunner: "."Crowd: *C L A P S*

  • miitchel

    Runner: kills a cowcrowd: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Stoned Sloth

    idk whats going on but theres a full couch why you squishing ur buddy.

  • HLH

    Speedrunner: *gets an achievement" Guy on the couch: yeaaa

  • MonotoneTech

    No one:Youtube 2019: Here have this cool video from 2015!

  • wes Smith

    Alt+F4 as mouse button hot keys? I also like to live dangerously

  • DaRealHolyguaka

    Stream name: Save the animalsSpeed runner: Digs 20 block hole, places saddle on pig, plunders down hole, leaves pig.Audience: claps

  • ItzKyfry

    More clapping than a TEDxTalks

  • Just a PLANK

    Men: get in close proximity 12 year olds: Is this HOMOSEXUAL?

  • Noel2222

    Who is stronger, a dragon that have an insane amount of health and does some damage or sum beds

  • justokay107

    world was called "save the animals"5 minutes later"I need flint and steel to burn the cows"

  • One Gucci Boy

    you just watched someone play minecraft for 1 hour and it feels like 2012 again

  • JamDoggie

    i never realized the dudes on the couch or payed any mind to them before i scrolled down 30 minutes in. Thanks.

  • Ghiman the guy

    Man honestly this is the first speed runner ive seen with a good chill personality, whos not seeming like hes dying from talking. That "you guys arent doin shiiit" line solidified it for me.

  • Boring_Will

    1:06:03 i swear to god that isn’t me what are the chances our names are that close...EDIT: i changed my name ( used to be Taco_Paco)

  • Alpha's Dank Shit

    Speedrunner: (presses e)Crowd: (claps)

  • GavTheCat10

    oh my god i forgot how the old minecraft launcher used to look. Neato run!

  • Creme Brulee

    29:11 "...none of you guys are doing SHIIIT" lol

  • yeet yeet

    this should be uploaded to khan academy

  • El Raavs

    47:02 the lion sleeps tonight intensifies

  • Gåsberg

    This is what Joseph Stalin watched before he wrote the quran

  • Blood Wolf2609

    10 block obsidian portal gang14 block obsidian portal gang13 block obsidian portal gang

  • Longkero

    Everyone is looking at the two guys on the couch all snug but look at the knees on the one on the left like there is 0 meat there all bone My theory is that the guy on the right is his caretaker making sure he is alive

  • SilkyRiceBall

    This is in my recommended...I haven’t watch Minecraft in over 2 years.

  • Zweepslagen

    is this the same audience as the Bethesda e3 conference 2019?

  • Kawaii Jirachi

    Speedrunner: * Dies on accident *Audience: 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Nuclearpigz

    How can you take such a relaxed, calm, slow, enjoyable game and turn it into such a stressful experience with speedrunning. I honestly cannot even imagine speed running at a pro level; hell, I rarely do it when I am just chilling at home. Respect for all you runners because jesus christ, being rushed stresses me out.

  • gatarii_

    2 Bros chillin on a soft couch, 1 inch apart cause they are gay

  • Rabbi Shekelstein

    "So after you kill the Ender Dragon, it places you were you spawned at the start of the run. It places me where I started the run I suppose, because none of you guys are doin' shiiiiit"

  • LevicusX

    not planning on using any cheats, but.../achievement give @p *

  • Anything TV

    People : Do you know Alt + F4 ??The achievement guy : Hold my mouse

  • Pearly P

    This is a minecraft video and yet most comments are just about the 2 guys just sitting on a couch... that's kinda sad.

  • 高山

    "Here I am going to take a sip of water so I don't get dry lips"Crowd: APPLAUD "YEAH WOOOO!!!"

  • Thomas Winfrey

    48:58 Dude straight donates $250 and no one even breathes. What.

  • The Trigger

    If you want to know more about the two dudes on the couch they introduce themselves at 1:07:10, you are welcome

  • Sky Gaming

    "My ender chest is there, its just invisable because the game is well programmed"

  • EggSucker888

    47:03 I didn't expect a speedrun to have an example of "never dig straight down"

  • Xeno Dire

    Mans has the whole couch to sit on but he decides that he’s going to stick to the guy on the end of the couch like glue. Give the dude some space.

  • Elude Doggy

    47:02 runner falls in lava with fire resistanceguy on couch: G A S P

  • w0ah

    This video has come up on my recommended like once every month or two and I've seen it before I have no clue why I'm back but I'm here

  • Delira Innominata

    "here I'm doing a glitch called item duplication - it's used to duplicate items"Thanks, FeaurfulFerret. I was confused as to what item duplication was until you told me that it was item duplication.

  • ItzTritz

    Dude gets a stone pickEveryone clapsHe goes “we’re just killin it right now

  • Seymour Johnson

    Can I get a timestamp for when those dudes kiss?

  • RamenSmoothie

    I usually don't watch speed runs the whole way through, but this was fun to watch. Thanks for doing this, FearfulFerret.

  • Mac&Cheesy

    FearfulFerret: So we can just use this glitch to duplicate a diamond up to a full set of diamond armor9 y/o me: WHAT?? THIS MAN IS A GOD!!

  • thefakejackass

    Guy breathes Achievement GetAudience claps

  • Pyro

    everyone talks about those 2 guys being too close together but has anyone noticed that kid with a creeper t-shirt in the background?

  • Crimson Ecstasy

    * Farts *Audience: Yeahhh! Wohoh! 👏👏👏

  • brandon

    dude: spawns witherwither: hahah foolish mortal, thank you for awakening me from my slumber, as I will now wreak havoc upon these lands for millennia ...dude: im gonna rip you half now

  • Gunmetal Grey

    No "thank you's" from any of the guys for donations >:(

  • Lajos György Mészáros

    Imagine this in the real life: you drop a piece of lego in front of you, you pick it up and immediately die/have an out of body experience. When ambulance brings you back, then you have 2 pieces of legos with you.

  • RCoverC

    I like how there are no “when your mom says you only have __ left to play” comments on this video, but they’re everywhere on any%

  • Jonathan Bruwer

    There is a massive couch, those two look so uncomfortable sitting on top of each other.

  • FizZ Patrick

    Why are the guys on the couch sitting so DAMN CLOSE

  • Nick Simonetti

    why are those dudes so close to each other on the couch lol

  • Surgiiz

    For anyone looking for a wither skull timestamp, he doesn't get one, so he spawns one in insteadThe time for this is 57:05

  • J Horseman

    59:51 well he could have used his sword thus being able to aim the fireball... just sayin :P

  • SlyWeeb

    Wtf how did he beat it in a minute 14 seconds and 34 milliseconds???

  • Twop

    Runner: Save the animals! (Burns 2 cows) Crowd:👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Absolute madman

  • RichConnerGMN

    "The ender chest is here, it's just invisible, because this game is well-programmed." LMFAO

  • Kaden Duke

    I watched for 50 minutes just to see him go to creative

  • TheRaven

    Is he confusing the end and the nether?He says nether while talking about the dragon dupe glitch.

  • Trey Rulz

    Words never said by anyone except for this speed runner“Don’t need those diamonds”

  • mrtn

    Doctor: You have 1 hour 19 minutes left to liveMe:

  • ThelittleAma

    Speedrunner: *Coughs*crowd: 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Robin Lundqvist

    those guys don’t even have enough legroom haha. they are cute in a non gay way so good for them.

  • Ripp_

    I was expecting more people to get annoyed at the misnaming of the end/netherTurns out everyone in the commens is more focused on the couch

  • thebreadman

    He called the end the nether and the nether the end and not a single person corrected him

  • FoxxGames

    ender dragon: excuse me it's ma'am (the ender dragon is female)

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