Skyrim - 5 Nord Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 facts about the Nords of Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Zach Nightingale

    If FudgeMuppet reply, I will eat my hat.

  • Yeahhh Medal

    "nords are natural sea men" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • angery

    Fact 6: Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • Anti Active

    Very few people know this but M'aiq is actually a Nord. He told me so himself.

  • Ryk Latortuga

    You're all a bunch of snow backed milk drinkers in here. Drinking Honningbrew Mead will turn you into a Kyne blessed sexual frost troll, just like me.

  • K Stoneburgh

    I heard fudgemuppets replies? \/

  • Commander leon Shepard

    we are done bleeding for an empire who will not bleed for us


    So Nords and Redguards are damn near the same race different color?

  • Alex da Vinci

    The Bretons are my favorite race in Skyrim and in Oblivion; because nothing beats extra magic or natural magic resistance.

  • fromeggman

    lmao at people who think Ulfric is a thalmor agent. the document said uncooperative asset.

  • Skyrim Bandit

    Never should of come here.

  • Lyslapskaus

    they where known as Nedes back then not Atmorians. Atmora is just the continent, just like there not called skyrimers now

  • Merkky

    Skyrim has bastardised nordic culture and their entire persona. They were originally depicted as badass warriors who stay true to their culture... Now they're just Hicks who hate magic for no goddamn reason, and are racist to every culture that isn't their own.

  • Matt Fontwell

    Sea elves next fudge !? I've just started a modded play through as one!

  • Piper

    There basically vikings

  • The One True Ghrol

    I love Nords 😁 they were the first race I ever played as and therefore hold a soft spot in my heart.

  • Yums

    Fact 6: They are racist

  • Aidan Keogh

    If all the bards in Skyrim weren't Tamriel's Got Talent rejects, maybe I wouldn't murder all of them. But they are.

  • Chaotic Dream

    its 5:30 am here... fuck i should be sleeping xD

  • insanegames

    You guys should do a Corvo Attano Modded Skyrim build

  • Jasta 123

    *Only one minute in and I'm already confused*

  • Solitude Guard

    Let me guess someone stole your sweet roll

  • Brian Thomson

    ysmir actually isnt the equivalent of talos. he is an entirely different person

  • TranscendentLion

    Nord knees are also weak to arrows.

  • Thorus Zwolf

    Nords may have originated in Skyrim, being created at the peak of the Monahven, and then later left for Atmora, the Falmer may have exterminated the remaining Nords upon their arrival centuries before the Nords return. sadly, the truth may never be known... perhaps Vaermina's Torpor could aid in piecing together such lost aspect of the past

  • netanel davidoff

    I'd love to hear a song about a dragon boner

  • Weed Master

    Nords are like vikings...

  • Archer Manic

    Not that it matters I've always liked the nords I played as one in Oblivion when that first came out so when skyrim came out I was super happy haha

  • Bomzh Chelyabinskiy

    Nords are russian,Skyrim is Siberia,Talos is Stalin??Russian are rasict,100%Immunity to alcohol and cold

  • James Rolt Carter

    ok, now do the redguards

  • Just a Manatee

    Skyrim belongs to the snow elves Giants and dwarves pretty much anyone but the Nords.

  • Abdur Gangat

    respect their community hmm. talos: murdered elves ysgramor:has a special weapon for that ulfric:kicked Argonians out

  • Sexual Albatross

    21 Imperials down voted.

  • Nate Contreras

    Dude you said Yismir is the mortal version of talos which is 100% wrong. The real mortal version of talos is Tiber Septim.

  • Grease

    Nords own skyrim but khajiits own everything in it.

  • SynValorum

    I feel that Nords in Skyrim (not Elder Scrolls) as a whole are kinda boring and I think Viking culture and expansion is awesome and agree with the Nords viewpoints concerning Talos and his place in the pantheon, I just would not find them interesting as a diverse character for some reason. I'm an Orc Stormcloak-to-be. Same goes for mainly all human races in fantasy lore, too bad there isn't a REAL good Dwemer playable race that I know of as the last surviving member or some such backstory.

  • Alexander Chippel

    Your forgetting the fact that they're the best race and they are the ture sons of Skyrim.

  • Knight of Talos

    Did anybody notice that all dragonborn's before yours are Nord's?

  • Will Rogers

    Was all excited to play as a note the first time someone described them to me; then I actually got a copy of Skyrim and realized they're mostly Viking-flavored racists of the banjo-playing hick variety. Fuck that, I'll just be an Orc.

  • Khajiit Dragonborn 19

    Fact number 6. Nords are racist to khajiits which is why I kill Nords with my khajiit.

  • Ray Furness

    you know what race is better than nords .............. ORCS

  • Gangsta KiLLa

    everytime I choose Nord as my character in Oblivion and Skyrim

  • Raven's Dolls

    i almost always play as a nord

  • Matheus Assis

    forgot the xenophobic fact...

  • Eryk Vi

    nords eat shite. xddddddd

  • Lerquiy of Nirlac

    Uhm... sorry to break it to you but Black-Briar mead is swill. It's only successful because they crush all competition.

  • bepis boi

    Guys, i want to make a build using Steel plate, targe of the blooded, Skyforge War Axe and only that as a nord, is it a good idea?

  • Kelpo Gaming

    I'm still sick with food poisoning fudgemuppet

  • Da Komrade!

    Pls do bretons or ayleids next

  • Michael Arias

    "I'll show you what happens, when the dragonborn comes" 😉 I mean Wyvernborn

  • A Khajit Shopkeeper

    Hello nords i have came to introduce my wares to you but only if you have coin and i totally dont sell skooma or moonsugar

  • EpicFace 640

    1:46 did anyone notice the giant walking like he shit his pants in the backround on the right?

  • I Werewolf

    I still love the Altmer. Shame not many people wbo play Skyrim like them.

  • Jaydan Aguilar

    But..but...the Snow Elves committed genocide against the Nords because of the Eye of Magnus right? I may be wrong tho :) 5:37-5:47 nice drone shot lol

  • Jonathan Mercado

    What console do you two play skyrim special edition or do you play it on pc?

  • wildside316

    I've read some saying this way and that, in regards to the Civil War. Has a key figure been forgotten? Someone who could be a major, player, in the 2nd Great War? I might be mistaken, but in the war that ended with the WGC, I don't think they had a dragonborn. Again, I may be mistaken, but the whole realm of Man, knew of dragonborn, and their connection to the Empire. And if there was none in the last Great War, might the dragonborn have an empact on the next? After all, WHOEVER wins in Skyrim, will most assuredly have the dragonborn to thank for handing them victory.I can see it this way.Ulfric wins, reinstates open Talos worship, in the boarders of Skyrim. He welcomes all who are willing and able to work, however they can, to better Skyrim. He then forges an alliance with Hammerfell, maybe even making a deal with the Orc strongholds in Skyrim. My view as to High Rock's silence during the Civil War; to see how it ends, then deal with the winner. Wouldn't surprise me. Then, if the Empire is smart, they take the deal Ulfric makes them, and work as allies. The Dunmer, having no real love for the Dominion, they take the deal with Ulfric. The Empire being in might chafe Hammerfell, and the Dunmer too, but as long as the Dominion are ended(at least the Thalmor, who even many Altmer hate). So, Nords, Redguard, Orcs, Bretons, Imperials, Dark Elves. I don't know, but I feel the Bosmer might have issues with the Dominion, or the Thalmor at least, so they may take the deal. Khajit, having been duped by the Thalmor, have sworn loyalty to them, for "returning their moons". The Argonians seem to be a wild card to me, as all I can tell, the only problems they have, are the Khajit(ancestors feud), and maybe the Nords. So, Nords, Redguard, Orcs, Bretons, Imperials, Dark Elves, maybe Wood Elves, and maybe Argonians. That makes it anywhere between a 6 on 4, to an 8 on 2, against the Dominion. Then we have to take into account any spies, saboteurs, and Altmer uprisings in the Isles.The Thalmor don't want either side to win in Skyrim. Why? Because, either way, the Dominion, who I'd assume due to their extreme genetic screening, are still pretty far from their desired strength, would be forced ahead of schedul, into another war, perhaps with more enemies.Oh, I almost forgot. All the deals, just might be helped, with the knowledge that the legendary dragonborn would be with them. I'm sure there would be a few folks outside Skyrim who might feel just a little better with that tiny fact☺.But, as always, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong☺.

  • Miles Wisner

    I join the storm cloaks they shout about imperial milk drinkers in the battle I drink a jug of milk for health 😀

  • Kalaam Nozalys

    As awesome as Nords may be, they will never replace Breton in my heart. The pride of being Breton both ig and Breton irl ! (not everyone will understand, that's ok.)

  • literal cancer

    did drew have to go through the ritual of being strapped to the floor and raped by scott as they play new vegas

  • gabriel augusto

    the most racist Race of elders scrolls.

  • Michael Montes

    Ysgramor and everyone from Atmora were Nedes. Not nords

  • spicy meme gamer

    whats that helmet at 2:03

  • The Michael

    Is it true that all Nords are blonde?

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