Skyrim - 5 Nord Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 facts about the Nords of Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Zach Nightingale

    If FudgeMuppet reply, I will eat my hat.

  • Yeahhh Medal

    "nords are natural sea men" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • leon Shepard

    we are done bleeding for an empire who will not bleed for us

  • Anti Active

    Very few people know this but M'aiq is actually a Nord. He told me so himself.

  • angery

    Fact 6: Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • Mr. Commenter

    I heard fudgemuppets replies? \/

  • Ryk Latortuga

    You're all a bunch of snow backed milk drinkers in here. Drinking Honningbrew Mead will turn you into a Kyne blessed sexual frost troll, just like me.


    So Nords and Redguards are damn near the same race different color?

  • Lys Lapskaus

    they where known as Nedes back then not Atmorians. Atmora is just the continent, just like there not called skyrimers now

  • fromeggman

    lmao at people who think Ulfric is a thalmor agent. the document said uncooperative asset.

  • Matt Fontwell

    Sea elves next fudge !? I've just started a modded play through as one!

  • Merkky

    Skyrim has bastardised nordic culture and their entire persona. They were originally depicted as badass warriors who stay true to their culture... Now they're just Hicks who hate magic for no goddamn reason, and are racist to every culture that isn't their own.

  • BloodBathGaming Guy

    I love Nords 😁 they were the first race I ever played as and therefore hold a soft spot in my heart.

  • Alex da Vinci

    The Bretons are my favorite race in Skyrim and in Oblivion; because nothing beats extra magic or natural magic resistance.

  • YumsTheEvil

    Fact 6: They are racist

  • Piper

    There basically vikings

  • insanegames

    You guys should do a Corvo Attano Modded Skyrim build

  • Skyrim Bandit

    Never should of come here.

  • Chaotic Dream

    its 5:30 am here... fuck i should be sleeping xD

  • Aidan Keogh

    If all the bards in Skyrim weren't Tamriel's Got Talent rejects, maybe I wouldn't murder all of them. But they are.

  • Side Bazooka

    Guys, i want to make a build using Steel plate, targe of the blooded, Skyforge War Axe and only that as a nord, is it a good idea?

  • Da Komrade!

    Pls do bretons or ayleids next

  • James Rolt Carter

    ok, now do the redguards

  • LoreShelter

    nice video as always fudgemuppet. I have a question that i have been waiting a while to get answered. how di you guys manage videos and school when you were in high school. im in year nine this year but i really want to make my channel decent. please help me. PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  • Kalaam Soulstealer

    As awesome as Nords may be, they will never replace Breton in my heart. The pride of being Breton both ig and Breton irl ! (not everyone will understand, that's ok.)

  • Jonathan Mercado

    What console do you two play skyrim special edition or do you play it on pc?

  • Michael Arias

    "I'll show you what happens, when the dragonborn comes" 😉 I mean Wyvernborn

  • Kelpo Gaming

    I'm still sick with food poisoning fudgemuppet

  • Eryk Vi

    nords eat shite. xddddddd

  • literal cancer

    did drew have to go through the ritual of being strapped to the floor and raped by scott as they play new vegas


    OK PEOPLE. Who is better? Men or Mer?

  • Jaydan Aguilar

    But..but...the Snow Elves committed genocide against the Nords because of the Eye of Magnus right? I may be wrong tho :) 5:37-5:47 nice drone shot lol

  • KryptonicMatter

    Bad time to get lost friend!

  • MannyThatFox

    Nords are natural semen

  • Miles Wisner

    I join the storm cloaks they shout about imperial milk drinkers in the battle I drink a jug of milk for health 😀

  • Michael Montes

    Ysgramor and everyone from Atmora were Nedes. Not nords

  • Eric Falcon

    Down with the empire! Long live High king Dovahkiin!!

  • Nasko K. Dimov

    Annnnnnd the Dragonborn turns out to be the incarnation of Shor . Shor's throne is empty when you visit Valhalla ... i mean Sovngarde

  • Vincent Trudel

    As long as Nords exist, Mer cannot dominate Tamriel

  • Surrogate of Deiasah

    I didn't know nords were natural semen.

  • 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    Fact 6: Nords went yolo and decided, to make their own god. "Yo Hjalti, fam, you know how to dova shout and shit, let's piss off those pointed ear magic fags and make you god lol!"

  • STING380

    Nord is one of my favourite races because they remind me of my people from the Afghan village my family came from. And my relatives there would call me a milk drinker because I'm not that though like them. :D

  • official green gamer

    whats that helmet at 2:03


    Talos guides you my Nord brothers and sisters

  • fleshlight that cries

    nords are natural semen

  • Just Noob

    Number 6: nord is one of three human race that appear every The Elder Scrolls games...... not cool enough? How about...... nord race had fight the great battle that elvenkind never fought before and they got the coolest afterlife with (unlikely)exception of orc who go to Ashpit for more fight,mead,food and song with Malacath(only for loyal one)

  • June Hollybell

    so basically the elves betrayed the friendly nords? filthy knife ears...

  • Elemental Darkness

    Am I the only one that gets hard just at the sound at Mjoll the Lioness' accent?

  • SynValorum

    I feel that Nords in Skyrim (not Elder Scrolls) as a whole are kinda boring and I think Viking culture and expansion is awesome and agree with the Nords viewpoints concerning Talos and his place in the pantheon, I just would not find them interesting as a diverse character for some reason. I'm an Orc Stormcloak-to-be. Same goes for mainly all human races in fantasy lore, too bad there isn't a REAL good Dwemer playable race that I know of as the last surviving member or some such backstory.

  • They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant

    Black Briar Mead is the Finest Mead? What have you been drinking? Oh Right that junk, Honeybrew Mead is the REAL finest Mead!

  • Jason Dunne

    I always thought nords as the lamest, lol, like a boring default character

  • Cahmeleon1


  • Nardo

    Last time I came this early I became my own dad...

  • Wolfscourge The Direwolf

    Ah, the Nords. Truly my favourite race of mankind in the TES series. The only other races that can even make my allegiance to them sway are the Dunmer or Orismer. Truly, however, despite their pigheadedness and prejudices (skyrim truly brought the worst out in the nords, needless to say they weren't the cleanest race in the TES series as a whole) but if you were to rely on any shield-sibling, it'd be a nord. Thank you for these fact-of-the-day style videos, Fudgemuppet. I know I comment here a lot (and my hiatus from viewing your videos is evident). But you guys are the reason I still mess around with Roleplay in the TES series. building backstories, writing my own little tales and rationalizing what I do, needless to say I've mimicked a few of your biggest builds (I even tried to build my own version of Fenrir back in the day during that old LP of yours). Anyways mates, you two do you, and if you See this... Gotta ask, since you guys are doing a fallout story, you ever want to co-lab on a TES short-story? Cheers!

  • False Prophet

    if you're not a Nord then you're scum

  • Fallout Theorist

    Stormcloaks remind me of christian fundamentalists

  • nessesaryschoolthing

    So Kyne's breath gave life to humanity on the Throat of the World in Skyrim, but humanity also came from over the seas from Atmora? So what's the truth?

  • Tailsfan 19

    Fact number 6. Nords are racist to khajiits which is why I kill Nords with my khajiit.

  • ChaingunCassidy

    Are you Australian?Then I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the parallels between Alduin and the Aboriginal God The Rainbow Serpent. It is said that the Rainbow Serpent brought an end to a mythical age (The Dreamtime) with great violence and destruction and people were fearful of his return, as he could end the world as we know it and bring the world into another state by completely destroying it.

  • Sexual Albatross

    21 Imperials down voted.

  • Ben Vallow

    Nords are natural semen?

  • The Michael

    Is it true that all Nords are blonde?

  • Ambriel Samandriel

    i almost always play as a nord

  • Lerquiy of Nirlac

    Uhm... sorry to break it to you but Black-Briar mead is swill. It's only successful because they crush all competition.

  • Jack Meme

    FudgeMuppet are you guys from Australia?

  • jack alsaad

    if sithis created lorkhan then why when you tell tsun I listen to the night mother he says shor does not want you here ?

  • Matheus Assis

    forgot the xenophobic fact...

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