Skyrim - 5 Nord Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 facts about the Nords of Skyrim!


Scott: newberrycrunch
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  • Miles Wisner

    I join the storm cloaks they shout about imperial milk drinkers in the battle I drink a jug of milk for health 😀

  • tx t

    I really love these videos. Nothing gets you into a new save like some lore and awesome builds.

  • Skyrim Bandit

    Never should of come here.

  • The One True Ghrol

    I love Nords 😁 they were the first race I ever played as and therefore hold a soft spot in my heart.

  • Blizzard Soldier

    Nords are natural semen, the lusty argonian maid knows this

  • Matt Fontwell

    Sea elves next fudge !? I've just started a modded play through as one!

  • max van dijk

    2:08 Nords are natural immature side placed this comment

  • K Stoneburgh

    I heard fudgemuppets replies? \/


    Last time I was this early FudgeMuppet replied.

  • ShadowXT

    I thought he said "nords have natural semen"

  • Sexual Albatross

    21 Imperials down voted.

  • Lyslapskaus

    they where known as Nedes back then not Atmorians. Atmora is just the continent, just like there not called skyrimers now

  • LoreShelter

    nice video as always fudgemuppet. I have a question that i have been waiting a while to get answered. how di you guys manage videos and school when you were in high school. im in year nine this year but i really want to make my channel decent. please help me. PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  • Ben Cough-Halstead

    OK be honest.... who else giggled at "natural seamen"


    Talos guides you my Nord brothers and sisters

  • Paddy the Daddy

    Nords are very good semen

  • iSham2044

    Besthesda should emphasized the lore alot more in Skyrim,if you compare it to Oblivion or Morrowind, its really a huge downgrade version but just with updated graphics and different combat style.I hope they put more effort in TES 6 rather than rushing the game for money

  • insanegames

    You guys should do a Corvo Attano Modded Skyrim build

  • Ace Grimmer


  • ShadowSniper08

    I prefer the Nords, Bretons and Wood Elfs.

  • Monfe

    You forgot to add that alduin takes the place of akatosh in the nordic pantheon.

  • Just Noob

    Number 6: nord is one of three human race that appear every The Elder Scrolls games...... not cool enough? How about...... nord race had fight the great battle that elvenkind never fought before and they got the coolest afterlife with (unlikely)exception of orc who go to Ashpit for more fight,mead,food and song with Malacath(only for loyal one)

  • Jacob Logan35

    Talos is the only TRUE! God

  • Just a Manatee

    Skyrim belongs to the snow elves Giants and dwarves pretty much anyone but the Nords.

  • Solitude Guard

    Let me guess someone stole your sweet roll

  • Tiago Fermino Cachoeira

    ok, now do the redguards


    So Nords and Redguards are damn near the same race different color?

  • MidnighWolf

    Been playing a Nord since Morrrowind,Now every Milk Drinker plays one!

  • Game-Caliber

    Nords always got a special place in my heart! Gotta luv em'!

  • Darth Reaper

    I still love the Altmer. Shame not many people wbo play Skyrim like them.

  • Ryk Latortuga

    You're all a bunch of snow backed milk drinkers in here. Drinking Honningbrew Mead will turn you into a Kyne blessed sexual frost troll, just like me.

  • Zach Nightingale

    If FudgeMuppet reply, I will eat my hat.

  • Rock and Roll

    Good job as always Fudgemuppet!

  • fromeggman

    lmao at people who think Ulfric is a thalmor agent. the document said uncooperative asset.

  • legolex 2005

    "Natural seamen" no ones gonna jump on that?

  • Anti Active

    Very few people know this but M'aiq is actually a Nord. He told me so himself.

  • Jacob Taucher

    Fudgemuppet should reply, and give me my sweet roll back :(

  • Toby Kassulke

    redguards are better than nords

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    These lore videos are great

  • ArmoredGaming

    Not salamander, a gecko is the funniest video from 2016. Make more videos like that!

  • Günter Singman

    You're not a dark elf lover are you?

  • Jag Clavi Boi

    1:47 that giant just chillin

  • Mercury

    2:06 <Insert Sperm Joke Here>

  • nuclearspark 365

    breton facts plz plz plz

  • Maddenhenge

    how are you guys going today Fudgemuppet

  • Jeff ZSK

    talk tough to me, I love tough guys XD

  • Ryan model

    £10 says the next elder scrolls game (if set after Skyrim) will have a dragon born song

  • Jaydan Aguilar

    But..but...the Snow Elves committed genocide against the Nords because of the Eye of Magnus right? I may be wrong tho :) 5:37-5:47 nice drone shot lol

  • Jeff ZSK

    Can't wait to kill another of ulfric's boys.....

  • håkon johansen

    people who think nords are racist do not now elder scrolls lore the elves are the most racist of all, they believe they are divine and that the race of humans are nothing more than slaves. the first humans that came to skyrim where slaughtered and almost wiped out by the snow elves. the dark elves see humans as lessor creatures and they use humans to perform necromancy on them. the high elves see humans as dumb and savage. of course the nords dont like elves since they have been fighting their entire existence to survive from being extinct by them.

  • A Funny Looking Platypus

    I wasn't going to say anything about drew until he started to do some vids and I'm glad he's here. He brings a different take without being so different that it clashes with the older style of fudge muppet. Also thank you for more vids more often lol. It's great to see more from you guys.

  • TranscendentLion

    Nord knees are also weak to arrows.

  • Shinoa-it-All

    Can we get High Elf Facts please!

  • angery

    Fact 6: Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • Dein Reich

    Really want ES6 right about now.

  • Kelpo Gaming

    I'm still sick with food poisoning fudgemuppet

  • Vincent Trudel

    As long as Nords exist, Mer cannot dominate Tamriel

  • Merkky

    Skyrim has bastardised nordic culture and their entire persona. They were originally depicted as badass warriors who stay true to their culture... Now they're just Hicks who hate magic for no goddamn reason, and are racist to every culture that isn't their own.

  • John Jaeger

    You forgot to mention that they're the Master-Race - Übermenschen, if you will.

  • Thecomedyjudge

    Fact 6: They are paranoid about losing their sweet rolls

  • Alexander from Russia

    Nords are russian,Skyrim is Siberia,Talos is Stalin??Russian are rasict,100%Immunity to alcohol and cold

  • Eron N

    Who else laughed when he said sea men

  • Seth Germann

    Fudgemuppets I have a build idea it is called the unclean samurai he is a kajjit that uses the ebony blade the dadric one and any type of plated armour please use my build idea

  • Yeahhh Medal

    "nords are natural sea men" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • A Khajit Shopkeeper

    Hello nords i have came to introduce my wares to you but only if you have coin and i totally dont sell skooma or moonsugar

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