[1] Mount and Blade Warband: Skyrim Civil War Mod

I'm so excited this is a thing now, my two favorite games just made a baby. Anyway, here is the starting quest and all that...

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Thanks for watching!
  • Robodestruct

    King of Swadia: "Who are you?"Me: "My name is Jeff"

  • Brayan Sito


  • Dark Angel Overlord

    for those who wanna know what happen with the mod it got taken down and now the same mod author is working on the same mod but its gonna be in all of thamriel this time link here http://www.moddb.com/mods/tamriel-bloodlines-end

  • kwarhelmet

    The soundtrack is not correct

  • Toten

    Now we just need a mod that does this same thing, but for Skyrim.

  • Daniel Furmanov

    @2_F_Jeff So can you link the download or is the game in close development.

  • orlando kaufusi

    Where are the Orc strongholds?

  • LORD Eyehead

    8:17 Yep, it's faithful to Skyrim alright :P

  • Tech Cunt

    You didn't even link the mod you fucking peasant.

  • klaus von Keiler

    why does the mod have wardruna music?

  • 2_F_ Jeff

    Hey again! I decided to make a part two to this due to it being received so well! http://bit.ly/1Q1RZVZ

  • Jelle Jacobs

    8:16, he even got the skyrim physics right 10/10

  • Excaliber DG11

    Where is the link to the mod?

  • Aurion

    This is a necropost, I know, but where is the download link for this? I haven't been able to find it :/

  • L E G E N D 2 7

    Is this one f jefs new channel

  • daywedie

    Whoa! I was just thinking "Hey, a mod for M&B about the Skyrim civil war would be awesome"..... and this comes up in my recommendations! Great!

  • NathanNTF

    To answer your question, no, this is not legal. Using their music without permission, literally stealing everything from the game, not even discreetly, whoever made this mod knows nothing about laws.

  • Adam DeMars

    Claims to be expert think haafingar guards armor is standard Imperial gear

  • 2_F_ Jeff

    Just so everyone is aware. The new elder scrolls mod for Mount and Blade is up and I have already started a series in it so check it out!

  • James Rogers

    does this mod still exist? i cant find it

  • Hugh Janus

    700+ hours on skyrim....can't name fuck all

  • Jake Smith

    Skyrim Belongs to the nords!

  • Kropolis

    I'm sure they will add the city models from the world map.

  • the master chief 117

    if mountain blades on Xbox I would download this mod because I have Skyrim and I know it so well on the Xbox

  • Hugh Janus

    700+ hours on skyrim....can't name fuck all

  • Jon

    Now, how do I download this?

  • Tristan Luffman

    is the merchants house modeled after the shariz tavern? or am i just crazy?

  • Caleb F

    lol fair use certainly does not cover Skyrim's music or assets. Look no further than the cease and desist handed down to Morroblivion years ago for that. Doubt Bethesda will be thrilled with this either, if it gains any popularity.Nice vid and neat mod, though.

  • Aether Gaming

    Only 700 hours?!?!? 1000+ hours on xbox 250 hours on PC and 250+ hours modded.

  • Captain Lemunz

    "Map is accurate, very accurate" map is upside down xD

  • GuineaPigGamer

    Is this mod out? If so can I get a link to it?

  • Foniek

    So much time passed, and this mod came just now? Gahwd.

  • Maniacal Laugh

    where can i download this?

  • Raizo Geonzon

    Mathel's wearing the stormcloak officer armor, i think, not fur. Cool mod though. I kinda wish skyrim's battle and combat was more like mount and blade's. so yeah.. I hope this mod gets developed more.

  • Illyrian Pirate

    Just my damned luck.I found out about this mod several months ago, when it was still in development and there wasn't a playable version yet, and after a while I forgot about it. Then I look around on youtube for other stuff, I check some suggested videos featuring M&B mods and BAM! I get hyped as soon as I notice this video. Then I scroll down to the description and to the comment section to find the link, only to discover that while I was being a clueless idiot about it, the mod had been semi-completed, released and taken down.Fucking Reddit really stinks of piss after all.Anyway, nice video mate. At least we get to see some kind of preview until the mod is completed. End of 2015, they said? Meh, we'll have to wait and hope, I suppose.

  • Jonny Söderlund

    Great ill check It out :)

  • Kaptain Cnucklz

    I'm sure Bethesda would be thrilled that he's directly porting their assets. Oh well.

  • Mirric The N'wah

    Well i want to play that mod now where do i get it?EDIT: Nevermind i just found out it was deleted.

  • Dale Payne

    Anyone know where to save it? I have the Steam version.

  • Warhero Productions

    Wow 700 hours I thought I was a lone I spent 789 hours on it but wow

  • Wilhelm

    Could you give us the download for this mod? the download on modDB was removed :-(

  • Zelix B

    The music and textures are gonna get this mod taken down.Stupid in my opinion but meh.

  • mikkel vigen

    Would be awesome if you could face dragons in combat

  • ironjustice7

    I was reading about this the other day glad to see the developer is happy enough with it.

  • Stinky•Buddha•Owl

    Combat reporting doesn't work for me either in perisno except if I play the native a battle then start perisno.But still after all this it still reports one or two battles then the reporting disapears again....

  • Serge da silva gomes

    2_F_Jeff is right. The creator should release a better "Elder Scrolls" mod at the end of this year.

  • Secretcodrin

    Man. Why are u moving to a subject to another? Finish your fuckin words.Is annoying, but stil a good video.

  • FakeLordDSK CrappyChannel

    Leather Armor in the begin O_O i will take a look to this mod, the music is epic i hope the mod is epic like Light and Darkness (THE GOD KING OF EPICNESS!!!)

  • wu1ming9shi

    I don't think it wouldn't have been taken out if only they didn't use actual music from the game. If they somehow reformed the music or played with different instruments then perhaps it's ok.

  • Hans Schekelen Dekkers

    Lol, just came across this channel.If you like M&B - Persistent World and you like Skyrim, you might want to check my channel ;) I made a PW map with Skyrim settlements. I did my best at remaking them, feel free to check it out.

  • MrSpaceMarine

    yoooooooooo this brings me back

  • Serge da silva gomes

    Check that ;-)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAF3LApK8uM

  • JustClosus

    Luckily I downloaded it before it got removed.... The mod got taken down due to copyright violations which seems unfair as there are already existing mods on notably well known films ahem LOTR mods? Full invasion etc...

  • Hugh Janus

    700+ hours on skyrim....can't name fuck all

  • Medieval 3D

    I dont see the download link :/

  • Skyrim NPC WARS

    Dude make a series for this because this is epic

  • Denis Anon

    Map is accurate...my ass

  • Marius

    Link to download please!!

  • Chris Merriweather

    don't have the music on and I had the same hill battle situation but luckily I had a archer only army so I just destroyed the last swadin vassals

  • ZhongDe 95

    Is there any chance of getting the campaign map datas? Because they did a great job on this, and i really would like to have them for personal usage. I tried modding the map myself, but it never really worked out, so i gave up on doing that stuff.

  • light aqua

    I like my toe more than this mod and the video gameplay looked good but when I downloaded the mod there where no imperials no storm cloaks no just... It wasn't skyrim

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