Skyrim Dragonborn DLC - How To Get The Dremora Butler

Here is a guide on how to get the Dremora Butler. If this video helped you out be sure to leave a like, a comment, and a favorite. Also feel free to subscribe and follow me on twitter if you haven't already.

  • ThuleDragon 666

    apparently in prison the dremora butler can be summon which means you could stash alot of lock picks and keys on him to be smuggled and save your ass when your lock pick breaks...


    I always dreamt of being a PackMule :)

  • vash stampede

    i got the dremora butler and when ever i summon him again all my stuff is gone.....i like the black market one better

  • Sean Savage

    With the dremora merchant you probably would be able to get deadric armor from him

  • Caleb Buchanan

    I can think of so many role play reasons this is good. EX: being batman

  • Cameron Holmes

    When i finish the dungeon it doesnt give me that book to choose what one i want

  • Gabe Newel

    does the merchant get his money back after 2 days or not?


    Black markets better, You can sell all your weighing stuff that you will probably already sell and you can buy Daedric stuff


    In the black market if your high enough level your can buy deadric armor and weapons. 

  • Morgan Niclasen

    Could someone please help me with finding it on the map, I'm on the PS3 version and have all the dlc's

  • Im a Panda

    omg thanks, i thought this was a mod and wasted hours but thanks to you i found it

  • ClayV2

    Yeah you can buy Daedric armor and arrows from him :3

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