The Untold Truth Of Gaming's Biggest Cheater

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Forget about Bowser: right now, the biggest villain in video games is Billy Mitchell. For over 30 years, he was one of the most prominent gamers in the world, holding high score records on classic arcade titles like Donkey Kong, Burger Time, and Ms. Pac-Man. On April 12, 2018, however, all that came crashing to an end. Twin Galaxies, the organization that crowned Mitchell as the king of arcade games back in the '80s, determined that three of his world-record scores have been falsified. That might seem like a simple outcome, but the real story behind Mitchell's rise and fall is a maze with more turns than Pac-Man. From bitter rivalries to a lawsuit against a cartoon, here's the story behind Billy Mitchell...

The original king | 0:56
The King of Kong | 2:08
Mr. Awesome | 3:09
Garrett Bobby Ferguson | 4:01
Trading records | 5:14
The investigation | 6:05
Arcade vs. Emulator | 7:14
Struck from the record | 8:25
Wiebe victory | 9:26

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  • SVG

    Correction: We incorrectly state that Billy Mitchell's Centipede score was 15 million. It was actually 25 million.

  • Dani

    Im sure the REAL record holder was some humble Japanese kid who no one ever heard of

  • Zian Retuya

    I just watched a video stating he perfected pacman...then i watch this.. now im confused

  • Qwazy Skillz

    He looks like someone tried to draw Keenu Reeves from memory...

  • Helix Adam Oxford

    Kid:Mom Can we have John wick?Mom: we have John wick at homeJohn wick at home:


    He looks like a used car salesman.

  • Skeletor

    Isn't he that guy from regular show lol

  • Francisco Reynoso

    He's a narcissist. Let's stop glorifying him.

  • BLOOPsuperjuice

    He holds a universal record in regular show

  • Silverback Pauly

    5:10 Lmfaoo the judge roasted him to sleep

  • Gayvery

    He looks like a villain from a comedy lol

  • Jacob Diller

    Fun fact: Billy Mitchell was born with that mullet and contractually has to die with it too.

  • Retro The cow

    So if you didn’t directly interview these people and you got this info from other documents or people, how is the truth untold?

  • Oh Yeah Yeah

    Lol this was recommend after his “Great Big Story” video

  • Selvizan

    He still hasn’t got a fortnite win

  • Chill Games

    1:19 is that Tony’s starks dad or am I tripping

  • Louie Merced

    Guy is still living in the 80’s. Let it go dude.

  • patto2k

    Is there proof he isn't a floating head from outer space?

  • Zero

    He added a Diamond Sword on his christian Minecraft survival server using Creative Mode

  • shawn naidoo

    Bruh so Peter Dinklages character in Pixels was somewhat true haha

  • Bobby Garrett Ferguson

    lol i searched bobby garret fegurson and this one appears

  • Aptmass

    Sadly, Mr. Awesome never got to see that he was right all the time

  • Trevor Hockman

    So is Eddie from Pixels based off of Mitchell?

  • Plop Plop

    He was 17 and looked 50

  • Bob Bob

    4:57 - Strange how much funnier a simple statement of fact can be when it's put into legal-speak.Normal Speak: It's a freaking cartoon.Legal Speak: "...when GBF loses his title, he literally explodes, unlike plantiff"

  • derp diggler

    "I'm not God" he says, as though anybody had questioned that

  • xXBrokenSilence616Xx

    I’m happy this John wick got replaced with an actual bad ass version. 🙌🏼

  • DoctorChained

    5:48 Billy Mitchell-Dresses like a hundred bucks. Also drives a $100 minivan.

  • Akwardgamedev

    No, the biggest villain of gaming is Andrew Wilson and his casino called EA games

  • Dylan Smith

    That scene with adam sandler reminds me of my childhood. Completely different these days.

  • Kris Hammer

    Peter Dinklige is looking so much taller these days.

  • JaggedBird

    5:13 translation: it’s called satire and doesn’t look enough like him, your case is invalid.

  • Ariff WM

    4:54 That's the silliest judgement I've ever heard 😂😂😂

  • YoScorpz

    John wick has been cheating in every game

  • Can't

    Does anyone remember the Regular Show episode with him in it lol

  • Craig Johnson

    When I was about 10 or 11 I almost beat the official world record (that was in the Atari magazine my dad bought) for asteroids on my Atari console. I say almost...the version I had zeroed the score at 100000 so I was just clocking the 100000's all afternoon as easy as anything then that dreaded voice calls 'tea's ready'...I don't recall what the WR was or my actual score was but do remember knowing I only had a few more 100000's to go before beating it. Unfortunately, after ignoring several calls to come down from my room my dad came up and pulled the plug. Maybe better that way as I doubt anyone would believe me if I actually had beat the record.I played it again a few years ago thinking it was easy and it was bloody impossible. If you want records set get a 10 year old mildly autistic and exceptionally bright kid like I was to do it. It's so easy at that age.

  • Mai Kush

    I watch 1 video on this man befor this one and youtube recommends him all over my channel smh

  • whaleroast

    Damn it! If only I could be as awesome as Mr. Awesome.

  • Marc DeBenedetto

    In the movie “Pixels”, Peter Dinklage played a good version of Billy Mitchell.

  • wazzzzzup

    Falls into the whole category of: get a fkn life lmao

  • Nʏx Nʏx

    The pixels movie predicted it...

  • Some guy Who’s Random

    I remember Regular Show. IT WAS AWSOME IT WAS A GREAT SHOW AND A GREAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Kennedy

    He’s like a full grown version of Peter Dinklage

  • Twiggymaster666

    I loved when they took the piss outta him on regular show

  • Sweaty Samzz

    I’m Dead 😂😂I literally Just WatchedHow He pErFecTedPAC-man

  • GhostShock

    It's like when Jerry seinfeld got called out to race. "I CHOOSE NOT TO RACE"!

  • Nick Wallace

    GBF!!!Giant bearded face

  • Officer Goodbody

    I remember Billy Mitchell in Eastendes. I haven't watched that bs in years.

  • leethal956

    Why does this guy look like Jesus's goofy cousin...

  • Champsy 2004

    Time for another episode of Why was this on recommendation

  • ian rounds

    I didnt know about him untill youtube recommended this video to me

  • Suicidal Loaf Of Bread

    King of Kong? More like King of Con. (Yes, I stole that)

  • Reaper

    Meh, I found an exploit on one of the Feeding Frenzy games.Just thought I'd share this. :DLet's just say it involves a level with 2 barracudas, one of them are fake in the sense that their tail behaves differently when bitten.Differently as in, you can bite the tail infinitely at the speed of milliseconds over and over again, until the REAL barracuda with the normal tail starts chasing you down.You must move ever-so-slowly to keep the chain going as any fast movement would dislocate you from the sweet-spot.It's even possible to eat the massive false barracuda in that level if you chained it for long enough.It ended in an insane highscore and amount of lives.

  • Stephen King

    When you want your name written into history, you have to pay the price... Dude you work at a Denny's as a bus

  • M. C.

    Billy, 1972 called - they want their ridiculous looking hair back. 😂 you look like Jesus on heroin with that hair piece

  • Thomas Robillard

    Jimmy "the wizard" Woods is the greatest gamer of all time

  • James Baker

    I watched the movie pixel the other night and now this is in my recommended. I watched the move pixel on my Netflix on my TV btw. Our phones listen to us. It's creepy. This is the first occurrence either.

  • hi1itsme

    This is the most underwhelming cheating story I’ve ever heard

  • ValossexArt.

    He Be Looking Like John Wick You Beat His High Score It’s Like Killing John Wick’s Dog.LOL

  • Ryan Gonzalez

    When you realize he's Doctor Strange


    Did he say “gnarly piece of pu-tang”? Bruh

  • 52262

    back in the day when the side scroller mario was out. i some how caused a glitch that put zeros all over the screen, it was not intended by any other means other than the main game and console. but i just thought of it as a glitch.

  • Dirty Dan

    You gotta love that judge though 😂

  • RideShare Rick

    I met him personally he's a great guy!

  • Jeff Ogburn

    Every time I see Billy it reminds me of a midget face, tell me it doesn't!

  • Matthew Rogers

    Why would anyone trust a man with that haircut ..

  • JC Denton

    4:54 haha! That judge is savage! Nice to know some of them have a sense of humour!

  • Cristian doodle

    He looks like a mess up John wick

  • かえで

    who cares, that just means he's smartI'd do that if it were easy to doAttentione

  • IssyFishyy

    1:48 When a Jake Pauler argues with me

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